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Profile Information

Name: Carol
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Northern California
Home country: USA
Current location: Office chair
Member since: Sun May 15, 2005, 02:28 PM
Number of posts: 29,165

About Me

I joined DU following the election melt down that produced the second George the Lesser Term of Office. I am outraged by war, by out-sourcing of jobs, by Corporate control of both parties, and enheartened by my fellow citizens who are bravely part of "Occupy!"

Journal Archives

Why Stopping Corporate Personhood in Appalachia is not the way to go:

It's because we need to go farther! And deeper.

Half of the rights that are utilized by the Big Corporations lie outside the parameters of Corporate Personhood.

This is the reprint of the second of my OP's regarding the Community Rights movement.
I see this movement as the only way to save this nation from the One Big Money Party, the controlled "elections," and the "Puppet Masters at the Top"

Paul Cienfuego is the founder of this movement. Often, he discusses how we have to stop battling the "regulatory" fight in the courts and instead, we must get involved in the ordinance-passing activities that could indeed stop the Corporate Beast in its tracks.

Already one hundred and fifty communities are sponsoring measures, or have succeeded in passing local ordinances, that are involved with Community Rights.

Among the successful ordinances are two in Pennsylvania. One Community in PA was about to watch as a huge 14,000 pig, industrial "pig farm" came in and destroyed the soil, air and water of the community. This "farm" would have come about as Corporate privileges and rights have a tight hold over the state legislators and the governor.

The community, had it simply relied on their "elected officials" to solve the problem, well, they would have been told by their state and more local legislators, that since large pig farms are not an illegal activity, the community must accept it. Instead after a great deal of work, the Community Rights' activists put together an ordinance that the local voters voted in, and now Corporate Pig Farms above a certain size are outlawed in that County.

Part of what any Community rights ordinance needs to invoke is the Constitution. Then, should whatever Corporate Entity that is offended by the ordinance getting passed must actually come into that County and basically state that they do not want to have to abide by the US Constitution. Believe me, most of these people are Conservatives, and they would not want to admit they care more about profits than the US Constitution.

The second successful Community Rights ordinance that I like to refer to was passed in the City of Pittsburgh, PA where the Big Energy firms were about to drill at three fracking sites. The Pittsburgh ordinance now bans fracking inside that city.

Elsewhere, the Community Rights movement is currently attempting the passage of such measures as those needed to stop nuclear waste from passing, via railroad trains, through a community. Or from having Gm seeds and crops being planted.

Remember, if you have an ordinance protecting you, then you are the Plaintiff, which means that you declare what can and cannot be evidence and who is to be your witnesses. You have more power as a Plaintiff than as a defendant. recently my county's activists have gotten the right to put our ordinance regarding the Right to Grow on the November ballot. The ordinance states that as long as you are the owner of seed, and the owner of some property, (or on the property by legal permission) you have the right to plant that seed. Article nine of the US Constitution is invoked inside the Ordinance's language.

Here are some YouTube videos of Cienfuegos:

What is Community Rights Movement? by Paul Cienfuegos - YouTube

Paul Cienfuegos explains the community rights organizations.
► 5:20► 5:20

Nov 8, 2012 - Uploaded

Interview with Paul Cienfuegos

Pls Note: This discussion was held back in 2012, a while before the most recent SCOTUS decision about money and free speech was heard.

Catherine Austin Fitts: The software targeted her for her "busy bodiness"

I don't know how many here (if any others here), know of Catherin Austin Fitts, but she is a hero of mine.

Fitts was one of the directors of HUD under George Bush the Elder. She happened upon the fact that two trillion bucks was missing in the government. Naturally, she was not able to retain her position in the government once she uncovered how corrupt the system is.

