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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,070

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Hey,you guys up there in Buffalo,

I'm getting ready to sell a house in Florida (snow birder home). I'll be selling it 'cheap'.
Might get a place in Alaska..

Best way to learn about a politician is to

post something here on DU.. Yesterday when I posted about Jim Webb, I really didn't know a whole lot about him, but boy, do I now. Did notice a few conflicting post about his time in the senate.
Now,, I really will have to give a long 2nd thought about Jim, HRC, Elizabeth, et. al....

Jim Webb

I got an e-mail from him today, saying he was considering running for pres. in 2016. It was a terrific read. Of course I've heard of him a lot since I'm in Virginia. I've been more or less for HRC all along, but I'm beginning to think Jim would make an excellent president.
I'm not sure just how wide spread his name is known, which might or might not be problem for him.
Any comment out there regarding Jim's run for pres.?

As a side thought, perhaps it is time to change 2014 election to 2016 election??

This may have been asked before, but didn't see it:

Why is Obama's rating so low when so much great stuff has happened under his watch? Is it the Repukes don't like the
fact that a black man could possibly do so much good and they just can't stand it?
L O N G L I V E O B A M A!

We need a new 'grass roots' movement:

I think we need to start a movement for electing only lower/middle (a max. of $100k, or, must at least have a full time job) income people for either house of Congress.
Then, they must swear they will NOT accept pay in excess of what they were already making in their private lives,
with the exception of actual expenses of the office.
Was reading a post about 'old' people not being in touch with current reality, so we may want an age limit of
perhaps 50 years old?
They must not have a criminal record.
Some things we should NOT consider would be such things as race, religion, sexual orientation, married or not married, and perhaps other items should be added.
JUST MAYBE, this would get the Democrats really interested in the election, at least to the point where they
will vote.

But, then, probably no one believes something like this would work and would not be willing to get on board
with the program.

I'm too old, getting too feeble to get anything organized.

Are there any Civil War relics/documents collectors here?

I have a 'passage of good conduct' issued at the Appomattox Court House passed down from my great/great grandfather. My Dad gave it to me and said it was valuable (and this was back in the 1970's.)

Here may be why the Dems lost:

1. Republican states have Gerrymandered their states so it is near impossible for the Dems to
2. Where that wasn't possible, then they managed to void thousands of votes because
people couldn't get//afford picture ID.
3. Where those weren't allowable, I think they BOUGHT off as many as their crooked
asses could afford (what with so much money from the Koch brothers, and other

If the Dems acted like them, then who and the hell would we vote for?

So, how long will it tale the GOP

to try passing a law that will require all liberal web sites to shut down??

ClarissaWard's interview with a 'terrorist'

I searched for this and got 238000 hits, so haven't had time to actually find a link to the video
of that 60 Minutes interview. But, go to cbcnews.com for more info.

If you haven't seen this interview, then you really should read about it.

This Islam 'spokesperson' wants to destroy democracy, destroy all freedom in the world, and make everyone
go strictly according to 'his' terrorist way of thinking about his religion. His version of Islam may not be in the majority, but, there are 100's of thousands of them around. Can you see a Muslim on the street and know which way they think of Islam?


1. ISIS: Let the bas..ards kill each other, but we should keep out of it
all together. If Bush was wrong, then Obama MIGHT be also?
These people have been killing each other for many centuries.
In addition, the ‘radicals’ are now preaching all over the world that
they want to destroy ‘freedom’ and, ‘democracy’ and change to let
Islam rule the world, a world where women can’t even WATCH men’s
sports with out being arrested, many countries don’t allow women
to drive, or, show their face in public, and on and on!
Are those ’muslims’ you see on the street REALLY so peaceful, OR are
they just waiting FOR THE WORD? Is this the KIND OF
WORLD YOU WANT TO LIVE IN? It sure isn’t what I want. (Starting to like being 80 yr.old.)
I hope a lot of you got to watch 60 minutes on Sunday evening!!

2. EBOLA: If the republicans hadn’t cut the budget for NIH and CDC,
we would probably have not only a cure for those with the disease,
but a vaccination to prevent it might also be available now.
This TERROR OF A DISASE that hasn’t really hurt us, is being
pushed on us by the repubs AND THE MEDIA. (I am beginning to
wonder if there IS a liberal media spokes person left?).

3. FLU, MALARIA, and many other diseases that are killing hundreds
of thousands of people every year.
Flu is preventable for most people IF they would only get a ‘free’ flu
shot. The media DOESN’T EVEN MENTION THESE things. Why?
Because, the repubs don’t want to spend OUR money. They would
rather see the poor and sick die rather than pay for their insurance.

How many of you get many many requests in the mail and/or over the
Internet to pay a ‘small’ amount each month to help just 1 child some
where in the world have food to eat. You ever see a mail or e-mail
asking for just a ‘small’ amount each month to help just 1 child in
America? Doesn’t this tell you something?

5. Elections:

COUNTRY FOR THE 1 %. Won’t be long where we will have the wealthy
AND THE VERY POOR, who are already becoming the ‘slaves‘ of those wealthy. If you are in the middle class now, rejoice, because it won’t last much longer.

6. We need to start a new holiday:
It will be held every day that hasn’t been taken as another

Merry *atheist day, Christmas, and a happy new year!
(We need to start this one BEFORE the ‘we are losers’ day’.)
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