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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: ann arbor
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 5,045

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well yeah

I somewhat agree. A certain 'sub group' of amerikkkans who have always been there are feeling more justified and encouraged by the likes of Ryan, Cruz, Beck, Limbaugh, Fox news, Palin, Bachmann. They are venting their racist bile in the open and are goddamn proud in doing so. Yet I do stand by the opinion that because of the likes of ones mentioned previously, that the number of racists out of the closet and newly created are legion in this country. Not to say that decent folks aren't legion also, it's the only thing holding this fragile conglomeration(union) of states together. Wisconson GOPers are voting on succession from the union next month. What do you think race might have to do with that?

A crock pot is more like it

with the heat slowly boiling us all into who knows what. This country has NEVER melted into anything homogeneous. It's been either segregated and racially divided with some pockets of sanity holding things together or like today, in the 21st century, racist and crazy with most MSM totally driving that type of mentality.......with obvious outcomes. The forces of hate and division have marched down Pennsylvania ave and right into the halls of the congress and house of representatives. Every since Reagan a certain 'sub group' has been on the march because of the fear of losing their entitlement and privilege based on RACE only. Racism in america is one of the most malevolent and vicious forms of hate the world has ever seen after having sprung from one of the most vicious and destructive forms of human enslavement in human history. International my ass. And I hope you noticed I said one of the most vicious and hateful forms sustained, for centuries, on a fear of people of color, only. Those forces of hate that have infested our supreme court and legislative branches of government are a reflection, in the case of the legislative branch, of the a 'sub group' of americans who voted them into office. The last 35 years of political and judicial malfeasance in this country have kept me reminded of one thing, we are living in a time, like another, when a group of hateful bigots a generation or so ago, marched down Pennsylvania ave in white sheets and hoods, 50,000 strong and were goddamn proud in doing it.

okay, here is why I

cannot stomach carter. 10 years or so ago, Habitat for Humanity bought or were donated some land across the street from me. Plenty of quiet space with lots of trees, greenery, habitats for many woodland animals, a place to meditate on and in. We had 13 houses total in my alcove at that time. HFH came in and just decimated all our woodlands and started building their houses. The noise and street disruption was excruciating. This disruption went on until there were 15 habitat homes. No community talk was offered about this project. The township just wanted more tax base so they didn't object. I mention that SOME families have had serious problems and that has caused continuing police problems. The problems are not confined to any one race or creed. The families that moved in are racially diverse and for the most part, nice, hardworking families. I cast no net dispersions. But what some brought into our quiet neighborhood is objectionable. Period.. I mean the whole HFH project ran roughshod over our objections to so many homes destroying the integrity of our neighborhood. I objected, along with one other brave neighbor to the township, they said tough. I wrote carter and national HFH about this situation. Never got a word back. The response after a meeting with the local HFH officials? Tough, we will build as many houses as we please, deal with it. All the idealism about HFH is admirable, yet out here in the trenches, it is a different story. That made me do research into the man carter that I didn't think about much before this happened. Okay, his early political career was not sterling enough for me. Still feel that way. But the organization he is prominently associated with and speaks for is not sensitive to the negative implications of their building willy nilly in established neighborhoods. I, essentially, have lived in a HFH village for the last ten years or so and I don't like it. This organization touts helping people get back on their feet and all that but care nothing about the integrity of neighborhoods they destroy. I know I'm opening up myself to more scorn, so be it. I have had to live through a total disruption of the neighborhood I enjoyed for 10 years before HFH, so I do not like him or his so called humanitarian efforts with HFH. My local politicians who would not even respond to my neighbors and my queries as to why no community involvement was asked for in the decision to destroy the ambiance of our area. So along with his not so sterling early political career and my personal introduction to his humanitarian efforts with an organization that feels no responsibility toward the neighborhoods they invade, no I don't and never will respect the man. I know firsthand about the outcome of one of his humanitarian efforts. So if my lack of respect for him makes me, a democrat, a bad person to be scorned because of my disdain for the way HFH runs roughshod over established neighborhoods with their building, then so be it. And I have been very contented with this site. I don't post that much, but I do respond to the OP's. Don't try to make me some kind of troll or something. I don't need you casting your implied dispersions. Some people on this site are good for that. The zimpig trial brought that home to me loud and clear

Google on. I use a different search engine.

and I get something completely different from the search engine most people have responded with and used. Google is a joke and not the only search engine on this planet. I laugh at how people are led to use something with no one questioning why. No question in my mind. I don't care what you think of me. I lived in the south, know what southern culture has bred into our society and that is racism, hate, segregation, stupidity and ignorance. These are facts that are shameful in our so called democracy. You like carter? Fine. Your right. I don't, won't and never will. NEVER. Respond to that. And I'll respond further. When carter campaigned for governor he distributed photos of his challenger Carl Saunders being embraced by black basketball players and the KKK used them as a wedge against Saunders. Jimmy Carter pledged, during his campaign, that if elected he would invite george wallace, the infamous alabama racist, to georgia. He also said he was equally proud to have lester maddox as his lt. gov. Public record. So don't give me any shameful garbage. Not ashamed to stand up to people who think they know something but remain in the dark with no clue.

