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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 11,837

Journal Archives

do we have time

before the 'tipping point' that spells climatological armageddon?

I just hope

our Party leaders give up the subservient role they have playedd the last 7+ years with this hateful party of racist Nazi teabaggers who have found their new Fuhrer. I expect to see us go at this buffoon in a manner of a hungry dog with a very meaty bone. Leave nothing but nothing that the RW can use in the next 4+ years.

what they did to the AA speakers

is a perfect example of the Bernie contingent that turned me off way back. Their obvious disdain for PoC is/was apparent from the very beginning. Dare I say these are the racists of the Party on display for the whole country to view. I bet the trumpchumps are laughing it up.

my evidence is

generations of racist white people killing black people for demanding to be treated equal. You can believe what you please about the murder of Ms. Bland. White people are pretty slick in getting the victim looking like the perpetrator. I have no more time for your type of diminishing comments. Your proof is what you need, have had it.

if the Nazi wins

it will be because of the disunity I have read here from so many people still whining about the primaries. DWS needs to fade into the dustbin of the Democratic Party but SHE IS NOT THE PRIORITY OR PROBLEM now. Grow up and get aware, the Nazis are on the march. We need to unify and GOTV.

we as Democrats

left, center and right better get our shit together! The New Nazi Party of America is on the march, all that is missing is the torchlight parades. If this man slips in under the wire and through the front door at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. we will see that also. Just like the klan march down that avenue in the early 20th century.


donald trump hates blacks, mexicans, muslims, any brown person and women. He hates and disparages veterans and their service to this country. He does the last because he never served as he is deep down, a coward and a charlatan

could she have been

rendered unconscious somehow, hence no struggle? Look you can explain away and intimate that since the family didn't release any autopsy result Ms. Bland took her own life yet just like the last two years, no one, except the most blatant murderer in blue has been indicted. Believe what you must, apologize for who you must, I know in my heart, in knowing the racist heart of America, Sandra Bland was murdered by violent, hateful racists fearful of any POC that speaks up in their own defense tocontradict the perceived power and control of white racists that arrested her for nothing. This time it was an 'improper lane change'.

America, just like those young people, black and white, walking around the streets today, your underwear is showing and they are soiled. America's heart is dark. Always has been when it comes to white supremacy and POC. Disgusting and filthy people who murder wantonly and 99% of the time walk free. Now that they have their true fuhrer, donald trump to lead them, good luck Amerikkka. Sandra Bland was murdered.

text book

mob manipulation of racists, fascists getting them geared up for violence and mob rule with their new Fuhrer at the head of the New Nazi Party of America leading them into their white american paradise. The hate on those faces proved to me everything I have always suspected abouut our country's RW.

I am not surprised at this response

almost every murder of innocent unarmed POC is met with some kind of explanation, of which are many and varied, here that has been used to free all these murderers to do this again. Okay on yours.....I just don't believe that this woman took her own life. Think what you please, you have to live with your rationale, not me.
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