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bilingual, bipedal homo sapien

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March 25 good news: 84 percent of the world population has faith........

One can search for negative news about religious adherents, and in a population of believers that number an estimated 5.8 billion out of the 6.9 billion world population, there are always negative incidents to be found.

But religion is a force for great good. In this country, for example, religious people were in the forefront of the abolition movement, in the forefront of the civil rights movement, and in the forefront of the peace movement.

So to remind us all of the positives, I have started to post short pieces about progressive people of faith to inspire and remind us all that no matter how dark it appears to be, the fight goes on, and religious people are a part of that progressive struggle.

I hope you will like the coming pieces.

From March For Life To Womens Strike: My Journey From Pro-Life To Pro-Choice (Good news 3-24)

From the article:

Five years ago, I was marching in Washington D.C. in a very different kind of women’s march. I was a self-described social conservative and evangelical Christian then, joining other young, conservative interns to participate in the March for Life to “protect” the rights of the unborn and “save” future generations of women from the “scourge” of abortion and Planned Parenthood....................
After much introspection and research, I embarked on a new spiritual path, one that was not at odds with my growing social consciousness and that viewed my pursuit of justice and social activism as a mitzvah, or commandment.

To read more of one person's faith evolution...............


It IS all President Obama's fault!!!!! No, really.

Poor Donald Trump. He had to follow President Obama as President. And the comparisons are striking.

1) married to the same woman for many years

married 3 times, so far, numerous extramarital affairs


2) A very intelligent Constitutional lawyer
Trump: was given millions by his father

3) Pays his bills
Trump: declared bankruptcy 6 times, so far

4) Has 2 lovely children
Trump: Has spawned numerous greedy sociopaths

5) never a hint of marital scandal
Trump: an admitted sexual predator and possible pedophile

6) No ties to Russia
Trump: Putin owns him.

7) endured 8 years of racist abuse from the GOP
Trump: might as well be a KKK member

8) always kept cool under pressure
Trump: a juvenile, thin skinned, image obsessed time bomb

9) a full head of hair
Trump: 30 pounds of shellac holding down 50 hairs

I could go on, but it is clear that if Barack Obama had been as dysfunctional as, say, the entire Palin family, Trump would not look so bad by comparison.

So it is all Obama's fault.

If I have missed anything please feel free to add.

From slumcamper:
10) inspired a majority of Americans with HOPE
10) depressed the majority of Americans with DESPAIR

Interfaith Activists To Descend On Times Square In Solidarity With Muslims

From the article:

New York City’s interfaith activists are getting ready to show President Donald Trump that they’re willing to stand in solidarity with their Muslim neighbors..............

The Nusantara Foundation, a Muslim interfaith advocacy organization run by Imam Shamsi Ali, and the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, a non-profit dedicated to strengthening inter-ethnic cooperation, are helping to organize the event. FFEU is spearheaded by Rabbi Marc Schneier and the hip-hop artist Russell Simmons. Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour will also reportedly be at the event.

To read more:


As they did during the days of slavery, as they did during the 1960s anti-war and Civil Rights movements, people of faith are standing up for social justice.

Good News about Religion for March 23.

Rekindling a Prophetic Moral Vision for Justice, Social Change and Movement Building

From the page:

Repairers of the Breach, Inc. is a nonpartisan and ecumenical organization that seeks to build a progressive agenda rooted in a moral framework to counter the ultra-conservative constructs that try to dominate the public square. Repairers will help frame public policies which are not constrained or confined by the narrow tenets of neo-conservatism. Repairers will bring together clergy and lay people from different faith traditions, with people without a spiritual practice but who share the moral principles at the heart of the great moral teachings. Repairers will expand a “school of prophets” who can broadly spread the vision of a nation that is just and loving. 

To read more, and more:


I have appealed 2 hides.

Approximately how long does it take for those appeals to be heard?

Why I Marched. (Good news about Religion for March 22)

From the short article:

I have learned from our ancient Jewish sages that at no time can we care only for ourselves. Social justice goes beyond attending to the impoverished and the stranger. Social justice is about advocating for them..........


Putting faith into action.


Muslims for Progressive Values:

From the site:

In 2014, MPV, in cooperation with the Qulliam Foundation and human rights lawyer, Tehmina Kazi, launched the Alliance of Inclusive Muslims (AIM): a collective of progressive Muslims across all nationality, race and sectarian affiliation. The purpose of AIM is to consolidate the efforts of progressive Muslims and progressive Muslim organizations from around the world in order to counter radical, intolerant and supremacist attitudes and behaviours in Muslim communities. AIM seeks to challenge theological justifications for hate and supremacism with the progressive values that we feel to be inherent in Islam, namely:


Its Lonely Being A Liberal Asian-American Christian

From the article:

For a long and formative time in my life, the Asian American church was my home. I came to faith at 15 in the high school ministry of a Chinese church. This was the place where I started to grasp the idea of a gracious God who loved me unconditionally; it was also where I came to terms with my Asian American identity, something I had been bitterly fighting for a decade. It was the first Asian American community I’d ever been a part of, and for the first time in my life, I felt normal.......

It was no longer just about Jesus as my personal Savior and helping people like me; it was about Jesus as a revolutionary who came to set the oppressed free (Luke 4.18), and it was about using my voice and my privilege on behalf of those who don’t have those things. Following Jesus was no longer primarily about my individual relationship with him; it now meant continuing his work of embracing and advocating for the marginalized and fighting injustice.

This embrace of the revolutionary Jesus, one who fought for justice, is one that many Christians embrace.

To reads more:

Trump Gives Evidence Of Being An Atheist!

From the short article:

President Trump made a great effort to attract the evangelical Christian community, and he seemed to have succeeded. But it appears that the evidence suggests that he is really an atheist.

A provocative piece. If Trump really is an atheist, perhaps he hides it because he realizes that, unfortunately, atheism IS treated as wrong by many in the faith community.

But considering that Trump is essentially a con man, the con might be his only real belief.

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