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Profile Information

Name: Robin M
Gender: Female
Hometown: New Boston Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Columbia South Carolina
Member since: Thu Sep 4, 2008, 12:19 AM
Number of posts: 3,474

Journal Archives

MSNBC needs change its name to

TRUMP TV they show his speeches live and talk about him constantly

Is it just me or does Scott Walker have a smarmy Nixonesque persona?

I can't stand him. He will do to America what he has done to Wisconsin. All the candidates with the exception of Kasich are smarmy, creepy assholes. Kasich is just assholish.
I will say Kasich expanded Medicaid here and was attacked by the right saying he was "hiding behind Jesus" . When a rightwinger does something Jesus taught they get skewered for it. The Koch's hate him now.

If America were truly a "Christian" nation Jimmy Carter should have won reelection.

Reagan was Hollywood whose wife consulted psychics. Jimmy Carter was a Sunday School teacher, who practiced what he preached. Just look at Trump's polling numbers. Republican Evangelicals are inconsistent at best.

Skinner Appreciation Thread

I just want to thank Skinner for all the work he does behind the scene. Without Skinner there would be no DU. Here's to you Skinner thank you.

edited to add: A great big thank you to EarlG and Elad too for all they do.

Hillary's emails

Wouldn't they be on a very secure server anyway with her husband being an ex President?

Which GOP Candidate is the Most Electable?

I think Kasich is. He is a hot mess though. He fought labor and lost so he toned down the rhetoric but I don't believe for one minute he has changed his beliefs. He just comes off as a good guy in his speeches. I hope it's Trump who wins the GOP nomination the Democratic nominee skates in with him driving the KKKlown KKKar.

Trump doubles down

He says Senator McCain should apologize not him

Fuck you Donald you pos

Planned Parenthood saves lives

I had a complete hysterectomy because of an exam there. I had huge cysts that were pre cancerous. I am sure they have saved more womens lives than can be counted. I wish the GOP would just stfu and quit trying to find out what every woman is doing with their bodies and their health care needs. It's none of their damn business what any woman decides is best for themself. What the hell is their obcession with sex and who has it and what they do as far as reproductive rights go?

Cop scared of dog accidentally shoots 4 year old Columbus Ohio


WHITEHALL, Ohio - Gary Parsley says the shooting that happened on Chandler Drive in Whitehall, Friday afternoon, happened in an instant.

“Everything happened really fast,” he said.

Parsley says a Columbus Police Officer came to his house to follow up on a hit-and-skip case Parsley says he was a victim of two weeks ago. He says when the officer stepped outside - a woman, two houses down, came running out and pleading for help.

“She was wanting medical attention for her sister,” Parsley said. “That’s why she called the guy over there.”

Parsley went back inside his house. A few seconds later he heard the gunshot.

“I did hear the gunshot – it was very loud,” he said. “At first I thought maybe he’d shot the dog, because she was saying something about ‘Why would you try to shoot the dog?’ and he said something like the dog was attacking him, or something like that. Then, she started saying ‘You shot my kid!’.”

According to CPD, when the officer approached the house the family’s dog charged him.

“The officer fires one shot at the dog, misses the dog and accidentally shoots a four-year-old in the leg,” CPD spokeswoman, Denise Alex-Bouzounis, said.

Parsley says neighbors called 911. Police and first responders were there within minutes.

“They brought the girl out,” he said. “She wasn’t on a stretcher. One of the paramedics was carrying her. She had a blanket around her and there was a little bit of blood on the blanket, but she seemed to be conscious. Her head was poking around she wasn’t, like, screaming or crying that I could tell.”

Parsley doesn’t understand why the officer felt the need to shoot in the first place.

“ was a big guy and they have tasers and clubs and stuff,” he said. “I don’t know why you would raise a gun. I really don’t agree with him just pulling his gun out and trying to shoot the dog.”

According to Alex-Bouzounis, when asked about the breed of the dog, she says it was a mutt and would not specify on its size.

The child was taken to Nationwide Children’s Hospital and is expected to recover. CPD continues to investigate the shooting and Alex-Bouzounis says the officer that was involved is being questioned.

Every American should feel insulted that Netanyahu spoke before our Congress

The fact is it was disrespectful to the office of the POTUS. We have 1 President in this country the gall of Boehner and Netanyahu is beyond belief. This President has been treated so disrespectfully from day one and yes I believe his skin color is most of the reason.
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