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louis c

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston
Home country: USA
Current location: Boston
Member since: Fri May 14, 2004, 05:52 PM
Number of posts: 5,113

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They seem to "get it" better than our side

How can Paul Ryan call Donald Trump a racist (and let's face it, racist remarks only come from racists) in one breath and endorse him the next? Answer: The Supreme Court.

How can Ted Cruz, who was called a "liar" by Trump, whose wife was used as bullying fodder for a Trump tweet, whose own Father was linked by Trump to the JFK assassination, endorse Trump? Answer: The Supreme Court.

No matter how you feel about Hillary (and I love her like she was my own blood Sister), nothing she has ever done in her entire life approaches a single day of hatred and bigotry in Donald Trump's. Yet, the very people who will be negatively affected by a Trump Supreme Court appointment, and positively affected by one from Hillary, aren't excited, or in some cases, going to the dark side.

Women's rights, voting rights, civil rights and workers' rights, are all at stake. Those people who would set us back, they get it. They would knowingly accept Adolf Hitler if he would guarantee a ninth justice who thinks like them.

Young people need to understand that these are 30 or 40 year appointments. Minorities and Women need to know what's at stake. White Union members, my block of votes who seem so receptive to Trump, could see their working lives ruined by that ninth vote.

The other side will accept anything for that ninth vote, our side had better understand that, and fight accordingly.

Who Was Otto Wels?

Otto Wels was the candidate from the Social Democratic Party who finished second to Adolf Hitler in the last free election in Germany, prior to the end of WWII. The Parlimentary election was held in November of 1932. Because the Nazis won a plurality but could not cobble together a majority, Hindenburg appointed Hitler "Acting Chancellor". In March of 1933, a new election was held, and Hitler and the Nazis were able to gain a parliamentary majority after dominating an election full of intimidation and voter fraud. This was the election that featured the famous "Reichstag Fire" which brought Adolf Hitler to power in what was, at the time, the strongest Constitutional Democracy in Europe.

My point is, votes matter and who you vote for matters more. Do you think, with the advantage of 20/20 hindsight, that anyone who voted in that election in Germany in November of 1932 and had it to do over again, would have voted for anyone else except Otto Wels? Here's the moral of the story; Sometimes there are no second chances. Sometimes it's not so smart to vote to "send a message". Sometimes "the lesser of two evils" is an inaccurate saying. Sometimes one candidate represents stability and the other really is evil.

Maybe there were a lot of Germans who were looking for change in 1932. After all, the depression hit the whole world and Germany was among the hardest hit. Hitler represented that anger and disappointment in Germany at that time. Wels, on the other hand, was part of the ruling class that had to deal with their loss in WWI and the reparations that worsened the German economy. In other words, the voters in Germany had a better excuse for their historically awful choice in the German 1932 election. As Americans, we have no excuse for electing a man who is a totalitarian Demagogue to the most important office the world has ever known.

Donald Trump was forced by his "team" to declare Obama born in America (IMO)

Look at the footage of Trump's declaration that "President Obama was born in the United States. Period"

That was spoken with all the feeling of a spoiled 7 year old boy who really wanted to go to the ball game only with his father but was told by his parents to tell his 4 year old sister that "I want you to come with us to the ball game, too. Period".

Usually, the child would be scolded and told to "say it again, like you mean it, or she'll go to the game with Dad and you'll stay home."

My theory is that this was an obvious political calculation and the "team" wanted to get this issue behind them before the debates. Trump argued and argued (still my theory), until, finally, he said "fine, I'll do it". But just like the 7 year old spoiled brat in my analogy, he acted just like the 7 year old boy. He wanted everyone to know this was forced, that he really doesn't mean it.

This story is far from over, and it will blow up within the Trump campaign first, then become public.

Mark these words at 12:30 PM on Saturday, September 17.

Hillary Clinton is Wrong that Half of Trump Supporters are Deploreable

It's two thirds.

Two thirds of Trump Supporters believe Obama is a Muslim. To me, that's the definition of a bigot.


And nearly 60% believe that Obama was born in another country. That's racist.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a thing for conspiracy theories.

Two-thirds of voters with a favorable opinion of Donald Trump believe President Barack Obama is a Muslim, and a quarter of them believe that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered, a poll released Tuesday shows.

The Public Policy Polling survey showed 59 percent of those who said they viewed the presumptive Republican presidential nominee favorably think Obama was not born in the United States and only 13 percent believe he’s a Christian. <snip>

We Should All Start Raising the Bar for Trump on Debates

Debates are an expectations game. You will find no one who hates Donald Trump more than I do.

But debates are like the New Hampshire Primary, it matters little who actually wins, but if you exceeded expectations. I'm afraid if we set the expectation bar too low, Trump could appear the winner of the debates, even if he looks like a bumbling fool, if the expectations are set at rock bottom.

