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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 13,310

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very liberal and progressive

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they do. no amount of tragedy will change the minds of gun lovers and the nra

stats are made up
insults are thrown around
victim complexes are invoked
requests for calm when talking about victims and then hysteria when there is any threat to any gun type of gun access

and when all is exhausted, the twisted language used to justify an incorrect interpretation of the 2a is invoked, and supported by the same supreme court morons that think corporations are people, followed by threats that all elections will be lost if anyone tries to be rational about gun proliferation, followed by more name calling (while saying they are being called names).

where is toby keith's patriotism that he flaunted attacking the innocent Dixie Chicks?

the imbecile toby keith used to prance around and pretend to love America - meanwhile trying to destroy the first amendment in his nonstop attacks against the Dixie Chicks for simplify calling the selected bush before the Iraq war.

where is his patriotism now that the infamous 47 have violated the logan act, gone against the President, made us look weak in front of the world?

repugs and conservatives spew hatred against liberals yet complain about how much

conservatives are hated.

this is clearly projection of their feelings. they know they deserve to be hated and despised.

we need to somehow confront them on this hypocrasy. it is not liberals that hate conservatives, it is conservatives who hate everyone and loathe themselves.

adding these gun control facts to my journal

An interesting study coming out of The Violence Policy Center demonstrates that statistics and data back common sense and logic.

This week, Cenk Uygur goes over new research study information that correlates states with the strictest gun control laws, have fewer gun related deaths. Watch this TYT episode to find out more.

"States with the lowest gun death rates - the top three were Hawaii, Massachusetts and New York -- were found to have strong gun laws as well as low rates of gun ownership. A separate 2013 analysis from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence similarly found these three states were among those with the strongest gun restrictions in place." - The Huffington Post -



sure is quiet in this thread

can hear the crickets.

but they are up in arms in any other thread screaming about getting facts.

brian williams has never seemed like a liberal or progressive

he usually parotts right wing points. i remember his speech after 911 where he said something like bush's performance in the last few days has put to rest any questions about his ability to be president. No need to look at the hanging chad.

this was orwellian and dictatorial propaganda at its best. At once he was saying that bush was doing well (nevermind that he was hardly heard from a disaster whose warnings he ignored) in the role AND the that this meant he deserved to be president - nevermind counting the chads remaining in florida.

this is awful disgusting stuff and the fact that it can be done in America makes a mockery of the entire media (it is only a tool of the wealthy and elites) and other institutions that ignored the true facts around the stolen 2000 election and the repug stupidity that allowed 911 to happen (i'm being kind here).

brian williams has been no hero to the people or for the truth.

that's an honor - hopefully you won't be responding if you've

told the truth and actually ignored me. I wonder how many people have you on ignore?

I will support Hillary Clinton, but a word to Bill

everytime I see or hear bill Clinton cozying up to the bush family I cringe and remember why I shifted my support from Hillary to Obama in 2008.

Bill - you are judged by the company you keep. Talking to the bush family as an honorary bush or a 'brother from another mother' bullshit only makes you look opportunistic and treacherous. The people who supported you do not support the bush cartel.

do us all a favor and stay left and don't hide the horror and treachery that was committed under the bush regime.

Poll: What are your politics

Which side of the political spectrum are you on? (expecting most to be left!)

good point. But Obama had a mandate for change

in his first term he went conservative and alienated a lot of people who wanted big change.

- he should have taken a more progressive stand on weed
- should have been faster on healthcare and immigration
- should have gone as far left as bush had gone right
- should not have let bush's crimes be swept away
- should have talked to the people more

remember the difference in his performance between the first and second debates? I think he's spent more time governing as he was in debate 1 and a few times he's governed like in debate 2 (e.g. his recent immigration stand).

repugs will bend and destroy the law for their means. if we can't even show passion and fierceness for what we believe, then they will continue to steamroll over us.
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