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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 43,018

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greenhouse app. money in politics.

i installed this browser extension the other day, and am enjoying being able to take a quick peek at the money behind ALL elected officials.
it highlights the names, and when you click, it gives you a summary, and you can click to get the full report from opensecrets.org.

pretty fun.
get it.


i know i should play in cesspools.

but sometimes i get curious. turns out i have been given a high honor over at the cave.

(if you have no idea what i am talking about, consider yourselves lucky, and ignore this thread. )

so, i swore off this whole art thing.

i had been kicked around, beat down, betrayed, hung out to dry, hated, even.
and loved, of course. but still.

art is a giant sucking sound.

i was getting old and falling apart. i started a farm. done.

course, i learned some digital design, and can pass in that job. job.

course i use my creativity all the time. design a lot of things large and small.

but done. done.

till my daughter asked me to take her first drawing class at the art institute (alma mater) w her. continuing studies. we call it the little school, tho it came first. fine teachers. fine facilities. but cheap.
she is working on a tattoo portfolio.
she has had serious health problems. in fact was on her way to a very good college scholarship and got very sick. after a brazillion doctors she was finally found to have epilepsy.
she is finally feeling better, and working.

as it happens i also recently finished up a mural that i had started in my finished basement. she caught me in a weak spot.

now the juices flowing. shit. this always leads to trouble. exhaustion.
and fun.


eta- mural. my life in this house.
shoot, cant link the pic.

so, i bought myself a xmas present.

had a shitty xmas. a fb friend posted a pic of an old fisher price farm. that stuff was my kids' favorite. and mine. i collected a boatload of it when they were little, including a big lot from my sister from her much older kids.
i had it all in a rented storeroom, waiting for the grandkids (of which i have little hope). through some f'ups related to my divorce, the storeroom ended up getting auctioned.

boy howdy, whoever got it is probably still chuckling.
i went on ebay and started looking at the vintage little people. i nearly cried.
some of that stuff is going for ssoooo much money. and all in played with condition. if you have a full set of anything, it is easily in the $100's.

i still have a barn that i picked up later and never got into storage. this was my fave. sleepy eyed cows, and goofy sheep. and chickens.
i couldnt help myself. i ended up buying a couple of good sized lots. got most of the farm parts between them.
close to $200. but hey, i really deserved a present.

now all i need is the grandkids. any leads on that from my friends here?

well, some people are starting to get it.

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On Tue Jan 6, 2015, 07:52 PM an alert was sent on the following post:

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Unacceptable to say someone is mentally ill with an opinion or post that you don't agree with. Rub this thing out please.


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courage to stop harassment on the cta.

you are gonna love this little video.


can i tell my laptop which wifi network to use?

every time i close the thing, it comes up talking to a network that blows. i guess it is my main router, which for some reason is super balky.
running on my timemachine wifi it is fine. go figure.

for about a week after the last system update it held on to the right network, then back to this bs.

is there a way to lock on, or to make this the first choice, or something?

art school confidential

watched it last night. i really liked it, but i am not sure it would be as entertaining to someone who never went to art school.
i can testify that all the "types" do, indeed, exist. except that the "mom" in my classes was great. very supportive, and not caught up in the strum und drang of it all.

would you undergo a serious surgery to save a life?

i have a friend in need of a new liver. these days live donors can give a lobe of their own livers to someone else. that lobe will grow for the recipient, and the donor's will be rebuilt within about 6 months.
my nephew was able to save his father's life with this procedure.

i also had a friend who died recently waiting for a new kidney. he had a hereditary disease. he had received a kidney from a total stranger, but it failed after 10 years. because he was without insurance, he became very ill at that time. it bankrupted him to stay alive for another year and a half. at least THEN he was then eligible for medicaid. he managed to return to work but died unexpectedly a few months later. at least by then he was insured.

i wonder how many people would consider doing something like this.
i am not compatible with my friend, but i would consider it seriously if i were. i am old. i can afford to get rid of a few spare parts.
the liver thing is not that much of a sacrifice. nobody likes surgery, but it is pretty safe.
but i really cannot fathom being a good enough person to give up one of my kidneys for someone i dont even know.

what say you all?

edited to add link for my friend, because some of the best people in the world are on du.

my little farm.

surprised to find that i have neglected to share my trials and tribulation surrounding my little farm here.
i have been cited by the city of chicago w 36 violations on my 3 properties. almost entirely bullshit. a couple petty nitpicks.
i do believe i will win in court. and i know that just about every urban farmer has some version of this story.
i was shocked that despite the fact that expanding urban agriculture is the official policy of the city, and that my alderman prides himself on his environmental record, i am being seriously targeted because of a handful of ignorant complaints from neighbors.

some stories from a local dnainfo reporter got a lot of attention. and i confess i have made the thing as public as possible here. there is an election in february. i have been a long time supporter and "friend" of the current alderman. but he has hung me out to dry. his challenger, whom i am not that fond of, is visiting tomorrow so that he at least has the facts.

but in the end, i have gotten so much support for my fb page, that i am in tears today.


i'll remember to let you all know how it goes in court.
feb 18.
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