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rufus dog

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 07:28 PM
Number of posts: 5,675

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So I had a solo lunch today, nice cup of Pho, just kicking back and pondering things

Driving to the place I heard that Hillary might shake up her staff. This morning I had read the Bill Clinton comments about Bernie. Both were obviously on my mind, so as I sat eating I was thinking about the Hillary comment about Bernie voting for the Commodity Future Modernization Act, her flippant comment regarding the speaking fees, the Bernie Bros./Obama Boys attacks, all while claiming to be a victim.

To digress, I am a person who gets motivated by conflict, know it, manage it, and always try to be cognizant of the fact that some others have the same disposition. Mine was likely due to being the last kid in a large family, made me real laid back until there was something I wanted and an older sibling said I was too small or not smart enough yet. I would put the blinders on and either get it or in some cases get my ass kicked because I was too small to handle the endeavor. In my first fifteen years of work I would steamroll anyone in my way, the last fifteen years the opposite. I learned it wasn't my way or the highway and if someone else handles the requirement a different way, no biggie as long as it gets done. Used to be a strong individual contributor, now a strong manger. Anyway the point is, I know about having to thrive on chaos.

The Clinton's thrive on chaos, it is in their DNA. Trump, Christie, Sarah Palin, all thrive on chaos. Now some, like Palin, are also dumb as rocks, so I am not insinuating the Clinton's are ignorant, far from it both very intelligent people. I am suggesting that they have always and will always have and need chaos and conflict as a motivational tool. One of the reasons, the biggest, I respect Obama is that he lets 99% of the attempted chaos flow by.

Declare victory? Would love to have been a fly on the wall

Seriously, 15 percent left to report, .5 percent lead, and you declare victory rather than waiting?

I hate to be blunt, but someone fucked up big time. There would have to be advisors recommending waiting, but someone, somehow over ruled them. The could be an epic fuck up.

Chargers to stay in San Diego for 2016

And will leverage the bejesus out of the city. Happy the city has a chance to save them but am afraid they are going to get bent over in the new stadium deal. The NFL and Spanos' will get public money, the taxpayers get a home team that they can watch on TV.

And the 100 million guaranteed from the NFL will get consumed in planning fees billed to the NFL and then offset by numerous kick backs.

Shouldn't Obama be appointing a panel that will name a Governor of Michigan?

Since the state was able to take over local government of Flint, and now the state has failed and is asking for 100 million from the Feds. Isn't the next logical step for the Feds to take over? I expect Obama to appoint a new Governor by the end of the month.

Edit to add, SARCASM!

The Koch Bros. have pushed through the idiotic policy of state takeover of local governments.

Say what you want about Haley and her response

But that was hands down the best ever response to Obama, the others made asses of themselves, she didn't. And in Repubieland, that makes her the new star.

Obama on the ground in San Berdo - Going on 3 1/2 hours

Spending a lot of time with the families and first responders.

The Donald Trump Saga - Another episode of Republicans are wimps

The party leaders can't control him, now they are admitting that fact. They are afraid that he will go indie, and they have no plan, no leadership ability to manage the situation. This is not a new, they talk like bad asses, but when confronted with real issues they fold.

Larry Craig, they did nothing
David Vitter, they did nothing
Mark Sanford, they did nothing

Contrast with Rahm, Weiner, a Democrat fucks up and gets taken down by Democrats.

Turn on MSNBC right fuggin now!

If you want to catch the ten minutes of non-Trump programming.

Covering the Presidents speech on slavery, although when it is over I am sure they will have a discussion on what does Donald think.

Tip of the hat to Malaise.

Occam's Razor

He is an ego maniac that wants to be President.

Doesn't care what he says, who is hurt, as long as he wins.

There is one thing I don't get about many, if not the majority of Liberals and Democrats

That is all the comments/posts regarding shock over the latest Trump comment. (Or any repub for that matter)

The night Sarah Palin was rolled out I was shocked, then over the next few weeks I saw how they loved her, those embarrassed by her still voted for McCain. Through the 2008 elections there were numerous times I was shocked until I gave in and realized they repubs would say anything to win. The final time Republican behavior shocked me was reading the reports post inauguration of the repub leaders planning on using al Qaeda tactics on the President. During the worst financial crisis of our lives they stated they would do anything to take him down. I waited a few days, waited for some repubs to chastise those in the meeting, waited for the media to call them out, neither happened.

Then we had constant bullshit and in each case the best effort any repub could offer was to do nothing. "You lied," no condemnations but support. The President is a Muslim and wasn't born here, nothing. Case after case of opportunities for a repub leader to do the right thing, but nothing. They never take care of their own issues, look at the list of republican scandals, they never clean up, tell the person they are done and need to step aside, never happens.

So, I am not shocked, why would I be? Winning at all costs is a badge of honor for most repubs. Throw in the deep hate they have for all things different, people darker than them, people who worship differently than them, people with different sexuality, and people who think differently than they do. Many know how to hide it, know it goes against their religion, but that hate and fear is too powerful for them to overcome so when push comes to shove, they would cast a vote for Trump, or Cruz, anyone with an R by their name.

On my daily trips to FB I notice the right wing political posts outnumber the liberal posts by about 10 to 1. And 90 plus percent are slams against Democrats, while the political posts from my friends are 90 plus percent supportive posts of a candidate or of an issue. Repubs are just different, they have the ability to be so fucking wrong about well everything but still get up and post anti Obama or Clinton, or Sanders comments and never reflect on failures their chosen leaders. And that might be part of the issue, it is easier to hate all the others, including liberals, than to admit their own failures.
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