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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 13,000

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american purists

who have denied racism, inequality both cultural, social and economic just so things go on as they always have for generations in this country..... This country will be in serious distress after 20th of January especially when trumpfuhrer brownshirts, both civilian and under badge and weapon, take to the streets "to make ameriKKKa great again".

We are in a

race/class war, with trumpfuhrer claiming a lot of the struggling yet racially hateful working class who blame the ills of this society on AA, immigrants doing jobs their feelings of white entitlement won't allow them to do and of course different religious and culturally obvious people.

We are at the start of the 2nd American Civil War and this time it really will be for the soul of this country, for real social and racial equality, and for a good long look at the economic inequality inherent in american capitalism. We are at war now. After the 20th of this month I expect that racial and bigoted incidents that are happening already with trumfuhrer brownshirts being openly racist, but these incidents not making the into the MSM will happen to a point where ameriKKKan racism cannot be hidden or overlooked any longer.

AmeriKKKans are going to show us what has been under the surface of that huge scab for generations.

truly disgusting and pathetic

liar, con and all round pitiful and a wretched person to boot.

we'll see

won't we. I say we won't see much courage except with people like Reid, some NYT reporters, maybe Rolling Stone.....otherwise media wide...NO!!!!!!!!! They are cowed already and the corporate masters that run these news organizations won't allow dissent to be televised. That's right "the revolution will not be televised".


the MSM is the sole responsible collaborator(s) in creating this freakenstein monster the MSM is slowly growing to lament. They'll buckle down soon and be on their knees before him...the are pathetic as is our whole MSM establishment...5th estate my ass, more like dungeon dwellers with no idea what is going on with the millions of 'decent' americans. USAtoday is notoriously conservative. Now they want to worry......see what they think when trump throws them into the basement of the WH.

I would have no problem

with that as a protest and the/OUR distress hasn't even started yet but is a fact because of Nov 8,2016. Ummm yes!!!!!!!!! BIG TIME!!!!!!!!All flags should fly that way January 20, 2017. I will be flying mine that way....

ABC and the rest of media ilk

ARE responsible in a big way, by spreading lies and fabrications created by Breitbart and alt-right sources as real investigated or at the least vetted information/news. The MSM in ameriKKKa is so pathetic. They will reap what they have sown...I see where the trumpfuhrer is considering throwing them out of white house to a secondary location...somewhere else, good.

and all RWers including trumpfuhrer

are banging the drum for stricter criminal laws and harsher punishments, for PoC, especially AA, again.

good rant

I've got two ex associates, can't call them friends, who one didn't vote for HRC or the trumpfuhrer, but the third party candidate and the other voted for his fuhrer. They are both now sure they blew it. Every time I see them in public I just shake my head and keep walking. Their texts are pathetic. I will start my laughing to shame them in public as soon as the orange fuhrer is inaugurated. And these two are college educated, informed individuals who have turned out to be "idiots".

I just can't escape

the feeling that this must have been how it was in Germany 1933 waiting for the fuhrer to ascend to the helm of their ship of state that ended up hitting a BIG fucking iceberg.....
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