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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 03:42 AM
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Here --more than anything -- just upset me about the Whole Hilary issue.

Please Hear (read) me out. I don't want to be disrespectful I am just hoping some can see why some people (like my wife and I ) are
uncomfortable about Hillary in 2016.

My wife said this and to me she hit the nail on the head --at least for me.

First off I will begin by saying my wife and I don't like how "close" she is with Wall Street. It seems when she was Senator she would more likely take a stance that would help big banks other than middle class/working poor/poor. I am not saying ALL the time but when it came to the benefit of one or the other Wall Street won. It seems she is in Goldman Sachs back pocket more than other Corporations.

My wife and I are just use to the fact that the majority of politicians --especially now after Citizens United-- are puppets for Wall Street/corporate America.

This is the big issue. The whole idea that she is being crown Ordained Heir Apparent to the "Presidential Throne".

There is no REAL primaries happening on the Democratic side and WE do need the primaries.

Yes, the Republicans have made primaries a SNL writer's wet dream of laughter. It seems the party is trying to see how extreme they can get with every election to get the fundies, extremist and racist out in force. They have made the primaries a joke and my wife and I can see where people are so sick they just want to skip them entirely BUT as my wife said-- WE NEED THE PRIMARIES! The Primaries help get ideas talked about and different points of views and problem solving out in the light. IF nothing else with primary polls it helps the candidates understand what the average American is REALLY concerned and worried about.

We need other candidates to Challenge Hillary because we need these debates to help people think Critically.

Yeah, with the dumbing down of America now at days why shouldn't we be told you can choose A or B--This is the danger. When we allow a tunnel vision we lose out on ideas and even new view points.

This 2016 election right now is showing the damage Citizens United case has done. It just feels like we are getting two Puppets whose strings for the most part is pulled by the 1%.

We shouldn't be shutting people out for being "Too Liberal" or whatever reasons.

This is Just the humble opinion of Diabetic man and his wife.

Video: Islamic State kills Ethiopian Christians in Libya


CAIRO (AP) Islamic State militants in Libya shot and beheaded groups of captive Ethiopian Christians, a video purportedly from the extremists showed Sunday. The attack widens the circle of nations affected by the group's atrocities while showing its growth beyond a self-declared caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

The release of the 29-minute video comes a day after Afghanistan's president blamed the extremists for a suicide attack in his country that killed at least 35 people and underscores the chaos gripping Libya after its 2011 civil war and the killing of dictator Moammar Gadhafi.


Monster PRETENDING to be Religious extremist.

Sorry posted in the wrong group.

Anne of Green Gables fans...Jonathan Crombie has passed

My wife beg me to post this. She was a HUGE fan of the Anne of Green Gable series and did have a crush on Jonathan as a kid.


Jonathan Crombie, the actor who played Gilbert Blythe on the popular CBC Anne of Green Gables miniseries, has died.

His sister, Carrie Crombie, confirmed to CBC that Crombie died of a brain hemorrhage in New York City this past Wednesday. He was 48.

"...smug Liberal" That is what my wife was called today.

Well, one of our "friends" who has become a tea-party member was talking to my wife and my wife has this way of talking sometimes. She uses "old" words. Well the word she used today was Constitutional. She was referring to this cat in the neighborhood we use to live in and how it has his daily constitutional at this certain time and she knows the time because this cat seems to pass every day at a certain time before returning to the owners home.

The Tea partier started in. "You are such a dumb idiot. you claim republicans don't use words right and you don't even use words right."

my wife showed the tea party "friend" that in fact the word Constitutional can mean a walk.

to which the tea party "friend" said. "You smug liberal... have to prove you went to college."

We reminded her she went to the same college we did.

To which she rolled her eyes said it was a waste of money and walked away.

Photos of American Revolution fighters



SPOILER ALERT New Star Wars trailer talk of what might be in the movie,

Okay my wife's theory:

They show a Vader helmet with Skull and the Jedi Movie line about his father having the force (has) I have the force and my sister and you,,,

The word HAS in reference to his father So What if They are going to make it so that Luke somehow become a split personality. My wife--should be noted LOVES Hamill's voice work especially as the Joker in Batman the Series.

She loves it when he plays evil. that was her theory.

Chris Hayes Talking about Star Wars in MST3K fashion,

My wife was loving it.

another TPP question -- This one from My wife.

If this TPP does pass could it be possible for let's say a Corporation sue to remove a politician like Elizabeth Warren from office because her speech could be viewed as harmful to they company? You know like slander.

On Rachel Maddow right now--KOCH BROS WANT TO MURDER VA

Republicans was to try and Privatize the VA (Veterans Affairs.)
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