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Member since: Wed Jun 20, 2012, 01:49 AM
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It's such fun listening to the talkingheadsplaining of Bernie's successes. nt

Time to

make the donuts the donations.

Use the

Democratic Underground Act Blue Bernie link


and/or the

Jackpine Radicals Act Blue Bernie link


The hardest fights are ahead. Don't fail him/us/America now!

The really good news from the NH primary? Record voter turnout. The winner is America!

Time to make

the donuts the donations. Use the

Democratic Underground Act Blue Bernie link


and/or the

Jackpine Radicals Act Blue Bernie link


Mook on MSNBC now, repeating the "neighborhing state" bs about Bernie in NH

Have you ever once voted for a President because he came from a state near you? If not, why assume the people of New Hampshire are unlike you?

Ugh! Mook just smeared Bernie for--wait for it--attending "posh" DSCC retreats. He caucuses with Senate Democrats. Of course he is going to attend. LOW!

Chuck Toad was interviewing him.

Rachel Maddow told Hillary that Clinton's supporters are the same as Sanders' Supporters!

The following has also been posted in the Helping Bernie Sanders Win forum of JackpineRadicals, under the title, Please thank Rachel Maddow for speaking truth literally to power.

The Clinton campaign and supporters of Clinton have, almost from the beginning, been running, not only against Senator Sanders' but against supporters of Senator Sanders. The attacks on supporters of Bernie keep escalating and, now, Bill and Hillary have begun attacking themselves, and not only through surrogates and stories planted with media.


http://jackpineradicals.org/content.php?110-Ignorant-Bernie-Bros-should-END-their-name-calling (TWM)

AFAIK, running against the supporters of a candidate, especially a candidate of one's own party, is unprecedented in US Presidential politics. (Disclaimer: I have not been following politics closely for very long.)

Tonight, Ms. Rachel Maddow interviewed Secretary Hillary Clinton, who was going on about how the supporters of US Senator Bernie's Sanders are so bad to supporters of Hillary online. Maddow also played a clip in which Bubba was shocked, shocked, by profanity allegedly used by Bernie's supporters.

At the end of the rants of both Clintons about Bernie's supporters, Maddow said calmly that her mail is divided about 50-50 between people who think she it totally in the tank for Hillary and people who think she is totally in the tank for Bernie. Maddow further said that she sees absolutely no difference in the comments she gets from Hillary's supporters and the comments she gets from Bernie's supporters. This happened minutes ago on MSNBC.

Although I have become unenamored of Ms. Maddow since she and her fellow MSNBC anchors crossed a picket line, I really appreciated her saying that. She did not have to, but she did, and right to Hillary's face on national television. So, thank you very much, Ms. Rachel Maddow.

It would be very good, I think, if Bernie's supporters, at least, gave Maddow a shout out for truth telling. Tweet, facebook, email, post, snail mail, whatever.




Obamacare Romneycare Billarycare HeritageFoundationCare JacksonHolecare Nixoncare

That is the full genealogy chart. I've read that before Nixon was Truman, but I have not researched across that yet.


See also



In September 2007, former Clinton Administration senior health policy advisor Paul Starr published an article named "The Hillarycare Mythology", where he wrote that Bill Clinton, not Hillary Clinton, was the driving force behind the plan at all stages of its origination and development; that the task force headed by Hillary Clinton quickly became useless and was not the primary force behind formulating the proposed policy; and that "Not only did the fiction of Hillary's personal responsibility for the health plan fail to protect the president at the time, it has also now come back to haunt her in her own quest for the presidency."


LOL! Spin! Carter and Mondale, two centrists from a failed administration, lost to Reagan.

They have nothing to do with Sanders and centrist Clinton.

http://www.democraticunderground.com/12778873 (What About Mondale, Indeed: 1976 to 1980)

http://www.democraticunderground.com/12778872 (What About Mondale, Indeed: Candidate Reagan)

http://www.democraticunderground.com/12779277 (What About Mondale, Indeed: Walter Mondale)

And Mondale never promised his tax increase would lower the taxpayer's over all costs. That is what Sanders is promising.