(1). There should be no more talk about him showing up. if we continue to act like he's not going to debate at all, he could appear to win the debate by just showing up. We can't allow the bar to be set that low. Any asshole can just show up.

(2). Let's stop with the fact that he's not preparing. If we establish that Trump's not prepared and then he knows where Canada is in relation to the United States, he looks smarter than he is. Instead, we should throw his words in his own face and raise expectations. "Donald Trump, by the results of all the instant polls, won every Republican Party Primary debate. He defeated some of the Republicans best politicians, like Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz. I expect that Hillary will have her hands full."

(3). We must lower the bar for Hillary. "She's in a difficult position. It's really hard to prepare for a debate opponent who has such an unorthodox style. Hillary will be lucky to get a draw under such unpredictable circumstances."

NAACP Explains Robert Byrd's Transformation

A sickening response from many bigots is that "Hillary is a bigot, too". Donald Trump and many other racists like him, point to Hillary Clinton's embrace of Robert Byrd, who once was an organizer for the KKK. I like to point out that Byrd renounced that allegiance 40 years before his death and voted in the Senate as a progressive on race issues. he apologized "a thousand times, and will continue to apologize" for his involvement in that organization. He rejected, apologized and spent a life time atoning. That position is what Hillary and the Democratic Party embraced, certainly not his misspent youth in that hateful group. I like to use Pope Benedict as an example. Benedict was a Nazi soldier in 1945. that certainly didn't define him. When people change and spend their lives contrary to the cause that one got involved 80 years before their death, in Byrd's case, we take them at their word and judge them by their actions.

Here's what the NAACP says on the subject:

<snip>“Senator Byrd reflects the transformative power of this nation,” NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous was quoted at the time of his death in June 2010. “Senator Byrd went from being an active member of the KKK to being a stalwart supporter of the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act and many other pieces of seminal legislation that advanced the civil rights and liberties of our country.”

Senator Robert Byrd, by all accounts, had shifted away from the group after becoming “disinterested” in 1952 and had completely rejected the Ku Klux Klan by the time of his death, on several occasions, as reported by Snopes.

“I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in America. I apologized a thousand times… and I don’t mind apologizing over and over again. I can’t erase what happened.”<snip>


Does Anyone Know History?

I keep hearing on radio and seeing on TV this asinine assertion that African-Americans should not vote for Democrats because we're the party of slavery and Jim Crow. That all the segregationists were Democratic office holders.

No shitting. That was prior to 1964. Between 1964 and 1968 we threw all the fucking bigots out of our party. Lyndon Johnson signed the civil rights and voting rights acts in 1964 and 1965. Goldwater carried the 4 deep south states in 1964 and George Wallace took all the bigots into his third party in 1968 and he carried all the deep south states. Nixon even called it the "Southern Strategy" in 1972.

The bigots now vote nearly exclusively for Republicans. Look at the Congressional seats and where their districts are. Come on, what the fuck, doesn't anybody know history anymore. Do you think that David Duke and Steve Bannon are attracted to Donald Trump because the Republicans are still the party of Lincoln?

Give me a break, please.

Pertinent Question Involving Trump and Bannon

Steve Bannon is a black hearted conspiracy theorist who peddles racism, hatred, misogyny and bigotry. He is also the CEO of the Trump Campaign.

In the past, the winning candidate has always place his closest advisers in key positions in his cabinet or in critical positions around the President, such as Chief of Staff, Press Secretary or White House Counsel.

So, my question is this, is Donald Trump considering Steve Bannon for a crucial position in a potential Trump administration?

Great Description of Trump Flip-Flop-Flip on Immigration

Abigail Tracy from Vanity Fair had this to say to describe Donald Trump's positions on immigration;

"His position on immigration has gone from unenforceable to unintelligible."

Anecdotal Evedience of a Cracking Trump Base

I have a friend, probably my best friend. A 68 year old, white male who is semi-retired and very well off. He loved Trump from the beginning of his campaign. As you can imagine, we argued a lot. He actually admitted to me he's a bigot. Anyway, I would ask him, during the 16 months of the campaign, what the fuck do you like about this guy? His answer, "he's not a politician, he tells it just like it is. He doesn't speak from a teleprompter, he speaks right from his heart. He's not politically correct. He's self-funded, so he doesn't owe anything to anybody if he gets elected. He's going to throw all the illegals out. After all, Louis, what part of 'illegal' don't you understand".

I had lunch with him on Monday. I know he would never vote for Hillary, but I asked him "what do you think of your guy now?" "Woody Johnson, from Johnson and Johnson, and the owner of the hated Jets, heads up his political funding operation. He now reads exclusively from a teleprompter and his position on immigration is Jeb Bush's position. He's just another politician, except he's unqualified. You still with him?" His answer, "No. I'll be in Florida on November 8. I was going to get an absentee ballot, but now I'm not. As it turns out, he's no different than the rest of those bastards."

I was wondering, has anyone else here experienced the same type of interaction from Trump supporters?
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