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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: minn
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 6,063

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I would think they would

but it really is like someone said in this thread and I myself said months ago, in knowing my history, this whole situation is like the 30's in pre-war germany as it turned into a fascist dictatorship. Just reading the account of he legal observer being arrested. The targeting of young black males for arrest and harassment. This is truly a situation where true leaders need to speak up about the murder of Michael Brown and the reaction. After reading many accounts of how Ferguson authorities have treated the minority community, I know understand the built up frustration and anger being vented. And I state that everything that has happened is the direct result of racism and ignorance on the part of Ferguson's 'leaders'.

Is everyone that afraid of the white wing reaction if they speak up about this injustice. Geez they're cowering in the corner saying, "don't hit me again". SPEAK THE FUCK UP!!!!! 'Leaders'.

Hillary? anyone?

Have I missed comments from her on this travesty and disgrace in Ferguson? Nothing, nada, zero. Pretty telling. To me, or is that off limits?

no matter

a troll is a troll. Period. No escaping the fact that there are people on here who do not have everyone's best interest in mind, especially if they happen to be 'different' or voice an opinion that well might be true but is to painful or shaming to admit, like maybe there are out and out racist in our end of the political spectrum? And, from my experience here, during the zimpig-Trayvon Martin travesty, more than a few. But the good thing was, they were overwhelmingly outnumbered by decent americans. Like the comments on this latest racist murder/incident in Missouri-ippi-da.


right. anti-caucasian racist? WTF is that? anti-semites, I understand that term. anti-caucasian racist..... No such thing....prejudiced maybe.....but a brown person not liking a white person cannot be a racist. You really should learn the difference. But maybe you don't want to. ( Difference Between.com )IF you do.

you can wait till hell freezes over

The officer is a racist murderer of Michael Brown. Because of people who are 'fair' and impartial', he will probably get away with it knowing amerikkka as I do. I called it correct on zimpig walking way be before his murderous actions were sanctioned by his 'fair and impartial' jury, so I know I'm not far off the mark. You answered none of the questions asked you, you just want to be 'fair and impartial', I understand. You're a credit to your..........................


I heard all your type of caution from many on here at the zimpig-Trayvon Martin case and trial. Oh wait for the facts, it's in the jury's hands, the trial judge is fair and impartial, Trayvon was a thug, he had marijuana in his system and on and on.....if this jerk wilson is found guilty in a trial by his peers, which I repeat, again, I doubt, he deserves the same due process he afforded Michael Brown. Can I make it any clearer for you?


if you say so. Or please excuse me, if our POTUS says so. He, our president has to tread a fine line, between the racists, apologists, the angry, despairing and frustrated to appear to be a man(POTUS) of us all. He is a politician first, and more to the point an AA POTUS. HE HAS TO SAY THESE WORDS and god bless him, I don't. Wilson is a cold blooded murderer and deserves the same due process, after his trial, if he is found guilty. Which I truly doubt.

"due process"??????

okay. More and more am I reminded of and saddened by the willful blindness of those who presume themselves to be 'fair'. No due process happened for Michael Brown. What do you say of his "due processing"? Trayvon Martin and zimpig, his murderer and the trial opened my eyes to a lot of so called progressives and liberals and their thought processes and what it's based on. Won't go into that because that is another sore point of some so called liberals and progressives here and on other 'leftie' forums. All you and your cohorts have done is to remind one of the real lack of progress in this country when it comes to race relations. Really, your type of logic is a sad reflection on how much further we have to go. Yeah, you can talk about due process, yet did Michael Brown get his due process? Or was he just processed?

eyewitnesses who saw the murder

are not public evidence of an execution? Michael Brown was shot down like an "animal", not my word, a white policeman's words describing angry black people. Shot 6 times, five when trying to surrender. But oh yeah, those were black eyewitnesses, so they re suspect. I understand.

wilson will walk

You think they don't know how to sweep this under the cultural rug of systemic and institutionalized racist murder? They have over a hundred years of precedent to draw from, from all over the south. I bet they been making phone calls. 'hey, ben how do I handle these libruls in the press and these "animals" in the streets".
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