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Member since: Thu May 19, 2005, 05:07 PM
Number of posts: 5,192

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Ted Cruz, the Canadian Hispanic Anti-Immigration White Supremacist is

In Michigan - Democrats Get More Votes, Lose Anyway

In the 14 congressional races, Democrats received more votes than Republicans:
Democrats: 1,515,716 (49.15%)
Republicans: 1,463,854 (47.47%)
Democrats got more votes, but Republicans were victorious (again) in 9 of the 14 races. They accomplished that by stuffing as many Democrats into as few districts as possible. The average margin of victory for winning Dems was 86,410; the average GOP win margin was 42,243.

Read it and weep. Much more at the link


Republicon "survey" fell into my mailbox yesterday - priceless comedy

Mrs. Corkhead and myself live in Michigan and voted in the Republicon primary in 2012 so we are on the mailing list for this kind of stuff now. I am supposed to be working so I don't have time to add any commentary other than to say I find this quite an amusing tool for them to herd their sheep. Enjoy!

A bug or a trippy hallucination regarding the testing of ignore

about 1pm et, today, I saw a new thread come up posted by "Eladtest" (if I recall correctly) that said "Testing the ignore feature" "Please ignore me". I thought I would volunteer some assistance, so I poked around, found ignore, and when I picked it, I got a "page not found" error. My subsequent reply ended up in the "Vegetarian, Vegan and Animal Rights group", where it was quickly locked because it looked like I was barking at the moon. To add to this weirdness, I was briefly knighted "Host" of that forum for about 5 minutes before my "superpowers" were revoked by Skinner.

Paging Lewis Caroll... What the hell happened? Were those magic mushrooms in my pasta primavera?
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