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The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons

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White cops murder blacks=blacks are bad; Black man kills cops=race war

This is insane. Why people start calling it a race war the second a couple of ex Millitary black men kill cops, but never see it as a race war in all the years that we have been systematically killed by police, I do not know. When white men kill cops they are just called lone wolves... Nothing to do with the rest of the white people.

Collective punishment of the African American community has been going on forever. We are all to blame for what any one black person does, our community is told that it is all of our fault when one of us snaps. That is wrong and it is how white supremacy flourishes.

Maybe it's time to come up with solution to all this killing instead of going with the old tried and true method of immediately blaming the entirety of the black community for what one man does. And we can stop pretending that we (the black community) have no reason to feel as if War is constantly being made upon us by the USA. We might have too many guns floating around where people with violent tendencies can get them with ease. Might be time to fix that.

I'm under 45 and he can count me OUT of this 'revolution'

Not interested in hearing one more damn word about his donations, how awesome he is, how oppressed he is, how many caucuses he won, and not one damn more word about what he demands in light of his YUUUGE loss to Candidate Hillary Clinton.

All this anticipation about this speech and how excited everybody was. Pfffttt! I hope the DNC was listening and makes sure that anybody who refused to concede DOES NOT GET ONE DAMN MINUTE of time on stage at Hillary's party- the Democratic National Convention.

That had to be just about the most pessimistic and depressing speech I have ever watched. So glad they cut away.

Same damn speech I saw for the last year. Nothing new, just a list of complaints, demands, accusations, and self congratulatory plea for continued attention.

How Bernie Sanders exposed Democrats racial rift


No, it doesn't look sexist at all. Uh uh. Nope. Nothing to see here...

Doesn't it though? It kinda does to me. I mean, the first woman to win more delegates and become the presumptive nominee of a major US political party and here we go with the outraged cries of 'fraud', the comparisons to Margaret Thatcher, the lies about coronations and the dumb ass advice to us Hillary voters, that we should wait and find somebody better, nicer, more perfect than our candidate. Somebody more like their candidate. Somebody exactly like their candidate, who is perfect.

So tired of being told that now is not the time, that is not the 'right' woman, this man is better, she is too ambitious, too mean, too loud, too quiet, too hard, too soft, and that if I do not agree then, well, I am just using the ADVANTAGE I have of being born female over them and using my woman card. Makes me sick, ew.

Um, HI! Yes it does look sexist. And the fact that folks sit around trying to tell us what type of woman would be acceptable when we never ever ever ever use a man's masculinity against him in politics should be your first damn clue that it is sexist. And no, I do not care if you are a woman and feel those feelings against her and have the same objections. That you agree just shows how prevalent sexism is in this world.

She is going to be Candidate Hillary running against Donald Trump whether you think she is too tall, too short, to smiley, too stern, too happy, too sad, too bad, too gullible, too sharp, too dull, too bold, too shy. No matter what you think this is just what is going to happen period. Get used to imperfect women being able to do the same exact things as imperfect men. Too many double standards going on and people need to check themselves.

Me too


I have explained over and over. At this point there is no point explaining it more and more. Now that it is being used as a cudgel, rather than as a person who said something hateful and ignorant out of anger, it has become way way more than it ever needed to be.

People say shit they regret. Most times? It is not searched out and dragged fromsite to site and then used as a way to harass family members. That is not okay. I have apologized endlessly for a comment I made, a comment that way made on anger, and not even on this site. People going and searching all of my social media sites, bothering my family, harassing me constantly, it is enough.

I refuse to do a constant walk if shame and allow people to contact and harass me and my family over a bad comment I made, deleted, apologized for, and have been beat down with day after day. It is time for people to find something better to do that follow me around and contact my family over that comment. And yes, the people being contacted are not people who give a damn about that comment. They have contacted people who do not care about freedom of speech, or their ideas about their right to bother and harass.

Who else has a group of people searching the internet archives to try to find something to use to shut them up and harass them daily? Many here have said much worse, but it does not end up as the main topic of conversation day after day.

