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Profile Information

Name: Robin M
Gender: Female
Hometown: New Boston Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Columbia South Carolina
Member since: Thu Sep 4, 2008, 12:19 AM
Number of posts: 2,825

Journal Archives

Apparently we have some undecided racists in this country

Things that can get them to join the Klan are being stuck in traffic because of protests.


Paul Mooney Police Story

Roorda On Chris Hayes

Saying they shouldn't have even taken it to a grand Jury just let Wilson walk because there was no crime

OK tell me how this isn't racially motivated.

I am already seeing that BS. On Facebook even here. They say these aren't racially motivated GJ decisions. They certainly are. I wish people would quit trying to pretend up is down in this fucking country!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March On Washington 12/13/14 March for Justice

Try to be there if you can

Won't buy Christmas presents. Will protest for Justice!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard Reverend Al Sharpton say they are putting together a March in DC for December 13. I am not going to buy any Christmas presents I will use the money to go to DC.

UPDATE He just announced it at Press Conference.

We can't rest until we stop this nonsense

I heard Rev. Al Sharpton say they were putting together a march in DC for December 13. I am going to use my money I would have used to buy Christmas presents to be there. As soon as there is more information I hope someone will post it.

Unbelievable No Indictment in the Garner Case.

I have nothing but tears and anger of the injustice in this Country. Do they want to cause mayhem? It was right there on a fucking video.

Who is going to Cleveland tomorrow? Justice for Tamir Rice


I am not shocked I am just hurt

What I am reading on DU defending the scumbag DA and the pos killer cop. How can anybody not see how reprehensible the Grand Jury decision was? I feel the hate and vitriol in their posts and I want to cry. When will African Americans get the same justice that white folks get? If Mike Brown were white he'd have been sitting at his family's Thanksgiving table yesterday. We all know this and it hurts to think of the missing loved ones who were missing from their families Thanksgiving tables. The reason the were missing is because they were judged by the color of their skin. Make no mistake we all know thug is a code name for the n-word. None of these people killed senselessly were thugs or bad people.
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