capitalism is dirty, filthy, unfair

and in conjunction with RW politics destroys families through foreclosures and starvation. Capitalists don't want a living wage for workers because their profits, which are obscene, would be somewhat less. Capitalism has allowed corporations to take over this country and definitely determines who runs this country. Capitalism is very dirty, filthy and disgusting as a system for the weaker and vulnerable in our society. A true american capitalist will NOT allow wealth to be spread around. The corporate capitalist wants hungry people begging for their minimum wage jobs, control over the masses is kept in a few hands that way. Your idealism is honorable, but not realistic, especially given the last 14 years of american capitalism at it's best in destroying families and communities. RWers will not allow "liberal" laws to help us 99%ers. They are paid by the people they are protecting, greedy corporate capitalist. Laelth you're usually on the mark, but this time, no.

Andrew Jackson slave trader

engineer of the 'trail of tears' in which 46,000 native americans from different tribes, Cherokees, Choctaws, Muscogee-Creeks, Chickasaws and Seminoles, were forced off their ancestral lands and forced to march west. In freezing temperatures and with little food, many men, women and children died. And this mass murderer is on the 20 dollar bill. Most enlightening to find this further evidence of amerikkkan hypocrisy. I know it is old news, but ran into it in an article I read this morning and was reminded, again, of the extreme nature of the settlement, 'manifest destiny', of the american land mass by the transplanted european. He, to quote the article, should be vilified not honored on our money.

actually I was talking

with russian friends familiar with the situation last evening and both she and he voiced concern about all the nuclear material that could fall into the wrong hands, both the ultra-nationalist(rightwing fascists) responsible for starting this mess. Yes america is backing the fascists, again. And Putin is worried about terrorists groups getting their hands on the nuclear material(suitcase nukes, ect)also, and both my friends stressed that this is probably the situation? Are they wrong? Not a big worry with all the madness, chaos, anarchy and mayhem going on now in the Ukraine?

"8pm to 4am in a dangerous part of town"

well that's off campus, usually. Nothing to do with my statement concerning concealed weapons ON CAMPUS. What is it about you 2nd amendment aficionados that you can't understand, 'no guns on campus'? The state I live in issues concealed weapons permits, fine if that's what the citizen wants to carry to feel 'safe', fine. They don't belong in the halls of higher learning. This god mentality behind carrying a loaded weapon on ones person is disgusting. This wild west mentality that has taken over our nation is sickening. The violence and unnecessary death and maiming because of a need to feel safe in the "dangerous parts of town", wonder where that is, has compelled me to speak out against all this need to carry a gun ON CAMPUS. Gunslingers of the wild west is still the mentality engendered here. Nothing else. The NYT piece is a good start in the direction of sane debate on the need to have a loaded gun on ones person ON CAMPUS.

Bigotry and racism is, I say for the thousandth time,

systemic and institutionalized in america. 300 years and STILL counting. White privilege and sense of entitlement is even more entrenched and hung on to today and I suspect some of the racism and bigotry has to do with white fear, according to studies, of the majority race fast becoming the minority race in this country.. And yes the zimpig trial opened my eyes about a lot of so-called liberals on DU's site. Taught me a large lesson about my fellow 'liberal and progressives' on this site. And yes I was pretty angry at our POTUS for a while for not following through on promises I voted for. Yet once I really delved into the politics of obstructionism based on racism both legislatively and judicially, my POTUS got a BIG pass. No POTUS has faced the level of hate based solely on his color as my President has in the LAST SIX YEARS. The death threats are off the charts compared to other CE's. What you want to bet at least 75 percent of them come from Rush Limpig followers, Beckheads and duck dynasty assholes based strictly on his color? No. America is not anywhere near being past racism. The Democratic party has racists who hate blacks just like any other organized group in america. MAYBE, just less than, say, the republican party.

no they don't

let me try to break it down to the LOWEST common denominator for you. Weapons such as hidden guns are not necessary in the higher halls of learning. Shootouts in classrooms and on college campuses put many people at risk for no reason. The recent spate of shootings by disgruntled students are tragic. Yet hidden guns will not stop that behavior. Disgruntled and crazy usually = suicidal. So some student shooting back at the suicidal student will only add more lethal projectiles to a situation where the police and shooter are, more than likely, firing. If my logic is faulty, so be it. I stand by it.
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