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Member since: Sun Dec 4, 2016, 03:08 PM
Number of posts: 306

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Steve Harvey went to visit Trump this afternoon...

that is all

Where is Ben Carson's confirmation hearing?

Cnn is trying to shame the Democrats into helping RepubliCONS..

Dems send out some Newby congress person who is on the intelligence committee to speak for Dems it ain't working.

I don't know how to twitter but.

Why is Netanyahu sending Trump a tweet with Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr's name on it. Was he sending it to them are they government officials.

What is going on at Trump plaza?

It seems to be a gathering of assorted NUTS!

Cruella Deville just entered the Trump Tower...

Trump seems to be nominating a every evil villian we have grown up reading about in the comic books or on the batman shows or the Avengers Marvel series. Everyday another one more evil than the former.

Does Anderson Cooper work for Trump...

Does he have something invested properties or something else? I say this because everytime there is a Democrat and a RepubliCon on his show he interupts the Democrat so they can't finish their point or he continually argues with the Dem and says Trump has the right to do whatever he wants because he was elected to do so.

I heard that Harold Ford was taking a cabinet post in the Trump administr

anyone know anything about this? I saw him the last week talking up Trump and I told my friend watch him..
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