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Member since: Sun Mar 30, 2008, 05:51 AM
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Dr. Oz Responds to Anti-Labeling GMO Critics: Label Our Food! We Won't Be Silenced!

'Pro Industry Science'. From Mother Jones Article linked below

Well, they are at it again, the anti GMO labeling crowd.

The current group of doctors who attacked Dr. Oz, have ties to Conservative Think Tanks, and to groups with ties to Corporations like Monsanto which is documented below.

They work so hard to deny Americans the RIGHT to know what they are eating.

Their target this time is Dr. Oz who has dared to join the large and growing number of Americans who want their food LABELED.

This time ten of them, all doctors, wrote a letter to Colombia, where Dr. Oz is vice-chairman of Columbia’s surgery department, attempting to get him fired from his position.

One of those doctors, Dr. Ross, according to Mother Jones was convicted of defrauding NY States Medicaid Program of approximately $8 Million Dollars:

But more about that later ...


Accusations included the usual rhetoric from those who would deny Americans the same rights granted to citizens in most civilized nations, childish attacks etc. that we have come to expect from the anti food labeling contingency.

Columbia University, apparently, unlike this Conservative Group of Doctors, is aware of the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution replied stands by Dr. Oz:

Columbia University is committed to the principle of academic freedom and to upholding faculty members’ freedom of expression for statements they make in public discussion”.

So, let's take a look at the critics, who are they and who are they affiliated with, and what possible conflicts of interest might they have.

I have a feeling if we look deeply enough we might find the Kochs and Monsanto somewhere in the background!

Dr. Oz - We Will Not Be Silenced

Meet the Critics:

Both Miller and Swogger have previously been associated with the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), a nonprofit advocacy organization. The ACSH has been known to advocate on behalf of issues like GMOs and fracking. While neither belongs to ACSH at the moment, two other doctors who have signed the letter, Gilbert Ross and Jack Fisher, do. According to the letter, Ross is currently the acting president and executive director of the ACSH. Fisher belongs to the ACSH board of directors.

ACSH’s donors include Monsanto, according to a Mother Jones report. Lief told the Guardian that the organization does not disclose who it deals with and who its supporters are.

“We do routinely support groups working to advance science and agriculture,” a Monsanto spokeswoman told the Guardian. “For example, over the years we have provided modest grants to the American Council on Science and Health to sponsor specific projects such as the recent GMO publications that were prepared and edited by recognized subject experts.”

Ross himself isn’t without controversy, having previously served all of 1996 in a federal prison camp for participating in a Medicaid scam.

ACSH, note the generic name of this 'non-profit'. There are so many of them, Corporate funded, refusing to reveal their donors. According to MJ, it was started back in 1978 to opposed Enviromentalists. Conservative, anti science themselves, it is ironic that they accuse anyone else of being anti-science.

Mother Jones does a little digging into who these people are:

American Council on Science and Health - ACSH - Leaked Documents Reveal the Secret Finances of a Pro-Industry Science Group


The American Council on Science and Health bills itself as an independent research and advocacy organization devoted to debunking "junk science." It's a controversial outfit—a "group of scientists…concerned that many important public policies related to health and the environment did not have a sound scientific basis," it says—that often does battle with environmentalists and consumer safety advocates, wading into public health debates to defend fracking, to fight New York City's attempt to ban big sugary sodas, and to dismiss concerns about the potential harms of the chemical bisphenol-A (better known at BPA) and the pesticide atrazine. The group insists that its conclusions are driven purely by science. It acknowledges that it receives some financial support from corporations and industry groups, but ACSH, which reportedly stopped disclosing its corporate donors two decades ago, maintains that these contributions don't influence its work and agenda.

Yet internal financial documents (read them here) provided to Mother Jones show that ACSH depends heavily on funding from corporations that have a financial stake in the scientific debates it aims to shape. The group also directly solicits donations from these industry sources around specific issues. ACSH's financial links to corporations involved in hot-button health and safety controversies have been highlighted in the past, but these documents offer a more extensive accounting of ACSH's reliance on industry money—giving a rare window into the operations of a prominent and frequent defender of industry in the science wars.

