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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,129

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Tell me this:

Do any of you know of any Federally elected official that IS NOT owned by big money? I don't care which party they are in, would just like to have a feel for ANYONE out there is are truly on our side!
(I am speaking of their actions, not just their words - big difference.)

Race, diversity

So, what can be done to at least help the problem? Hope we don't need more laws that say
companies must have a 'minimum' number of minorities? I think this would make matters even worse.
Why can't we just all get along?

Lord help any 'green' aliens that might land on earth.

So who is the crazy one?

A politician who is in jail for getting a teenage girl pregnant running for election FROM jail?
O R - the really S T U P I D VOTERS WHO ELECTED HIM? (perhaps the question should have been
Who is the craziest one???
(this is one from Virginia - think I'll move to Florida, well, maybe somewhere else)

In my humble opinion, its

Gov. Brown of Calif. for president. I like what he has done in Calif. and would love to see him as our next pres. Beats heck out of
both Hillary and even Elizabeth. Sounds like the kind of person we really need in that office.
If not Brown, the Elizabeth. The more I read about her, the better I like her over Hillary. (however, if Hillary does end up being the candadit, I'll still vote her before any republican/independent.....

Duke going to reveal KKK politcians?

When I joined the army in 1953 (Army Security Agency), I would NOT have been accepted if I had ever belonged to the KKK. (or, communist party, among others)
And now, politicians can be elected to congress and still have been KKK? Something is wrong with this!

Mental handy caps:

I haven't seen anyone mention that Palins son has a mental handy cap, which I'm assuming he inherited directly from his mother.

The newest stealth fighter has another problem?

This time, they 'just?' realized that the cannons on it can't be fired because they were never programmed!!!
I think every one involved on this horrible mess should not only be fired (if they are still around) and
sent to prison for gross negligence with the spending of tax payer dollars.

If you don't know how to write cursive, then how

do you sign a check, or, a contract? Without cursive, what do you do?
Mark and X and have someone who does know cursive sign for you?
The NO MORE CURSIVE people don't sound too bright to me. What is your take on this?

What is ‘Freedom of Speech?

Does freedom of speech mean anyone can say anything, even glaring lies about anything they want? (it shouldn’t)

Does it mean that some of the media (print/tv/radio/internet) can repeat lies over and over thinking if they say it often enough everyone will believe them? (it shouldn’t)

Does it mean that any kind of vulgar language can be used as often as
they like? (it shouldn’t)

Does it mean just because one person out of billions on earth is killed that shouldn’t have been that the media can call this BREAKING NEWS for days on end, showing the same thing over and over until people get totally sick of listening - which means very few if any will do something to make things right in the world? (it shouldn’t)

Does it mean that a person’s life can be totally ruined by someone’s free speech and that person can’t do a thing about it? (it shouldn’t)

Can anyone say what they think about something just as I an doing with this writing? That, I think, must be allowed.
I think the MSM is going way, way beyond reason on too many subjects, and I think the world is becoming a worse place because of it.

How I'm celebrating this day

My wife and I will be joining 3 friends for dinner at a Chinese Restaurant.
Tha a a a a t s all folks.
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