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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 11,973

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ummmmm +1000 and


you can reject until the cows come home

but you are labeled by society and many denizens of the swamps of this culture every day in one form or another. You are whomever you want to be, but doesn't change the labeling the american apartheid culture "insists" upon you. Have a good one and I'll take the advice of one here and move on.Bye

always will be heroes in my book

they did the right thing.

this person who happens to be an athlete

and social awareness has my respect, money andd false patriotism has not made him a hypocrite. I'm like someone posted below. If trumpenfuhrer wins, I WILL NEVER stand again for the national anthem that represents a certain segment of our population and is representative of a country that shits on many other citizens without hope of ever seeing racism die in this country.. Fuck the hypocrites that are whining. This has always been a safe haven for their hypocrisy and bullshit. Fox news prime example. YOUGODUDE!!!!!!!

so a racist is a "person of non-color"

who hates and fears a person of color. Right?

we as human beings

I feel have reached certain ecological environmental 'tipping points'. Social? We shall see in the coming months, more than likely.


what is the deal with this continuing racist behavior of whites

and that this behavior is still in place and widespread, nationwide, today August 29, 2016? I awoke this morning after a restless night of dreams, nightmares really. Nightmares of a time when PoC were being forced onto trains and sent to "relocation camps" to be reeducated in proper etiquette toward 'other' races and eventual 'employment' back into the agricultural fields, literally, and super large pig and chicken farms. This segment of a night of troubled sleep awoke me very early this morning.

I was in a restaurant yesterday and overheard a white couple, middle aged, talking about how far the negroes have come. I turned around and asked, quietly, far from where? Slavery, segregationist laws that denied civil and voting rights, ghettos? Far from where? People around us got quiet. The ones I was talking to said not a word. I was was finished with my meal. Left a tip and went to the register to pay. I quietly said, PoC never should have had far to come from, I left. I am so sick of this fucking arrogant and demeaning mentality of many americans.

Don't get me wrong, there are some progressive and liberal whites out here. Some are even friends, yet who put this onus of responsibilty on their shoulders in the first goddamn place to be the supreme race? God, fate, darwin's natural selection? American racism is an example of a systemic and institutional sickness that so far, is not being cured. It is an infection, in this day of the trumpenfuher that is widespread and virulently infectious. How can I state this fact? Generations of precedent. Each generation of racists train a new generation of Dylan Roofs, trump supporters and new klan members. After years of thought on the subject of racism and racial warfare for dominance I have come to the conclusion that somehow racial memory of long ago events are embedded in our DNA and in those prone to fear 'others' is a prompt to them to try to dominate all 'others' Something like trump is agitating now.

Long ago African Empire was exemplified by Timbuktu. At it's height 25000 students from all over the civilized world attended the University. This fact alone dispels any myth of inferiority among PoC in the world at that time, yet fear made many try to diminish this acheivement by perpetrating the "they are all ignorant savages myth". Modern Tarzan movies pushed that into the minds of many. Am I wrong? It was for this reason that African Empire was not allowed to flourish and
that African Empire was destroyed by envious Dutch, Arab, Portuguese, British and Asians with a host of others. The new americas involvement in that dastardly trade in slaves in etched in memory of many black and white, Union and Confederate. Yes to you people looking to spread the blame, intra tribal/nation warfare did supply some of the slaves for trade, but a vast majority came from those excursions/incursions by the many nationalities mentioned into the interior that provided the bodies from the many destroyed villages and towns that helped destroy African Empire. Gunpowder was the deciding factor

On to the present. This election is about racial and gender dominance. This is no small wonder given the rise of open racism and state sanctioned murder and execution of men, women and children of color since the ascension of Barack Hussein Obama as POTUS. No small wonder at all. Happy election season.

