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Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 01:17 PM
Number of posts: 1,152

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I am left without words, yet compelled to share. POWERFUL!!!

Why is felon D'Souza still talking?


Oh, the President had the "black experience". You can't live in the U.S. And be black and duck it. He might not have lived here all of his life, but he lived here long enough to be seasoned and not jaundiced. That's why he has done such an even keeled, patient job as President.

Tweety berates President Obama again.

Does he have any idea how boring it is to listen to him go on about some misstep he has decided the President has made? Why does he have to say how wrong the President was over and over while getting louder and louder? Preaching and declaring.

The White House admitted someone more prominent should have been there. So, what's he supposed to do now? Publicly flog himself on the lawn? Damn. I wish he would do one really ridiculous thing to give them something legitimate to bitch about. Do the State of the Union speech in shorts and a loud Hawaiian shirt and a funky pair of wild colored sneakers.

Please, people. Not too long ago these same folks were talking smack about France big time.

Race for "Most Gruesome Terrorist"

Bombing, Raping and Shooting is so passť. Kidnapping lost its shine. Car bombs and suicide bombs might get a fleeting mention. Filmed beheadings has had a decent run. Now, rush into a school, slaughter and burn students and teachers. Threaten to kill American moviegoers (Must not know it's been done by the Joker dude).

Is it just me, or does it feel like a bunch of out of control juveniles are running the planet? Whose on top this week? I think Isis has a challenger. This is ridiculous.

What can we expect from people who say

killing a 12 year old who is playing with a toy gun is justified? What can we expect from people who say killing a Black man who picks up an air rifle from the shelf in a store where White people walk around with real rifles and handguns on their shoulders and hips is a justified shooting? What can you expect from people who see on film a Black man following the officer's commands, reaches for his wallet and is shot anyway; and feel he should not have moved? There are no safe instructions for Black and Brown people. They shoot if you do and they shoot if you don't. The problem now is that power drunk forgets they are only supposed to be shooting Black and Brown people. They are actually shooting and beating up and raping White people more often now too. When you go along with unjust justification for some, know that unjust justification is coming for you next.

What can you expect from people who say torturing prisoners in Guantanamo is justified? What can you expect from people who torture prisoners in American prisons because they know the public could not care less? No one cares until their child is caught up in the madness. No one cares until they get the call. If you are too insensitive to empathize or sympathize your teacher will be realize.

Wake up, America! It's all being done in your name.

Does guy on Matthews' have 3 nostrils?

Or does my t.v. Need help?

Will someone please tell Darren Wilson

Nobody in the midst of a life threatening confrontation pauses to ask themselves, "Is it lawful for me to shoot this man?" And gets the response from themselves, "Yes." Officer, you lost me with that lie. I couldn't make myself listen to another word. Stephanoplis kept a straight face through your Zimmermanesk ramblings and he should get an Emmy for it.

Darren Wison skates on Unconstitutional Law

The law that gives Missouri police the right to open season killing of unarmed fleeing minorities has already been found to be Unconstitutional. So, how are they using it with no push back from the Department of Justice? Black and Brown and Red and White should be up in arms about that crap!

The Toad is trying to back his boys!

On Andrea Mitchell, he's stuttering and she's trying to support on immigration move the President made. These people are pathetic! There is no amnesty even if Toad says, "Well, it's sort of amnesty."

All 600,000 Texans should

Get in line to vote and make them tell you to your face, "You can't vote." Let them know that if you are going to mess with me, it's my turn to return the favor. If they can't vote, tangle up the process. How dare America fight wars to impose democracy on other countries while denying Americans their right to vote. We should all be mortified.
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