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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 45,451

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a foaf bernie story.

my friend kelly westlund, who ran for congress last cycle in wis told me this about bernie-
she got zip support from the party. the d-trip wanted to replace her campaign manager. when she said no, they left her high and dry.
she got support from tammy baldwin, but that was about it.

she did, however, get a phone call from bernie. he told her he called all dem candidates to see who he wanted to support. she said they had a fairly long talk, in which he quizzed her on her policy aims, etc.

he came to wis a couple times to campaign w her. not sure if there was any money involved.

but srsly, this is the guy who isnt a dem?

How to clean up Illinois’ voter registration rolls

David Orr

As Cook County clerk — an office whose responsibilities include elections administration for suburban Cook County, I have championed a voter registration renaissance, driven by technology, for modernization of voter registration records, year-round registration, and more accurate voter rolls.

There is a presidential election in six months and though we’ve made tremendous strides in improving the accuracy of voter registration records in recent years, the Illinois voter rolls remain lousy and incomplete.


david orr is one of the good guy in election protection. not to be confused w the chicago boe.

the people have spoken

the bastards.

"its easy to diagnose a problem"

yeah, but it is hard to speak out about a problem when so many are getting rich and powerful by pretending that it isnt a problem.
and it's hard to do it differently.

about those "popular vote" totals.

just how do they figure out the popular votes at caucuses?
is that why they are so far ahead?

empty suit.

just saw bernie called this 'over there'.
who here remembers that camp insisting obama was nothing but an empty suit?
cant they come up w something original?

here we go again.



have you guys ever considered an alert function to just have mirt look at a poster? i have occasionally alerted on a not that bad post, but one that would have caused me to take a closer look at a noob were i on mirt. usually the posts are not particularly hide worthy, but telling.
i try to explain in my alert message that the reason they should hide is so that mirt will be aware of the poster. but the jurors usually judge the post by the usual standards, and they dont get hidden.

i have often wished that there was a button just for that purpose. perhaps it could only appear on the 1st 100 posts. i suppose it would be over used. but it seems to me it would be useful nonetheless.

well, off we go.

got a half dozen contractors coming out next week for estimates.

if anyone knows a good exterior company, let me know.


so, i just got home and saw retrowire's deleted post.
i dont know what it said, but assume from the one reply that things are not going well for her.

can anyone reading this please send a pm and check in w her?
i sent one, but will not be on long tonight.

lets show her what we do here in this group, k?

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