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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Fresno Ca
Home country: USA
Current location: Lexington, Ky
Member since: Thu Sep 19, 2013, 10:16 AM
Number of posts: 1,612

Journal Archives

Marvel and Disney rights case for Supreme Court to decide says Jack Kirby Estate


Speaking of war

Casey Sheehan died ten years ago. If all the deaths in those tragic exploits had such repercussions,
we might be in a better place today.

no signs of military buildup on Ukraine-Russian border


what does it mean to make over 100 posts in 24 hours?

with about 50 of them overnight?

Do taxpaying voters who objected to Iraq and similar exercises deserve political representation?

seriously, where does an extremist minority get off dictating policy to the majority?

The In Doctrine ate their brains

Political zombies and automatons who cannot differentiate between US policies and political front people who defend and defer.
They pledge allegiance to someone other than their fellow countrymen and the national best interest.
Attacking the invasive free thinking organisms who find their virus untenable within the body politic.
Because two conservative, interventionist law breaking parties are what they want in the US.
From domestic surveillance to rendition and torture, from extrajudicial assassinations to media consolidation and
tax free corporate overlords-
everything is just fine.
Dont rock their boat.

There is no room in the Democratic Party for Republican policies.
If there is to be a choice in the two party system, we have to make that the rule.

Fresno County supes/city council's war on medical marijuana


meanwhile, one cop was caught soliciting bribes from a drug dealer.


one out of ALL of them.
how can a bribe work, if they arent all in it together?

How LIBERAL can the ULTRA wealthy be? Who is the most progressive tycoon with influence and why?


Are Dinosaurs campaigning for Republican victories in 14 and 16?

"If" and WHEN Republicans come out against NSA spying, and more significantly, FOR "decriminalizing" marijuana,
will the loud bleating of Jerry Brown and Dianne Feinstein hand the state over to Republican candidates?
Can anyone point to issues that will draw swing voters and undecideds to the Democratic anti-pot and whistleblower tickets?
Not that I take the Republican rhetoric any more seriously than a sack of manure, but what results can be expected from the noises being made?

Whats wrong with the "N" word? nothing, it appears

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