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Hometown: Fresno Ca
Home country: USA
Current location: Lexington, Ky
Member since: Thu Sep 19, 2013, 10:16 AM
Number of posts: 3,090

Journal Archives

Whatever happened to the nuclear freeze movement?

for those old enough to remember when that movement had mass,
any ideas where the momentum went?

what nature of discussion takes place when people are attempting to silence unapproved discussion?

Having been subject to what appears to be swarming effects (hide a post/temporary bans upon postings to a Democratic Underground Message Board), the difficult to understand objections to discussion and/or dissent, questions about domestic and foreign policy which seem to be met with extremist opposition, comfortable with the ramifications of censorship and what lays beyond, I can only puzzle eternally.
Pardon me, i suppose this line of questioning only belongs on a discussion board.

Will Americans ever stand up to stupification via media and government efforts?

or is that a stupid question?

for clarification, feel free to pick up ANY paper from anywhere (including Kansas) from 30 years ago, or prior.
If the reading level is within three grades of what passes today I will blow goats on film and sign releases.

Which of these three mainstream news stories was the falsest?

The TANG documents, which were clearly shown to be forgeries, and sealed Dan Rather's fate.

The Dark Alliance stories unleashed by a careless independant newspaper, soon straightened out by
what are now called "approved sources"

The Operation Tailwind story on 60 Minutes, which took down producers who to their last breath proclaimed legitimacy?

And what will be the next falsehood promulgated by these wreckless folks, now that their abilities to lie to the public are codified?

What does wildlife conservation mean, these days?

I cant quite get a handle on what various popular concerns mean these days in terms of animal rights, abuse and conservation.
Maybe wildlife isnt the proper term for their particular goals.
I did have the special priviledge of learning what I could from Ray Dasmann in a few courses, and almost tripped to Malawi to study Hippoes with Ken Norris. For better or for worse, his health did not permit that expedition, and I am quite certain my survival depended on me not going there.
If it werent a hippo chewing me to bits, it would have been a lovely green or black snake giving me my last lecture me on LD50.

Wild animals are truly a gift to us all. We CANNOT sustain these creatures with captive propogation.
We can continue looking at shadows of an extinct species for a while, but we cannot recreate what we have destroyed.
Let us not go blithely into some low level darkness. Allow me to be one of the voices that said, albeit, far too late-
those genetic resources are worth more than Apple, Google, Lockheed Martin, the US GDP and both parties put together.

and that is not enough, is it?

What would it take, to preserve what is left of nature's bounty?

Has ACA been fully accepted?

My apologies for not keeping up with Lori Klausutis' old boss, as Im sure the answer is within,
but, it appears my hunch that the IRS would be used to clusterfuck and cripple the ACA was mistaken.
is it possible Republican's have grown accustomed to this reform?

what bothers you more? disrespect and/or cynicism for a 1% politician or

injuries inflicted upon a peaceful protestor or an unbalanced homeless person?
because I cannot reconcile the difference.
like Vincent Price said-
"help me"

question for the lawyers and international history experts

In the aftermath of an illegal, fraudulent war of convenience,
at what point does the term "war criminal" no longer apply?
Is there just one "point criminal" bearing the blame, albeit escaping

or do those who enabled, looked away, went along and/or followed orders
bear any responsibility?

I know, I know, but just pretend this is 20th century America, if it helps.
I recall something about "just following orders" but Im not sure what that means these days?

Will we see the next cabinet assembling as primary candidates again?

I found it interesting that almost all of the candidates in 08 were reunited in the White House.
will this happen again, or will a paucity of candidates force rerun appointments?

Why and when is violence acceptable to taxpaying voters?

how do you draw the line between acceptable violence and oppression, and the sort
of naughty behavior that clenches drawers?
I tend to think all these quick draw cops take their cues from foreign and domestic policies that leave people dead or injured.
Where exactly does it become a no-no?

Im guessing when it happens too close to home.
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