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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 01:47 AM
Number of posts: 15,046

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Talk About Fake News - Been To A Grocery Store Checkout Aisle Lately?....

Yesterday while waiting to check out at a grocery store I read some of the headline stories in the tabloids. Here are just two of the headlines:

1. Hillary, Bill & Chelsea Indicted

2. President Obama Has 55 Muslim Spies Working In His Administration

I'm paraphrasing these headlines as I don't recall the exact wording - but these stories are obviously fake - but are visible to everyone in line.

Rahm Emanual Met With Trump Today - Gore The Other Day - Help Me Here - I Don't Remember.....

how this went for past president-elects. Is it common that the president-elect summon the other Party's notables for such meetings?

I don't remember such meetings between Obama as president-elect and members of the Repug Party.

On CNN On New Year's Eve - Will Kathy Griffin Go After Trump With A Vengance?......

How will CNN and Anderson Cooper control Griffin? I can't wait to watch the broadcast - because I think Griffin will come loaded for bear with all kinds of Trump barbs.

Just Heard A Discussion About Trump's Tweets By The Media.....

and instead of saying they are the words of a deranged insane person - they are making Trump out to be a great tactician and saying that he uses these tweets to keep us in the dark about what he is doing or going to do and that he uses the tweets as a form of deflection from other important issues that he doesn't want us to know or spend time on pondering.

They are making him out to be brilliant and keep padding his ego because he was a reality show person and is going to run his presidency like a reality show.

How screwed up is this? Why is the MSM kissing this guy's butt? Why aren't they discrediting him?

I just don't get it. And everyday I become more depressed about our future in this country.

Is It Possible For Democratic Underground To Start Or Sponsor A....

progressive radio station on the internet?

I was listening to WCPT here in Chicago and one of the shows was saying how disadvantaged we are by not having anywhere near the ability that the Repugs and Conservatives have at getting their message out.

It was hearing that - that I had this thought about a Democratic Underground Radio station broadcast around the country via the internet.

Is that even possible?

Has The MSM Been Conned By Trump's Carrier Caper?....

It looks like they have fallen for it - hook, line & sinker.

For A Candidate That Ran Against Establishment Politics - Trump Has In Fact.....

embraced establishment politics in his job picks for his cabinet and beyond.

When will it dawn on his supporters that he's gone back on his campaign promises and conned them into voting for him at their own peril?

As A President's Health Is Important - Will....

Donald Trump now have to undergo a physical by MD's at Walter Reed or some other governmental/military hospital? Is this mandatory? Or does Trump have the ability to use his present MD - that looks like something out of a hippy commune.

Then When Hillary Won The Nomination She Should Have....

directed her campaign against the Repugs instead of directing her campaign against Trump.

I believe it was a tactical mistake by her campaign not to take after the Repugs. They thought if they would take on Trump they would capture the votes of those anti-Trump Repugs and they didn't want to piss them off associating these anti-Trumpers with the Repugs.

The Dems in general - including the Obama's, Biden and even Bill - went after Trump when the real enemy was the Repug Party.

The Repug Clown Car lost their primary to Trump because they did the same thing - they made it about Trump.

Hillary's campaign should have realized and seen that going after Trump was a losing proposition. They didn't.

So it's a nice try to blame this on Bernie - but it was Hillary, her campaign and the Dems that didn't attack the real enemy - The Repug Party - that from the day Obama was inaugurated - vowed to make him a one term President and did everything in their power to gridlock this country and stonewall every logical and right thing to bring this country back from the brink of the disaster that BushCo left us with.

Obama and the Dems could have made America Great Again - but The Repugs stonewalled them every step of the way.

And guess what - America rewarded the and gave them the trifecta. We blew the best chance we've had in 2016 to right this country and now we wonder if we'll ever recover.

If Trump Was Smart He Can Win The Hearts And Minds Of Millennials & Seniors If He.....

works on absolving the debt of college loans and maintains and strengthens Medicare and Social Security.

The money once owed for these college loans will now be funneled into the economy as without this debt hanging over them - they can now - get married, start a family, buy a house, furnish the house, etc. Essentially putting the money into the economy.

Maintaining and strengthening Medicare and SS will cement the hearts and minds of the baby boomers and take away a lot of stress and anxiety in their old age. They can relax and enjoy retirement and spend some of their retirement monies on travel and entertainment, their grandchildren, etc. Again, their money would be pumped into the economy.

Monies like this will churn the economy and create demand for product - hence jobs.

Now if he only does 'infrastructure' the right way - he will create more jobs and further boost the economy.

But I fear that the establishment Repugs (McConnell & Ryan) will hijack Trump's presidency and ram through the old Repug agenda that they've been touting for years. Any repercussions that they may encounter - they will blame on Trump as he will be their fall guy.

We are on the precipice here - and the deciding factor will be if Trump really decides to be a president for all Americans.

I hope Trump is smarter than that and can control those establishment Repugs. The future is in his hands.

I'm willing to give him a chance to do the right thing. I'll be his biggest critic if he succumbs to the whims of the establishment Repugs. the Koch Bros and the 1%'ers.
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