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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,276

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GOPers still at it ---

I keep think they can't get any dumber, but: Build a Canadian wall says Scott Walker.
Hey, lets continue that wall down the Atlantic and Pacific, and around the Gulf. Then no more
worries about them 'bad' people coming in.

Another woman says she had sex with Cosby. Would the only woman

who did NOT have sex with Cosby please stand up?

Can anyone tell me

who the last truly 'honest' candidate for President was (before

Bye Bye

If you get to read this, tell me

what other 'political' blogs are there that is close to DU in format, but had
freedom of speech?

Why in the world was the post blocked

that was from an 'independent' who did didn't seem to like any one??
Doesn't seem like a lot of people have any 'freedom of speech' on DU any more????????

Could someone tell me how we could EVER revise election donation laws?

The fast majority of politicians DEPEND on the BIG money, and, of course, they are BEHOLDEN to the donors.
NOW -- just who thinks this will change? The very ones who COULD change this are the very ones befitting from
being 'a bought' Politicipng is EVER going to pass legislation that can change that??

Omaha Steve: Check the Act Blue now

I just made a donation.

You think GOP dislikes a 'black' president, wait

until they have to go up against Hilary. As we all know, the GOP has worked
for years to take women's rights away from them. Just what do you think
they will do if HRC wins?? I think they would shut the government down,
ending the America and the democracy we have known, even tho it has problems, it is still much better off than it was under any GOP pres.
They will do anything to fight against HRC, and they will disregard
good ole Bernie. I think this is another good reason for us to elect
Bernie. We will simple say to them SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! They have already made a big deal over him, but then remember, they never seem to LEARN
from all their past (and present) mistakes. Each of us must work every day
from now to election day to be sure EVERY democrat votes.

Question re: Virginia primary or

what? I've searched for democratic primary in Virginia and didn't get a hit.
How is the candidate selected (at least in Bedford county).
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