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red dog 1

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Gender: Male
Hometown: San Francisco, Ca.
Home country: U.S.A.
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2010, 03:05 PM
Number of posts: 4,294

About Me

San Francisco State University grad (Psychology).

Journal Archives

Why is the mainstream media refusing to cover Trump's underage rape lawsuit?

What are they afraid of?

October 22, 2016

"Disturbing New Details Emerge Over Donald Trump Rape Lawsuit of a 13-Year-Old Girl"

Over the course of his entire presidential campaign, Donald trump has been in a war with the media, often accusing news outlets of fabricating negative stories about him to hurt his White House bid.
While Trump's battle with the media is at an all-time high, there's one story that most mainstream media outlets have avoided reporting.

In the summer of 1994, a woman known as "Jane Doe" was allegedly raped and threatened by Trump and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
The woman previously filed a lawsuit in California, but the judge dismissed the case.

Attempting to have her voice heard once again, "Jane Doe" made her case once again and it was strong enough to move forward in a New York court.
Federal Judge Ronnie Abrams has since ordered a status conference to be held on December 16, with the legal representatives of both sides being present in the courtroom.

As pointed out by the Bipartisan Report on October 23, new details have been revealed, painting a grim and dark picture of what allegedly went down over 20 years ago.

The victim, known as "Jane Doe," filed the (original) lawsuit under her assumed real name of Katie Johnson,
Details in the lawsuit claim she was the subject of, but not limited to,
"acts of rape, sexual misconduct, criminal sexual acts," as well as "false imprisonment" and "threats of death."
The incident apparently took place on more than one occasion, with the most emotionally scarring encounter occurring during the fourth and final time.

Read more + links

(From October 7, 2016 Lawnewz.com article)
"Federal Judge Orders Hearing in Donald Trump Rape Lawsuit"

(From October 10, 2016 Lawnewz.com article)
"High-Profile Attorney Casey Anthony Now Representing 'Jane Doe' in Trump Rape Lawsuit"

(From The Guardian, October 12, 2016)
"Trump Lawyers Given Court Date Over Lawsuit Alleging Rape of 13-Year-old"

Some background info on this case:
"Trump and J. Epstein sued for raping 13 year old girl, with witness corroboration."

Victim's Full Testimony (Warning: Extremely Graphic)

For those who wish to help Katie financially,
a "Justice for Katie Legal Fund and Trust" has been set up, and donations can be made by clicking on the "Donate" button at the bottom of the website, or by mailing a check to the address listed there.

The next great charitable cause - Kleenex for Donald Trump

Daily Kos
October 14, 2016

America has never failed to step up in a time of crisis.
That time is now!
Just take a look at this poor fellow.
He's the would-be leader of the free world, taking the stage in front of the whole country to debate our life, our future, our very existence, and there he is sniffling away like a first-grader.

Many of us have pocket packs of Kleenex tucked away in purses and coat pockets, taking up space and getting all crushed and wrinkled, waiting for an emergency.

Well, guess what folks?..That emergence is here...Send them to Donald.

Show the spirit of kindness...Give 'till it hurts...If you have nothing to spare, then check under your couches and car seats for tissues you may have dropped.
Surely some of those are still usable.

You can mail them to his main headquarters at Trump Tower.
He also has convenient locations in Colorado and Israel.

Our country has never faltered when the need arose, and we are not going to start now.
Show everybody what we can do when we put our minds to it.

Make Donald snot-free again!

Read entire article, with links & photos:

Curly or Shemp?

I like them both.

Trump Accuser Says She 'Jumped Out Of Her Skin' During Debate

October 14, 2016

When Jessica Leeds was a traveling paper saleswoman in the late 1970s and early 1980s, she told herself that sexual harassment was just a fact of life.

"You didn't complain about that sort of thing," she told NPR in an interview Friday, which will air on "All Things Considered."

But an encounter she says she had with Donald Trump on a New York-bound airplane more than thirty years ago was different.

As she initially recounted to the New York Times in a story published Wednesday, she says Trump groped and kissed her as the two sat next to each other in first class.

"Whether it was 15 minutes or not, it seemed like forever," she said.

The encounter had began as a "cordial" conversation over an in-flight dinner.

Leeds said she had been escorted by a flight attendant from coach to first class, where she found herself seated next to Trump.

"They served a dinner....After the dinner was cleared he began encroaching on my side of the seat," Leeds told NPR's Audie Cornish.

