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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 11,315

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people are wanting change of a recognizable type

Whether it's BS that can accomplish it will just have to be seen. HRC has much negative baggage associated with her from a prior administration and her coziness with the oligarchy over the last, say, 15 years. So we'll see there also. Let's just hope that someone, anyone in the political realm making promises, really means them and will truly fight for the disenfranchised and miserably vulnerable of our society.

as in the early 1900's

I find surprising similarities in the so called liberal/progressives of our day. Lot of words, nice sounding cliches, yet black people/minorities, that includes the poor, are still marginalized, imprisoned, poisoned, hanged, shot and killed while unarmed and are being disenfranchised from voting based on segregationist/racist thought and legislation in MANY locales around this nation. If progressives/liberals had really stood together for human dignity, voting and civil rights for the marginalized groups in this country over the last 100 years, the RW racist group would have a harder time killing and disenfranchising minorities, so +++10000 on your post. Minorities must start coalescing around each other for voting power and to show mass rejection of the racist/fascist element growing in this nation with agitation from Fox news freaks and pundits, hate radio, white segregationists and the virulently hateful white racist pursuing 'Manifest Destiny'.

from Tuskegee to Flint

The M.O. has remained the same. The white elite and their working poor and not so poor devotees have perpetuated hate and proven their disdain for POC in many incidents since the genocide and decimation of the native-American nations.

The Ayn Rand white supremacist devotees and their tools have agitated and pursued 'Manifest Destiny' from day one to the detriment and misery of all not in their tribal/racial group.

The Flint poisoned lead filled water "crisis" is but the latest proof of the hate and disdain that a lot of Americans hold for minorities in general. The Yale-New Haven teachers institute has a study 'The Negro Holocaust: Lynchings and Race Riots in the United States, 1880-1950 that proves my point. And here 65 years later from the end of that study young and not so young male and female black americans are still being killed and poisoned for no other reason than they are from the black and minority communities.

This can't continue. And if so, why? When will the racists of this country realize, you can't shoot, poison, hang, imprison or make all black people fear your ability to hate and KILL. Sooner or later that ability to cause misery and death for so many for so long will destroy you.

if his office knew about this

A year before admitting possible problems. Snyder knew. Period. I have to find the breakdown of those affected both racially and politcally. See if there is a possibility of charges of genocide in the flint community perpetrated by some in Snyder's administration.

what to say???

In spite of all the Waller county legal obfuscation, it was out and out murder of a young life just starting a new career in that, now, godforsaken hellhole for POC. This type of murder among many in the last 7+ years and Snyder's attempted genocide by lead poisoning in Flint, Michigan are all one in the same....white racist genocide in america. PERIOD.


No candidate supporter base is represented by 100% assholes, but all candidates have some with some having more than others, it seems. And the forum groups here representing the two frontrunners have very thin skin when pointing out facts such as this.

laughable and transparent

Your attempts at deflecting from the seriousness of this 'incident'. But I find this area of conversation ripe ground for the new powerless class. Who are fodder for comedy and contempt.

after reading article

I must say ms.Harris-perry is lucky indeed. This probable trumpchump was not only crazy, he represents a huge bloc of Americans who hate the fact AA being in any position of influence, Since his entitled ass has none. Thank fate for the courage and proximity of her friend. American politics is creating more of these clowns every day. Poor, poor 'entitled' nobody feeling powerless. Huge sarcasm meant. I despise these Idiots who lament their fall from all areas of power in society. May their fall continue.

I know damn well

It wasn't an HRC supporter. Now let's see...what candidate running as a democrat has the dubious distinction of having many supporters that refer to a huge segment of the democratic party voting block as....not important......hmmmmmm

unlike the trumpchumps supporting

The fascist, who by the way is rolling in their adoration like a dog in a pile of manure, I can't believe that Sanders appreciates some supporters like are found here who claim to be progressive and liberal yet have shown their TRUE political, cultural and racial inclinations/leanings by statements that leave a POC out in the cold, politically and racially, again.

HRC is a centrist, just like many here, who's past voting record and perceived racist shenanigans by both she and Bill during her run against our current POTUS and during the other democratic administration leaves a lot to be desired by this POC

Sanders only has to let his staff filter it down through the ranks that racist, ignorant supporters better go back underground with their hate and hide the racist knives and get back to smiling in the faces of those they hate, as has been done for generations, and continuing to fake their enforcing liberal progressivness. IF he should win the nomination he would as HRC would get my vote. Even if O'Malley should slip in the same goes.

Yet it cannot be denied that a lot of dubious supporters of Bernie have caused a lot of problems to their candidate by offending good POC who possibly would have voted for BS and have poisoned the air for decent and civil debate irredeemably. And I see civility degrading much much more here, racially and politically, in the coming year.

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