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When Kellyanne Conway punched someone in the face, what had he said?

While "celebrating" the "winning" of #PresidentTweety, Kellyanne Conway went even more nuts than usual, and wound up punching someone in the face. Repeatedly.

What had he said that pushed her over the edge? Well, I guess I mean farther over the edge, because I knew she was nuts after the first time I heard her speak for about 30 seconds, but over the edge into violence?

Considering the VILE things that #PresidentTweety has said, I can't imagine what could be so vile as to make her come out swinging. Or was she just trying to restore proper party discipline, comrade?

Not so concerned if she was drunk, though the details could be titilating.

P.S. Already at a loss for picking the worst part of #PresidentTweety's first 10 days. My Trumpitis is getting worse and worse. So far it was probably the liar-in-chief's press secretary's defense of his first lies about the size of the crowd. There are NOT different facts. For any specific thing, there is ONLY ONE fact and anything else is a flaming LIE.

Remember when corporations "loved" a certain German leader? (Mussolini, too)

Trump is now trumpeting how he saved American jobs at Carrier. All it took was promising (via his VP) a few million bucks in tax savings. Increase the deficit? Who cares? Have to do it again next year? Maybe, but by then Trump will be telling us to look somewhere else.

Maybe that tax money could have been used for better education to make American workers more productive and more competitive? Or do you think American companies better start doing whatever the Donald says? When Trump says "Jump", the only acceptable answer is "How high?"

Another example involves IBM's recent overture to Trump. That one already cost one employee her job when she objected to the CEO's overture (or kowtowing?) to Trump. (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/on-leadership/wp/2016/11/29/this-ibm-employee-quit-over-her-ceos-letter-to-donald-trump-2/?utm_term=.9a420f8c2de7)

Has your employer or boss told you to get in line behind the Donald? Or maybe they also said not to tell anyone about the corporate cheerleading?

To sue or not to sue? Whether tis nobler to perjure or be Bill Cosby-ed?

About those Gettysburg promises to sue ALL of the women who have accused him of sexual assault... My analysis:

If Trump sues them, then he has to testify under oath. Then he has to confess or perjure himself. Therefore Trump won't sue.

If Trump doesn't sue them, then all of the other women he's sexually assaulted will start coming out. Therefore Trump MUST sue.

Damned if he sues, and double-damned if he doesn't. How many women are just waiting for the monetary value of their Donald stories to skyrocket after he's in the White House? How much silence can he buy before he's Bill Cosby-ed out of office?

I think the funniest part is that the Donald must have some idea how many women are out there. Has he really deluded himself that thoroughly that he can't remember all his affairs and one-night stands?

One word of warning to the journalists who are likely to get dragged into the mess: Don't forget Dan Rather. Trump's minions are quite likely to set up some fakers to play against the media. They better be quite careful of the fakers. The way they burned Dan Rather was by taking the real story and getting him to overplay it. I'm still convinced that there was real evidence that was used to create the fake evidence there...

Defensive humor? How to laugh at the Donald?

Stock picks for the reign of the Donald

Makers of anti-anxiety medications, makers of wife-beater T-shirts, and for-profit prisons.

Plastics? What a silly idea! Get in on BIG poverty now! It's gonna be YUGE!

Don't know if I can retitle this thread more broadly. Jokes are not really an adequate response, but I do think that Trump hates to be laughed at. Meanwhile I think he is laughing at the tears of the people who are weeping for the death of democracy.

P.S. Not a joke: Hillary got the most votes, and yet the so-called Republicans, the personal and rebranded party of the Donald, now has absolute control of all three branches of government. The nominee he isn't yet talking about in public is that stolen Supreme Court justice, but you can bet that he's picking the most supremely loyal candidate. The Donald needs personal loyalty uber alles. I wish I could figure out a joke about that bit...

Corporate responses to the election of the Donald?

The CEO of IBM wrote an open letter to Trump soon after the election. IBM had a long tradition of staying out of politics, but I don't see any way to interpret this letter that isn't some sort of endorsement of Trump's administration. At the optimistic end, maybe it's just saying IBM doesn't care as long as Trump lets them make bigger profits, but at the pessimistic end it could be taken as a warning to IBM's employees and business partners to keep their mouths shut.

Has your employer done anything along these lines? I'm guessing that Ginny Rometty's letter was emailed to all hands and posted on the intranet, as well as the public posting at https://www.ibm.com/blogs/policy/ibm-ceo-ginni-romettys-letter-u-s-president-elect/ for everyone. If you've gotten something along these lines from your employer, do you care to speculate about why?

Are you worried yet? Nobody expects the Email Inquisition.

(I'd add a poll if I could, but I'm afraid I don't like the financial model here. Am I confessing too much to say my last media donation was probably to Mother Jones, and my main campaign donation this year was to Bernie.)

How to brand the Republicans properly? GOP = HATE

Not every Republican is a hater, but every enthusiastic Trump supporter is. I'd be interested in meeting a counterexample, but I'm not holding my breath.

More to the point, the Republican brand has been hijacked. Today's angry mob led by Con Man Donald has NO relationship to the progressive Republican Party led by Honest Abe or the pragmatic governing GOP of Teddy or Ike. It's become an angry and partisan insurgency, and if they can't have their way they'll just make lots of noise and prevent the government from doing anything. There are real problems that need to be solved, but absolute obstructionism is not the solution to anything.

So how to hold them to account? How to make sure the GOP goes completely down the drain so a REAL 2nd party can take over that important job. You can't have meaningful elections without at least two viable choices.

Exhaustion of the Donald campaign by security briefings?

Just had a weird idea of how to destroy Trump's campaign:

Require him to UNDERSTAND the daily security briefings they are giving him.

They would give the identical briefing to Hillary, and then ask her a couple of questions about it. Of course she will answer immediately and accurately.

When Trump got the questions, he would be stumped, but he would be allowed to ask the briefing officer for help. Then more help, and more help, and usually wind up using the rest of the day getting to the point where he could answer the questions. No time left for campaigning. Game over.

Oh wait. It would probably backfire. When would the Donald have time to say and tweet all those stupid things? Just by keeping him away from mics and keyboards it might allow some people to delude themselves about his presidentiality.

Is there any category of Trump supporter who can feel shame?

Can't find a matching discussion, so I'll pose the question... Based on my observations, there seem to be four main legs of Trump's little high chair: (1) Government haters, (2) Hillary haters, (3) Bigots, and (4) Racists. Can any of them feel shame at supporting the Donald? If so, how can the shame be increased?

P.S. No matter what Trump thinks, the cute little high chair is not a throne.

P.P.S. A poll on which leg is thickest would have been interesting, but the economic model is not attractive. I've already donated to Bernie, and I don't regret it though it was hopeless, but I'd prefer to buy solutions, not just throw money at a website. How about solution projects after the articles (or linked to related threads), and if enough members support the project it would get funded and DU would get a tithe (after holding the money until then) for project planning, publicity, and reporting on the results.

Cyberattack against South Carolina flag?

Anyone know what's going on there? Try searching for the South Carolina flag, and that is NOT what you'll see in most of the image results. It must be some kind of cyberattack, but I can't even figure out how it's being done, though I can sort of guess who might be behind it--unless some crazies want to frame some other crazies, perhaps hoping to change the topic.

What I can say is that it is NOT a transient, but has been persisting for at least 4 or 5 hours now, and that it is visible in Texas and elsewhere. I dared to peek at some of the severs, and it actually looks like it's changed there, but such a massive server attack would surely be in the news by now... Must be something at a different level of the network?

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