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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 10,192

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well the

"not just republicans" haven't been hated all their life solely because of the color of ones skin either, methinks. But that's an insignificant point, to the privileged "not just republicans", I'm sure.


to get you right, just allow them to hate me and stay quietly in ones "place" and just let them march in their halloween costumes, burn crosses, murder people, revere flags and statues that allow them to vicariously scream I hate you n*****? Just trying to get a handle on your "liberalism." So am I correct?

that doesn't make any sense at all

White supremacy

is no excuse to hang, burn, castrate POC, burn down churches or shoot unarmed people worshiping in one of those churches. Confederate hate symbols cause a lot of hurt feeling, evidently you can't understand that. Nothing surprising, there's a lot of selective outrage directed against people reacting to racist hate symbols. Tear them all down, burn all the flags and .........well to me that would be a grand start. And the more BREE's we have, the better off we'll ALL be. Some people just don't understand that even though they may be of the privileged class, the racist hate depicted by these 'monuments" and flags to "southern pride", "heritage", "courage" has made all americans victims. Some people can't help knowing and understanding that fact and the sad fact is others in the 21st century, still have to learn that truth. Sad indeed.


whoop!!!! There it is!

oh well

couldn't have happened to a nicer...statue

never mind

roseanne roseanna dana......loved it....I just can't let a lot of this BS slide....backatcha

what don't you understand

about the fact that the staples in that booklets would be limited even more for poor people trying to keep themselves and their children alive. Republikkkan psycho's are doing all they can to make life miserable for many who are just trying to survive. They will hurt anyone who is poor, especially POC, with no concern. Please understand, the underlying motivation for these cuts are understood by the people it will affect, loud and clear!!!!


on many points and with many truths today, 163 years later. Voting rights being taken away, civil and human right and life taken away with bullets into backs, fronts, sides of unarmed black bodies still today, nooses still used prominently as a tool of terror today. Confederate terrorists walking into churches and killing unarmed people AFTER worshiping with them. Churches being burned to the ground in the dark of night by cowards, remember "night riders" anyone? I do. Confederates waving their flag screaming "southern pride", "heritage" of the south, all the time forgetting that flag means acquiescence to and acceptance of the terrible action of one person putting another into bondage till death.....I listen to this over and over again and am immensely saddened by it's relevance to america today.

well when people start to realize

that H & B represent some of the people all the time, which is the american political way for centuries and some of the people none of the time or only when it is politically expedient, meaning no real concern for the trouble(s) of a large segment of the population, the difference will be stark enough to make other democratic party candidates acceptable, maybe even front runners. This early no one is inevitable, and once the truth(s) are seen about who cares for whom, well we'll see then, won't we? Calm as I can be, I am.
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