So, who should we believe, a bunch of Conservatives with connections to Monsanto, Pro Fracking Corp, who are affiliated with Corporate Funded 'Science' groups, one of whom was convicted of defrauding NY State's Medicaid Program of approximately $8 Million Dollars, a convicted felon who spent several years in jail for his crimes, lost his medical license (now reinstated)


Dr Oz who agrees with nearly 90% of the American public that our food should be labeled. That's an easy decision to make.

From the above linked article above:

Calling for GMO labels is not a controversial stance, Christopher Miller, social mission activism manager at Ben and Jerry’s, told the Guardian.

“Public opinion polls find that upwards of 90% of Americans support mandatory labeling. Sixty-four other countries around the world require GMO foods to be labeled. It’s not complicated or controversial,” he said.

I'm with Dr. Oz, Ben and Jerry on this!


We need primaries with as many candidates who want to run participating. Without choices this is not

a democracy and if you don't like the candidate who chosen by those with money, then you are left without a voice. THAT is why we need primaries.

The First Democratc Candidate has entered the Race. Who will be the next & who should s/he/they be?

I have a list of great Democrats I would love to see run for the White House.

1) My all time DREAM candidate would be Barbara Lee.

She is a woman who has demonstrated incredible courage at times when our country most needed it.

For her courage she was threatened, called names, traitor, hater, death threats etc

Barbara Lee Congressional Profile in Courage

Threats did not stop Congresswoman Lee. She voted against the AMUF in Iraq. She voted against the so-called Patriot Act and against its re-autorization, against allowing FISA wiretaps without warrants, against warrantless electronic surveillance, and she introduced legislation to repeal the MCA.

Next up, Russ Feingold:

Another dream candidate but nothing is impossible, Russ Feingold who has been proven right about so many issues during the Bush era. He has said he will run for the Senate in 2016. Why not the WH? OR, as VP to Barbara Lee.

Then there is Sherrod Brown:

Brown speaks with Warren during a Senate Banking Committee hearing on Jan. 27. He is the ranking Democrat on the committee.

Sherrod Brown Why Aren't Progressives Begging him to for President

He’s an unabashed progressive with just enough blue-collar appeal to win a swing state such as Ohio.

He’s the highest-ranking Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee, with a megaphone to go after Wall Street and four decades of public service under his belt.

And need I say more, Elizabeth Warren:

And of course, someone who has said he will consider it. Bernie Sanders. Please DO:

These are a few of the Democratic Candidates who would make great Presidents, (Bernie hasn't decided yet and won't be a spoiler)

I will add more in the comment section when I have more time.

We have some Democrats who are more than qualified to lead this country away from the disastrous Republican policies that have so hurt the Middle Class.

And that is WHY I am a Democrat. THEY have no one!

Feel free to add your own dream candidates.

Hero, Ramsey Orta, Erik Garner Videographer, Released on Bail, after DA Refused to Take Bail Money.

Times of extreme oppression produce unlikely heroes and Ramsey Orta is a perfect example of that.

Like most human beings, he is not perfect.

Pro Police advocates like to point to his 'rap sheet' eg.

But that is exactly what MAKES him a hero.

He knew that his reputation would be dragged through the mud by the police.

But in spite of that when he saw something that was so wrong he set aside his own fears and recorded it.

Many people, most in fact, might have chosen to mind their own business, rather than risk the 'slings and arrows' that were bound to come his way.

Ramsey Orta did not.

We have witnessed the personal attacks he has had to endure.

I, eg, was told 'he is a POS who has a criminal record'. I suppose most poor people in the US have some kind of record.

Early on he stated that he feared for his safety.

As it turned out, he was arrested not long after his video was released to the Media, on charges of crimes which he denies.

His bail was set way beyond what he could afford.

He was held in Riker's Island, a hellhole for anyone, and definitely a cause for concern for anyone who has reason to fear for their personal safety.

And he might have stayed there for months, or however long they decided to keep him there.

His fears for his own life only increased, and he went on a hunger strike, after rat poison was found in the food of some of the prisoners there.

Getting him out, became a matter of life and death to his family.

Man Imprisoned After Filming Eric Garner’s Death, Refusing to Eat, Rat Poison Found in Jail Food

As a high profile police accountability activist, Orta feared for his life while in police custody, and those fears were confirmed when fellow inmates at Rikers began falling ill because their food was laced with rat poison. To protect himself from similar attacks, Orta has been refusing to eat.

