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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: minn
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 9,480

Journal Archives

truly a soldier

50 years later a "grateful" country recognized that fact. My, my, my. Wonder why it took 50 years to recognize wartime bravery such as this? Oh, I know, never mind.

always makes white people happy

to not see retribution for murders of POC by one of the white agents of whatever authority. That they deems the execution(s) proper and just of any given murder of an unarmed POC is the continuing disrespect of black life that is extremely galling. Black anger is the only thing that starts change toward a more equal justice and execution system. Period. The authorities have the guns, we have anger that been around for 150 years and many in white society because of that black anger have their fear(s) of losing it's privilege and/or 'stuff' by speaking up. That's one main reason there has been no 'real' movement toward a more equal and inclusive society.

I just don't understand how the election of a POC as POTUS could create this type of 'authorized' racial violence and murder against POC and the vicious white citizen backlash. Oh never mind, yes I can. It's been around as long as "mom and apple pie".


black people behaving as you would have them behave, like many others on here, is not a sign that things are getting better. The authorities do not respect weak. They laugh at these 'protestors'. Especially the privileged citizenry.

well if you don't "see" what the upset is about,

you just choose not to see the cause of the so-called "vent. Period

jeff, wherever you are

keep soaring. You're free from these bonds.

definitely a picture/letter

of racial sentiment in a HUGE section of our overall populace today in the 18th century, yes, 19th century, yes, 20th century, yes, 21st century, yes. American culture has NEVER evolved from pre slavery hate, the reason(s) for the Civil War or post civil War Jim Crow segregationist thought and in a case like this, possible action. Sure there are good, non racist people in this country, just not enough to stop the killings/ murders/executions of POC or hateful ignorance like this. This is getting sickening to the point of extreme disgust at the ignorant, usually illiterate, shallow, cretinous, unenlightened, moronic people that populate this land. Just getting downright sickening. I'll be glad when I can leave. America's racists, I'm sick of you. You're a pitiful example of your race.

my type of human beings

bless her and her son's souls

she is a 'real one' putting the upright 'moral' people and their hypocrisy right out there, in truth, on front street. Anyone not moved by this letter is part of the hypocrite crowd and you're welcome to them. I salute you Ms. Underwood.

for what they allegedly did

they did not deserve to die like this. A murder at the hands all these criminals in blue, hiding behind a badge. So fucking predictable in this day and age. Black and don't do a turn signal, you got 62 police cars after you. Black and unarmed, over a hundred rounds shot at you, with many entering the body. Black and walk in the streets and don't immediately obey a white cop, you're dead. Be looking at a toy gun in a Walmart for a family member and some mean spirited white person calls that you are armed, dead. Sell loose unlicensed cigarettes on the streets of New York, dead. Be a 12 year old child playing, 'probably cops and robbers' in the park with a toy gun, dead. Scared of a white police officer tazing you and runaway, dead, shot 8 fucking times in the back. If a cop stops you for nothing, dead, spine broken in 8 places and trachea crushed. Be a teen walking home from the store with skittles and tea and a wanna be cop tells you to stop and approaches you, you fight back, dead at the hands of white privilege. All of these executions were of unarmed human beings and no threat to an armed executioner of the state. I should also mention that in this time of executions, say since Trayvon Martin, many unarmed black women and a child of 7 years old have been slaughtered by executioners of the state.

Since Amadou Diallo, this travesty of justice and humans rights abuse has been ongoing. If you are black and/or depressed or mentally ill and murdering police officer is white, 9 out of ten times, they will walk free on some bullshit technicality or with an out and out racist decision by more white officials. Keep showing the world what you're made of authorities and privileged citizens in this land of the free and home of the brave

wow, sad

the human potential being wasted. One of these women could find a cure for cancer, end racism, sexism, homophobia. Could become POTUS and do all these things. Religion is not good. Faith in something is good. But not at the expense of hating others who are not believers such as them.
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