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Member since: Sat Sep 24, 2011, 10:36 AM
Number of posts: 4,354

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Ah, go-go girls.

I'm mostly posting this video so I can post another link.

The show is "Hollywood a go-go" and the dancers are the Gazzarri Dancers. And they have their own website, with everything (mostly) you could ever want to know about the lovely ladies: http://www.gazzarridancers.com/

Now, that's nostalgia.

-- Mal

I'm listening to "The Magnificent Moodies" right now, and...

... I can't help thinking that they are some of the guys Sonny Boy Williamson had in mind when he said, "They want to play the blues so bad... and they play the blues so bad."

-- Mal

Samuel John Gurney Hoare

1st Viscount Templewood GCSI, GBE, CMG, PC, OWL (24 February 1880 – 7 May 1959), more commonly known as Sir Samuel Hoare, was a senior British Conservative politician who served in various Cabinet posts in the Conservative and National governments of the 1920s and 1930s. He was Secretary of State for Air during most of the 1920s and briefly again in 1940. He is perhaps most famous for serving as Foreign Secretary in 1935, when he authored the Hoare–Laval Pact with French Prime Minister Pierre Laval. In 1936 he became First Lord of the Admiralty, then served as Home Secretary from 1937 to 1939 and was British ambassador to Spain from 1940 to 1944.

Now the Hoares are in the Lounge, too.

-- Mal

Call out the instigators...

Hard to believe sometimes that we were really that innocent. Well, some of us, I mean.

-- Mal

Scotty at Normandy

6 June 1944: Lieutenant James Doohan of the 13th Canadian Field Artillery Regiment landed on Juno beach. In the course of moving his men to their firing position he shot two enemy snipers. Then while making the rounds at 2330 that night, he was shot by a sentry with a Bren machinegun, resulting in the amputation of his right middle finger (you have to look hard for that, he usually hides it in films). After healing up from that adventure, he became a pilot-observer for the 1st Canadian army.

Tough dude.

-- Mal

You know what I hate about the Affordable Care Act?

Its very name validates the principle that human health -- and thus, by extension, human life -- is a commodity to be bought and sold.

Kind of barbaric, except barbarians don't usually have a money economy.

-- Mal

Well, should I get a new computer or what?

Just ruminating. A new computer would put a real strain on my finances. But the box I'm currently running is about as obsolete as it can get: Dual core AMD, "only" 2 GB RAM, a rather old Invidia GeForce 9400GT, running under XP. Which, of course, is no longer going to be supported.

Naturally, the current box does everything I want, but the potential vulnerability of XP after April does cause concern, especially since I know basically diddly about IT security. To say nothing of how badly windoze 8.0 has been panned, although I understand 8.1 is better.

So I'm wondering if getting a laptop primarily for Internet purposes would not be a viable option, and continuing to use the XP box to play my old games (which is the primary thing I use a computer for in the first place, aside from bullshitting on the 'Net). It's not an option I'm in love with, as I am not the tech-junkie type who needs the newest thing. Hell, I still use a rotary phone.

-- Mal

William Tenn was a bloody genious...

... just found a link to the complete text of "The Masculinist Revolt." I read it in 1968 when he first published it. It's friggin' hilarious.


-- Mal

Found a great link

First read this story in 1968. It is a laff riot.


-- Mal

Oh, I found a lovely link...

Read this story in 1968, and have looked for it ever since. It's a riot.


-- Mal
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