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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 44,052

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The Illinois House just passed historic legislation

making Illinois the 1st state in the nation to adopt a statewide Body Camera program and unprecedented police reforms.


that's all i have right now, except that my very great state rep, kelly cassidy says she is sure this will pass the senate and be signed into law.

mirt forum page length

it would be really helpful, since there is no search in the mirt forum, if the page length could be longer.
hard to find previous threads.
any chance?

the best kind of exhausted.

so busy planting these last few days. working till i get stupid.
sleeping like a baby.
god i love spring.

rogers park food co-op.

posted this link in a thread about the rise of co-ops, but thought i should put it here, too.
proud to be an owner in this venture, and think it will be great for my farm. very interesting group. project is likely at least 2 years away from start up, but they seem to have a great groundwork laid.
a primary focus is to help small farmers market their goods, which is quite the pita. they will also be giving grants to farmers for things like seeds for crops they wish to carry, and equipment like hydroponics and hoop houses.


Sheriff names psychologist to head Cook County Jail

Source: wgn tv

CHICAGO — Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has picked a clinical psychologist to serve as head of the Cook County Jail.

Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia will become executive director of the jail later this month.

Tapia joined the sheriff’s office in 2013 and has been overseeing mental health strategy.

Dart says 25%-35% of the inmates suffer from mental illness and the percentage has grown in recent years as the number of mental health facilities has fallen.

Read more: http://wgntv.com/2015/05/19/sheriff-names-psychologist-to-head-cook-county-jail/

posting this to show what it means to have real dems in control. cook county government is truly progressive these days.
tom dart is a good man in a nasty job. he does everything he can to make the jail more humane.
down ticket races are where the rubber meets the road.

Illinois gay conversion therapy ban passes House, moves to Senate

Source: chicago tribune.

"I have teenagers, and they have pretty fragile self-esteem without being told they're diseased, just by being who they are," said sponsoring Rep. Kelly Cassidy, D-Chicago, who first brought legislation banning gay conversion therapy for minors in 2014. (E. Jason Wambsgans, Chicago Tribune 2011)

Read more: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/politics/ct-illinois-gay-conversion-therapy-met-20150519-story.html#page=1

busting w pride at my rep, kelly cassidy, the point person on marriage equality in illinois, scoring yet again.

it should pass the senate, but will rauner sign it?
we shall see.

Right-to-work goes down in flames in Illinois House with zero yes votes

Source: chicago sun times

Gov. Bruce Rauner’s desires to have right-to-work in Illinois went down in flames in the House on Thursday, gaining zero yes votes in a fiery debate Democrats aimed squarely at the governor.

The vote tally was 0 yes votes, 72 no votes and 37 voting present, offering a blistering rebuke to Rauner’s anti-union agenda. A handful of Republicans went for a walk during the vote, not publicly falling on one side or another.

Republicans dismissed the vote as political theater even as Democrats pit workers’ rights against corporate greed and called Rauner “divisive” for touring the state and essentially asking local towns to kick unions out.

Read more: http://chicago.suntimes.com/politics/7/71/607377/right-work-goes-down-flames-illinois-house-zero-yes-votes

nice try asshole.
this guy is gonna get nowhere as long as mike madigan breathes.

home grown squee.

damn do i love having little chicks around.

pics at link.

eta- darn you fb. wont let me imbed a pic.

i'm just tired. sick and tired.

stbex is dragging his feet on disclosures, and running up the tab w atty fees. not that thrilled w counsel. she is thorough, but seems to be looking for a trial.
broke down and hired a forensic accountant. hoping they are worth the money, dollar-wise. peace of mind-wise, i expect they will be worth it.

but every nasty email from him puts a cloud over another day.

please god just lets get this thing done before the next court date. july 9.

anybody have a treadmill for their dog?

looking at options for a dog w bad hips. tho surgeons agree that they are awful, they are not sure how good a candidate he is for the surgery.
mostly due to him being a hard charging dog who would be likely to injure himself even after he is fully recovered.

at any rate, they would like to see him lose some weight. he seems pretty well formed to me, has a waist, has a tucked tummy, but...
they would also like to see him get some physical therapy first. he is honestly not that fit. we dont encourage him to be very active, he does enough of that on his own. hard exercise, even for a short period, leaves him in pain.
so he needs more low impact toning. they recommend leash walking, which my daughter does w him a couple days a week. since i have 3 other dogs, and a big property, walks are just not something i have in my regular schedule. hard for me to take just one dog, tho i could do him and his brother.
at any rate i am sure i do not have the stamina myself to really get him in shape.

so i am looking into a treadmill.
not entirely sure i need one made for dogs. mostly just look like a regular treadmill w some side rails. i could pick up a human one cheap or even free. i see them in the alley occasionally, and in the metal pickers' trucks all the time.
common in the thrift stores, too.

anybody have any insight on any of this?
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