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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 4,683

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Nunes switching cars, evading staff, and conducting his own investigation. Seen it before.

Never forget the fact that Drumpt

launched his bid to be President by fueling the birther scam. Everything he's done after that is no surprise at all.

Drumpt is a racist, misogynist, Putin boot licking scam artist.

Tweet You Will Not See By Drumpt

Hundreds of anti-Putin protesters roughed up and arrested in Russia. Bigly sad.

Drumpt is finding out this is how the House "Freedom" Fanatics Think

Gators move on!!

What a game.

I wonder if Drumpt's deplorables are now tired

of his version of winning.

Muslim ban-loss.

Health care-loss.

Security Council Advisor-loss.

Crowd size-loss.

Obama golfs too much-loss.

Apparently, Trump Care will cover nothing so your

premium will cover the cost of the true Death Panel.

Nunes threw a flaming bag of

dog shit on the White House porch to give Drumpt a stinky smoke screen for his ridiculous tweets.

Not one Democratic vote for Drumpt's SCOTUS stolen seat nominee.

If the Reich Wing toss the filibuster, good. Next time we get a shot we nominate a real progressive like Goodwin Liu and won't need 60 votes.

No reward for theft.

I am sick of the Rethug line how a single vote was not changed by Russian interference

Imagine two boxers: Boxer A and Boxer B.

Along ring side there are three judges.

Prior to the fight there is a massive campaign by gambling interests to support Boxer B over A. The campaign consists of saying how Boxer A is known cheat, will juice their gloves, use illegal substances, has the local ring organization in their pocket, and Boxer A's corner man is a known crook.

Now imagine that a week before the fight a mysterious story circulates how Boxer A's prior prior fights were put a up jobs, but three days before the fight no evidence is found to support the allegation.

Now imagine the fight takes place but it's not a knockout and is scored on points.

Now tell me the 2 out of the 3 judges wouldn't give a break to Boxer B.

Boxer B is Ivan Drago.

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