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rufus dog

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 5,910

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I just want to point one thing out

The Dems just trotted out two people of color, back to back, who hit it out of the park. The Repukes would be hard pressed to bring out two people of color in four days who aren't an embarrassment.

The media is gushing over Michelle, rightfully so, but Booker kicked some major ass.

OK, not a huge HRC fan, but not in panic mode, nor should any Dem be concerned.

Everyone needs to calm down. There is no way the Obama's let this one slip away.

What we saw from Michelle tonight was the opening act. She and Barack are going to carry HRC to victory.

And Sarah Silverman is right, some Bernie supporters are ridiculous.

Clinton's VP pick will be very enlightening and have long term impact on the Democratic Party

If she, as expected, goes with a middle to right safe choice she will be reaching out to moderate Republicans that she feels can be peeled off due to Trump. If she picks a liberal then she will be reaching out to the Bernie supporters, the left wing of the party and will be forging a potential long term alliance with major portion of the party.

Now before any Clinton supporters go crazy, Kos is stating something very similar over at the DailyKos, that is that she needs to reach out to the liberals in the party.

Trump and the Republicans are an absolute disaster, so I can see her temptation to reach out to moderate Republicans (are there any left?) but such a move has the potential to alienate the liberals, me included.

p.s. based upon history, I am preparing to be thrown off the bus.

FFS - Nicole Wallace is claiming Cruz not endorsing is a positive

Spin is one thing, complete and total bullshit is something else.

Her claim, the party will unite around Trump now because of Cruz.

LOL This shit thrower Cruz just shit on the republicans

FUCK THEM and I seriously mean FUCK THEM.

No endorsement for the Trump!


Watching the interfaith prayer vigil on MSNBC, the good/the bad

All of the speakers, people of faith, did a great job.

The Police Chief, the Mayor, most religions represented, and to a person they did a great job.

Correction, a fucking outstanding job. To a person they condemned the killings in Dallas AND the police actions in Baton Rouge and St. Paul.

The bad, for some reason they decide to let Rudy Giuliani come on. Same old fucking bullshit, he condemns the Gov. of MN for jumping to conclusions. Actually uses the stat that the majority of blacks are killed by other blacks to minimize the killing of blacks by police. And to make it worse, uses the standard, we don't have all the information on the police killings.

BOOM - A republican congressperson from Tennessee jut got taken apart by the guest host on Hardball

Not sure of the ladies name, (guest host) but she set him (Rep. Scott Desjarlais, Douche bag, TN) up, knocked him down, set him up, knocked him down, set him up knocked him down.

It had to be at least six leading questions followed by a smack down.

Started with "How long do you plan to keep doing this? He went on a rant about how HRC, she breaks in and says, "you just used a lot of adjectives, careless, sloppy, unsophisticated, none of which are crimes."

Smacked him for the special treatment meme, with "this statute has been used to prosecute once, for espionage." He tries HRC is above the law, she interrupts, HOW, no one has ever been prosecuted using the statute.

She ended with the question, would Colin Powell be qualified to be Commander in Chief, he thought he had a winner with, "he didn't perjure himself." she immediately shot back, you didn't hold hearing on it. He then tried to squeeze in "Apples and Oranges." She didn't let him and followed up with no, it is Apples and Apples. He looked green!

Catch it on the repeat, or I'm sure Media Matters or Crooks and Liars will have it up.

IMO Comey disqualified himself from the inevitable follow on investigation

At the very beginning of the hearing Chaffetz asked Comey why he didn't look into HRC lies during her testimony. Comey responded that he did not have a request from congress. I am sure one is being drafted now.

Here is the issue, other than I can't think of a time HRC perjured herself, by making his statements on Tuesday, which are unprecedented, Comey offered his opinions. Some of his "facts" are questionable, and others seem to have been proven to be false.

So, regardless of his intent, there will be legitimate questions regarding his ability to assess the situation without his proven bias. Remember, three emails contained confidential info, but were not properly marked, or potentially did not meet the confidentiality requirements. Thus he directed a review of over 30k emails utilizing three man years of time and came up with nothing, yet still commented on what he thought of HRCs actions.

Also, I was shocked when he said he was not aware of classifications changing after the fact. Really, how could he spend a career working for the govt and not know that?

Rep. Cummings is summing it up nicely

Pointing out that the three emails with "classified" info were sent/received by 1000s of others.

Asked if he received requests to investigate any of the others, answer NO.

Asked if he received requests to investigate Colin Powell, NO, Condoleezza Rice, NO.

Putting a nice bow on the point that this is a political stunt and not a matter focusing on fixing gaps in the process.

Commentary for those not able to watch/listen to the Comey hearing

No bombshells, Comey calmly stating his reasoning.

Republicans to a person are outraged that he did not recommend charges. Each time he goes over the lack of intent and multiple times references other "experts" who claim enough evidence exists. Bluntly states that NO previous prosecutor has filed charges in a similar case.

Democrats, to a person, first thank Comey for his service and integrity. And the latest one just noted, that only ONE republican has offered him thanks for his service.

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