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Gender: Female
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 36,745

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That's what they do. ....see my above post. nt

Bernie paid his family out of campaign funds, Hillary did not.

If you look at the thread that claims that Hillary paid herself 250k, you notice something odd...


1) The claim has been completely debunked, by Skinner, the site owner himself, who kindly took the time to explain FEC regulations and campaign accounting.


2) Using the same source as the OP of that thread, apparently Sanders paid his wife and daughter sums of money from campaign funds.


That same source, The Free Beacon, also details how Jane Sanders, when she ran Burlington College, paid their daughter over 500k for a woodworking major...a major that was ended after she resigned.

It also led me to links that detail a 3.65 million dollar loan that Jane Sanders took out with the Diocese of Burlington....and a land deal that ended up with a local developer getting a 20 million dollar piece of property for 6 million---

And that story led me to the interesting story of how a Teacher of the Year at Burlington College was fired, provoking student protests..

Interestingly enough, Burlington College had no tenure, and no grievance policy for professors, according to that article.

And that story led me to another one detailing the Board's removal of Sanders from Burlington, mid semester, and details of what it was like to work for Jane Sanders.

And another one, detailing the loans Jane Sanders made with People's and the Catholic Church..

Interesting news. All flowing from one source.

Warren, step back a second. The downballot....the Senate

is up for grabs. More important than internecine squabbling....HRC will be our nominee. It's time to work the downballot.

Stop 3/5ing the vote of the AA community.

I've seen a troubling trend over the last few months in GD: P, the denigration of the votes of Black Democrats. Whether they've been accused of being low-information voters, being duped, listening to 'slander,' or having Stockholm Syndrome, the continual drumbeat seems to be an attempt to drive down the vote in that community by insulting them and implying that their votes were not achieved correctly.

Yes...drive down the vote in the AA community by telling them that their votes were achieved through trickery.....suggest that the AA community is lesser, part of "the Confederacy." That's not a strategy that helps any Democrat. It makes you wonder why someone would post, insulting an entire demographic. Why would anyone try to drive down the AA vote?

Why would anyone recommend posts that suggest such? Why would anyone post offensive material, and keep that material up after some of the most notable posters in DU's AA group have indicated that it is offensive?

No Democrat benefits from that behavior. Not a one.

I just got blocked from the BS group...though I will wear his credentials on Election Day.

So, I got blocked from the Bernie Sanders group. Mind you, not for anything that got hid by a jury. Not for anything that was derogatory towards Sanders himself.

Ironically, if he is the nominee, I will be wearing his credentials on Election Day....as with every single Election Day since I was 24, I will be an election protection attorney for the Democratic Nominee. I will be on the front lines, as an attorney, protecting the franchise of every voter.

Turns out....the Host that blocked me, had a previous issue with me, over my incredibly "mean," but incredibly funny thread about 50 Shades of Grey....she was not the host who locked it, but since the Host who locked it refused to hear my appeal, she decided to have an extensive PM discussion with me over my intemperate use of humor.

Here is that locked thread, in all of its glory....


Could I repeat the PM exchange? Sure, but why bother? Just know that that I got blocked---a lawyer who will proudly wear Bernie Sanders credentials if he is chosen as the Democratic nominee, was blocked from a group dedicated to winning over voters to Bernie.

FYI---I have not mentioned the name of the Host, because it is not important.
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