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rufus dog

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 5,827

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Everyone needs to chill the fuck out!

Clinton will not lose this! Why? - numerous reasons.

1. Trump is a horrible candidate and human being.
2. Electoral Math - Trump needs to run the table of all swing states.
3. Team Obama will be out in force during the last three months, thus motivating voters to solidify his legacy.

It will be close, in the range of 271 to 296 Electoral Votes, but she will pull out a victory.

This from a guy who thinks she sucks as a candidate and as a person. That being said, it is my opinion. No need to post daily about all of her shortcomings, just as there is no need to have numerous posts calling for Bernie to drop out.

Toughen up Clinton supporters, you are going to really start seeing the Republicans and media start tearing in to her, and her numbers will continue to drop. Better now than September, she can rebound, win her prized possession and be President for a term.

For fucks sake, if John Miller or John Baron is calling and giving details

And little Donald says it isn't him,.... Then isn't the logical follow up question, who is John Miller/Baron? How does he have details to your life? Why did you apologize for impersonating John Miller on one occasion. Come on media, do your damn job and let him keep digging deeper.

Edit: Rachel just reported that the WaPo reporters asked the follow up question. Silence and the phone went dead. That's the way you do it.

Just saw the news that Chistie has been named to lead the Trump transition team

How the hell is this even possible. He isn't the former Governor of NJ, he is the current Gov. who has a full time job already.

The dude punched at The OC Trump event - Cole Bartiromo

Familiar name, he is the cousin of Maria Bartiromo

His own video of the event in Costa Mesa has him calling the protesters, "pond scum" and "scum of the earth."

Below is an article on this sleaze bag. Although the violence is condemnable, I am guessing he antagonized the crowd.


Congrats to Hillary and her supporters, you have won, BUT....

This is an unsustainable system. Independents are the majority of voters, under the current system they are disenfranchised in too many States. I have read a number of over the line posts saying this is acceptable, Chris Matthews is going on about registering as a Dem if you want to have impact. Very Republican comments on both fronts, someone would have had to focused in October 2015 to vote in the NY Primary, to put it bluntly, that is fucked up.

My next step, to change my party affiliation to unaffiliated , in California I can do this and still vote in the Democratic primary. Thirty five years of being a Democrat is over, highly unlikely I will ever be a Dem again.

My change will mean jack shit, no impact on a state or national election, I hope it will impact those states that have rules in place that are not as democratic as CA, because in no logical realm can a Country label itself as a Democracy, yet disenfranchise such a large percentage of voters.

After watching and reading the Bill Clinton comments, I believe that..

They are too cute by half.

"Awful legacy..." These are words used by republicans to smear Obama, to make them acceptable you need to insert words that were not said, not inferred, not previously referenced.

A nervous speaker missing a phrase, ...possibly, but Bill Clinton, a person famous for using these techniques?

I'm Out!

Congrats to Hillary and supporters, I'm out, I'm done for this cycle.

Will vote for Bernie in the CA primary, then Hillary in the general. Other than that, the interest is over.

Christie is fucking stoned

He had to have smoked a huge bowl.

Here is a list of what I, a Bernie supporter, expect to get accomplished by President Sanders


If he gets one of his proposals through congress it will be a bonus, each one after, a bigger bonus.

It is not about getting anything passed, it is changing the narrative and the course. I don't expect him to be able to single handily work miracles. IMO, President Obama was the best President in my life, I am over 50. Obama changed the course slightly, now is time for a sharp left turn. The youth vote is all lined up, it is a matter of taking advantage of the opportunity at hand. Reagan didn't have overwhelming legislative accomplishments, but he changed the course, was transformational. Bush went a bit further but nothing overwhelming again. Then eight years of Clinton, nothing major. Then W. was escorted in and all Hell broke lose.

It is a long game, the goal is to set it up for a Preident Warren or someone similar.

So, Hillary fans, don't try to convince me using the argument that he won't be able to get anything done.

1. That is not the goal for a lot of us, including many of us a tad older.
2. We lived through what Bill got done, and being polite, it wasn't that damn impressive.

Finally, part of one of my favorite speeches, just before I was born.

"Why does Rice play Texas?"

Google it, listen/read the speech. The County is so far off track that something like this would never be considered today, we need to try to get back on that path. We have youth numbers that exceed those during the Reagan Revolution. They can't be wasted.

Holy Shit! It is going to have to be a political revolution

Breaking news on CBS about Scalia, Jan Crawford the correspondent stated that Obama will likely not be able to fill the position, the Republican Senate won't allow it so it will be up to the next President.

Eleven friggen months left and Obama can't fill it! She stated it as a given, something historically unprecedented is stated as a given.
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