However, after a push from The Free Thought Project, Ramsey Orta was given new-found hope. Orta’s story went viral and was shared tens of thousands of times on social media. The resultant virility has raised just over $40,000 as of Thursday.

On Thursday afternoon Orta posted bond. However, smashing all of this recent hope, officials are still refusing to release him

Dan Donovan @dandonovan_ny
Thank you the NYS Troopers for endorsing my campaign. Proud to have your support! #ny11
4:10 PM - 6 Apr 2015

Right, no cozy relationship with the police, no possible conflict of interest there!

Desperate to get him home, and rather than give up on what must have seemed like an impossible situation, his family turned to the public and begged for help to raise enough money for his bail and to help with his legal defense.

And the public responded. They raised enough to pay his bail, approximately $16,000 and more, on http://www.gofundme.com/of948k.

Incredibly, the Staten Island DA, Republican Dan Donovan, REFUSED to accept his bail money, claiming it might not have 'come from legitimate sources'.

Republican Dan Donovan, who warned President Obama back in 2010 that he should forget about holding Terrorist Trials in Manhattan. He has backed down on holding his proposed 'bail verification' hearing no doubt deciding they can't do these things in secret anymore.

Public pressure and the attention this case is receiving proved to be effective in ending that charade.

The ridiculous claim that the bail money might 'not be legitimate' caused enough outrage to get the public attention needed to overcome the obvious discrimination against him.

Donovan has political ambitions. Looks like he mistook which way the political winds were blowing.

Orta's fund has increased by approximately $10, 000 since the DA took that incredible, unconstitutional action. and enough people let their disgust be known apparently, that finally, his family announced yesterday, he HAS been released on bail.

Public pressure and a bright light constantly shining on the authorities, is the only way to keep them honest it appears.

Heroes, we have images, unrealistic images mostly, of what a hero should look like.

In reality they are mostly ordinary people who do extraordinary things when they are needed.

People like Ramsey Orta ....

His gofundme account is here http://www.gofundme.com/of948k. He has raised over $50,000, halfway to his goal to cover his legal expenses. The elated message of his release was posted on the site by his aunt:


I've read that he now wants to go to college, to become a journalist. I hope he gets to realize that dream.

Thank you Ramsey Orta and to all those who stepped up to support him

John Oliver Interview with Edward Snowden re Mass US Surveillance & the Patriot Act

As always lately, it takes a Comedian to get the news out!

And no, John Oliver did not 'make Snowden squirm'!

He gave him a platform to explain the seriousness of the issue of Mass Government Surveillance!

In this case the news that the Patriot Act is due to expire!

This is something Oliver has expressed concern over. Particularly the section that allows the Government to conduct massive spying on ordinary people.

So Oliver went to Russia to interview Snowden and conducted a wide ranging, sometimes funny, sometimes serious interview with Snowden with whom he discussed the upcoming expiration date of the Patriot Act.


With the Patriot Act ready to expire, Oliver has been outspoken on his show about his opinion of what ought to be done about it:

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver devoted Sunday's episode to the issue of government surveillance. Specifically, Oliver called for reforms to "Section 215," which enables the government to ask for "any tangible things" so long as it pertains to international terrorism.

Oliver called it a "blank check," on his show, saying:

Its like letting a teenager borrow that car on the strict condition that they only use it for 'car' related activities. "Okay Mom and Dad, I'm going to use this for a hand job in the Wendy's parking lot, but that is 'car' related so I think I'm covered."

Oliver also traveled to Russia and sat down with Edward Snowden to discuss the the NSA, the balance between privacy and security, dick pics, whether he misses Hot Pockets and Florida, and more.

After showing Snowden street interviews with Americans who apparently knew nothing about the leaks or Snowden, whose goal was to inform Americans, Oliver suggested that Americans might be more interested if Snowden were to tell them the 'Government is watching your Dick Pics'.

