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Member since: Wed Feb 15, 2017, 04:40 PM
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Food safety info


"This is important because cooking meat, poultry, seafood and eggs to a safe internal temperature kills off pathogens that cause foodborne illness," Levine says. "These temperatures were established based on extensive research, targeting the most likely pathogens found in each food."

"In other words, very few recipes provided relevant food-safety information, and 34 of those 123 recipes gave readers information that wasn't safe," Chapman says. "Put another way, only 89 out of 1,497 recipes gave readers reliable information that they could use to reduce their risk of foodborne illness."

Cheeto shit is nothing new...Roman history

Just got this from back east.

Please help our beleagured Congress

Everybody loves to bash Congress without thought of their difficult lives as poorly paid, overworked, and stressed out public servants. Instead, we should be offering them the services so generously provided to other economically deprived citizens in the US.

1. Housing in DC is unaffordably expensive and it is incumbent upon us to to help Congresspersons avoid the embarrassment of continually giving themselves raises. Each member should be provided apartments in local housing projects. Should all available housing be taken, then we must allow them the privilege of staying in homeless shelters. They should be getting to work early anyway.

2. Congresspersons never earn enough to pull themselves up by their own jockstraps and should be paid an adequate wage. Since recipients of minimum wage are said to live opulent lives, Congresspersons deserve no less than the lowest minimum wage in the country.

3. We all know how difficult big city traffic is, especially in bad weather. Our dedicated Congresspersons must be provided free bus passes. That would give them opportunity to meet daily with constituents, be part of climate change solutions and save money. Without problems associated with drivers and cars, they will enjoy hauling groceries, sick children, or their asses to work on stinking buses.

4. Congressperson's hard work requires schmoozing over meals which might just stretch their budgets a bit. Let's give them food stamps. but since food is a luxury equivalent to buying an iPhone, we might ban unnecessary purchases like toilet paper and tampons.

Any other ideas on how to help our elected representatives do their jobs?

signing in gets me a warning about insecure connection...

Something new from Firefox. Should I be worried? Should I do something?


For the other two Vera Lynn admirers

I didn't even know she was still alive. Amazing.

To fully fathom the meaning of Vera Lynn to the British, you have to picture a British soldier, in the depths of Britain’s despair at the outset of World War II, hunkered down somewhere in North Africa, wondering how, if ever, it would end and whether, if ever, he’d get home.

“We were very lucky,” said one such soldier, William Pitcher, in a 1996 oral history. “All the war, even the worst of times, we had a good short wave radio system. In fact, I can remember it was desert, we’d, in the nighttime, on Saturday nights when Vera Lynn come on we’d get the radio off the truck and we’d cover ourselves up with tarp and turn it on. And we’d listen to Vera sing to the troops on a Friday night, on the radio.”

“We’ll Meet Again” is particularly tearjerking when you consider its wartime context: “We’ll meet again, Don’t know where, don’t know when, But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.”

logging in got message the connection was not secure

Something new from Firefox. Should I be worried?

Did you hear the funny on Wait, Wait this morning?

cracked me up
"Steve Bannon looks like AIDS came down with a person."

Politics won't matter much when we have government by robot


...Driving once seemed to be a very human skill. But we said that about chess, too. Then a computer beat the human world champion, repeatedly. The strategy board game Go took over from chess as the litmus test for human thinking; until 2016, when a computer bested one of the world’s leading professional Go players. IBM’s Watson aced Jeopardy – another supposedly human domain – in 2011, and is now dividing its time between identifying cancerous moles and cooking up creative recipes, among other things.

With computers conquering what used to be deeply human tasks – those that require knowledge, strategy, even creativity – what will it mean in the future to be human?

Is this the place to ask if DU got hacked?

You went off the net for maybe an hour. Called my IT guy and he couldn't open your site either.
Just tried again, and here you are. Thank goodness.

Publish a list of the ways Americans are being skinned alive

Tell people the Environmental Protection Agency is being wiped out and Twitler supporters say "so what". Why not, instead, publish a list that is personal and simple enough for those a burger short of a whopper. It would be a shockingly long list and might...might...have more impact than political arguments.
IN YOUR NAME: (or something)
1. Your pet's food will no longer be inspected for poisons.
2. Asian carp will eat the native fish you want to catch in the Great Lakes.
3. Coal dust can now be dumped in your creek.
The idea is to make it public and expandable somehow. Can it be done?
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