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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 10:20 PM
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How do you know they are not teaching it? Do you honestly think there is a national failure of social studies teachers to omit civics from the curriculum?

Maybe they are teaching it, but the kids are too busy playing on their cell phones. (They are permitted to have them in class now!)

Maybe like so many other high school subjects, it is forgotten on graduation day.

Maybe it is not on the standardized test, so it has been cut from the curriculum.

What is incredible is your assumption that teachers are somehow negligent because people do not pay attention to government. Hell, most people do not know the name of the Vice President or which party controls the House.

If it is so important to you, why don't you research it instead of "blaming" teachers?

Thank you so much for posting that link!!!

I have never seen that thread before. OMG, I remember so many of those DUers, including some who have since passed away.

That was a terrible time for democrats and the shared despair truly created a bond. Reading those posts was very touching and inspiring.

They were very courageous to post their real names.

for old friends.

I check it out every now and then. I ignore the wing-nutty stuff.

I do see some news stories there that I might have missed elsewhere. Otherwise, the forums seem to move very slowly. It seems to have only a few really active posters.

It seems that I get called for jury duty there almost as soon as I log on (when I do). I agree, the "standards" for hiding posts seem much different from what would be allowed here. But then, they are not DU and have different norms or standards, or whatever.

As others have said, if you don't care for it, don't participate. Problem solved!

Of course.

We were a large ethnic family with lots of extended family who got together on the holidays. We ate lots of Eastern European dishes and baked goods that were only made for the holidays.

When I was a little girl, we celebrated two Christmases and Easters-- "American" and "Russian" (Orthodox). We always fasted on Christmas Eve and when we came home from midnight mass, had a feast of ham, kielbassa, etc.

None of these traditions have made it to the next generation. Most of my aunts and uncles have passed away and my cousins are scattered across the country. I have lost touch with most of them, unfortunately.

Wonderful memories, though.

College freshman ...

and working part-time as a waitress. And hoping "my prince would come" to rescue me from my drudgery and toil.

If it is Danielson, the highest rating is "Distinguished."

Ours were rigged too. The young, cute principals' pets got "distinguished" and the old veterans were given "needs improvement"s. A few even got an "Unsatisfactory" and are now on an "improvement" plan. A couple of them retired. It is all a deliberate plan to get rid of higher-paid veterans so they can hire more malleable newbies.

And our state union (PSEA) just rolled over and let the governor (Corbutt) implement it without any opposition. It makes me sick.

"The Way You Look Tonight" -- One of my faves:

Anyone want to dance?

I didn't hear Liddy, but there were eye-witness reports of seeing an explosion in the sky.

There are also questions about the extent of the debris field, with articles from the plane found in a wide area. There were planes scrambled from an airport near Johnstown. Rumsfeld once let it slip that the plane was "shot down".

I live near the site and have read a lot about that day. There are sites you can click on to read more. Sorry I don't have a link at hand. Maybe someone from the "Speculation" group will weigh in.

Whenever someone brings up the possibility of its being shot down, the people who believe the official government version come out and attack the doubters. I doubt we will ever learn the TRUTH.

There is now a national park and memorial site at Shanksville dedicated to the victims and preserving the official version of events.

Congratulations, Scuba!

And thank you for the beautiful tribute to DU that should remind us why we are all here everyday.

Or New Yorkers are just plain smarter.

I can't believe how people here rush to sign those contracts without even reading them.

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