And, before you wave McGovern around: http://www.democraticunderground.com/12778825 (This ain't 1972) Be sure to read the replies.

Obama raised taxes to pay for health care and to address some of the Bush tax cuts. Worked fine for him. He got re-elected. Obama 2009 is far more comparable to what Sanders is saying in 2016 than Carter Mondale in 1976-1984.

It's past time to give a rest to the center right memes about McGovern's loss, Kennedy's primary challenge to Carter, and Mondale loss to Reagan.

They are simplistic, played out, false, and self-serving centrist propaganda.

Besides, facts beat center right spin and memes about past elections every time.

Then again, as Colbert's character was so fond of saying, "Facts have a liberal bias."

And, btw, tone deaf, ever-evolving hundreds millionaire Romney lost.

On contributing to political campaigns and voting.

Contributions to Political Campaigns

If legislators are really opposed to Citizens United or corporate donations, why is the limit for individual donations so low?

Just as examples, Hillary and Bernie both announced formally about seven months ago and primary season still has several months to go. You don't have to be a billionaire to donate $300 a month throughout primary season, if it means a lot to you, either from income or savings. That would put you over the limit of $2700 per candidate per election.

Why is the political contribution limit for humans only $2,700 per candidate per election, especially since we profess to hate Citizens United so much?


If our votes are so important, why can't we get at least three hours off from work to vote, if we provide proof of having voted? For example, a man who works in my building has two full time jobs, from 7 am to 3 pm in my building and from 3 pm to 11 pm in a building nearby (both buildings managed by the same company, so they cut him a little slack running from one building to the other around 3 pm). His commute to Boston is about 40 minutes. There is no way he can vote where he lives without taking off from work. Also, until this year, the very blue town of Boston had only day on which people could vote, which was a Tuesday, a work day for him.

The same people who beg us to GOTV for them every two to four years never passed laws enabling this hard-working man to get to the polls. Why?

What are our real priorities? Should we be pushing for change in these two areas that are so pivotal and foundational to our system?

Sea changes in US politics, thanks to Senator Sanders and his supporters

1. Thanks to United States Senator Bernie Sanders, Americans learned that a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States can run a campaign solely on contributions from individuals, to a maximum of $2,700 per individual, without donations from PACs and corporations or so-called "dark money." In your face, Citizens' United!

2. Thanks to donors of Senator Sanders, we learned that small donors to a political campaign can provide at least a million dollars in ninety minutes, at least three million dollars in twenty-four hours, at least twenty million dollars in one month and at least 3.5 million individual donations in seven months. In your face, Citizens' United!

3. The only two candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination are vying to be the more progressive--and one of them is DLC founding member, Secretary Hillary Clinton!

4. The only two candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination are promising help for students seeking formal education beyond high school--and one of them is DLC founding member, Secretary Clinton!

5. Neither candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination is mentioning cutting "entitlements"--and one of them is DLC founding member, Secretary Clinton!

6. A candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination cancelled a fund-raising trip to Bain Capitol this week, ahead of the New Hampshire primary--and that candidate is DLC founding member, Secretary Clinton!

7. Instead of running from terms like "left" and "liberal," down ticket federal candidates and state candidates are now bragging about challenging incumbents from the left, not taking campaign contributions from corporations, etc.

That is an impressive list of sea changes (so far) for only one Presidential run, especially given an uphill battle against the DNC, almost all of the Democratic Party, the msm and big money donors.

THANK YOU, Senator Sanders.

As for the no good, no account supporters of Senator Sanders, every dollar and every hour you have spent so far has changed United States Presidential politics and the story of the modern Democratic Party going forward for some time to come.


THANK YOU, supporters of Senator Sanders.

You/We are not finished, so PLEASE do not stop now, but double down.

And now, because you've been so very very good and sea change-y:


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