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Profile Information

Name: Carol
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Northern California
Home country: USA
Current location: Office chair
Member since: Sun May 15, 2005, 02:28 PM
Number of posts: 29,411

About Me

I joined DU following the election melt down that produced the second George the Lesser Term of Office. I am outraged by war, by out-sourcing of jobs, by Corporate control of both parties, and enheartened by my fellow citizens who are bravely part of "Occupy!"

Journal Archives

Sir! No Sir! - 2005 Documentary

When the American military turns its weight against a people, it is not pretty sight.

And the carefully woven link between our nation having wars of aggression against third world nations and then its bigwigs trying to have soldiers turn against civilians at home is carefully chronicled inside this documentary.

What is the slogan for the military bigwigs when the military thinks the American people need to be taken down a notch?

Historically, the slogan has been: "Kill them all - sort it out later!"

The New Yorker Article on How Debt To Pay For Court Fines Means Prison for Many Poor

These stories are beyond heart wrenching.

This article details how the nation's poor get stiffed with thousands of dollars of fines for such things as parking tickets, and then when behind in paying, as the late fees etc keep them in perpetual debt, they end up in jail anyway!


Nearly fifty miles east, in the small town of Childersburg, an icy atmosphere prevailed in the court of Judge Larry Ward. (Another municipal court that he presided over, in nearby Harpersville, had been shut down in 2012, after a scathing legal ruling declared the debt-collecting practices there “disgraceful.”) On the afternoon I visited, last fall, shortly before Ward’s retirement, dozens of defendants pleading guilty formed a line curling out the door. There was hardly a lawyer in sight. Tense whispers swept the courtroom each time Judge Ward sent a debtor to jail. “Alicia,” people murmured, like a round of telephone, as a stout, sad-looking woman with spiky blond hair was handcuffed and escorted out by police.

Meagan Poole, a young mother who had just been released from medical care, was threatened with jail after she failed to pay several hundred dollars in court costs and J.C.S. supervision fees tied to a car's expired license plate. She was thirteen dollars short. “Either you go get the money or you’re going to jail,” Judge Ward said. She ran to the parking lot to see what she could shake from friends and family by the 5 P.M. deadline.

“Here’s how it is,” said a gaunt construction worker who was waiting for a public-intoxication hearing outside the courthouse in Clanton, a peach-farming town at the center of the state. “If you don’t have seven hundred dollars, then the company makes you pay one thousand four hundred.” He shook his head. “They’re jacking it all up!” He rattled off the names of friends and family members also “on J.C.S.”: a brother, a brother-in-law, a cousin, a pink-sneakered friend standing beside him.

If you live in Calif - Let's keep state law in full support for all cannabis users.

From Americans for Safe Access:

Dear Carol --

Last-minute amendments turned a good medical cannabis bill into a bad one, and ASA needs your help today to stop SB 1193. Patients and advocates have supported this bill all year, because it required law enforcement to pay reasonable compensation if they damaged or destroyed lawfully-possessed medical cannabis or plants. But the Assembly Appropriations Committee quietly deleted those provisions last week and sent a bill devoid of patient benefits to the Assembly for a final vote.

That is not fair, and we need to speak up now to be sure that lawmakers know that this bill is not what we have supported for months. Can you do two things to help stop SB 1193 today?

1. Call the bill’s author, Senator Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa), at 916-651-4002 and tell her to withdraw SB 1193. The bill was supposed to be a compromise. It relaxed the rules for handling cannabis seized as medicine, but protected property rights for legal patients. Tell the Senator that it is not fair to change the nature of the bill after patients and advocates spent months supporting it. Remember that you are most effective when you are brief and courteous.

2. Send an email to your state Assembly Member and ask him or her to oppose SB 1193 in the Assembly. They could vote on the amended bill any day now, so please do this today.

Law enforcement should not confiscate legal medical cannabis and plants. If they do, they should have to give it back. And if they damaged or destroyed it, they should have to pay for it.
If you don’t speak up against this unfair and unannounced change, no one else will. This is what grassroots activism is all about. Don’t let your Assembly Member think we still support a bill that does nothing to help legal patients. Make one call and send one email today, so they know the truth before they vote on SB 1193.

On edit: If you need help with determining how to reach your assembly person, here is the link (You do have to know your district number)
ASA is committed to bringing the voice of patients and other stakeholders to the table in local, state, and federal conversations about medical cannabis. If you appreciate the chance to participate, please support our work today.

Thank you for helping,
Don Duncan, Americans for Safe Access

Americans for Safe Access · 1806 Vernon St NW, 3, Washington, DC 20009, United States
This email was sent to carolejoysmith@bethreturns.com. To stop receiving emails, click here.
You can also keep up with Don Duncan, Americans for Safe Access on Twitter.

Created with NationBuilder, the essential toolkit for leaders.

Physicians move from The USA to Canada for better life


ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Doctors moving north to single payer Canada

Submitted by lambert on Wed, 08/13/2014 - 12:17pm

And why is this? Outright looting by insurance companies. PNHP, quoting the Canadian Medical Journal:

TORONTO -- With the prospect of greater pay, fewer bureaucratic headaches and an opportunity to provide better care for patients, the number of American doctors migrating north is rising, according to Canadian recruiters and Canadian Medical Association data.