I will never give up

yet, to keep having these Trump and Alex Jones types pop up on MSM and Internet every four years since my first vote in the '72' election IS frustrating. I would never shame patriots who fought and died so that we still have our ability to have our voices heard at the ballot box. I NEVER SAID I FEEL INFERIOR TO ANYONE. My high ground position of equality bestowed upon me by the current POTUS is inviolate. The current slime called the RW is something I try to avoid stepping in yet there is so much of their excreta laying around that just the stink of them keeps me shaking my head in wonderment that americans can believe and give backing to obvious racists, homophobic, mysogynistc pigs. THIS shows me what is just under the surface veneer of 'freedoms' we still enjoy in more or less degrees depanding on race and financial status.

Your 5 main points are well taken and appreciated because they are grounded in truth.

point 1-- you point to the DNC's new found courage as exhibited this year. I put forth that we more than likely would not have the resurgence of the racism and bigotry we are experiencing IF in the last 7+ years that same DNC had shown some political muscle and had our current POTUS'S back. THEY DID NOT ever speak out on the obvious racist treatment of BHO by thec Senate and congressional RW and our own 'bluedogs!!!!'. . Where was Wasserman then these last 7+ years in regard to that fact........I know that american politics creates strange bedfellows but the last 7+ years those bedfellows had a romp at the expense of BHO. Only his willpower got things accomplished over the racist RW (both Party's) of this country's political system. I hope you are right that our Party leadership is wiser now than in the last 7+ years. Yet I don't trust the leadership of our Party nor will I again only and until I see positive pushback continuing by our Party leader HRC. I will vote for HRC no matter come hell or high water, don't misunderstand me.

point 2--true and that will be our saving grace this election.

point 3--I learned long ago never to assume anything. Especially when it comes to american politics and money. ALEC proved this to be true. All I know is that the MSM WILL make this seem like a horse race when in fact, it is not. They will do this just because of advertising dollars and the RW that owns and operates the MSM. Low information voters, of which there are many millionss totally depend on MSM for all of their information. That's information dumbed down to appeal to this sub stata of american citizenry.

point 4--a lot of voters get their information from the internet today, true and that includes the dumbed down low information voters who stick to just information an Alec Jones disseminates or that hate radio disseminates, of which there are many. I just hope that decent people will be able to first vote, all the RW ID laws are making that difficult in many areas and that gerrymandering won't hurt us too bad either, something I am not comfortable believing our Party can overcome. The MSM will never bury Trumpfuhrer until he loses and then those same media outlets will go looking for their next money maker political star.

point 5--I don't doubt that HRC will destroy trump in any debate on any subject, yet do not forget who usually moderates these events, the chuck todd types who are capable of being able to make the good look bad and the bad palatable. My only hope this election is that a majority of women are sick of this mysogynistic buffoon and will come out in overwhelming numbers in favor of HRC. I imagine the last 7+ years of attacks on reproductive rights of women as well as civil rights attacks should be cause enough to bring out the many, many women who have to prove that the white male dominated RW is an idea that needs to be relegated to the dustbin of history.

The only way I am is very angry at a system that is still racist, mysogynistic, homophobic and just mean in this 21st century. Depressed? No! Despairing? No! I know that when I get sick of this shit, I have a place to retire to that will allow me my peace in my so called 'golden years'. What is frustrating is the young people I come into contact with, on a major university campus, who are all the words I have used to describe the RW. November will be a major turning point in the test of american choice of leadership. We shall see. I will be dropping by me local Democratic Party office today to put my body and mind where it can do the most I know to do. Happy election season

if you say so

I am just not so sure. HRC has the women's vote I presume, but with the "let it bleed" media looking for $$$$$, the truth does not matter anymore, as has been always in this country, only ratings count. This sub standard 'media' we have providing our 'news' is a shameful reflection of our substandard culture driven by hate of all typesthat has been here ALWAYS but is being refreshed and revitalized by the like of Trump and his surrogates like Lepage of Maine ect.. Even with being a retiree, I am out in this society everyday, yes everyday for between 4 hours to longer, doing a public service job. Americans are angry, spoiled with a mentality that is narcissistic, privileged and selfish, these days. This election season is creating more angry, violent idiots that I even saw with Nixon and Atwaters machinations of the electorate in my first voting election.

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