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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 46,207

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hillary needs a good tweet.

like real soon, she needs to nail cheeto sporkhands for the scumminess of this stupid stunt.

what would you tweet if you were hillary?

eta- the clinton campaign has put out the following statement-

Her communications director Jennifer Palmieri released the following brief response: “Hillary Clinton plans on using the debate to discuss the issues that make a difference in people’s lives. It’s not surprising that Donald Trump has chosen a different path.” In other words, Trump took the bait.


ok, got sierra, and still

my adobe bridge cannot see my phone.
it is my preferred app for downloading and sorting pics.

it isnt a big pain in the ass to use image capture to download from the phone. it just pisses me off.

anybody else having adobe/apple conflicts?

the whole world is watching

charlotte. dont let us down.

biff update.

from my fb-
sooooo. my best buddy, biff, has a thing.
he has had a little knobby growth on his back leg for a while. for some reason it didnt bother me after if failed to blow up when it first arrived.
anyway, finally got it looked at and it is a mast cell tumor.
he had it removed yesterday, and the vet described it as- one ugly tumor. (eta- he got through the surgery like a champ, and is a good boy about bugging the incision w/o the donut of shame.)
pounding my head on the wall, but it is what it is.
so, this is a low level malignancy that often never recurs after removal. it produces histamines, and can be retarded by daily bendryl.
awaiting biopsy results next week.

eta biopsy report-
well, it is a strange tumor in that it was subcutaneous, while it is usually in the skin. no idea what this means for his prognosis.

but- the mitotic index, the measure of how fast it was growing, was low. that's a good thing.
also showed that they got a good margin. the vet was worried about that, because it had adhered to a lot of tissues. that means that they likely got all or most of the tumor, and that it had likely not metastasized.

we are getting away w not making him wear a cone of shame. tho he has licked at the incision a bit, he isnt really worrying it. it is in a hard spot to reach, plus he has a couple small wounds where the iv's were, and those are a lot easier to reach. so he has been a lot more focused on those.

a bit on the sleepy side as we are keeping him on bendryl for now. i will try switching his over to claratin soon. just need to get the dose right for his metabolism. we are fighting skin troubles that were not responding to either drug, but when we gave 2 pills instead of one the bendryl started clearing up the hot spots.
hopefully we can switch him to something that doesnt make him sleepy all day.

we went to work at the hospice unit yesterday where he was his usual, magical self.

fingers crossed.

and the bully has to surround himself with "heroes"

and push his hotel before he can speak a simple "truth". that "truth" of course, is made of all lies.

what a coward.

eta- this op is about the drumph bullshit announcement.

"y'all remember the pirates?" obama just now

at chci gala. bwahahaha. yeah, i had forgotten about the pirates.

shit shit shit shit.

so, when my kids were young, i wasnt always there for them. health, mental and physical, time, self respect. all got in the way, and kept me from being the kind of mom that i was in my heart.
but somehow, when it is a fur baby, it seems like a bigger crime. after all, they had a dad, not that that helped all that much.
but there were lots of eyes on them. and they had mouths. boy did they have mouths.

so, biff has had a small lump on his back leg for quite a while. at first i thought it was a bite or something, watched for signs of infection. when it became clear it wasnt that, i just figured it was something that would resolve.
it sort of fell off the radar. it was the sort of soft, squishy thing that usually signal a lipoma.

fast forward to today, when the slow growth led me to get it checked out.
mast cell tumor.

seems to be sorta fatty for that sort of tumor, but...

will be removed in 10 days, and we will have a better idea if it is contained within the fat part, or whether it is really something to worry about.

many dogs have this sort of tumor, get it removed, never to return.
big thing they are concerned about is closing the wound if the whole thing is a tumor. if it is a tumor wrapped in fat, that is better.

anyway. fuck. shit. shit. fuck.

i hope hillary does more phone ins.

i thought the ac thing went well, and she could really use more personal presence on the teevee machine.
they let donald phone it in, they cant say no to hillary.

and yeah, the bench is doin fine while she is laid up. she should be sleeping well.

she just missed the curb. she didnt "collapse".

tweety showed a short, highlighted clip of hillary's feet as she "collapsed". she quite clearly just missed that she was stepping off the curb. period.
that was what i thought from the first time i watched it. i have no doubt she would have righted herself on the next step if the ss hadnt grabbed her and lifter her into the car.

of course, there was not much comment on the clip, and tweety kept on referring to her "collapse".

now if that little detail fed into their narrative they would have been showing that view 24/7.

can anyone fill me in on the question obama got from

the girl in laos that brought up the standing rock situation?
i hadnt seen or heard about this, but lawrence o'donnell mentioned it as a catalyst for obama's actions.
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