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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Jul 8, 2004, 02:14 PM
Number of posts: 3,978

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I can see this...

For the first time, I just became a Star member! (I needed a few). Couldn't afford many,

but the first three have been passed out, to long-time DU'ers whose posts and opinions have particularly stricken a chord with me over and over again. Thank you, ALL DU'ers for exercising your rights, exchanging ideas, and for caring enough to even participate, in a society with woefully low participation numbers. This year I have donated to 4 candidates now, one twice, and I have now donated to DU. I truly hope, that whichever candidate wins the primary, we CRUSH the Republicans in the general. Now is a moment in history when we could really set some boundaries, stop Republicans in their tracks, maybe even reverse some of the criminality that has creeped firmly into our midst. It could be a wave election. I hope our candidates have coat tails. Rock on! Register people to vote! Engage everyone! I've got just a few hearts left. Can't wait to bestow them upon a few others! Peace.

Too Harsh?...

Yeah. It happened years ago. In fact, i called him several times to urge him to run, way back when




I just wanted to say "Thank you!" to whomever gave me a heart! It really means a lot to me.

I am disabled and on a super-limited income. I watch the hearts with great interest. It breaks my own heart to not be able to afford to pass out a few myself. I did manage to pull a few dollars together this week, but I spent them on candidates- there to be exact! I hope you all understand this was more important to me. Thanks again, and have fun, everyone! (PS: I have been here at DU since day one. I just don't post as much as some others).

Hold me Closer, Bernie Sanders (parody) Tribute

Bigger feminist?

Posted by silvershadow | Sun Feb 7, 2016, 04:38 AM (3 replies)

If Bernie Sanders loses, his backers may not be there for Hillary Clinton in November

Gio Vanecchia is so enamored of Bernie Sanders that he made a five-hour drive with his wife and infant son from South Jersey on Saturday morning to catch a glimpse of the progressive firebrand.

But what if Sanders loses the Democratic nomination? Asked whether he will be there to vote for the Democrat in November should Sanders falter, the 34-year-old union mechanic reacts as if the question is insane. There is not a chance, he insists, that he would ever support Hillary Clinton.

“She’s establishment,” Vanecchia said. “Most of the guys I work with think she’s a criminal.”

Usually, that sort of primary-season hostility means little when the general election rolls around. Even after bitter battles, voters generally coalesce around the goal of beating the opposing party.
more: http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-clinton-sanders-20160206-story.html

Clinton Campaign Has No Answer Yet on Releasing Speeches to Goldman

*(posting here to avoid any dupe)

A spokesman says the campaign is still looking into release as Clinton comes under attack for her Wall Street ties.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign Friday wouldn't say whether she will release transcripts of speeches she gave to Wall Street firms, a day after she was questioned about it at the final Democratic debate before the New Hampshire primary.

"We will look into releasing her speeches," Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon said in a statement to Bloomberg, declining to further elaborate.

The statement echoed Clinton's response to a question about the transcripts during a debate Thursday night with Bernie Sanders, her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination.

In an appearance on MSNBC, Fallon said the campaign needed to "see what transcripts exist, make sure they're available still."


more at link: http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2016-02-05/clinton-campaign-has-no-answer-yet-on-releasing-speeches-to-goldman

(* I sense a "we didn't retain those records" excuse coming next)
Posted by silvershadow | Sun Feb 7, 2016, 03:46 AM (3 replies)

My honest assessment so far, and a plea:

I've seen much bandied about here these last many days about electability in the general. I've read much. I have watched much of the coverage from New Hampshire. I saw what I could of the Iowa caucuses. I have digested the accusations, innuendo and propaganda from both camps.

The argument seems to boil down to electability in the general election come November. And I can confidently predict that Bernie is our best chance to take on, head on, the forces that have morphed and destroyed our very country. And THAT is what is needed at this very moment in history. He needs to keep on truckin' . He needs to steamroll any type of bullshit the Republicans spew. He has the facts. He knows them. He has the very real, deep understanding of complex issues and how they are intertwined. He is poignant. He is real. He doesn't just talk about injustice. He has confronted social and societal injustices his entire life. He knows and understands passionately just how greedy and corrupt all manner of forces have become, and he cites just where they came from- Republican policies as well as Third-way Democrat policies.

This struggle we are in right now is for the very soul of the party, now and moving forward. As the race heats up, Secretary Clinton will likely find herself squirming and even twisting herself in Clintonian knots reminiscent of every campaign she or Bill ever ran. We will once again be subject to masterful triangulation, and believe me the Clinton camp knows how to pull anyone they need into any scheme necessary to make it work. I hear talk now of Joe Biden being considered. It is already under way and they are several steps ahead of us in the planning.

I do not know if Bernie will win or not. But I do know that I saw several older folks in New Hampshire, Republicans all, who were very seriously looking at him. I know personally, in my life, several Republican friends who a very receptive to Bernie's message. I don't know a single Republican anywhere who likes Hillary. Not one. In the general we will likely have our best chance at winning if our nominee is able to pull votes from moderate Republicans. I think Bernie can pull some of those votes, more than you might think at first blush, with his message of protecting and even strengthening Social Security, along with so many other reasons. I don't think Mrs. Clinton can with the same enthusiasm at all, and would have to rely and a depressed Republican turnout. I think Bernie could win with even a larger Republican turnout.

I could be totally whacked, but that's my thinking. Please, no matter what, as soon as our nominee is named, let us ALL join together in a massive effort like never before. We need to turn out in numbers at least as big as Obama, if not bigger. This is a moment in history where we need to just overwhelm them with turnout numbers and enthusiasm. If not, the country we once knew might never be restored to it's proper foundations. I promise, once the primary is over, if Secretary Clinton is our nominee, I will enthusiastically support her, just because the opposition is SO much worse. But not until, because that is a very low standard to beat indeed.
Posted by silvershadow | Sat Feb 6, 2016, 03:19 PM (8 replies)
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