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Hometown: Fresno Ca
Home country: USA
Current location: Fresno
Member since: Thu Sep 19, 2013, 09:16 AM
Number of posts: 4,466

Journal Archives

Who deserves credit for this transformational moment? SANDERS or Hillary?

If there is a legend left behind, I think it will be one of liberation and transformation thanks to the end of the Clintons' era.
the ignominy of these fading old soldier's of the DLC era is actually hard to bear. Like witnessing a real trainwreck.
the upside being that a year from now they will be as good as forgotten and not the subject of public abuse and amusement.
BUT what a spectacular crash and burn/EXIT!
Tearing down the curtains (and the brick wall behind by the time they are done).
They are undoing the Big Lie right before our eyes.
Or more accurately, they are forcing us to face the truth because of their hubris
and the sheer economic reality that has worn away the patience and sharpened the wit.
I want to thank them, someday.
this is their doing.

Learning to Love - and use - the Bomb


no ella no puede!

Has triangulation cost the Clinton's more support than it has stolen?

has that strategy carved all the meat off their Christmas Goose?
I think so. I think their clearcutting ultimately exposed their base of support is down to one
trembling leg, and its about to fall asleep.

The Domino Effect

what statistical trivia surrounds the victors of early Democratic primaries?
Is there a consistent, quantifiable BUMP in the following contests?
Is the ultimate winner easily predicted here?
thanks in advance!

IF Hillary loses to Bernie

what would she likely do during and after the general election?
Seems like so many public service possibilities are out there.
Take James Earl Carter and his work with Habitat for Humanity.
would Madame Secretary consider working with Haitian orphans or
perhaps refugee issues?
Its not too soon to start looking at the upsides here, is it?

would FUCK YOU be out of line?

when some self labeled conservative puts forward ageist crap on this board?

I just couldnt log in fast enough.
might as well hide this or ban me, because that bullshit merits a healthy and sincere
FUCK YOU, go play in traffic you moran.

suffering from Electile Dysfunction?

in case election lasts for four or more years,
call some more friends, this party is going places!

I love the smell of napalm this morning

What a great year and transformational month we have upon us!
I had no idea Jane Sanders was running?
Looking forward to hearing about her various dalliances, real or imagined.
zippity doo dah!

Will New Hampshire crown Bill Clinton the "Come back kid"?

or is there a better descriptor?
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