Watch John Oliver Interview Edward Snowden About NSA's 'Dick-Pic Sheriffs'

Snowden says that leaking sensitive national security documents to journalists in 2013 was a risk – but it was worth it to help inform the American public. "Is it a conversation that we have the capacity to have?" Oliver responds. "Because it's so complicated we don't fundamentally understand it." In order to make the issue more relatable for Americans, the host connects all facets of the subject to one topic: "This is the most visible line in the sand for most people: Can they see my dick?"

"The good news is there's no program named the Dick-Pic Program," Snowden says, before playing a game of NSA "Dick or No Dick." Snowden adds that, for the record, he doesn't think people should cease their crotch-selfie habits: "You shouldn't change your behavior because a government agency somewhere is doing the wrong thing. If we sacrifice our values because we're afraid, we don't care about those values very much." ("That is a pretty inspiring answer to the question, 'Hey, why did you just send me a picture of your dick?'" Oliver cracks. "Because I love America, that's why.")

"So there you have it, America — all of us should now be equipped to have this vital debate," Oliver says in summary. "Because by June 1st, it is imperative we have a rational, adult conversation about whether our safety is worth living in a country of barely-regulated, government-sanctioned Dick Sheriffs."

Sadly, Oliver may be right. And he is doing his part to get as much attention as he can using his Comedy Show, to get the people to pay attention to this issue.

I didn't notice any 'squirming' (the biased media editorialized version of the Oliver/Snowden interview), on Snowden's part regarding the question of his release of the documents.

As he always does when asked this question, Snowden once again explained that he personally did not release the documents, but used the Press to do so and relied on them to edit out anything that might be a threat to anyone or to this country.

Thanks once again to all the Whistle Blowers, Comedians and Journalists who insist on exposing wrong doing by Government Agencies, in this case, the NSA.

And thanks to Oliver for taking the trouble to go to Russia to draw attention and to keep it there, on this most serious issue!

The entire interview is available at the Rolling Stone Link, as well as Oliver's Show before he went to Russia on the issue of the Mass Spying being conducted by the NSA and the expiration of the Patriot Act.

It is pretty funny. And it is LONG but worth watching imo.

Pardon Don Siegelman. A Democratic Political Prisoner Railroaded by Karl Rove.

Don Siegelman
Watch the Don Siegelman Documentary and demand justice for America's political prisoner

Don Siegelman's Twitter Page where you can follow him and help undo this tragic miscarriage of justice:

I am actually in favor of a total dismissal of the case against him with compensation for all he has lost, including his freedom, rather than a pardon because that implies he was guilty of something.

However, a pardon would be better than nothing and it is clear the DOJ will not investigate the perpetrators of this criminal political prosecution and he needs to go home to his family.

Governor Don Siegelman Domestic Political Prisoner

Don Siegelman, former Gov of Alabama, went to prison for what 112 Attorneys General of both parties call a non-crime

To think that THIS criminal is still walking free amongst us while a good Democrat like Don Siegleman remains in prison is beyond reprehensible:


If GMOs Are So Great, Then Label Them.

I don't care what other people decide to feed their families

I DO care what I feed MY family.

There appears to be an effort to force people to eat what they have decided they do not want to eat.

That effort is coming from pro-GMOers.

So all I want to say is: Feed your family what you want.

Don't tell other people what they should feed their families.

If your product is so great and you are worried that people are not buying it because you refuse to label it, then just go ahead and label it and your problem will be solved.

It seems simple to me.

Eat what you want, the rest of us will eat what we want.

Why are we being bombarded with promotions for GMOs that they still refuse to label?

The Swedish Prosecutor Lied As Charged. Admits No Legal Impediment to London Interview w/Assange.

In about-face, Sweden offers to question Assange in London

WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson said the Swedish decision was "a victory for Julian," but criticized the delay.

"I think it's absolutely outrageous that it took the Swedish prosecutor 4 1/2 years to come to this conclusion after maintaining that she couldn't come to London because it would be illegal to do so," he said. "Obviously that was a bogus argument."

Under heavy criticism, worldwide AND from within the Swedish Government itself, Prosecutor Marianne Ny tries to cover the lie she has been telling for nearly four years now, claiming NOW that she is concerned the statute of limitations will run out on some of the allegations.

Well, YES, so why did she refuse to do this right away? Why did she lie and claim there was a Legal Impediment to doing so?

Marianne Ny's name will go down in infamy for her egregious cooperation with those who had a vested interest in silencing the press.

