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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 45,384

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the people have spoken

the bastards.

"its easy to diagnose a problem"

yeah, but it is hard to speak out about a problem when so many are getting rich and powerful by pretending that it isnt a problem.
and it's hard to do it differently.

about those "popular vote" totals.

just how do they figure out the popular votes at caucuses?
is that why they are so far ahead?

empty suit.

just saw bernie called this 'over there'.
who here remembers that camp insisting obama was nothing but an empty suit?
cant they come up w something original?

here we go again.



have you guys ever considered an alert function to just have mirt look at a poster? i have occasionally alerted on a not that bad post, but one that would have caused me to take a closer look at a noob were i on mirt. usually the posts are not particularly hide worthy, but telling.
i try to explain in my alert message that the reason they should hide is so that mirt will be aware of the poster. but the jurors usually judge the post by the usual standards, and they dont get hidden.

i have often wished that there was a button just for that purpose. perhaps it could only appear on the 1st 100 posts. i suppose it would be over used. but it seems to me it would be useful nonetheless.

well, off we go.

got a half dozen contractors coming out next week for estimates.

if anyone knows a good exterior company, let me know.


so, i just got home and saw retrowire's deleted post.
i dont know what it said, but assume from the one reply that things are not going well for her.

can anyone reading this please send a pm and check in w her?
i sent one, but will not be on long tonight.

lets show her what we do here in this group, k?

bernie should stay in the race as long as he cares to. it only helps hillary.

i believe that in the end it can only help the dem party to have bernie w the mic for as long as possible. even if he isnt the candidate, he makes it clear that this is what we stand for, and just how many of us stand for it strongly enough to fight that fight.

and soon the oligarchs will not be able to keep him off the teevee.
i mean, think for a minute how many people would not be supporting that douchebag if they had ever even heard one of bernie's speeches? the only irl trump humper i know would be 100% bernie except that he thinks he never had a chance, and he was there to distract.

bernie is up there making the contrast between hillary, but also the party, and the donald and the gop shockingly strong.

embarrassing problem- humping.

so, mr biffers is getting the hang of being a therapy dog (third visit was yesterday), but he is still a bit stressed. he seems worried that he is ignoring me while visiting w people, and getting petted and told how cute he is. working on teaching a couple of behaviors to make this more clear to him. also making a point of praising him for doing the right thing.

he expresses his stress by occasional doing the hump. i have been just gently telling him to stop and making him lay down.
it has gone from three episodes the first day down to one yesterday. he did it again when we got in the car and i just ignored it.
i have tried to figure what is triggering him, and avoiding that. if i bend down or squat to talk to him, this sets him off. this is a problem when introducing him to kids who are hesitant about him.

i am sure this will fade out as he gets used to the job. he only very rarely does it at home, and that is usually when big brother dr doom is here.
so far no one on the staff has seen him do it or commented, but it is only a matter of time. one family that witnessed it did get a good laugh out of it, but people who arent that used to dogs are not likely to be quite as amused.

meantime, any tips about dealing w this embarrassing behavior?

eta- there are no treats allowed on the job, which is unfortunate, since a treat from a visitor would def make a big difference. but....
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