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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 43,828

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planted 4 fruit trees today.

dont get much chance to dig around in my hugelpile. no till, just dig a little hole and stick a seedling in.
but trees require actual hole digging.
omg. the soil. after only 3 years, it is just glorious. simply lousy w worms. brown w organic matter. wanted to sprinkle it on a bowl of ice cream and eat it.

it is working better than i dared to dream. last year was only the second year and raised 200 lbs of the most beautiful heirloom tomatoes with ZERO watering. ZERO.
it was a mild summer, cool, fairly rainy. but with the crappy sandy soil elsewhere on the plot i had to water almost daily.
and talk about beautiful fruits. big as babies heads. lb, lb and a half. no watering faults. no blossom end rot. no fungus.

gonna do mostly sweet peppers there this year.
will probably put tomatoes on the second pile, where the chicken tractor has been for the past year. 4" of sweet organic matter. lots of leaves. some straw. and plenty of nice aged chicken poop.
and shrooms. put in wine caps last year and the little buggers overran the place. in fact, i missed a bunch of them. they were hiding under the potato vines. hope they are going to bloom again.

damn, i have a great job.

does anybody know how long it took to get medical care for freddie gray?

how long did this man suffer from these horrific injuries w no care at all?

macbook air charger

does anyone else have this problem?
the charger cord on my air is so unstable. it just doesnt want to stick. since i have both a macbook and an air, i have one of those little adapters, and that sticks a little better than just the regular cord.

i am forever picking it up after i thought i had left it charging only to find the cord had either fallen all the way off, or detached just enough to stop the charge.

petty, but so very annoying.

a hypothetical question.

so, take off the table, for now, the idea of continuing w no trade treaties w china and japan. we know they can and will roil the american economy from time to time no matter what we do. steel dumping, polluting industries, we really need to have some agreement on fair trade.
so the answer "no trade deal at all" is not relevant to this hypothetical discussion.

what would a fair and useful trade deal with china and japan look like?
what environmental and labor provisions would you propose, exactly?
what would intellectual property rights look like?
what imports would you crack down on?
how would it be enforced?

feel free to add your "if i had a magic wand" side agreements.

anybody ever leave a hospital against medical advice?

not going into detail here. but there seems to be a belief out there that patients who "elope" get stuck with the bill.
anyone have any experience with that?

cross posting

could use some love.


jan schakowsky is all in for hillary.


I am proud to announce my endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President of the United States of America. I am honored to be a part of this historic effort to elect our first woman President.

Hillary grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois—right here in the 9th District. And she will be relying on us to make sure that we turn out the vote and make presidential history in 2016.

This will be a very exciting primary campaign: we’ll be organizing volunteer trips to Iowa and working hard here at home to make sure that Hillary Clinton is our next President!

I urge you to join me and support Hillary Clinton for President. Learn more and sign up at https://www.hillaryclinton.com/.

Jan Schakowsky

just sayin.

how the blue do it. did i say things are changing in cook county?

toni preckwinkle, cook county board president, was the one person who could have beaten rahm. but she loves the job she is doing, and i hope she stays there forever.

instead of raising taxes she is actually, gasp, going after waste fraud and abuse.
she is tracking down scofflaws and tax evaders, using audits and industry searches to find fee dodgers.
and keeping collection agency fees by going after that money w county personnel.


did i mention that i love living in the blues of the blue?

keep fighting the good fight, folks.

gonna be much to say on the topic of "dangerous mentally ill" for a while, i fear.

i hope that they are able to do an autopsy on the pilot. specifically his brain.
did you know at the infamous lubie's shooter had a brain tumor? i wonder how many others w traumatic brain injuries are dx'd as "mentally ill", when in fact they have injured brains.

i, for one, would like to bury the term mental illness in a deeeeep dark grave.

life sucks.

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