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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 13,826

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and given the evil that 'presidents' bannon, miller and chump have released from true civil and social restraint, this IS going to be the first of many 'long hot summers'.

I would be surprised IF chump would make a statement on this lynching and if so, it would be purely political dressing with no real empathy or compassion behind the reason of statement release.

This chump is the laughing stock of the world now and by association, all the rest of us...with presidents like the terrible triumvirate, who needs enemies? And the terrible triumvirate is the enemy of AA, women, immigrants, muslims and all other minorities not white, kkkhristian and male/female and the army of brownshirts they have released will be trying to prove bannons hate.

these voters are not simple

poor things got conned?...I hope he has learned a valuable lesson, but in most matters hateful, probably not.

Another boy-potus-bannon-miller

inspired murder? This trump-chump will be hero to the davidKKKduke crowd by tomorrow....he deserves to fry....wish that one was still around as a way to dispose of trump-chump miscreants such as this.


is a reality, not just a movie. Laughing stock of the world now and laughing harder every day. Dumb fucking base of the boy-potus is proof evolution actually can reverse itself. HAS reversed itself. Well we'll see when their little boys and girls start dying from no health care or in a needless war to prove he and prezident bannon's penis size....americans....damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

every time

President Obama took off, these republiKKKan pukes screamed. I am so sick of all the lies, lies, lies, lies, from spicemonkey........

divert from blame, distract from original point

these jerks are NOT going to do anything to the terrible triumvirate....Flynn is the only one that has been made to or will fall on their sword as sacrifice to these three decadent, depraved, immoral pagans running our country now.....bannon, milller, stupidass.

of course

stupid, duplicitous, guilt ridden people can never look one in the eye. NEVER!!!! This clown of a person, sad excuse for a human being. What shit we got this time. Protect our artists!!!!!!!!


but there are enough of these going bad that notice has been taken. Just saying...check things out. I had no trouble with mine until this last thursday....for 15 months I had it....who knows


true enough

hope this is an ok forum for this headsup

AT&T has a class action lawsuit going on against their android G4 LG phone. Mine just quit 4 days ago. Went to the bootup screen and locked. Would not come on no matter what I did: turn off and on...took battery out for a night because it was warm, put it back in and phone worked for a couple of hours and went back to lock screen. I had bought their loss/breakage insurance and now, allegedly, I will be getting the 700.00 Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 32GB after paying 112.00 deductible.

Don't let them make you buy another phone or one of their cheapie go by the minute phones. The AT&T store tried all that nefarious stuff...I just kept saying, over and over, I want a new phone. I git this one 15 months ago....the phone is no good and big lawsuit. With as warm as it gets I wonder about fires and burns from it.
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