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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 10:36 PM
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A little more: Fractals, The Hidden Dimension:

Published on Jun 4, 2013

What do movie special effects, the stock market, heart attacks and the rings of Saturn have in common?*

They all consist of fractals, irregular repeating shapes found in cloud formations,tree limbs, stalks of broccoli and craggy mountain ranges and even in the human heart.

Discovered by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, they are the architecture used by nature.

*Will sound woo to some, but it's NOVA.

Same mathematical set as everthing:

My favorite musical representation:

It's micro and macro.

Forget it. The JAQ (just asking questions) session is over for now. And they are *legal* refugees:

Obama is enforcing the law - William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act.

The LAW mandates that a hearing before a judge be held, it takes a year now, so speeding it all up makes perfect sense, more funds for the administration and enforcement of current law IS the solution according to law. And according to compassion this is the minimum response.

Before I forget to mention, the current refugee flow rate from Central America is double what it has been for years, so it is not the hair on fire situation it is made out to be, it is serious, but it can be managed with thoughtful response, and stemmed with thoughtful legislation that deals with all the broken parts of the immigration/refugee current hodgepodge of laws. The Senate bill held up by the Republicans is the long term solution, but no one wants to talk solutions, they all want to be outraged and set hair on fire over and over again. Seems America is addicted to self mutilation of thought by follicular arson.

Thank The Lord for the calm of Obama... again. The media propaganda campaign to shame Obama to go the border to do some sightseeing and for no other good reason anyone can mention, is an example of the idiocy faction always getting the megaphone.

The late 2008 legal amendment to the old law, to add protections for children specifically from these Central American countries who were being trafficked into America at the time it was a crisis, was written in a rush, was to protect against human and child trafficking. However, the definition of who is not a trafficked child and a refugee or an economic or war refugee was not well defined. Lawyers and judges are required to sort it out. Deportation personnel, judges, escorts, etc. are also required, exactly as the request from HLS outlines in detail.

So now the Republicans want Obama to ignore the law, one signed in the last days of the Bush years with bipartisan support, but that would be acting just exactly like a dictator?

Make up your creaking minds, is he a dictator or not, how do you get away with having it both ways all the creaking time, I should ask Captain Obvious, maybe he would know.

Obama wants funds to speed up the enforcement of the law, and to change the laws, but somehow that is outrageous, no way say the Republicans?

Unbelievable, the media is again ignoring the obvious idiocy of the only other party in a two party state... they have to, otherwise the whole media profit model goes down the drain.

Republicans love dictators, just not the ones not in their pure Christian cult. Are they are that the refugee children are likely all devout Catholics? Is the colour of their skin so offensive to them that they abandon all their Christian values so readily?

The bibles they clutch and the flags they stand in front up are cover for the gun they also clutch because the love of the gun and the love of hate they cling to over all else needs cover.

I love the rule of law, some not so much.

H.R. 7311 (110th): William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008



(a) In General- Section 107(b)(1) of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (22 U.S.C. 7105(b)(1)) is amended--

(1) in subparagraph (E)(i)(I), by inserting ‘or is unable to cooperate with such a request due to physical or psychological trauma’ before the semicolon; and

(2) by adding at the end the following:


‘(i) DETERMINATION- Upon receiving credible information that a child described in subparagraph (C)(ii)(I) who is seeking assistance under this paragraph may have been subjected to a severe form of trafficking in persons, the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall promptly determine if the child is eligible for interim assistance under this paragraph. The Secretary shall have exclusive authority to make interim eligibility determinations under this clause. A determination of interim eligibility under this clause shall not affect the independent determination whether a child is a victim of a severe form of trafficking.

‘(ii) NOTIFICATION- The Secretary of Health and Human Services shall notify the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security not later than 24 hours after all interim eligibility determinations have been made under clause (i).

‘(iii) DURATION- Assistance under this paragraph may be provided to individuals determined to be eligible under clause (i) for a period of up to 90 days and may be extended for an additional 30 days.


‘(I) ELIGIBILITY DETERMINATION- Before the expiration of the period for interim assistance under clause (iii), the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall determine if the child referred to in clause (i) is eligible for assistance under this paragraph.

‘(II) CONSULTATION- In making a determination under subclause (I), the Secretary shall consult with the Attorney General, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and nongovernmental organizations with expertise on victims of severe form of trafficking.

‘(III) LETTER OF ELIGIBILITY- If the Secretary, after receiving information the Secretary believes, taken as a whole, indicates that the child is eligible for assistance under this paragraph, the Secretary shall issue a letter of eligibility. The Secretary may not require that the child cooperate with law enforcement as a condition for receiving such letter of eligibility.

to Fred Sanders:


Let's get something straight. The kind of child trafficking being discussed is the sex trade for girls and forced to serve as child soldiers (gang members) for boys. I can quote from the Bible how craven and wrong it is to hate these people, even if they weren't children. There is nothing being saved by opposing these refugees because there is no moral basis for that position.

