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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 01:47 AM
Number of posts: 15,304

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Pledge Here To Not Watch Any Trump Inaugural Events....

I will not watch any. Will you?

There are much more enjoyable things to do. I will be making a lamp.

I Really Thought That When The Repugs Regained The Presidency &....

Senate & House that they would do all the good things & ideas that they denied the Obama Administration to do.

Just think - they could have won a lot of new support if they passed a public option healthcare bill; if they passed a wide and formidable infrastructure; if they handled the immigration issue the way the Obama Administration proposed; etc. Essentially all the good things we all were for.

Boy was I wrong!!!!

And To Think The Repugs Were Going To Discredit Bernie With....

the 'socialist' moniker. And now look at how cozy they are with the Russians. Sad.

Has It Been Verified That Jeb Bush Was The One That Hired This Firm To Do Opposition Research....

on Trump during the primary? Somewhere I thought I read this - but I haven't heard the MSM reporting this.

If it was Jeb - it's interesting that this dossier will cast a shadow over Trump's presidency.

I also find it interesting that the other thing I'm hearing is that somewhere along the line - the Dems (and I surmising the Hillary campaign) was tossed this ball and ran with it during their campaign. Has that been verified?

If so - how did the Hillary campaign get their hands on this? Did Jeb's people sell it to them to recover their costs? or was Jeb
so angry at the treatment he got from Trump during the primary - that he just turned this over to the Dems - just to do in Trump?

Can someone educate me on this origin of this dossier and its transfer from Repug to Dem?

l Heard MSM Describe This 35 Page Dossier On Trump As Opposition Research.....

Just because it is opposition research doesn't mean its not credible.

It seems like MSM is now trying to say opposition research is not credible and is fake news.

Mr. Trump - During The Campaign You Used 'Fake News' To Your Advantage Against Hillary....

now that you say that you've been hit by 'fake news' do you have empathy for what Hillary encountered with respect to 'fake news'?

We Need To Urge IRS To Complete The Audit Of Trumps Taxes So He Can't Use That As....

an excuse anymore for not releasing his taxes.

The IRS should make it very visible and shout it out loudly - that they have finished this audit and that there is no longer an excuse for Trump to say he can't release his tax forms.

OK Foreign Governments - Let That Be A Warning To You....

If you stay at any of his hotels - especially the new one in DC - watch out for the cameras that will be watching you. You don't want to wind up on TV or YouTube.

Are Those Files & Folders Next To The Presser Podium....

just bogus props or real bonified files & folders? Will they let the media inspect them to check their authenticity?

Trump Is Starting To Sniff Again....nt

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