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geek tragedy

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Member since: Thu May 13, 2004, 12:50 PM
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Trump attending ribbon cutting at his D.C. Hotel this week.


And he's launching Trump TV tonight.


LOL!! The Deplorables think Wikileaks revealed the crime of OVERSAMPLING in polls


They think the fact that oversampling means Trump's blathering of rigged polls has been vindicated.

In reality, it just means focusing on specific demographics when doing an internal poll for a media buy.


Deplorable and dumb ain't no way to go through life.

They make our old buddy Dean "Unskew the Polls" Chambers look brilliant:


Wikileaks responds to praise from David Duke by going full anti-Semite


While defending Putin of course. (The Rothschilds are a minor owner of the Economist, but a major favorite of Nazi conspiracy theorists).

Trump September $$: raised $54.7, spent $70.2, $34.8 Million on hand

Big expenditures:

$23.2M on 'placed media'

$20.6M on 'digital consulting/online advertising'

Only $857K on payroll

His business acumen translated pretty faithfully to his campaign management.

Overlooked aspect about how self-defeating Trump's refusal to respect voters' wishes

Everyone's talking about what happens when he loses. You know what happens when all anyone talks about is that a candidate is going to lose?

Their people don't turn out to vote.

Trump's brand is "I'm a winner"--when the entire premise for the national dialogue centers around Trump as the loser, not good for the brand.

Hillary's campaign is like the Shawshank Redemption.

After years of careful planning and near-perfect execution, for the final stage she's being forced to wade through human sewage before she can finally achieve her goals.

In three weeks, she'll go from the filth that is Trump to this:

Poll: Most Americans think Donald Trump is a raging jackass

Here’s a much more important finding. The good folks at Quinnipiac hit on the brilliant idea of asking respondents whether they think Clinton and Trump have a basic sense of decency. You’ll be shocked by what they found:


The Unforgivables: Trump's Top Collaborators


Brutal takedown of Republicans who betrayed both their party and country by throwing in with Trump,

Let’s be clear: Trump backers have no one but themselves to blame for having foisted a mentally unstable man-child with literally no redeeming qualities upon the country. So determined are they to avoid responsibility for this that they have crafted an elaborate theory assigning culpability for Trump’s impending defeat not upon the candidate but those who warned he would lose. Considering these conservatives’ soft spot for Weimar-like stab-in-the-back myths, a more fitting historical analogy for the confrontation we’re soon to witness amidst the rubble of the GOP is the political state of affairs in postwar Berlin. Like the victorious Allies who worked to rid Germany of National Socialist influence, so too will the GOP need to cleanse itself thoroughly of the cowards, opportunists, and authoritarians who collaborated in the rise of the closest thing this country has ever had to a nationwide fascist movement. What’s needed after Trump loses isn’t, as writers more magnanimous than I have proposed, an amnesty wherein everyone simply forgives and forgets, but something closer to de-Nazification, or the “lustration” of communist officialdom that Central and Eastern European countries carried out after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The actual list of Trumphole sellouts begins with a very deserving honoree:

I’ll always remember where I was when (1) Chris Christie endorsed Trump. Christie was first of the 16 Republican presidential contenders to support the eventual nominee, and his announcement was all the more startling coming from a twice-elected, moderate Republican Governor with solid “establishment” credentials. Christie’s endorsement was a decisive moment, opening the floodgates for other Republican elected officials to back Trump. Almost immediately after joining the Trump Train—and in a sign of things to come for others who would hop on it—Christie began debasing himself, audibly taking orders from Trump on the campaign trail and allegedly fetching him fast food. Despite the serial humiliations, Christie has remained one of Trump’s most servile surrogates, defending the nominee’s five-year history of challenging President Barack Obama’s citizenship with arrant nonsense such as, “It wasn’t like he was talking about it on a regular basis.”

The rest:

2. Breitbart
3. Reince Priebus
4. Republican National Committee
5. Sean Hannity
6. Mike Pence
7. Newt Gingrich
8. Rudy Giuliani
9. Ivanka Trump ("the pretty face of a white nationalist political movement")
10. Jared Kushner
11. Donald Trump Jr
12. Eric Trump
13 Mitch McConnell
14. Paul Ryan
15. Kayleigh McEnaney
16. Jeffery Lord
17. Corey Lewandowski
18. Kellyanne Conway
19. Marco Rubio
20. Ted Cruz
21. the Claremont Institute
22. Ralph Reed
23. Tony Perkins
24. Jerry Falwell Jr.
25. Republican primary voters.

Has there been an explanation why FOX NEWS is running the third debate?

It seems beyond ridiculous that Clinton would have agreed to having 90 minutes of Roger Ailes's talking points lobbed at her like missiles in order to help Trump get back into the race.

(Wisconsin) Trump Rally crowd chants "Paul Ryan sucks!"

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