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Gender: Male
Hometown: St Paul MN
Home country: USA
Current location: Here
Member since: Wed Mar 21, 2012, 10:41 PM
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Journal Archives

Credit where it is due...

A gun control organization is finally doing something that can help reduce accidental deaths.

http://besmartforkids.org/ - has a quiz that, if you sign up to support them, they will donate a gun lock to be distributed at a future safety event. At this time their total is at 15,958. Other resources are available on the site.

Now one could be cynical about it since you have to sign up as a supporter for them to donate a lock. (Project ChildSafe http://www.projectchildsafe.org/ developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) has distriubted 36 million locks and accepts donations without you having to sign up as a supporter.)
But it is at least a first step by a "gun safety" organization that can have a direct safety effect.

The other resources should likely be take with a grain of salt. The quiz has a question about kids in homes with unsecured firearms. It clearly gives the answer as 1.7 million, per Everytown data. Yet the notanaccident page claims the number is over 2 million.

To help decide which candidate to back

I offer a small bit of wisdom.

Over the years I have met many politicians. Sometimes I was window dressing at a dog and pony show, sometimes I was security, sometimes we just happened to cross paths.
It did not matter if it was Tom, Dick, Harry or Tina, Donna or Mary. it did not matter if there was a "D" an "R" or an "I" after their name. Every one of them, above all else, were politicians. It was their job to hold an office and they were willing to be flexible on any issue in order to keep their job.

I only met one exception who I judged to be a person of integrity and earned my respect. It was not because I agreed with him on every issue but because having met him and looked him in the eye I believe he honestly supported everything he said and stood for.
His name was Wellstone and he is no longer with us.

As for our choices today, none are perfect. Listen critically and choose wisely.

Mr. Gray's family

does not want violence
His family wants justice, hoping that multiple investigations shed light on why and how he died. They want police to be transparent and be held accountable.

What they don't want, though, is violence -- certainly nothing along the lines of what happened Monday, the day of his funeral. Gray's mother, Gloria Darden, had pleaded, "I want y'all to get justice for my son, but don't do it like this here."

A lawyer for Gray's family, Mary Koch, called what Baltimore woke up to Tuesday a distraction from the family's goals of getting justice for Gray and preventing more people -- including other African-Americans -- from experiencing their grief.

"The one thing they wanted was some peace and some calm on the day that he was actually buried, and (they) asked the community to do that," Koch told CNN. "And the community didn't honor their wishes. And, in that way, they dishonored Freddie's legacy."
Should their wishes matter? Does the violence dishonor Mr. Gray? Will the violence be a distraction that will slow, or even stop, the process to get justice and have accountability?

Denmark could face attack if joins NATO shield: Russian ambassador

Copenhagen (AFP) - Russia's ambassador to Denmark said Saturday that the NATO country's navy could be targeted by nuclear missiles if it joins the Western alliance's anti-missile shield.

The threat made by Ambassador Mikhail Vanin in an opinion piece he wrote for the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten sparked an angry reaction and came amid an increasingly Cold War-style standoff between Moscow and the West.

"I do not think that the Danes fully understand the consequences of what happens if Denmark joins the US-led missile defence," Ambassador Mikhail Vanin wrote in the daily.

"If this happens Danish warships become targets for Russian nuclear missiles."

Quick Question... Why should people hate people?

Why judge individuals based on a cherry picked group?
I'm willing to bet every color of the human rainbow has had some individuals who have been paragons of virtue and some who were down right evil.

Rather than creating categories to lump people into shouldn't we focus on institutions, laws, customs and mores that promote any group over another?

We can judge individuals as we meet them. Their actions will define them more than their color.

Science finds the best place to hide from zombies

Farmhouses, fenced-in compounds, even the thick concrete of a penitentiary. Post-apocalyptic zombie fiction has taught us that these are good options for hiding out to protect your delicious brains from the undead, but eventually the zombies typically overrun the walls.

Fortunately, science has now provided a better long-term strategy for surviving the walking dead: Head for the hills. Specifically, you should probably get familiar now with the general location of Glacier National Park so that when it all goes down, you can start heading in that direction.

A team of researchers at Cornell University was inspired by the book "World War Z"by Max Brooks, as well as by a statistical-mechanics class, to model how an actual zombie outbreak might unfold. They will present their findings, meant to be an overview of modern epidemiology modeling, at a meeting of the American Physical Society on Thursday in San Antonio, Texas.

"Modeling zombies takes you through a lot of the techniques used to model real diseases, albeit in a fun context," Cornell graduate student Alex Alemi said in a release.

Still good advice

Video- Black man attacked at Walmart

Other customers help attacker

On stopping a legal activity

Is it ever acceptable to use force to stop a person who is doing something legal- even if it is disruptive, offensive or has some potential of danger to person or property?

Man shopping for coffee creamer at Walmart attacked by vigilante for carrying gun he was legally per

Source: Tampa Bay Times

BRANDON — Clarence Daniels had just crossed the threshold of Walmart's front doors on Tuesday, in search of coffee creamer for his wife, when the gun in hip holster gave a well-intentioned vigilante the idea he was up to something more sinister.

From the Walmart parking lot at 11110 Causeway Boulevard, Michael Foster, 43, of Lithia had watched Daniels, 62, take from his car the handgun — for which he holds a concealed carry permit — and place it on his hip underneath his coat, Hillsborough sheriff's deputies reported.

As Daniels entered the store, a label for the coffee creamer in his pocket in case he forgot the brand, Foster tackled him to the ground and placed him in a choke hold, sheriff's spokesman Larry McKinnon said.

"He's got a gun!" deputies said Foster shouted

Read more: http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/man-shopping-for-coffee-creamer-at-walmart-attacked-by-vigilante-for/2214432

"a well-intentioned vigilante"

Man sentenced for attempted murder

A man who broke into a Pocatello apartment with a machete and was shot was sentenced for attempted murder on Thursday.

On Thursday morning 6th District Court Judge Robert Naftz sentenced Twain Thomas, 54, to a five-year fixed sentence in the state penitentiary, and 10 years indeterminate on several counts of aggravated assault and attempted murder in the second degree.

On Feb. 22, police were called to the 200 block of South Garfield, where Thomas had been threatening neighbors that apartment complex with a machete.

When Thomas broke into the downstairs apartment of James Cvengros and his girlfriend Kaila Gearhart, Cvengros shot Thomas.


Does anyone think this could have ended differently?
Video of assault-
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