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Rendell: Dems short $10M for convention

May 27, 2016, 05:08 pm

Rendell: Dems short $10M for convention

By Jessie Hellmann

The Democratic Party is millions of dollars short of the money it needs to host the Democratic National Convention in July, A key Democrat told Buzzfeed on Friday.

Ed Rendell, a former Pennsylvania governor and chairman of the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee for the DNC, told Buzzfeed the party is $9.5 million short of its $64 million goal.


Another source told Buzzfeed the deficit is closer to $16 million.
"It's a legitimate gap, but we're touching every base to fill it," Rendell said.

more: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/281567-report-democrats-short-10-million-for-convention
Maybe if they hadn't siphoned 99% of the Hillary Victory Fund to Hillary and used it for the DNC as promised..

Clinton scrambles to salvage California

Clinton scrambles to salvage California

A loss to Bernie Sanders in the nation’s most populous state would be a fitting coda to Hillary Clinton's long primary slog.

By Annie Karni
05/27/16 05:18 AM EDT

LAS VEGAS — Hillary Clinton is expected to clinch the Democratic nomination on the night of June 7, after the polls close in New Jersey.

But her campaign is girding for what could be an anticlimactic and potentially embarrassing finish, after the fact — Clinton could lose California, where the polls close three hours later, after she has already won the nomination.

A final loss to Bernie Sanders in the nation’s most populous state, where Clinton won comfortably eight years ago, would be a fitting coda to an upside-down primary season.

Clinton has lost states she once won and won where she once lost, with the biggest state looming as the biggest potential reversal of all. California was a signal victory in a hard-fought 2008 campaign that gave her candidacy credibility even as Barack Obama fought her to a draw on Super Tuesday. And she ended that campaign on high note -- Clinton’s high-water mark as a politician — her famous “glass ceiling” speech in Washington, was delivered days after besting Obama in a string of final primaries.


Will it hurt Hillary that the unsecured private server with state secrets in the tens of thousands

was located in their mansion, along with security details, maids, and other servants? Do we know who all had access to the primary mansion? I know at least some of the security detail were stationed in a special building at residence, but with all the functions they surely had there, what was security like on that server? I'm wondering if it will further hurt her when the full implications of this are out in the open....Thoughts?

Hillary Angers Chinese Even Before She Announces Presidential Run

Hillary Angers Chinese Even Before She Announces Presidential Run

Hillary Angers Chinese Even Before She Announces Presidential Run

Tyler Durden’s pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 04/07/2015 21:00 -0400

“We hope that public figures in other countries can respect China’s judicial sovereignty and independence,” was the abrupt response from Beijing, clearly aimed at Hillary Clinton, after the yet-to-announce-her-run-for-president-ness, denounced as “inexcusable” the detention of five women activists. On suspicion of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble”, the five women face a jail sentence of up to five years, and so Clinton, using direct social media channels, tweeted, “The detention of women’s activists in China must end. This is inexcusable”. China’s Foreign Ministry said the matter was an internal affair.

China has previously rejected calls from Britain and the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations to release the women activists, who had planned to demonstrate against sexual harassment on public transport.



She sure is going around angering a lot of different constituencies.

Hillary’s ‘off the reservation’ remark angers Native Americans

Hillary’s ‘off the reservation’ remark angers Native Americans

Hillary Clinton drew ire from Native Americans on Saturday over her use of the phrase “off the reservation” in a CNN interview.

Activists pointed to the saying’s dark origins in late-19th-century laws restricting Native Americans to reservation lands.

“When reservations were first established, going #OffTheReservation meant you were going to be hunted down and killed,” Ruth Hopkins tweeted.

The social-media firestorm forced Clinton’s campaign to apologize — also on Twitter.


Hillary Angers Pro-Choice Movement by Calling Unborn Child “Unborn Child”

Hillary Angers Pro-Choice Movement by Calling Unborn Child “Unborn Child”

While saying they have no constitutional rights (Washington Times). The troubling interview (Hot Air). Professor/writer/poet Seth Abramson is convinced the Democrats are “flawlessly executing a 10-pointplan to lose the 2016 presidential election” (Huffington Post).


Hillary Clinton angers Iowa fans who waited hours for five-minute speech

Hillary Clinton angers Iowa fans who waited hours for five-minute speech

Not even a special performance by singer Demi Lovato improved the mood of some supporters who were unimpressed by Democratic candidate’s brevity

Hillary Clinton left her audience cold in Iowa City on Thursday night, after she spoke for less than five minutes to a crowd of more than a thousand people, some of whom had lined up for more than an hour to see her.

After a day marred by a new poll showing Bernie Sanders leading her by eight points in Iowa, Clinton might have been expected to go for broke during a rally at the University of Iowa, which featured a performance by popstar Demi Lovato.

But Clinton did not refer to the Vermont senator, or much else, in her speech. The lack of length and substance of her address appeared to upset some in the crowd.

