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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: La Luz, NM
Member since: Thu Jul 31, 2003, 10:36 PM
Number of posts: 2,306

About Me

Single (thinking now it would be about time to share, to try not to become even more set in my ways...it would be lovely to have a partner willing to live quite primitively \'til we can improve), straight but not narrow 64 yr old woman, living in southcentral New Mexico, 100 miles north of \'ground zero of drug war\' (Juarez Mexico)...trying to create a retreat/hot tub/mineral bath business on my 5 acres. Time will tell if that works out, but I love being an activist: Co-Producer of \'The Vagina Monologues\' and co-creator of Peace and Justice of La Luz http://pajoll.org...major activist against the War on Drugs. (Gay business partner who knows solar, water caching...would be nice, too) Active, too, in local Dem party, recently attending County Commission meeting \'cause ours are Bundy-supporters.

Journal Archives

I intend to run against ALEC Legislative Star and want lots of DU + help

On March 3, I will file to run for State Rep District #51 against Yvette Herrell, who is being groomed to be our next US Congress critter.
I am a low tech (have never texted or used a smart phone) person, and there has not been a Democrat elected in any office in our county in over 25 years...so I'm not expected to win, but I can raise issues. I am on Social Security, food stamps, LIHEAP and Medicare/Medicaid...but I have been named a Woman of Merit and put into a book Legends of Alamogordo for my activism (pro-choice: and I've posted pictures of our 'We Trust Women Commemoration & Celebration of Roe V Wade' on DU, anti-drug war and pro-tax, regulate, legalize cannabis, Co-Producer of Vagina Monologues, have taken books to our jail & half-way houses since 2007, have been NAACP Treasurer (I'm 65, white) on DU, etc.

I am clueless, but too pissed to allow this destructive, but nice (!) woman to run unopposed. HELP! I am already in over my head. I asked for help with a logo from a friend's son...how can I help DU help me?


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