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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: minn
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 8,859

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people are way to quick to form mobs and hang the mofo on the flimsiest notions, reasons or rumors. It's a mob thing, I guess....

he needs help

not prison. America is such an hypocritical mish mash of ideologies and people in 'authority' willing to use draconian and antiquated measures to force morality on people. I hope he gets his program together. No he does not deserve life imprisonment. Period.

first line of OP says it all

bribery of the highest order and perfect example of the totally corrupting power and influence of money in our so-called democratic voting system of picking 'leaders'. It's the total explanation of WHO runs our political system and how afraid these power brokers are, because we might get our hackles up, and get up from The Couch that is too comfortable to leave it seems, though I doubt it. MONEY RULES in this country, nothing less. The 99% do not count to the real power in this country, the 1%. It seems the donkey and the elephant are cover for malfeasance by the people who are elected to represent us and don't because greed, delusions of power and grandeur are too powerful a persuasion to the easily corrupted.

To be truly represented, we the people have to fund, completely, all national elections. Now how we can do this in opposition to the uber rich that run the political system is anyone's guess. Yet there are many fine minds on here to start the suggestion process, right?

I have to seriously start to understand how to change a system so corrupt as ours beyond finding true patriots to our ideologies and needs to vote for. Good luck, I know. Change is our only hope. I can stand on the soap box in the public square and scream about money's power over our voting system. They'll just cart me off to the loony bin even if I make sense. But if enough stand up at the same time, then that's a different story? Maybe?

make the rich, richer

the poor, poorer and let's get rid of those few pesky middle classers that keep "taking" while we're at it. Yeah! That's the ticket that repubthugs voted for. Dumbasses will be affected also, they are just too blind with unreasoning foxsnooze generated hate to realize it. A lot of them will go down with us.

Please pay attention

it's Democrats AND republicans that are screwing us. The 'article' points to the actions of both parties. That demo-lition expert backing repubthug ideology and destruction is a symptom of a larger problem....corrupt and soulless politicians making life altering/affecting decisions that will hurry the demise of many of us 'takers', which the oligarch(s) wants to get rid of. More money in their pockets. I worry every day about when these crooks and how these crooks will take my money, which I worked for 50 years to get, away. That is a problem.

to most repubthugs

in her state legislature, won't make a damn bit of difference. They have no empathy, compassion or guts. I applaud her courage.

Integrity and character

much in demand these days. Don't find much, anywhere, in MSM or political circles these days, but this individual has both......

"We the People"

of the Democratic Party must make up the shortfall then. There are enough of us. Yes I'll be donating when necessary. Especially since it's the lubricant that greases the political will-wheel in this system. Fuck the banks, we have enough grit to defeat them.

100% percent agree

and since the american police forces and private security forces seem to have a lot of people with difficulties like it is alleged this pilot had, them too.

you really mean

take no part at all? Just sit at home on your duff and let life and the only choice we have just pass you by and possibly face defeat? I face bouts of hopelessness, yet I cannot, just like many times in my life, just give up. When faced with an unpleasant reality, I have gone about trying to change my reality by what ever means necessary and it has worked with a myriad of complicated issues that face us all......
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