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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,108

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What is ‘Freedom of Speech?

Does freedom of speech mean anyone can say anything, even glaring lies about anything they want? (it shouldn’t)

Does it mean that some of the media (print/tv/radio/internet) can repeat lies over and over thinking if they say it often enough everyone will believe them? (it shouldn’t)

Does it mean that any kind of vulgar language can be used as often as
they like? (it shouldn’t)

Does it mean just because one person out of billions on earth is killed that shouldn’t have been that the media can call this BREAKING NEWS for days on end, showing the same thing over and over until people get totally sick of listening - which means very few if any will do something to make things right in the world? (it shouldn’t)

Does it mean that a person’s life can be totally ruined by someone’s free speech and that person can’t do a thing about it? (it shouldn’t)

Can anyone say what they think about something just as I an doing with this writing? That, I think, must be allowed.
I think the MSM is going way, way beyond reason on too many subjects, and I think the world is becoming a worse place because of it.

How I'm celebrating this day

My wife and I will be joining 3 friends for dinner at a Chinese Restaurant.
Tha a a a a t s all folks.

Is there a 'standard' pyscological test for prospective police.

Is there any attempt to weed out before even hiring, individuals that will not make an acceptable police
officer? I've read that many, if not most, persons applying for police department are those that appear to like
fighting, would love to have a gun on their belt, and the ability to arrest almost anyone they desire, even if that
person has NOT broken any law. The police will protect themselves long before protecting the average citizen.
It has been this way for decades, and will never change.

I'm beginning to think it will end up being

very good that the repukes have majority in both houses. Several years of them in control should impact even the non-thinking republican voters and they will realize they don't want any more of the elected repukes again. Then, the democrats gain control, will have democrat president, and things will return to the good times. To bad I'll be so old I probably won't even know my own name.

With all the hate news

I was wondering if we shouldn't fire all police/sheriffs, etc. and have a federal 'open carry' law. (Well, you'd have to be at least 12 yo)
Then it would be everyone for themselves. We might all be safer!

The IRS humor

Ever wonder why the IRS calls it, "Form 1040?"

Because for every $50 you earn, you get 10 and they get 40.

DU response times?

Lately, I've been getting very slow response times on DU. I've always had this problem on Huff post. I am on Verizon DSL, do not have anything faster in my neighborhood.
Also, many times after 'returning' from a post, (from Latest Threads), I end up having it go back sometimes as much as an hour. I do a 'refresh' and it goes back to the current time.
I'm on Windows and Microsoft web browser.

Carotid Artery surgery in the neck

Having this surgery next week. This is where they actually cut into the artery, scrape the crap out, then sew it back up. Any one here ever have this? If so, how did recovery go?
(my surgeon has done several thousand of these and has had 1 die of heart attack after the surgery, and 3 that went on to have a stroke. Sound pretty good to me)

Is there a place where I can find the difference in what

the Democrats stand for (in general, believe in) vs. what the Republicans stand for? Now we know that the party's 'platforms' at the conventions are made up to sound great, but never seem to have anything to do with what they say once they are elected.

I would like to see a side by side comparison of the real differences between the two parties. Any other party is of such little consequence they don't really matter.

I guess a true 'die-hard' repub. would have to write their side rather than a demo. writing what they THINK
the repubs believe in.

Of course, not everyone can agree 100% on every thing, but should agree on the major items.

When I was a kid, my dad always said

don't ever point a gun at anyone/anything unless you plan on shooting it.

This should STILL be taught to every one who can hold a loaded gun in their hands.
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