There is a reason some may not have shown up at hearings, but no link was provided when the claim was first made. Many of the children were sent to live with extended family that are either legal residents or native born people, not in the same state they were found in and detained. This is what always occurs, they have sponsors.

Remember they are children who, just like native born children, do not have the ability to move about freely in society. They don't speak English. They don't have money to pay to go on buses or trains or planes to get to the courthouses which are often far away from where they have found a home. They do not drive or own cars. Would we give our kids a map and tell them to get to a courthouse?

It's insane to expect children who are not competent legally to take care of these matters. A number of adults could not manage it with those obstacles, or even less. Their caregivers may be facing financial and logistical problems in getting to court.
It's just mean and ignorant to make that an issue.

And guess what, with climate change there will be more refugees. The GOP and their fence can't keep them out. PBO will send back all he can, but follow the LAW first.

The Pentagon did a study in the 1970s predicting this was coming with global warming. They knew from the climate data collected that people would cross borders to live and there would be conflicts over land.

That is what we are seeing, it's not even political. And for what it's worth, the people screaming the loudest came from immigrant stock and most if not all, came for purely economic reasons, too. So they better get ready to roll with it.

The only comfort I can give to those wailing, 'There goes the neighborhood!' is that the natives of the Americas said that first!

When boats full of foreign people who didn't look right to them, had no papers or other tokens to explain their right to move into America, and refused to learn the language or the ways of the people who lived here first and then proceeded to act violently and break all the native laws for centuries, it was just the way it was. We don't have much moral right to wave people off.


Hello? 'fights that had happened regularly over the past year'? What's going on in Bryan?

It seemed boring when I visited family living there years ago.*

Why would a mob beat them, and at a McDonald's, no less?

Are violent mobs now the norm there?

I can't find online the original event, just the news about the lawsuit. I don't know what this was really about.

*"You can't go back home to your family, back home to your childhood ... back home to a young man's dreams of glory and of fame ... back home to places in the country, back home to the old forms and systems of things which once seemed everlasting but which are changing all the time – back home to the escapes of Time and Memory."

~ Thomas Wolfe in You Can't Go Home Again:

The novel tells the story of George Webber, a fledgling author, who writes a book that makes frequent references to his home town of Libya Hill. The book is a national success but the residents of the town, unhappy with what they view as Webber's distorted depiction of them, send the author menacing letters and death threats.

Wolfe, as in many of his other novels, explores the changing American society of the 1920s/30s, including the stock market crash, the illusion of prosperity, and the unfair passing of time which prevents Webber ever being able to return "home again".

In parallel to Wolfe's relationship with America, the novel details his disillusionment with Germany during the rise of Nazism.

Wolfe scholar Jon Dawson argues that the two themes are connected most firmly by Wolfe's critique of capitalism and comparison between the rise of capitalist enterprise in the United States in the 1920s and the rise of Fascism in Germany during the same period.


Women Under the Male Microscope

'Women should not laugh in public,' says Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister in morality speech

By Lizzie Dearden - 29 July 2014

Women should not laugh in public in Turkey, the Deputy Prime Minister has said in a speech on “moral corruption” in the country...

...“(The man) will not be a womaniser. He will be bound to his wife. He will love his children. (The woman) will know what is haram and not haram. She will not laugh in public. She will not be inviting in her attitudes and will protect her chasteness,” Mr Arınç said according to the paper...

Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, who is running against the Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in August’s presidential elections, took to Twitter to argue against Mr Arınç‘s statement.

Turkey needed women to laugh, he said, and the country needs to hear laughter more than anything...

Turkey has historically been more progressive with women’s rights than neighbouring countries but recent changes and continuing problems with wage gaps, child brides, honour killings and domestic violence have prompted concerns by activists that the country is slipping backwards...

And Erdoğan wants to restrict abortion.


Has the 'new' MRA movement gone global, or was it always in place, just cloaked better?

Perhaps the title of does not reflect the full context, as Arınç appeared to call on men to reform their behavior as well. To western eyes this is patronizing; he talks like a 'father figure.'

We know rightwing Christianity is being sold to other nations, such as Uganda and have joined with Russia's conservative church. As resources are becoming more scarce and there is more displacement of people, some are turning to the past to establish what they see as a more stable social model.

It's oppressive but easier to control people than a more egalitarian society. We read of people celebrating what they call a return to nature or community but some cases are little different than a cult in how women are treated.