Susan Craig, president of the Toronto-based physician recruiter, Susan Craig Associates, said that Canada is becoming "increasingly attractive." Meanwhile John Philpott, the Halifax-based chief executive director of Can-Am Recruiting, noted "interest is doubling each year for American doctors" seeking to move north.

Increased pay is the main driver of this interest. Philpott said family physicians, pediatricians and psychiatrists can make $100,000 more in Canada, on average, compared to the U.S.

Article goes on to say that under Obamacare, some 30% of all billings never get paid at all, and the physicians are just out that money. Why is it that the Insurance Industry is not regulated, and can take and take from the public via premiums, co-pays and deductibles, and yet the health care providers go unpaid?

Meanwhile in Canada, only 5% of all billings end up unpaid.

A quick course in showing how the St Louis Theories on Police Protection were developed:


The video does more than criticize Obama. It points out that the USA most undoubtedly

has contributed monies to the ISIS team players.

The aid from the USA to ISIS may have been direct aid (although perhaps hidden in black op portion of our federal budget) or indirect aid. Let me explain the indirect aid:

Back at end of summer, 2010, when I was complaining about how Tim Geithner refused to give a loan of 20 billions of dollars to the 37 million people of California at the time that Schwartzennegger requested such, another DU'er calculated the tremendous amounts of weaponry that we were donating to Israel and to the UAE states. Fast forward to today: Now those of us researching the source of ISIS power are finding that much of the weaponry has come from the legit governments of various UAE strates. Since we outright GAVE these places and Israel 55 BILLIONS of dollars worth of weaponry in a thirteen month period, immediately after Tim Geithner denied citizens of California a loan, one can see how easy it would be for these UAE states to have the bloody machinery to cause the destruction that ISIS is causing.

DU'er Mother earth did not say that the actual scientific method has no value.

I think anyone who took a halfway decent science class in middle school or high school has been taught what you posted in your reply above.

But what she is trying to relate to you, if you would let her, is that the total control of the Corporate world over the laboratories of science means that right now, "Truth" is about as likely to come out of a laboratory, as it was to come out of a pulpit, back in the days of The Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Do you wanna know why we in the USA even have GM foods seeds, and crops here in the USA, while other countries are backing away from them? It is not because of any given study, but because Monsanto's "governmental adviser" Mike Taylor, got himself a sweet position inside the Clinton Administration, and from that position, he PROCLAIMED THAT GM foods seeds and crops would produce foods that are nutritionally similar to conventional crops. This was quite early on inside the history of those seeds, crops and foods, so there was zilch in terms of scientific data. (Back in the good old days, before the Corporations took over Truth, scientists would take decades to study a situation before publishing if something was or wasn't okay. But in our modern era of corporate control, no one even needs data - they just make proclamations!)

Science by proclamation is exactly where we are right now. And what became of Mike Taylor? Currently he heads an entire division over at the FDA, as Obama is just as eager as Bill was to get handed some $ 250,000 per speech at corporate podium when he retires from the Oval Office.

Here is what Israeli Foreign Minister stated back in 1967 --

Here's what Abba Eban, then the Israeli Foreign Minister and later the recipient of the Israel Prize, said to the UN General Assembly on June 19, 1967:

The blockade is by definition an act of war, imposed and enforced through armed violence. Never in history have blockade and peace existed side by side. From May 24 onward, the question who started the war or who fired the first shot became momentously irrelevant. There is no difference in civil law between murdering a man by slow strangulation or killing him by a shot in the bead. From the moment at which the blockade was imposed, active hostilities had commenced and Israel owed Egypt nothing of her Charter rights. If a foreign power sought to close Odessa or Copenhagen or Marseilles or New York harbour by the use of force, what would happen? Would there be any discussion about who had fired the first shot? Would anyone ask whether aggression had begun?

So that's the funny part:

By Israel’s standards, Hamas has been entitled (since the start of the blockade in 2007) to invade Israel and then occupy it for forty years.

Maybe Hamas officials should start pointing this out. They can direct curious reporters to the only place I can find Eban's speech online, the website of the Israel Defense Forces.

All of the above from the people over at TinyRevolution.com

I want to invite people here to check out this Health Topic


Hopefully this link will take you to the new study out on a mutant protein and its implications for helping those with autism and asperger's to recover.

Study on Mutant Protein May Help Unlock Autism

And may end up helping autistic people recover their lives.


Mice that begin expressing a mutant version of a protein called neurexin at 2 weeks of age develop autism-like behaviors that researchers can erase weeks or months later. The report, published 24 July in Cell Reports, suggests that it may be possible to treat autism symptoms even in adulthood1.

In particular, the animals’ social behavior, such as self-grooming and interaction with other mice, returned to normal. “I think this is good news for the autism field because it shows that reversion even in old animals can be possible,” says lead researcher Francisco G. Scholl, professor of medical physiology and biophysics at the University of Seville in Spain.

The neurexin family of proteins helps neurons send signals across a synapse — the point at which two neurons connect. From their position on one side of the synapse, they bind to another family of proteins called neuroligins on the other side to facilitate the release of chemical messengers2. Mutations in neurexins and other synaptic proteins have been linked to autism.

Several studies over the past few years have successfully reversed symptoms in mouse models of autism and related conditions such as Rett syndrome, tuberous sclerosis and fragile X syndrome. Last year, for example, researchers administered gene therapy to correct behavioral and other deficits in adult mice modeling Rett syndrome, and another study used a drug for sleeping sickness to reverse social and other deficits in a mouse model of severe autism.
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