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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 42,095

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Congresswoman Duckworth’s Statement on Amendment

to Authorize Training and Funding for Syrian Rebels

Yesterday, Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth (IL-08) voted against the amendment to fund, train and equip Syrian rebels. She released the following statement.

“ISIS poses a real and immediate threat to U.S. interests and potentially to our homeland if left unchecked. They must be contained and destroyed. I am not opposed to military action in Iraq and I think that to destroy ISIS, we will ultimately have to follow them into Syria to deny them any sanctuary.”


getting a mortgage based on alimony payments.

so, my settlement is looking like i cant do a lump sum settlement.
i am hoping to keep the property we have, tho there are mortgages on our home, and another property. that piece is heavily mortgaged.
i will need to refi that.

i have been a full time mom all these years. is there applicable law about my credit? most bills are in his name, tho the utilities have always been in my name.
is it possible for me to just assume these mortgages?
if i cant get an interest rate that is close to what we have now, i will be screwn.

any advice?

so, here is the thing about hitting children. when it fails to get what you wanted

do people think- oh, gee, this isnt working. maybe i should try another way?

and the more they ramp it up and fail, the higher the price of admitting failure and changing course. the more the gnawing of your conscience starts to roar in your ears. and the higher the price goes. soon it is a whirlwind.

a note from your friendly neighborhood farmer

i started to post this as a comment in cali's thread here about baking, but thought it deserved it's own thread.

if you love to bake, and you can get your hands on fresh, unwashed eggs, you will never go back. the best thing about having chickens is the fresh eggs. and the best thing about the eggs is baking with them.
the albumin is so fresh, it is like a spring. the yolks is so orange, that it gives everything a glowing color.

i am sure i am mostly preaching to the choir here, but just in case-
here is a little video i did, showing off the fresh.

settlement finally in the works.

he moved out april 15th, after 32 years and 4 kids together. mostly never "worked", tho i have made art and raised hell for most of those years.

we had a beautiful trip to hawaii in january, like a honeymoon. last year was very tough. launching the last kids. things just falling apart. we almost didnt go.
then, a 10 day lovefest.
3 days later, he declared he had grounds for divorce. my crime? replacing my beloved parrot who had escaped with a little fellow who needed a home.
and smoking dope with our 22 yo son.
high crimes, i guess.

been dragging through it all, with little crimes along the way. hiding money, stealing money, putting money in one day and taking it out the next.
and finally have an offer almost ready to present.
such hard choices.
there is property and money enough for him to drop the assets, walk away, and we both can start over.
he is starting to make fat money. i would likely be better off taking the maintenance, but damn. i just want him out of my life. he has been such a jerk.
got a piece of property with almost zero equity that i need to keep with my little farm. that means a fat mortgage for the next 12 years at least. trouble is, i dont know if it is possible to even get a mortgage on my own. which i could do with a nice maintenance check.

there is a fat 401k. i'm old enough to take disbursements.
need to crunch some numbers, i guess. i could always retire the loans out of that money. it would leave me with nearly free and clear rent checks.
i suspect that if i could keep the current terms, i would be better off making the payments. but i have serious doubts about keeping those terms on my own credit/income.

i just want it to be aalllll over. let him take his income and go get that trophy wife now.
the only thing i really want going forward is a split of his bonuses. at least that gives me a way to pay down those loans.

at least it doesnt feel like it has been for naught. we built things together. i wont starve.
but damn. can i just get out on the other side?

so, theoretically, restaurants COULD pay servers

anything. yet afaik, they only, ever pay the paltry tipped wage.
even for the best tipped servers, there are UNTIPPED hours. setting up, breaking down, cleaning.
why the heck nobody i know ever got a raise, a little something for years of service, is quite the mystery to me.

anybody ever heard of a tipped wage earner that got any more than minimum?

go me. job in on time, and looking great.

got a graphic design job via fb from a "hack" friend of mine.
stationary kit, logo brush up. window sign.

did a good job, was a good sport, showed some good chops.
got it in on time.

i should check the guy's d-2's, i guess, to see if he has a prayer.
looking forward to door hangers and passer cards.

go me.

fuck people.


so, i have a big trash can full of crab apples.

spotted a big broken, fruit laden limb on the public way.
i got a trash can and my pruners, and whacked off all the biggest ripest ones. most were not quite ripe, so i am gonna just leave them to ripen in that can for a few days.

but then what?
what is your fave crab apple recipes?

(worst comes to worst, i will have some happy chickens.)

hey did y'all see this?

tammy duckworth is gonna have a baby.

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