If anyone feels scared that they are being looked for because I said that the person contacted and harassed is looking for the person who harassed them? I have no idea why unless they are the guilty party. If I find out who, I will contact the authorities to PROTECT that person from harm or being treated as I have. I do not do the group bullying and not ONCE have I searched ANYONE'S user name from this site. Not once. I do not even consider it, and the fact that people think about me so much that they are searching around looking for posts, I actually find that SCARY. And I do fight back. I have to.

An apology is all that a bad comment should merit, that and a change in behaviour. It does ot merit a person having to put up with abuse and bullying for eternity or for their relations to have to suffer the indignity of having nasty racist diatribes and veiled threats sent to them from dummy accounts. I want me and my relations to be left the fuck alone. It is done. It has been explained an apologized for. If that is not enough? That says more about those harassing me than it does about me. They do not care about explanations and apologies. They want to find a way to attack me, and I gave them ONE POST IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, to use, day after day, endlessly. This is abusive. It needs to stop. I am done feeling ashamed.

The Racist Meme: The South Doesn't Count

The idea that the votes from the Southern Region of the US do not count is a terribly racist and deplorable meme. As we all know, the contests in the Democratic primary season held in Southern States have some of the highest percentages of black voters in the nation. In some states, around fifty percent of all voters in the democratic party in those places are black men and women.

So, why is it that those states are suddenly not as important as the nearly all white Red states that Bernie won?

Now, some will blame it on location. They will say that the Deep South never goes Democratic in the General, therefore, those votes should count less. But that leaves out the fact that the Very Red states that Bernie won, also never go blue in the general. So what is the real difference? I hear tell it is the fact that the red state that he won have more progressive voters. But that is also a lie.

So the only real difference I can find is that the Red States he won are much whiter and voted for him. The states she won are much BLACKER and voted for her.

It is a racist meme. We are not 3/5ths of a human. Our votes count just as much no matter where we live or who we voted for.

We need to end this racist meme that says that the south counts less. I think it is only said to marginalize the effect of our collective votes.

I love the Democratic Party, even the 'Establishment'

The party and the Establishment Democrats are all that stands between people who look like me, and the Republican party that would own my womb and put me back in chains. So, this thing this primary season where folks want to take down the Establishment and call for Bernie or Bust movements if Bernie does not win is deplorable to my eyes.

The people who will be hurt the most by taking down the 'establishment' are not the people who are so interested in Bernie or Bust. Some are, but most of us will vote for the party nominee- the chance of getting Trump is just too deadly and dangerous for those of us who have not the privilege in this nation to ever make these types of demands.

So, let's cut out the Bernie or else stuff and think about the fact that our real enemies are on the Right. Allowing them to take over just harms us marginalized people and it is horrible to allow us to come to more harm if people do not get the candidate they want. And please stop using Trump as a threat to get us away from Hillary. That is unfair to do to those of us who are already suffering.

And btw? The South does count. That is where many of us black voters have an ACTUAL say over who wins the contests. Not fair to marginalize us further.

I agree

And I think she will take the bulk of NY too. His chance has pretty much passed.

My friends called me to the carpet for my behaiviour

They do not defend my words. That is how I know they are good people. When I screw up, they tell me.
An apology

I have said something, we all know what it was. I am sorry for what I said. No matter what it was in response to, it was wrong, and it was hateful and I am sorry.

More than being sorry for what I said, I am doubly so for the way my friends have all been tarred with my words. I hope they can forgive me. It is my fault and I am fully to blame for the extra harassment that you are experiencing. Please know that when I say things I do not mean out of pure anger and much ignorance, when I do that, I have failed. I have failed to meet my own standards and I feel terrible. I know that an apology is not enough for many, but I hope it will help begin the process of mending fences.

I should have done this sooner but I was hard to find the words that would be sufficient. I still have not found them.

Please, do not tar my friends with my brush. I am the only one to blame for my words. Please, I implore you to leave them be, and come after me, if that is your intention. Thank you.

To those hurt, I am sorry. To those offended, I am sorry. It is my job to stand up for marginalized groups, no matter what, regardless of any static going on, I am supposed to defend them, not add to their misery. I was wrong and I know it.

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