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job: Administrative Assistant in UC Berkeley avocation: artist

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Zimmerman started the entire thing and continued it until Trayvon was dead

Zimmerman went looking for trouble with Trayvon. He took a loaded gun and stalked Trayvon. Why would he do that? Zimmerman made a conscious choice to take a loaded gun to go after a black teenager. Why? Trayvon tried to get away and Zimmerman, instead of going home, or calling 911 again kept going after Trayvon even after the dispatcher told him not to. Why? Zimmerman found Trayvon and left his car to approach the teen. Why would he do that? He got close enough that there was a physical scuffle and he took out his loaded gun and killed Trayvon. Suddenly Zimmerman feared for his life? Really? He did all the stalking, and the chasing, and the killing. And he did it from the beginning to the end of the incident.

A typical DU thread

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If Children could vote they'd vote for President Obama (pic heavy)

Even Romney's grandson likes President Obama

When a problem gets to the President's desk

it means no one has been able to fix it, because if they had it would never reach his desk. That means that when the President has a problem to solve there is no way to do it in the normal sense of actually fixing it.

It means he has to make decisions based on his choice of what the best way to deal with it is. It also means that there will always be people who are not happy with the choice he makes. It means he has to weigh the options and make choices based on his character and his humanity and his experience and down to doing what he believes is the best and right choice.

He has the Joint Chiefs of Staff and he has his Cabinet members and he has his Chief of Staff who runs the White House Presidential Staff and the advisers he chooses and respects. So he has plenty of brain power and real experience at hand working directly under him. But in the end he has to make a the hard choice on how to deal with every dilemma that comes to him. And every problem he deals with is a dilemma and requires some serious analysis and hard and layered thinking.

Americans will never all agree that the decisions the President makes are universally perfect. They can't be by their very nature. Progressives will never be happy with conservative choices and the same goes for the other side. A good President must approach the job by making the best choice for the country. The best choice is not always the easiest nor is it always popular. But in the long run it benefits the country as a whole, whether right away or many years into the future.

I imagine there aren't any easy dilemmas that land on the President's desk. By definition a dilemma is always a mixed bag. It seems strange to think that only 44 American men in our history have had the job, and some of them have made very harsh choices that actually benefited this country profoundly even though at the time many Americans suffered. Abraham Lincoln choosing to go to war rather than have the country break up is such a decision. I also know that through history the job of the American President has become more extensive in range, broader in scope and more powerful.

Who we choose as President is of vital importance because as we know in the short history of the 21st Century, who the President is makes all the difference in how our country thrives and flourishes, or languishes and declines. We've seen and lived through the most destructive Administration in our lifetimes. Our country is harshly divided now, being torn apart by it's citizens. The President's job is probably harder now than when times have been good. We need to know this because we are the country. Our choices right now are vital to the life or demise of what our country has been up to now. I believe this election is a distinct fork in the road to our future and that who wins will decide what direction our future takes. I believe we need to be more Presidential in our thoughts about our country. We need to vote for what is right for all of us, even those who would and will vote against us and our welfare.

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One reason racism is alive and well is that it's a political and corporate agenda to keep it so

I've been asking myself why is it that the murder of Trayvon Martin has become such a political issue? We've become so desensitized to our present extreme divide over all issues along partisan lines that it just seems like this issue being handled in the same way feels almost normal.

Here we are having discussions about racism and how it's still widespread and alive and thriving as if it's groups of ordinary people like the teabaggers are keeping it savagely alive and rampant. Is it possible that those groups of people aren't really all that powerful and that it's still with us because it's a political football and a corporate moneymaker? President Obama is just the catalyst that let the monster out of the closet where it should have stayed cowering in the darkest corner the way it was before he came along. I remember clearly after Palin was unleashed on us and she used racist dog whistle language the teabaggers came to life like a deadly plague because politicians like Dick Armey, with the backing of corporatists like the Koch brothers started organizing, busing in and fanning the flames of racist fear and hate that teabaggers have.

