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Member since: Mon Jan 23, 2017, 11:31 AM
Number of posts: 485

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How is Trump pictured in your wishful daydreams?

I like to picture him like this

In this time we have the best example of why it is so important to separate church and state

The reason right wingers never question Donald Trump is because they have mixed politics with religion. Their political stance became their new religion so much so that they have abandoned any good things like mercy, and compassion . This is why the Trump is unquestionable to them. He really is their new idol = false god. They are mentally locked in just like Scientologists. Trump is the leader of their cult. This is also why they can't see the forest for the trees- they are defending their 'religion'.

Yeah tell us Mexicans are going to rape us and Muslims are going to kill us while you kill us GOP

I have never felt so terrorized in my life. It isn't Mexicans or Muslims doing it, it's the GOP. Trying to rob fellow Americans of human rights and dignity. Bullying the LBGT community, the Muslim community, the Jewish community, , African Americans, immigrants, women, the poor, the elderly, women, children. Trying to kill us with your DON'TCARE GOPCARE.

The GOP wants to keep us all so busy with surviving daily life that no one is watching them turn our government and our country into a dictatorship. Everyone will be so focused on healthcare and paying bills that no one will notice the other insidious evil they are doing.

I have opened up to new musical experiences because of the Cheeto

I'm 60 years old. I usually listen to softer rock. My kids were very shocked and laughed really hard when they came to visit and I was playing Nipsey Hussle's Fuck Donald Trump real loud and dancing ( very badly) to it. They asked how I knew about that song & I said " I get around"

They spent 8 years whining and never had a damn thing up their sleeve

Oh the moaning they did about all the very bad things the democrats had done to healthcare and everything else. They whined and cried for 8 solid years. They had 8 solid years to prepare a new plan. As Donald Trump was campaigning and they asked him what his healthcare plan was he said nothing but that it was a very good plan and that everyone would love it. He had NO PLAN AT ALL. He bullshitted his way all through his campaign. Until now they haven't got jack shit.
SO it seems very clear to me that they only make plans to get elected & then just follow orders from the big money.
They griped about healthcare for eight solid years and the MORONS NEVER MADE A PLAN THEMSELVES

You can't purchase human decency Mr. Trump & no one f'king likes you

No one likes you except the worst among society that are also lacking human decency. You are a gaudy man without principles and you can't BUY that. You suck .

I think Trump can't retain information and that is why he needs Ivanka around

I believe he can't remember details and information he has been given. I think this is why he has Ivanka around all the time. She is his memory. Speaking for myself ( I'm 60 years old) I do not have the ability to retain quickly as much information as I used to and he's over 70. These abilities vary among the older crowd. I really think he has lost a lot of his short term memory. This is a big liability for a world leader. Ivanka is there to hide that fact. I also think he has YUGE plans to have Ivanka in politics and is sneaking her in the back door.

Is the Cheeto in office affecting your health? This is my bp with Trump in charge-

This was my bp on Sunday. I had to go to emergency. I have been fighting to keep it lower since Sunday. It actually went higher than that.

I'm actually going to sell my house and land and move to a blue state

I'm really going to do it. I will have to fix my house up some first ( paint, etc) then I'm selling and buying a travel home on wheels and moving to California. Yep, just sick of Trumpsters

When they tell you how much all of the military loves Trump keep this in mind

Military code of conduct prohibits the military from speaking out against the Commander in Chief . So, it's not like any of them can just speak out & say they don't like the guy.
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