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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 48,199

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Question submitted by mopinko

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poor little snowflakes. they ruined their own business by jumping on the

trump train, in one of the bluest cities ever.
can we get a big aawwww poor babies?


never going back.

for every turn of the wheel of human progress, there are those who want to turn it 2 turns back. those for whom every bit of progress sticks in their craw.

i think the current gang of thugs to infest our body politic mostly doesnt actually think that way, or certainly act that way. they are just garden variety thugs and authoritarians. plain as mud.

but they got where they are by firing up those who want to turn back time, selling them the snake oil that they had the power to do so. but in their sheer stupid number, they have pushed us back.

and we all feel like we are in a hole. and indeed we are.

but ya know, i am sure a lot of you have seen this commercial. i have seen it a whoooole bunch of times on the msnbc feed.
it still makes me smile.
we are never going back.

a trumpanzee gets backed around a cul de sac.

so, my kid sis lives in a red suburb. we fb a fair bit about politics, to which she has recently become a lot more woke.
she has an idiot neighbor who is all gunz and drumph and o'bummer.

since the inauguration, he has been a lot quieter. recently, he realized that his sorta grown kids might lose their health insurance. after a few heated rounds about what to replace the aca with, he concluded that the only thing that could possible work better than the aca (which, of course, is a commie plot) is,

wait for it

single payer.

it think a lot of people are gonna come to the same conclusion from a hella lot of different directions.

interesting times.

you guys still considering a like button for replies?

so many important replies these days that often connect the dots to other stories. it would be really good to be able to raise their profiles. they so often get lost about the time things get interesting.
i wish for this more every day it seems.

a fun bit of urban archeology

from a theater that sorta got lost to time.

interesting conversation today at the irish cultural center.

i have been somewhat lazily tracking down the necessary records to apply for dual citizenship. i hope to visit the old sod at some point in the next few years, and just curious, especially about my mom who was raised here in the city, and about whose family i dont know that much.
but mostly, once i get it, which i am entitled to do, my kids can apply for it. i am told that this is often granted, as they love to have the tourist. my youngest is gender queer, and has a lot of trans friends, and is quaking in her boots. she wants an escape plan.
since she is medically fragile and disabled, she needs to go somewhere where she gets good healthcare.
ireland it is.

i was in the hood, so i stopped in to get some help tracking a particular document down. while i was looking for the librarian, i chatted w another visitor, and told her why i was there.
she said- yup. lots of people doing that right now. A LOT.
genealogy classes should be packed for the forceable future.

what a time.

do you know your local building material reclaimer/recycler?

i cannot tell you how much money i have saved and what good friends i have made by shopping at my local reclaim joint first.
at this point, i get the best deals available. now, i have bribed them. they are a 501, training people to do building deconstruction, as well as basic life skills to various at risk populations. they have fund raisers that are fun and not that expensive. they sell memberships, which gets you a 10% discount. and i take them xmas cookies. and eggs, which the boss gladly pays the going rate for.

i am rehabbing a cute little house as a rental. i have scored-
a 20 piece honey maple kitchen for $1200
2 toilets, 2 nice pedestal sinks and a tub for about $300
a couple of nice hand made light fixtures for $50
a fancy wrought iron screen door for $100
the exact same butlers cabinet that was missing from the house $750
2 nice wide/odd sized windows for the basement $40 ea
2 corner cabinets $150
2 medicine cabinets $50 ea

and here is the super score-
marble counter tops. ok, i had marble for the backsplash and bathroom walls that i got pretty cheap. it is the thin end of a vein, the less desirable parts, in this case less flecks/streaks of red.
the countertop is the same marble, but from the sweet part of the vein. lovely splashes of red that matches the floor tile and the siding and the backsplash tile.
one big piece- about 8', and about 1' wider than standard counter, w a bow out in front of the oval, fancy sink, inc.
4 more pieces of standard counter from 8'-12'
one of my contractors says this is $10k worth. i do think it will easily do 2 kitchens.

just guess what a favorite customer pays to rescue such beauty from the landfill.

audit the fucking election.

i am c/p an exchange between botany and i from another thread. we all want to know what could possibly right this wrong. this. this can right the wrong. i would swear on my children's heads.

Botany (42,860 posts)
19. How many down ticket races were flipped too?


POTUS, Vice POTUS, Supreme Court, the Senate, and not control of the House but
some House Races too.

We need new elections. This was a coup and we had treason.

mopinko (47,824 posts)
23. this is war. call in the cia,

have them examine the voting machines in every one of those "former obama" counties in mich, wis, fla, and pa. run a full forensic accounting on the entire thing in those counties.
i think they flipped these counties for the bully points. so they could call yo mama.

and btw, you know they were watching the vote. watching for any internet traffic, but they didnt have access to every machine.
but i think these counties are key.

Botany (42,860 posts)
24. Many moving pieces in the coup

Russia/Trump working together

Comey/FBI/Rudy G/Eric Prince

Cross Check and voter suppression

The unending and unneeded hearings into nothing as per HRC


We need an audit of the election.

mopinko (47,824 posts)
27. that should be our battle cry right now. audit the fucking election.

call in the cia. start w the surprises, duh.

and examine all provisional ballots. track those voters down and find out why they were not given a regular ballot. that is where voter suppression is documented. assume for every placebo ballot there are more voters who just left. or who knew they would face roadblocks at the polls.

from this thread-----------

The thing that burns me, really BURNS me about this Russiangate is that

Election fraud was commited. Hillary won. Hillary should be in the WH.


my 3 stages of pain-

stage 1- there might be something wrong here. i'll push it to the back burner until it gets bad enough to make me go to the doc. this is the longest phase, as it sometimes takes years of a dull pain to make me cry uncle.

stage 2- i go to the doc. walking in, i am still trying to convince myself that this is just another dry hole. just another time i will walk in w a problem, and will walk back out w no answers. this phase extends through any testing required.

stage 3-there really is something wrong, omg. i knew it was ferrealz this time. sweet jesus does this thing hurt. i cant think straight. i cant move that arm, cu it hurts to bad. this phase included the "only x days till this gets fixed, i dont know if i can stand it any longer." portion of the situation.

at stage 3, waiting on surgery the 16th to put my brokedown shoulder back together.
the- get it done before surgery- list is crashing into the omg it's ferrealz pain level.

i just want to crawl under the covers until that glorious day arrives.
wish me luck.
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