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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 46,394

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hillary should float the rumor that she has invited all the women

to the debate. and gloria alred, and her daughter.

she doesnt have to stoop that low, but it would put such a bug up his ass to worry that she might. and nobody could blame her, or call it a low blow when he did it first. she should remind him that he left his ass hanging out.

maybe we should start the rumor.

you cant do that on a mac.

how much longer is mac gonna let microsoft kick their asses w the new interface?
every time i see those commercials, i think- come on mac. i want this, but i hate microsoft.

hillary's "secretiveness"

i watched the frontline choice 2016

i learned something about hillary that made me understand this a bit, i think.
she has talked about her mother's hardships and how she "overcame" them, something most of us know means learned to cope and live a life w scars that usually do not heal easily.
hillary has talked about her childhood as tho it were perfectly idilic.

but they revealed that actually her parent's marriage was rocky. because of course it was. it's damn hard shit to grow up like that and have a decent marriage. a smooth calm one is probably too much to ask of a mere mortal.
they pointed out that it is very common for children from such homes tend to build a shell. they know when not to invite the other kids to the house. unless, of course, they are other kids from troubled homes. they watch what they say, and are wary of topics that might become revealing. they know what to say, and what to keep quiet about.
i can attest that this is fact.

so, yeah, secretive? a predictable outcome of a loud and rocky home.
and it has served her in very good stead, indeed.
it has given her an excellent bs detector, and a shield against false friends.
it has given her a ready defense mechanism.
it has given her the gift of putting your head down and prevailing no matter the chaos.

it's a freakin super power.

any swing states voting yet?

any numbers?

(having a discussion w a trumpkin)

passport records ???

i could prolly ask the google or something, but what the heck. would rather consult the hive mind.

anyway, so, my mother does not have a birth certificate. after a search by cook county genealogy volunteers.
i finally remembered that when she took a trip to ireland shortly after retiring she got a passport for the first time. i think.
this reminded me that there had been mention of having to use her baptismal record. the church is long gone, tho i could get at the records, just takes a field trip or 2.

but she had used it for her passport. is there any chance that that is a back door to a public record?

local historical society has a field trip in the works for some local records that i bought a ticket for.

always good to have back up records tho.

getting my dual irish citizenship is sorta on the bucket list. my dad's side is pretty well documented, but my mom's is not. thought it would make it more fun to get enrolled w 2 first gen parents.
have some friends who visit often that i could tag along w and manage a cheap trip.

just in case someone wants to sweep me off my feet and just on the next plane to somewhere crazy.

how come nobody is bringing up trump modeling?

because it would bring up the rape allegations? those girls were promised modeling careers. are we supposed to think that trump modeling had nothing to do with any of that?

trump modeling has already been accused of immigration violations. those issues go hand in hand w human trafficking and forced prostitution. the housing arrangements. the seedy photo shoots. and werent they holding the passports of these young ladies?

i guess that also brings up melania. we know there are questions about her immigrations status, and it looks a lot like she was working here, doing porn shoots, while she did not have permission to work. what are the chances she was not a willing participant in all that? there is no chance she wasnt intimidated.

yeah, wanna put a nice big "pussy bow" on this whole package? trump modeling.

cnn pushing old trump interview

talking about hillary back in the scandal days, talking about how strong she is, what a good person she is, and how she is def qualified to be a senator.

he is younger and better looking, speaks in complete sentences, and does not slobber or sniff.

it is damning.

the trump campaign's one gift to the rnc.

now they have lists of the deplorables. if they have a lick of sense they are gonna red flag these voters in every data base they own, and cut these people off w a sharp knife.

what professional doesnt have a public face and a private face?

give me a fucking break.

(re-hacked speeches talking points)

at this point, of course, joy had jerry springer coming up.

who else would you call?
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