What I remember about Obama being elected is that he was actually elected by the great majority of people in this country. That means that one hell of a lot of white Americans cast the vote to make him our President, yet almost immediately the media, and especially FOX started giving credence to the teabaggers and driving that racist wedge into the American consciousness. Hell, Hannity and Beck actually personally lead the mobs at times, becoming the rallying point of insane marches and events. The teabaggers were led by the nose to do the political bidding of their new masters. They were happy to finally vent their rage.

I can't help asking myself why this criminal case is splitting down political lines. Why are the usual suspects, like Hannity and Limbaugh aligning themselves exactly like we knew they would. Surely the shocked reaction to the murder of any child crosses the political divide doesn't it? Yes, but not if it's a black child being murdered? My answer is yes, even then. The very same majority that elected President Obama will have the same shocked and disgusted reaction to this murder.

Part of the issue is the law that allows people like Zimmerman to get away with this crime. This law is a politically motivated law which is a darling of the NRA agenda. They want it, paid for it and will fight to keep it alive, and part of how the NRA fights to expand their sales is to buy politicians who make it law. This isn't racism. This is corporate standard operating procedure to further their power and their bottom line. They use their power over the media and the politicians they've bought and paid for to muddy the waters and make it look like the racism is coming from the population, when in reality it's something they've carefully cultivated for generations.

It's not realistic to believe that the same people who voted for the first Black President have suddenly awakened to what they did and are now against him because he's Black. That's nuts. And I think it's also completely false. I also think that if we pay close attention to the overall picture without getting bogged down in the details of this story we can see that this issue is being manipulated to keep us divided and fighting along racial lines. I believe George Zimmerman is racist, but his actions are those of a coward who is scared shitless of black people acting out because there's a law that protects him now. The story of our reaction should start with that and end with that as far as condemning it. And everyone, Republican or Democrat should be reacting in the same way. This is a crime.

The fact that the reactions have fallen along political lines give it all away in my opinion. It's just too obvious to ignore, because the facts are all right there, staring us in the face.

We either waste time fighting each other as they want us to, or we see the truth and fight the real enemy. I believe the majority of the people in this country are not racists. That they may have some racial stereotype ideas is plausible, but in general I believe most Americans, regardless of their misguided feelings about race aren't violent deranged racists who want to kill children or who want to defend that murder. And I think we need to stand up and say so in this latest tragic opportunity for a dialogue about race.

John McCain unleashed another version of Pandora's Box on the US

We may have dodged a huge bullet because McCain lost, but Sarah Palin is still like some plague of psychic disease let loose on the American psychological body. The segment of the population she woke up to politics are those who today are busting our unions and attacking women's rights and they are the people who have raised the filthy screech of racism to the shocking levels we see today. Even Limbaugh has had to resort to some of the most disgraceful and disgusting language just to survive and keep his relevance.

The movie touched on something that's very disturbing about our political system which is a reflection in itself of how easily deluded the public can be when it is manipulated. It showed the conniving ease with which the political machine that does the work behind the scenes can whip up a frenzy during Presidential campaigns and the total lack of personal accountability by them. Those so-called expert handlers have yet to take accountability for what they did to this country when they pushed her on the public just because they wanted to win. All the misgiving looks and the desperation of the handlers the movie shows are a piss poor replacement for the need for someone to come forward and apologize to the American people by actually telling the truth about their own motives and nefarious actions. It showed the cavalier attitude of professionals who couldn't be bothered to vet a Vice Presidential candidate simply because they needed a 'game changer' badly. Well they got one and they owe us all an apology for their sloppy rush to do anything and everything to win.

