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Hometown: Fresno Ca
Home country: USA
Current location: Lexington, Ky
Member since: Thu Sep 19, 2013, 10:16 AM
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arent they the problem?

Why does Bernie Sanders HATE Space Aliens?

I havent heard differently. Can we trust someone who might take us into intergalactic war and threaten Americans with slavery or worse from our unseen adversaries?
We were better off with corporate overlords, I cant believe people arent focusing on this particular issue.

What proposals have been floated by Hillary Rodham Clinton regarding Ferguson and police violence?



I need some help sorting through this.
Did it come down to hard truths and the bad moves of the Clinton administration?
Im certain there is much more being discussed, and I would love to hear what she has specifically done or said
regarding Ferguson and all other police misconduct.
thank you!

what issues wont be discussed in this primary?

besides the dangers of nuclear power and the ethics of unconstitutional surveillance?

American Summer

the white dwarf of modern American political power has lost its footing and cools before our eyes.
Degenerate elections have broken their connections with people no longer chained to televisions and radios for forced perspective on popular matters. Sophistication arises, even absent the oxygen of good information, data is purchased and sold with no promise thereof. Media manipulations, crimes against humanity, constitutional betrayals and indifference to abject poverty and misery while banks and arms dealers loot the treasury further engorging the fattest of cats. Americans are hungry for inalienable freedoms and international respect, not enemies lists and bloody conquest.

the mice are roaring mad, and it is high time the cats took flight.
This is American Summer, and we are turning towards a new chapter in our history.
It will be royal struggle. anything but a civil war. the incivility manifests around us, the embers of
coming fires stoked by forces of oppression.

What tools of division will be applied in ever increasing manner.
Race, sex, hate and fear.
Know your enemies by their works.
turn your back and let them kiss your cheeks.

we are on our way.

deadline expires. Holder tried.


Two people dead in shooting at Grand Forks Wal Mart

Source: Valley News Live

Grand Forks Police confirm two people are dead in a shooting at Walmart.

Police were called to the scene a little after 1 this morning in regards to a report of gunshots.

Upon arrival officers discovered multiple victims inside the store. Several of these victims were immediately transported to Altru Hospital for treatment for their injuries. The police department confirms there are two deaths as a direct result of this incident. All names are being withheld at this time pending family notification.

Read more: http://www.valleynewslive.com/home/headlines/BREAKING-Possible-Shooting-At-Grand-Forks-Walmart-304972251.html

Are there Fox Democrats?

or is this an oxymoron?
I think this term could apply to-
Folks who watch it, absorb the product as entertaining disinformation, and then maybe spread the offending noise from outrage.

Are there politicians or campaign personnel who appear on Fox regularly?

While that may be necessary, is it inherently self defeating? Legitimizing?

I know Kucinich was involved and drew some serious criticism.

What about others?

I really dont watch any of that stuff, and personally find CNN the worst of any,
and MSNBC completely reprehensible. Joe Scarborough has a show? all I need to know.

Maybe the term I would find most descriptive would be Cable Democrats?

Does ANYTHING these unregulated regulators of "information" apply to the people in your real world?

How does cable and Fox viewing impact serious voters, and Democrats in particular?
in your opinion?

What is President Clinton's legacy of great policy changes and legislation?

I would like to focus on the good things accomplished in the 90's,
as I am sure many would. I think I can recite the objectionable stuff
right quick, but there was surely a lot of great things done back then.
feel free to contribute, I wont have a negative thing to say here.

The house that Babs built (or- refurbishing a legacy)

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