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Member since: Sun Dec 4, 2016, 04:08 PM
Number of posts: 1,105

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Why doesn't Trey Gowdy want Nunez to step down?

Why does he want SChiff"s witness list? Is it so he and Nunez can run it over to Trump and his cronies?

These are some of the biggest damn liars!

I have ever seen nothing matters,do they really think they will get through 4 years with these lies!

Jeffrey Lord on CNN lying his ass off about the wiretap and Kaleigh Mcanamy whatever her name is was on earlier, defiant in her lies. These people have serious mental problems. And I don't think they will make it to 4 yrs.

Joe Scarborough is blaming Bill Clinton ..

for the crimes of Trump. Scar says Bill started the culture of sex and marijuana in teens. He says when Bill had his thing with Monica all of the teens in the country started having sex and using marijuana.

Now,he also wants Dems to come together and help them with ACA,so Dems come along and get blamed for what republiCONS do and the CONS take credit for the good because, RepubliCONS don't know how to govern they are against the people.

Trump and Melania will continue the Easter egg roll...

Fun to be had by all, who's going?

Jim Jordan asshole from Ohio...

is someone running against this heartless Mfker!

Let the normalization begin...or as the media says

Never!Ever!ever,ever,ever!RESIST! This orange MFKER made a speech now he is suppose to be Presidential..

When Trump's crowds shout USA!,USA!

what is that suppose to mean? Does it mean anyone who doesn't agree with his BULL are not Americans?

The media is afraid to say TREASON..

they find every excuse they are tip toeing around the obvious. Don't they realize this country grew up on James bond movies,spy movies,etc..

The media didn't listen to us throughout the campaign and now try to pretend as though they never heard it. Now,TANG is back on the campaign trail again tweeting about Hillary.


no matter the subject their answer is Obama did it.

When is Manchin having a townhall?

He needs one.
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