For those of us who follow politics closely, like we do here on DU, nothing new was divulged in that movie but much of what we know was left out entirely. The movie shows her as being separated from her loving family which didn't happen. I remember endless discussions here of how she used her children, and especially Trig on stage to portray herself as the momma bear, or the hockey mom, or the pit bull with lipstick or whatever metaphor suited her. And I think those who adore her will probably feel much more love for her if they watch the movie because it portrays her as a victim of the elite and in their eyes she came out on top in the end because she was her true self who out-mavericked the so-called maverick of the Republican Party. It vindicates them because that's how they feel. Victimized and vengeful. They see how one of their own can raise in prominence by doing nothing about learning the issues and everything about lying so well that evidently real world problems are barely taken into consideration since they're simply not understood nor are they of any interest whatsoever. The emotional satisfaction of revenge trumps everything else, even wisdom and any desire to connect actions and their inevitable subsequent consequences.

Even those who have made their living by crude and crass language like Limbaugh, Hannity and O'Reilly are being forced into ever more crude and disgusting attacks trying to regain some personal significance in the mess McCain and his handlers left when they unleashed Sarah Palin on us. The Tea Party is the direct result of Sarah Palin 'being herself' as it plows it's destruction all across the land, leaving a gaping scar that some of us fear will heal very slowly if at all. Their goal is to decimate government and social programs and unions and education and to inject racism and misogyny to replace them and their screech is so loud and venomous that no one dares inject rationality or common sense into the situation. The present Republican candidates are prime examples of how twisted politics has become where the only hope a Republican has of getting nominated is how much lower he can morally sink than his opponents.

My hope is that the so-called new found power the Tea Party symbolizes is just a temporary fantasy bubble and that it too will burst for lack of substance or foundation. Rage is no way to run a country.

Newt has the signs of Malignant Narcissist Personality Disorder

Anyone who's life has been turned into Hell by a Narcissist knows that Newt is one. It isn't much of a jump to see these traits in Donald Trump, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Scott Walker (Governor of Wisconsin) and many world leaders and public figures. The following is a list of 20 signs of Malignant Narcissist Personality Disorder. Follow the links or google for yourself. Sociopaths, psychopaths and bullies also fall into these categories. Everyone can apply this to someone in their lives or someone in the public eye. Your boss, your ex, Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, etc.

1. THE PATHOLOGICAL LIAR is skillfully deceptive and very convincing. Avoids accountability by diverting topics, dodging questions, and making up new lies, bluffs or threats when questioned. His memory is self serving as he denies past statements. Constant chaos and diverting from reality is their chosen environment.
Defense Strategy: Verify his words. Do not reveal anything about yourself - he'll use it against you. Head for the door when things don't add up. Don't ask him questions - you'll only be inviting more lies.

2. THE CONTRACT BREAKER agrees to anything then turns around and does the opposite. Marriage, Legal, Custody agreements, normal social/personal protocol are meaningless. This con artist will accuse you of being the contract breaker. Enjoys orchestrating legal action and playing the role of the 'poor me' victim.
Defense Strategy: Expect him to disregard any agreement. Have Plan B in place. Protect yourself financially and emotionally.

3. THE HIGH ROLLER Successfully plows and backstabs his way to the top. His family a disposable prop in his success facade. Is charismatic, eloquent and intelligent in his field, but often fakes abilities and credentials. Needs to have iron-fisted control, relying on his manipulation skills. Will ruthlessly support, exploit or target others in pursuit of his ever-changing agenda. Mercilessly abuses the power of his position. Uses treachery or terrorism to rule or govern. Potential problem or failure situations are delegated to others. A vindictive bully in the office with no social or personal conscience. Often suspicious and paranoid. Others may support him to further their own Mephistophelian objectives, but this wheeler-dealer leaves them holding the bag. Disappears quickly when consequences loom.
Defense Strategy: Keep your references and resume up to date. Don't get involved in anything illegal. Document thoroughly to protect yourself. Thwarting them may backlash with a cascade of retaliation. Be on the lookout and spot them running for office and vote them out. Educate yourself about corporate bullies

4. THE SEXUAL NARCISSIST is often hypersexual (male or female). Pornography, masturbation, incest are reported by his targets. Anything, anyone, young, old, male/female, are there for his gratification. This predator takes what is available. Can have a preference for 'sado-maso' sexuality. Often easily bored, he demands increasingly deviant stimulation. However, another behaviour exists, the one who withholds sex or emotional support.
Defense Strategy: Expect this type to try to degrade you. Get away from him. Expect him to tell lies about your sexuality to evade exposure of his own.

