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Member since: Wed Nov 24, 2004, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 11,829

Journal Archives

I am going to purchase a lifetime membership

It's awesome

They had a lot of episodes today. Boy, was it cute! Would have broken any squee-o-meter!

Flying puppies!

Squibbity squoo!

Hugs, u can has!

Squee level: Bajillion

Certified Squee by the National Cuteness Council. (tm)

The Republicans used to produce Abe Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower



Hee hee!

Swat swat swat

Bat bat bat. Grrrrrrr. Tryin again.

Okay this enough. Nap time.


Puppies learning things for the first time

Warning: contents overwhelmingly Squee and may cause happiness.


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