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Member since: Tue Oct 21, 2008, 10:30 PM
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It's the STUPIDITY, stupid!

Of all of Trump's many (and I mean MANY) failings, the one that most disqualifies him for the president is, I would assert, the fact that he is stupid. And not JUST stupid. He's moronic, imbecilic, brainless, inane.

Our pet guinea pig is smarter than that man. He makes shoe-leather look brilliant in comparison!

I wouldn't have thought it possible that the GOP could find a candidate dumber than W, but they rose to the challenge!

Now, I'm no Einstein. I didn't go to Wharton. And I'm certainly not a billionaire (though neither is he, apparently). But I'm happy with my situation in life, and I would challenge my intellect to his ANY day. Hell, I would challenge my CAT's intellect to his.


Thanks. Just needed to vent a little.

Donald Trump is doing women a great service right now.

Of course I'm being snarky, but I truly believe that there are lots of American men (and perhaps men all over the world) who are just now learning what exactly constitutes sexual assault.

Right now they're all saying, "What? He just kissed them. What's the big deal?" and "He just grabbed her ass! I've done that a hundred times and nobody cared!" and "What a bunch of whiny bitches! They're just making a big deal out of nothing." And hopefully, their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters--and even more hopefully, their fathers, brothers, and friends--are correcting them. Now I know not every serial sexual assaulter is learning this lesson, but I do think that many of them are, and that IS a good thing.

Okay, bring on all of the slamming about giving agent orange "credit" when actually it's the brave women who are coming out with their stories and their feelings who are the heroes here. Of course they are. But "Thank You" to the sexist bastard for handling it with such boorishness and insensitivity. Couldn't happen to a nicer orangutan.

It figures...

I certainly do not want to diminish her accomplishments. Ginny Thrasher is obviously quite talented and dedicated, and I offer her my sincerest congratulations for receiving the first gold medal of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Having said that...

It just figures that the first gold medal of the games would be awarded to an AMERICAN for how well they SHOOT a GUN.

RIP Glenn Frey

Can't imagine the world without you in it.

Thank you for volunteering, citizen...

I predict far too many people will take this seriously.

Godd*m f*cking Michael Bennet!!!!

He's a Democrat like I'm a fucking DUCK! He voted FOR this Keystone pipeline bullshit! He never should have won that seat, and it's the one thing I will never forgive Barack Obama for...sticking his nose into that primary with Romanoff years ago. We could have a truly Democratic senator, but no, we have Michael..."show me the money"...Bennet!

I think I just had something of an epiphany.

It has to do with perverts who will come up behind a woman on the sidewalk or the subway or a crowded elevator, and rub their cock up against her or grab her ass or her breast.

People will sometimes respond to this with "How would you feel if a woman came up and grabbed your balls?" Well, the answer to that is usually a chuckle and a "Hell, yeah, Baby! Let's go!"

But here's my epiphany:

That's the wrong question. The question for these idiots is "How would you feel if a MAN, presumably a bigger, stronger man came up behind you and rubbed his cock up against you or grabbed your nut sack?"

Just a thought.

If Texas Republicans really want to reduce abortions...

And really want to show how concerned they are about women's "safety" then they should BAN...


Bernie's goin' to Iowa!

I'm doing my happy dance!!!!!!!!!

chuckle: :

The "Moron Identification Law"

My brother, who lives in Texas, and has always been VERY pro-gun-control, told me that there's one issue on which he agrees with the NRA: open-carry laws. He calls them the "Moron Identification Law". He says, "so if I walk into a restaurant, and I see a moron, I can turn around and leave. It's a hell of a lot better than concealed carry."

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