5. THE BLAME-GAME NARCISSIST never accepts responsibility. Blames others for his failures and circumstances. A master at projection.
Defense Strategy: Learn about projection. Don't take the bait when he blames you. He made the mess, let him clean it up.

6. THE VIOLENT NARCISSIST is a wife-Beater, Murderer, Serial Killer, Stalker, Terrorist. Has a 'chip-on-his-shoulder' attitude. He lashes out and destroys or uses others (particularly women and children) as scapegoats for his aggression or revenge. He has poor impulse control. Fearless and guiltless, he shows bad judgement. He anticipates betrayal, humiliation or punishment, imagines rejection and will reject first to 'get it over with'. He will harass and push to make you pay attention to him and get a reaction. He will try to make you look out of control. Can become dangerous and unpredictable. Has no remorse or regard for the rights of others.
Defense Strategy: Don't antagonize or tip your hand you're leaving. Ask for help from the police and shelters.

7. THE CONTROLLER/MANIPULATOR pits people against each other. Keeps his allies and targets separated. Is verbally skillful at twisting words and actions. Is charismatic and usually gets his way. Often undermines our support network and discourages us from seeing our family and friends. Money is often his objective. Other people's money is even better. He is ruthless, demanding and cruel. This control-freak bully wants you pregnant, isolated and financially dependent on him. Appears pitiful, confused and in need of help. We rush in to help him with our finances, assets, and talents. We may be used as his proxy interacting with others on his behalf as he sets us up to take the fall or enjoys the performance he is directing.
Defense Strategy: Know the 'nature of the beast'. Facing his failure and consequences will be his best lesson. Be suspicious of his motives, and avoid involvement. Don't bail him out.

8. THE SUBSTANCE ABUSER Alcohol, drugs, you name it, this N does it. We see his over-indulgence in food, exercise or sex and his need for instant gratification. Will want you to do likewise.
Defense Strategy: Don't sink to his level. Say No.

9. OUR "SOUL MATE" is cunning and knows who to select and who to avoid. He will come on strong, sweep us off our feet. He seems to have the same values, interests, goals, philosophies, tastes, habits. He admires our intellect, ambition, honesty and sincerity. He wants to marry us quickly. He fakes integrity, appears helpful, comforting, generous in his 'idealization' of us phase. It never lasts. Eventually Jekyll turns into Hyde. His discarded victims suffer emotional and financial devastation. He will very much enjoy the double-dipping attention he gets by cheating. We end the relationship and salvage what we can, or we are discarded quickly as he attaches to a "new perfect soul mate". He is an opportunistic parasite. Our "Knight in Shining Armor" has become our nightmare. Our healing is lengthy.
Defense Strategy: Seek therapy. Learn about this disorder. Know the red flags of their behaviour, and "If he seems too good to be true..." Hide the hurt you feel. Never let him see it. Be watchful for the internet predator.

10. THE QUIET NARCISSIST is socially withdrawn, often dirty, unkempt. Odd thinking is observed. Used as a disguise to appear pitiful to obtain whatever he can.

11. THE SADIST is now the fully-unmasked malignant narcissist. His objective is watching us dangle as he inflicts emotional, financial, physical and verbal cruelty. His enjoyment is all too obvious. He'll be back for more. His pleasure is in getting away with taking other people's assets. His target: women, children, the elderly, anyone vulnerabie.
Defense Strategy: Accept the Jekyll/Hyde reality. Make a "No Contact' rule. Avoid him altogether. End any avenue of vulnerability. Don't allow thoughts of his past 'good guy' image to lessen the reality of his disorder.

