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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 45,983

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description of trump models is exactly the same as recent sting on strip clubs

here in chi. eastern european women, housed in bullshit circumstances, told how to lie and evade customs rules.
they were supposed to just be dancers, but are pressured to be prostitutes.

chris hayes right now on widespread crapola in the modeling agencies, trump models was just one of many. a hair from the line between employment and trafficking.

i really hope hillary gets in a dig

at the yams teeny, tiny hands.
i am sure she wont take such a cheap shot, but it would be sweet.

alt-right=online trolls.

joy reid just mentioned gamer gate.
we know a lot about them in mra.

i also remember chris hayes' stories about how they ran the first couple of gun dealers who sold smart guns out of business by the smearing them online.

and we know how much havoc they have played right here. old timers remember andy stephenson's story.

they were all over me for a while.

anything, they go after anything.

and they are doing their best to make the internet suck. it isnt just that they have their little enclaves. it is that they go shit on everyone else's.

got a good recipe for kohlrabi?

got a couple nice big ones from the farm.
roommate is a big cole slaw fan. me, not so much, tho i love raw cabbage family anything. but i think i will give that a try, as i have had some slaws that i liked. i think it is the sweetness of so many recipes that i dont like.

home fries seems like another good idea.

it's too hot for soups, tho i should have more in the fall.

roger stone- du old-timers

dear du old-timers,
correct me if i am wrong.
i seem to recollect that when the whole dan rather/typeface (dirty trick) shit went down, there was reason to believe that "buckhead", the freeper who lit the fuse, was roger stone.

anyone else recall this?

it's the tinfoil.

so, i know and like a trump humper. i know.
he is otherwise decent, intelligent, and soft hearted.

but he thinks obama is a cia plant. he reads alex jones, and breitbart. and believes them.

while i agree w him about a lot of conspiracies, especially the MIC, and the real reason for wars, this is just the basic distrust of a man baby.
my son is the same way.
my favorite libertarian is the same was.
rigged rigged rigged.
that is what is pushing their buttons, imho.


said susan collins.

i like this one.

oh boy

Trump Used A Chicago Business In An Ad, But The Owner Supports Clinton


does donald trump even know what purple hearts are awarded FOR?

i can see someone wishing they could earn a silver star. but a purple heart?
he doesnt even know.

this kahn thing is this year's dean scream.

they are playing that bit about the pocket constitution is on every time i turn on the teevee.

please let it have the same effect.
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