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We try...but it looks like geek tragedy rought the can of whoop ass


50 Shades of Chicken...Do you truss me?


Why should we be denied a 50 Shades thread?

PSA: Sharknado 2: The Second One, is on tonight at 9pm EST on SYFY. SPOILERS++++

Tonight, the phenomenon that is Sharknado returns! Only this time.....it comes to NYC.

If you missed the hoopla last year, here's an article explaining how Sharknado became such a cultural touchstone:


Sharknado is on tonight at 7pm, if you've never seen it. My 11 year old and I laughed the whole way through the movie.

We could all use a break from the salon-level discussions of 50 Shades, right?

Possible spoilers past post 15!!!!!!!

Glenn Greenwald's middle initial is "E." Can we agree on an acceptable abbreviation?

There seems to be some controvery over what to call Mr. Greenwald. So I went and found his middle initial.

Let me know your thoughts, below.

Grave dancing is allowed on DU3....


I only deleted out of kindness.

Taking the Nanny State Too Far....NYC Shuts Down Vibrator Give Away.

An unidentified New York City official shut down a condom and sex toy company’s giveaway on Wednesday that planned to distribute 10,000 free vibrators in Manhattan, according to the New York Post.

Trojan distributed more than 400 vibrators in two hours from two “Pleasure carts” before a city official who refused to identify himself to press shut the giveaway down. More than 300 men and women were reportedly waiting in line for a free vibrator. “I’m 57 years old. I should be able to get a vibrator!” Linda Postell shouted as the event shut down 40 minutes later.

Mayor Bloomberg’s office later cited permit issues for shutting down the event and said crowds “impeded pedestrian and street traffic.”

“Bloomberg doesn’t want anyone to have fun. You can’t have a giant soda. You can’t have a vibrator,” Park Slope bar owner Melody Henry told the Post.


NYP video at Raw Story Link....

Linda Postell is my new hero.

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