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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 17,735

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Wood County passes resolutions for referendas in November

Wood County voters will have the chance the ask the state to approve expansion of BadgerCare and approve raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour in November. Both resolutions passed the Board at their meeting last Tuesday.

The vote on Badgercare was 12-5 (with two Supervisors absent)

The vote on the minimum wages was a nail-biting 9-8.

We did our part....now the voters have to do theirs.

Walker "Quietly" signs voting restrictions...

and Beloit news reacts...appropriately..


Well, well, well.....

This could be a very interesting late summer/early fall...maybe a special election?


So...the Joint Finance Committee (JFC)

...voted to reject expansion of Medicaid and to endorse WALKERCARE.....

It costs the state $29 Million more.

It deprives thousands of health care.

Everybody from the Hospital Association, Legislative Audit Bureau, and the Rand Corporation say the state would be better off WITH the expansion...

but they voted it down anyway...


Hey Walker!



I haz hearts...

many tanks!


Knew this was coming

Looks like two more Central Wisconsin Paper Mills are in jeopardy. We knew there was trouble brewing when the Brokaw mill was closed. Looks like the source of the problem is "a Manhattan-based hedge fund" called "Starboard Value"...not port or home value...OFFSHORE value.... here's the link


If you want to avoid the Fiscal Cliff....

Here’s a roadmap:

First, have Boehner take bring the Senate Bill to the floor. Then let his yahoo conference pass as many stupid amendments as their black little hearts desire. Pass it with a pure Republican Majority and send it to Conference Committee. The Conference Committee adjusts the bill to what the President, Reid, McConnell, and Boehner and Pelosi agree upon as a compromise and send it back to both houses for ratification. Republicans in the Senate must agree not to filibuster and then they can all vote against it to remain “pure” but a certain number of Republicans in the House will have to agree to vote for the Conference Report so it will actually pass.

Granted…a lot of it is Kabuki theatre but that appears to be what the repubs want.

The hangup with this scenario is that any funding bill must by Constitution originate in the House of Representatives. I understand there are procedural ways around it that both the House and Senate must agree upon to by-pass the intent. I don’t know if they have the political will to do it.

I’m sort of a “process nerd” and I think this is the only way around the stalemate.


Do you remember when 14 Wisconsin Democratic Senators left the State and fled to Illinois to deny the Republican Senate a quorum to stop passage of Act 10 (denying bargaining rights for Public Employees)?

And do you also remember what the Republicans and their lackey Tea Baggers Called them?

They called them "flee-baggers"

They said they were "cowards"

They said they were "AWOL".

They accused them of dereliction of duty...


What about the ENTIRE REPUBLICAN DELEGATION TO THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES? Aren't they "flee-baggers"? Aren't they "cowards"? Aren't they AWOL?

Hey Walker! You just agreed with Obama!

Walker came and spoke to a hand-picked audience in our City yesterday...it was called "Talk with Walker"* and he came up with this gem quoted in the local press:

"The state also will encourage economic development by improving transportation infrastructure during the remainder of the governor’s term, he said.

“If we can’t get (products) to and from market, that becomes a challenge to the prosperity and growth of your company,” the governor said.

Isn't that what Obama said? Business didn't build the roads to get their products to market. They didn't educate the workforce that builds the products...WE BUILT THAT TOGETHER....so Snotty Scotty says he's going to create more jobs by building up the State's INFRASTRUCTURE! So your whole stage-crafted-Potemkin Village Republican National Convention Theme WE BUILT THIS! was just another disgusting Republican lie!

*You can "talk with Walker" only if you're a Republican, read a scripted question, and hand him a handsome campaign contribution

Here's the link:

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