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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Jul 8, 2004, 03:14 PM
Number of posts: 7,069

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I'm baaaack...

Ted Cruz is now to the left of Hillary with hist vigorous talk of brining jobs back. nt

Bernie live on MSNBC...look at the crowd! nt

Now Cruz is to the left of Hillary. He's talking about bringing jobs back to Indiana. Wow. nt

Jimmy Carter::

Jimmy Carter:

Call it, Skinner!!!!

(too soon?)

Just heard on MSNBC...Biden succumbs to triangulation. no link. nt


Hillary Clinton: GOP Uniter

Republicans expect to be battered and fractured by the time they finally find a presidential nominee. But party operatives hoping for unity see a sliver of silver lining: Nothing brings the GOP together quite like the Clintons.

“If you were going to choose one person who unites the Republican Party, it would be Hillary Clinton,” says Peter Wehner, a veteran of the past three GOP administrations.

Republicans have been preparing to run against Clinton in 2016 for the past three years, at least, with well-funded political groups, political action committees, and opposition research teams dedicated to taking her on. In its nascent stages, the GOP presidential primary was essentially an audition for the best candidate to run against Clinton.

But as much as the Republican establishment was ready for such matchup, it did not anticipate nominating a person it disliked almost as much as the presumptive Democratic nominee. And thus, Donald Trump has become a possible spoiler to the Clintons’ power to rally Republicans against them.

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