“It was like a political commercial,” said Allison Steigerwald, a 24-year-old graduate student at the university. “I thought she was saying goodbye to Demi and then she’d start her speech. But it never happened.”


Hillary Clinton Campaign Angers Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid


Claims Nevada is 80 percent white when it is really 54 percent white and 26 percent Hispanic

One of the quirks of the primary calendar is that the Democrats have their South Carolina Primary a week after the Republicans. Democrats are concentrated on the Nevada Caucus, which takes place on February 20. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been campaigning out west, therefore. Since a recent poll suggested that Clinton and Sanders are essentially tied, Team Hillary has been rolling out the expectations game, suggesting since the Democratic electorate is 80 percent white, Sanders has the advantage, just like in New Hampshire. The stance has backfired because it has gotten Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid angry at Hillary Clinton, according to Politico.

For one thing, Reid and his allies point out that Nevada is about 54 percent white, with 26 or so percent being Hispanic, the rest being African American, Asian, and so on. For another thing, Harry Reid is as close to a political boss as exists in Nevada Democratic politics, so angering him is not something one should do if one wants to carry the state as a Democrat. Reid likely has enough say over who Nevada’s superdelegates support that Clinton should be worried.

The dust-up in Nevada is just the latest misstep committed by the Hillary Clinton campaign. While she has proven to be a poor campaigner who has not made the case that she should be president aside that she is a woman and is entitled to the job, Clinton has relied on the support of the Democratic Party establishment to boost her chances. Despite the tie in Iowa and the stomping in New Hampshire, Clinton is comfortably ahead in the only metric that counts, that being the number of delegates, thanks to her support by Democratic office holders and party insiders.

Clinton is going to have to mend fences with Reid and his party machine in Nevada. The effort takes on added importance due to the threat that Sanders will do well in the state, meaning that Hillary Clinton will need the extra cushion of superdelegates to keep the venerable socialist from Vermont at bay.


Republicans have their nominee, but Democrats are winning the ground game battle — and that’s what m

FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2016 10:29 AM EDT

Republicans have their nominee, but Democrats are winning the ground game battle — and that’s what matters

The GOP remains fractured as Democrats continue to master grassroots operations


Pundits have made quite a bit of noise lately about Donald Trump’s surge in the national polls. In the last week, we saw Trump overtake Clinton in The Washington Post/ABC News poll and nearly close the gap in the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. The trend lines are interesting, but otherwise these numbers are useless; it’s fodder for talking heads. Until both parties have settled on their nominee, national polls are insignificant.

What should concern Republicans, however, is their national infrastructure problem. In many ways, the Senate races and the down-ballot contests are more important than the presidential election. Republicans are highly unlikely to win the White House in November. Hillary Clinton is a weak candidate, but, as I noted a few weeks ago, the GOP has an Electoral College problem that is difficult to overcome. If the Democrats carry Florida and the 19 states that voted blue in the last six presidential elections, Clinton wins. Given his unpopularity among minorities, women, and moderate voters, Trump will have a hard time winning swing states like Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

This makes down-ballot races all the more significant. To remain a robust opposition party, Republicans will need to preserve their majorities in the House and Senate, and that means voter-turnout operations are essential. They’re likely safe on the House side, thanks largely to gerrymandered districts, but the Senate majority is another story. And part of the problem is the infrastructure gap between Republicans and Democrats.

Donald Trump has won a lot of primary votes. What he hasn’t done is unify the donor and establishment wings of the party. Worse still, he has no ground game operations in key battleground states. In Florida and Ohio, for example, Clinton has massively out-organized Trump and is better prepared to turnout the base in November. As a consequence, the organizational and fundraising burden falls squarely on the RNC, and so far they’re not up to the challenge.


Verizon And Unions Reach ‘Tentative Agreement’ To End Strike

Source: Huffington Post

Verizon And Unions Reach ‘Tentative Agreement’ To End Strike

The largest strike in five years may soon be over.

05/27/2016 01:57 pm ET

Dave Jamieson
Labor Reporter, The Huffington Post

Labor Secretary Tom Perez said Friday that telecom giant Verizon and two unions representing its workers reached a tentative agreement that will end a massive, six-week strike.

In a statement, Perez said the parties had resolved their remaining issues “in principle,” but were still hammering out the contract language. Once that is done, the unions — the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers — will submit the contract to membership for ratification.

“This tentative resolution is a testament to the power of collective bargaining,” Perez said. “I commend the leadership of Verizon, CWA, and IBEW for their commitment to resolving these difficult issues in the spirit of constructive engagement.”

Verizon technicians and customer service reps on the company’s wireline phone business first walked off the job in mid-April. By modern U.S. standards, the work stoppage is massive — including some 37,000 workers, stretching from the Northeast through the mid-Atlantic. It is the largest U.S. strike in five years and has begun to hurt business for Verizon, which owns AOL, The Huffington Post’s parent company.

more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/verizon-unions-strike-end_us_57488844e4b03ede4414ba35

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/verizon-unions-strike-end_us_57488844e4b03ede4414ba35
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