Anyway this video contains so much information. I can't explain fully how important this video is:

Fitts quote: "you have a government that has no informational sovereignity and no financial sovereignity"


Beaten into confession - Illinois Supreme Court defies making a decent ruling and ignores JUSTICE:


From the above link:

Illinois Supreme Court rules Police Officer Burge can keep his pension

"It’s a miscarriage of justice,” said Darrell Cannon, 63, who spent 24 years in prison after Burge coerced him into confessing to murder by putting a loaded shotgun in his mouth and shocking his genitals with an electric cattle prod. “Jon Burge should not be allowed to keep his pension after all the atrocities he’s committed...while a police officer. Now you’re repaying him for a job well done when he’s wrecked so many homes?”

Anthony Holmes, who spent a decade in prison after Burge and detectives under his command extracted a confession by choking and electro-shocking him, called the outcome of Thursday’s ruling “crazy.” Relying on a 1982 state statute in her lawsuit, Madigan alleged that Burge’s conviction arose out of his service as a police officer, making the payments forbidden under the pension code. But the majority opinion – delivered by Justice Anne Burke, whose husband, Alderman Edward Burke, was a Chicago cop decades ago -- held that an earlier 1972 statute held sway.

G. Flint Taylor, an attorney who has battled Burge in court for more than a quarter century, contrasted how the ruling preserves Burge’s pension -- which records show totaled $48,502 last year – while many of his victims continue to struggle financially. ”Some of them have no jobs and they’ve received no compensation from the city, yet Burge continues to get his compensation…” Flint said. “I find that to be an outrageous miscarriage of justice.”

What if all women everywhere who disagree with SCOTUS quit wearing their tops?

NO more shirts, no more bras, no more bikini tops, just our wonderful bare womanly torsos.

That would show how many of us there are!

It's true some of us older ladies might scare the horses, but it would definitely get media attention as to how backwards it is to have five elderly Jesuits running the nation.

The collusion between powerful Elected Officials, and Big Corporations against those

In university settings who are trying to bring forth truth is most galling.

Big Pharma wants to make sure that it and it alone controls the ability to deem what ailments pot is for, and what it is not for, and of course, most importantly, how it is distributed.

With the profits, need I point out, going right back to Big Pharma. (And if you think your $ 150 to $ 400 a month to the local Calif-endorsed med marijuana clinic are high, wait until Big Pharma is the distributor!)

My best wishes to Suzanne A. Sisley, and my hopes that she is able to recover and go on. We need researchers like her now more than ever.

Why I view drones overhead as totally awful as boots on the ground:

Either situation indicates that the following policy is in place:

All we American top officials want to do is indirectly invade your country and drone strike your women and children; steal your natural resources and install a vassal king who will be useful to our imperial ambitions

And don't forget: we will call you a terrorist if you resist.


A video demonstration of how mercury destroys brain neurons,

From a Canadian university:

If "Syria is disarmed" it is only because the rebels there took

The weaponry to help them become the strong and militant force known as ISIS.

Yep! The One Percent, utilizing their very valuable puppet master strings,

Has already outsourced the student loan jobs (Or most of them anyway.)

So why wouldn't Social Security be next?

And pls note, in the last thirty years, there has been no one Presidential candidate from either Big Party who believes there is anything that can be done about returning jobs to Americans.

In a sense, Obama the 2008 Candidate was an exception, as he stated in his campaigning that he would "undo" NAFTA. But then he soon got more involved in the wars, and the appointing of Monsanto ex-officials to the FDA and CDC, and the Geithner/Bernanke types to their economic top spots. So in the flurry to do all that, he forgot to undo NAFTA.

And now those of us who follow such dismal reports understand that he is also behind the TPP, and the newer agreement the TIS agreement, is it? The later has a provision wherein it will be highly illegal to even ask to know what is contained! (Nothing would be known at all about this newer trade agreement, except for Wikileaks! No wonder Obama hates Greenwald, Assange and Snowden...)

However in other nations, the elected officials create legislation that doesn't allow their corporations to hire people in other nations to do their data entry, their customer service etc.

The moment I heard that some politicians were gonna delay their approval of the

Keystone XCL Pipeline, l knew that an alternative would be snuck by the public.

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

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