12. THE RAGER flies off the handle for little or no provocation. Has a severely disproportionate overreaction. Childish tantrums. His rage can be intimidating. He wants control, attention and compliance. In our hurt and confusion we struggle to make things right. Any reaction is his payoff. He seeks both good or bad attention. Even our fear, crying, yelling, screaming, name calling, hatred are his objectives. If he can get attention by cruelty he will do so.
Defense Strategy: Manage your responses. Be fully independent. Don't take the bait of his verbal abuse. Expect emotional hurt. Volence is possible.

13. THE BRAINWASHER is very charismatic. He is able to manipulate others to obtain status, control, compliance, money, attention. Often found in religion and politics. He masterfully targets the naive, vulnerable, uneducated or mentally weak.
Defense Strategy. Learn about brainwashing techniques. Listen to your gut instinct. Avoid them.

14. THE RISK-TAKING THRILL-SEEKER never learns from his past follies and bad judgment. Poor impulse control is a hallmark.
Defense Strategy: Don't get involved. Use your own good judgement. Say No.

15. THE PARANOID NARCISSIST is suspicious of everything usually for no reason. Terrified of exposure and may be dangerous if threatened. Suddenly ends relationships if he anticipates exposure or abandonment.
Defense Strategy: Give him no reason to be suspicious of you. Let some things slide. Protect yourself if you anticipate violence.

16. THE IMAGE MAKER will flaunt his 'toys', his children, his wife, his credentials and accomplishments. Admiration, attention, even glances from others, our envy or our fear are his objective. He is never satisfied. We see his arrogance and haughty strut as he demands center stage. He will alter his mask at will to appear pitiful, inept, solicitous, concerned, or haughty and superior. Appears the the perfect father, husband, friend - to those outside his home.
Defense Strategy: Ignore his childlike behaviours. Know his payoff is getting attention, deceiving or abusing others. Provide him with 'supply' to avert problems.

17. THE EMOTIONAL VACUUM is the cruellest blow of all. We learn his lack of empathy. He has deceived us by his cunning ability to mimic human emotions. We are left numbed by the realization. It is incomprehensible and painful. We now remember times we saw his cold vacant eyes and when he showed odd reactions. Those closest to him become objectified and expendable.
Defense Strategy: Face the reality. They can deceive trained professionals.

18. THE SAINTLY NARCISSIST proclaims high moral standing. Accuses others of immorality. "Hang 'em high" he says about the murderer on the 6:00 news. This hypocrite lies, cheats, schemes, corrupts, abuses, deceives, controls, manipulates and torments while portraying himself of high morals.
Defense Strategy: Learn the red flags of behaviour. Be suspicious of people claiming high morals. Can be spotted at a church near you.

19. THE CALLING-CARD NARCISSIST forewarns his targets. Early in the relationship he may 'slip up' revealing his nature saying "You need to protect yourself around me" or "Watch out, you never know what I'm up to." We laugh along with him and misinterpret his words. Years later, coping with the devastation left behind, his victims recall the chilling warning.
Defense Strategy: Know the red flags and be suspicious of the intentions of others.

20. THE PENITENT NARCISSIST says "I've behaved horribly, I'll change, I love you, I'll go for therapy." Appears to 'come clean' admitting past abuse and asking forgiveness. Claims we are at fault and need to change too. The sincerity of his words and actions appear convincing. We learn his words are verbal hooks. He knows our vulnerabilities and what buttons to push. We question our judgement about his disorder. We can disregard "Fool me once..." We hope for change and minimize past abuse. With a successful retargeting attempt, this N will enjoy his second reign of terror even more if we allow him back in our lives.
Defense Strategy: Expect this. Self-impose a "No Contact" rule. Focus on the reality of his disorder. Journal past abusive behavior to remind yourself. Join our support group.


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