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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 01:47 AM
Number of posts: 15,701

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Jimmy Kimmel Is Doing A Great Job At The Oscars.....

A very entertaining evening.

Just What Is The Latest On This Russian Thing?......

I keep hearing that the other shoe is going to drop. Senators coming out of confidential meetings being very somber seemingly knowing that there is some serious crap that went on and might be continuing going on. We've talked hear about all the signs that the Trump campaign was coordinating efforts with the Russians and that many of his people have intricate ties with Russia or Russians. We see how Trump is very complimentary to Putin. We hear calls for independent special prosecutors investigations in this matter. We see Repugs in both the House and Senate deflecting those calls or saying that they are capable of investigating. We see other Repug Senators and Congressmen calling for special prosecutor investigations. We see calls for Sessions to recuse himself. We see Priebus talking with the FBI telling them to lay off. We see Trump tweeting that this whole Russian thingy is created by the Dems and the media to counter their big loss. Etc. Etc. Etc.

All the while the clock is ticking and we are getting further and further away from all of this and talking more about Trump's tweets and his still being in campaign mode.

Bottom line - where are we with the Russian thing? Is anything really going to happen? Will there be investigations? Or will we just see this stonewalling going on until this gets pushed aside. Will Trump run out the clock on this and just skate away unscathed like he's been doing all along?

Can anybody tell me where we are with this whole matter. Cause if Russia did try to sabotage our election and if Trump and his people were in cahoots - the very fabric of our democracy is at stake.

Does Anyone Here Remember That Rumsfeld In The Bush Administration Wanted To Push Misinformation....

I seem to recall a controversy back in BushCo's time that - I believe it was Rumsfeld wanted to create a Department that would put out misinformation or probably what we now call 'fake news'.

Do you think that 45Pee has picked up on that concept and is pushing it today?

I need a refresher as to what this Dept was called? Did it actually go into effect back in BushCo's days?

This May Sound Like Dumb Questions - But When People Are Deported To Mexico....

Who takes them? Where do they take them to? Are there official drop off points? What happens to these people when they arrive in Mexico? Do they just become homeless? What if Mexico refuses to accept them?

I heard that we're deporting some people that Mexico is not there country of origin. What happens to these people? Is the U.S. just dumping these people on Mexico?

Does 45Pee Use Chicago As A Prop?......

In many of his speeches and tweets - he's cited Chicago as a dangerous place and he once even suggested he would send in the Feds to clean it up. So far - I don't think he has done anything to address the violence taking place in Chicago. So the question is - does he just use Chicago as a prop so he can score some points with his followers.

If he was sincere - he could use cleaning up Chicago's violence as an example as to what he can do and what he can achieve. However, I don't think he really thinks he can solve Chicago's problems. And he'd have to take on his VP - former Governor of Indiana - where most of the guns use violently in Chicago come from. Also - if he really was serious - he would take on the NRA and we know that won't happen.

45Pee In His First Few Weeks Has Signed A Flurry Of Exec Orders - Has Anybody Analyzed.....

their impact yet on both big business, banksters & the top 1% vs middle class and poor people.

It Sounds Like 45Pee's Speech Here At CPAC....

sounds like just another election night acceptance speech.

45Pee Just Sank Campbell's Soup....

I won't be buying it ever again.

Deconstruction Equals Destruction.....

Bannon is dangerous.

Scar Needs To Stick To His Day Job...

cause he sure can't sing. They cut him off mid song. Embarrassing. Sad.
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