"Mr Trump started coming over to me and groping me and trying to embrace me.
And then his hands started going up my skirt."


Trump Underage Rape Accusation: Judge Sets Date For Hearing of Lawsuit

The Independent (UK)
October 11, 2016

A federal judge has ordered a status conference hearing after a woman filed a lawsuit claiming Donald Trump raped her when she was 13-years-old in 1994.

In the lawsuit a witness identified by the pseudonym "Tiffany Doe", alleges she saw Mr. Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein repeatedly rape the plaintiff identified as Jane Doe.

The complaint says Epstein hired an unidentified woman to pick up teenage girls to bring to his parties.

The plaintiff's third attempt in filing the lawsuit features a new witness named "Joan Doe."

Mr. Trump has repeatedly denied the allegations.

"As I have said before, the allegations are categorically untrue and an obvious publicity stunt aimed at smearing my client," Alan Garten, Mr. Trump's attorney told LawNewz.com.


(LawNewz.com article from October 10, 2016)
"High-Profile Casey Anthony Attorney Now Representing 'Jane Doe' in Trump Rape Lawsuit"

(From 9/28/2016)
"Jane Doe" Plans To Re-File Sexual Assault lawsuit Against Trump With Additional Witness"

6 Things I Wish Clinton Had Said To Trump

By Robert Kuttner
The American Prospect (via Alternet)
October 11, 2016

"Hillary performed well in Sunday's debate, but she could have demolished Trump,
once and for all."

According to post-debate instant polls and based on the continuing defection of other leading Republicans, Hillary Clinton evidently did well enough in Sunday night's debate.
But had she been a little more alert and less scripted, she might have demolished Donald Trump, once and for all.

Trump came into the debate on the verge of a total meltdown, with Republican elected officials deserting his candidacy by the dozen, his own running mate distancing himself from the candidate, and the nation in a state of disgust over Trump's bragging over his gross sexual exploits.

Yet when the debate was over, the consensus (was) that Trump had done well enough to survive, even to halt the slide.

What might Hillary have said?
Here are six examples:

(From the transcript)

Just for the record, though, are you saying that what you said on that bus 11 years ago that you did not actually kiss women without consent or grope women without consent?

I have great respect for women...Nobody has more respect for women than I do.

So, for the record, you're saying that you never did that?

I've said things that,frankly, you hear these things I said....And I was embarrassed by it,
but I have tremendous respect for women.

Have you ever done those things?

And women have respect for me...And I will tell you: No. I have not.
And I will tell you that I'm going to make our country safe.
We're going to have borders in our country, which we don't have now.

Read more:

Cat Zipped Into Backpack And Drowned - Demand Justice (Petition)

October 11, 2016

SOUTH AUSTRALIA - A cat drowned after she was zippered into a backpack and thrown into a river.

A group of bystanders tried to save the cat, but were unable to reach her in time.

The RSPCA of South Australia called it "a deliberate act of cruelty."

A female tortoiseshell cat was zippered into a backpack and thrown into the flooded Gawler River.
Her desperate cries could be heard from the shore, but the backpack was too far away to be retrieved in time.
The cat wore a collar but it did not contain identifying information.
She was likely someone's pet.

RSPCA inspectors are currently investigating.
They have asked for the public's help in identifying the person responsible
Sign below and demand the maximum penalty in this case.

Robert De Niro on Trump: "He's a punk, he's a dog, he's a pig"

In a new video, Robert De Niro tells what he thinks about Donald Trump.

(From the video)

"He's so blatantly stupid..He's a punk, he's a dog, he's a pig, a mutt who doesn't know what he's talking about, doesn't do his homework, doesn't care.
He's an idiot...Colin Powell said it best: 'He's a natural disaster. He's an embarrassment to this country.'"

"It makes me so angry that this country has gotten to this point that this fool, this bozo,
has wound up where he has.
He talks how he wants to punch people in the face.
This is somebody that we want for President?
I don't think so.
What I care about is the direction of this country, and what I'm very, very worried about is that it might go in the wrong direction with someone like Donald Trump."

Links to video:



What should Donald Trump's latest scandal be called?

How about Pussygate?

Who's your favorite Phil Hendrie Show character?

No one does a better impression of Art Bell than Phil does.
Usually "Art's" guest is General Johnson Jameson (Richard C. Hoagland)

I also love Bobby Dooley Ted Bell, and the guy from the Citizen's Auxiliary Police
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