For years, the Swedish Prosecutor and those who were part of the plot to silence Wikileaks and Julian Assange made the false claim that they could not file charges against Assange without taking the 'final step' under Swedish Law, an interview with the accused and falsely claimed that interview could only be conducted in Sweden.

That was an outright LIE.

Never mind that Assange had tried to obtain that interview while in Sweden, staying longer than he intended while the Prosecutors repeatedly put off that interview.

Never mind either than Assange DID speak to the Swedish Police, something that was constantly ignored by the propagandists whose mission was certainly NOT the facts, but to smear someone personally when they could not contradict the facts released by Wikileaks, a Whistle Blowing Web Site.

And also do not forget that the first Prosecutor threw out the case after which this prosecutor was installed in order to overturn that decision.

For years, people interested in the FACTS, stated over and over again that there was NO LEGAL IMPEDIMENT to the Prosecutor interviewing Assange in London.

And for years, they were told they were wrong.

Clearly they were RIGHT.

One other thing to remember about this particular Prosecutor.

She spent her career insisting that any case related to sex crimes, MUST BE PROSECUTED INSTANTLY, as quickly as possible for the sake of the women involved.

Why, then did she LIE about this CASE? Clearly the interests of the women were no longer her concern.

So what WAS her concern if it wasn't the women?

I think most people around the globe figured that out a long time ago.

From as far back as 2010 people around the world knew this whole thing was nothing more than a smear campaign intended to silence the press.

Here's an example of the many articles that were on to the scam that long ago:

Marianne Ny: Making an arse of Swedish law

What has been intriguing me more is the behavior of the Sweden’s director of public prosecutions, Marianne Ny. The available information on her charges and actions against Julian Assange, the founder and head of Wikileaks, indicates that she is driven more by the politics than any respect for the law.

The shameful treatment of Whistle Blowers throughout this era will also go down in history.

Another Big Award for Snowden Documentary! Citizen 4 Wins British Academy Awards Also!

BAFTA Awards

It's seems to be piling up awards!

It has also won the Directors Guild Award.

People are starving for the truth!

Thank you to all the Whistle Blowers and Journalists who have had the courage to try to protect our Constitutional Democracy.

History will be the judge!


Laura Poitras Dedicates Citizen 4 Oscar To Edward Snowden With Glenn Greenwald By Her Side

Notice the MSM's headline in the link. They are still obsessed with Snowden's girlfriend it seems:

Edward Snowden's Girlfriend Makes an Appearance

Mills joined director Laura Poitras, producer Dirk Wilutzky and journalist Glenn Greenwald onstage.

Poitras’ film documents her initial meeting in Hong Kong with Snowden.

Snowden was charged under the federal Espionage Act and is currently living in asylum in Russia. Because of the sensitive nature of the footage, Poitras made "Citizenfour" under intense secrecy and edited it in Germany.

"Thank you to Edward Snowden for his courage, and for the many other whistleblowers, and I share this with Glenn Greenwald and other journalists who are exposing truth," Poitras said when accepting the award.

Laura Poitras Dedicates 'Citizenfour' Best Documentary Win To Edward Snowden

"Citizenfour" won Best Documentary at the Oscars on Sunday night. Director Laura Poitras accepted the award with Glenn Greenwald by her side.

"The disclosures that Edward Snowden reveals don't only expose a threat to privacy but to democracy itself," she said "Thank you to Edward Snowden and to the many other whistleblowers."

The oppressive treatment of Whistle Blowers, while the perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against the Constitution walk free, should now, if it wasn't always, be enough of an embarrassment to this country that the persecution of Whistle Blowers should stop.

What should happen is some serious investigations into the revelations by Chelsea Manning, eg, who WARNED her country about the Maliki Government in Iraq's torture and oppression of its population, which has now led to the creation of ISIS.

But there was no investigation into those revelations, the Whistle Blower was given 35 years and effectively silenced.

Chelsea Manning should have her ridiculous conviction vacated as soon as possible and restitution ought to be made to her for the persecution and torture she was subjected to.

Laura Poitras is an incredibly brave woman and when this chapter of history is finally written, she, and all those who, in the face of the threats to their own freedom, insisted on telling the truth.
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