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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Fresno Ca
Home country: USA
Current location: Fresno
Member since: Thu Sep 19, 2013, 10:16 AM
Number of posts: 6,812

Journal Archives

NOW we can start throwing chairs

let us be all they have said we are.
that should be proper payback for their kindness.

Republicans steal in the GE

the rest is apparent.


What is Hillary hiding?

I know this list is going to be a long one.
let me just get it started with
1. her emails about public business and trade deals like the TPP.
2. her transcripts of speeches to contributors on Wall St.
3. her real reasons for supporting GW Bush and the IWR.
4. ... ?

with all the name calling directed at Sanders supporters

what are we calling Hillary supporters?
I can think of a few things, but dont recall any particular nickname standing out.

is there a list of acceptable terms in current use?

NOW you have an email problem.

after all this time wasted pretending it was a Bernghazi burger.

Pandora's box.
least transparency ever.
Congratulations, on that!

Election integrity and the Great State of California

I can think of several interesting moments in recent history pertaining to statewide issue voting in California
that really make me go Hmmm.
Municipal power for SF in the wake of the "California Electricity Crisis" (a statewide crisis EXCEPT in municipal power grids)
Just about everything surrounding Arnold Schwarzenegger (a related factor, ultimately. He did diminish the punitive fines, correct?)
and the truly aborted recount over Prop 37

but never mind those individual examples of shady and unexpected results, its all a matter of perspective and presumption.

what are your impressions of California's current election integrity?

are we really debating which criminal charges apply to her presumptiveness?

wtf is wrong with this picture?
I think I know who elected Trump.
thanks Debbie.

what has two right wings and flies around in circles?

the NSA
military intelligence
our two party system


are people in California forgiving the slights from Hillary Clinton
on the debate promise?

I dont think people do.
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