It seems that women have put up with this or even supported it for so long, that only in more open social groups, are these suggestions of confining women being disputed. Because of greater numbers of women sharing experiences and calling for more universal and just solutions.

It seems that women just end up being the baseling to make it all work in society but get no respect.

Obama argues for humanity to Robots. They're still doing this:

That dog won't hunt anymore:

Wild horses couldn't drag a good word out of them...

+1. His whole administration has been like talking to children. Here he is with Netanyahu, IIRC:

That look on his face speaks volumes to me. Hatred and egotism are not a part of Obama.

He looks tired, sad and exasperated. It's as if saying:

'With all due respect, no, you can't take your brothers' toys just because you can.'

He has said before that we must move from the 'Might Makes Right' paradigm to 'Right Makes Might' where everyone will agree on solutions that treat everyone as equals to be right.

That's how peace will come, first to the heart of those who choose to accept it. Those who won't, will destroy themselves and what they thought they were saving, a great loss in some cases.

It's already happened:

Nicholas Katzenbach, Kennedy’s Civil-Rights Envoy, Dies at 90

In September 1962, Robert Kennedy dispatched Katzenbach to Oxford, Mississippi, to oversee the federal marshals protecting James Meredith, the black student who had won a court order to be admitted to the segregated University of Mississippi. As thousands of protesters gathered and the threat of violence rose, Katzenbach told Kennedy, from a pay phone, that soldiers would be needed to keep the peace.

After the arrival of 25,000 Army troops, Meredith managed to register. Katzenbach called him “a brave man who received perhaps the most expensive public education in our history.”


I can't find the link right now, but there was a running battle on the campus and some troops and a French journalist were shot and killed by the locals. Later, Katzenback was stonewalled by Wallace in Alabama and asked Kennedy to send in troops:

In 1963, the governor of Alabama was George Wallace. He had run for and won the office on the slogan of "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever." In June of 1963, a federal court barred any state government interference with the enrollment of two black students, Vivian Malone and James Hood, at the University of Alabama. Despite this order, Governor George Wallace appointed himself the temporary University registrar and stood in the doorway of the administration building to prevent the students from registering. In response, President Kennedy federalized the Alabama National Guard. One hundred guardsman escorted the students to campus and their commander, General Henry Graham, ordered George Wallace to "step aside." Thus were the students registered.


Although that was to protect human life at the time, disobeying the EPA mandates to protect Alabama's health and safety is a dangerous precedent like the Bundies. We didn't see troops called out there even though the gunmen were pointing their guns at federal agents. The only difference is the stopping of blood being shed.

But it builds and it's wrong. Alabama like other states say they want to secede. Will we stand by and let the country be cut into easily ruled fiefdoms for the Koch brothers and the local oligarchs, and forget the rights enshrined in the Constitution and the Amendments?

The dissolution of our government will not protect those rights.

President Obama likes to play God sometimes, just in order to annoy Sarah Palin

Posted in response to Cheetos claiming impeachment talk is coming from the White House:


to babylonsister!

Sarah Palin: Not impeaching Barack Obama "affront to God", he "wants to play God"

Uploaded by PalinGrifter2012

Published on Jul 19, 2014

Sarah Palin said a lot of crazy things in her speech at the "Western Conservative Summit" at Colorado Christian University on July 19, 2014, but this is probably the craziest part. In other parts of the speech, she accused Obama to be a mobster and a murderer.

Please go to Patrick's article at the link below. It's got all of the dirt you forgot about Sarah:

Sarah Palin: Look, we know you are stupid and insane.

We know that you are a notorious rabble-rouser.

We know that you hate anyone who doesn't adore you.

We know that Democrats started to love you, because you have turned into their secret weapon.

There is a lot more we know about you...

We are now eagerly awaiting God's press release in this matter.


Report linked to the video:

'If he's not impeachable, no one is': Sarah Palin pounds Obama on immigration policy and compares him to a 'mob boss' who 'wants to play God'

Tuesday, Jul 29th 2014

* Former VP candidate blasts the president for 'dereliction of duty' in 'amnesty' plan
* 'There's only one remedy for a president who commits high crimes and misdemeanors, and it's impeachment'
* 'Gang-bangers and terrorists' are mixed in with children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, she said; 'We're offering to take care of them'
* 'We had a revolution in 1776 because we don't do kings,' she shouted, saying Obama has made himself 'a ruler, not a president'
* Palin spoke to the Western Conservative Summit in Denver

Sorry for the source, but they're no worse than Palin and you won't have to listen to her voice:


This is the BOG, a safe haven. So you know the drill. No, not drill, baby, drill!

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