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Member since: Sun Dec 4, 2016, 03:08 PM
Number of posts: 668

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When Trump's crowds shout USA!,USA!

what is that suppose to mean? Does it mean anyone who doesn't agree with his BULL are not Americans?

The media is afraid to say TREASON..

they find every excuse they are tip toeing around the obvious. Don't they realize this country grew up on James bond movies,spy movies,etc..

The media didn't listen to us throughout the campaign and now try to pretend as though they never heard it. Now,TANG is back on the campaign trail again tweeting about Hillary.


no matter the subject their answer is Obama did it.

When is Manchin having a townhall?

He needs one.

Trump supporters say give him a chance and I say to do what..

To destroy us even further? RepubliCONS have told us what they have in store for us as citizens they take our taxes and give it to everyone but us.

Millions are living on the streets they get raises which they decide on themselves,the rich get richer and their dumb base gets poorer and media talks shit about rural America suffering, now its important do they think people in urban areas haven't been catching hell for decades?

Its now important because too many whites are catching hell now and they are going to catch more, many are sitting somewhere with buyers remorse scared as hell but won't admit it. They wouldn't listen to facts during the campaign they don't know it yet but give it a few months they will be marching with us.

Why isn't there a hashtag..

with the comment Paul Ryan said this week "Waste of my fuckin time!"

What are Trumps sons up to..

any guesses?

Protest Paul Ryan..

And all of these RepubliCONS who are sitting on their hands,and make demands. Time is critical I sense something bigger will be happening this week this wait and see shit isn't working,

Bannon,Flynn are trying to take down this country and Dems seem to be scared and republicons only care about power,money and retaining those seats.. CNN has been hacked this morning and what else that we don't know about..

Steve Harvey went to visit Trump this afternoon...

that is all

Where is Ben Carson's confirmation hearing?

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