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Name: B
Gender: Female
Hometown: anchorage,alaska
Home country: usa
Current location: ak
Member since: Thu Jan 31, 2013, 01:49 PM
Number of posts: 14,520

Journal Archives

I've told your group 150,000 times how to help Bernie with black people.

For my trouble I was called 'race nagger', told that I lack the mental acuity to understand, told how 'MUCH HE'S DONE FOR YOU PEOPLE', told that if I kept talking that white progressuves would 'pull support' from black issues, alerted until I have three hides in three days, annoyed, harassed, called a Lee Atwater plant, told to kiss Hillary's ass, told to get out of the democratic party (not welcome), that money would fix racism, etc. best thing for Bernie would be for his supporters to stfu for a while and listen to what black folks are saying if they want to increase his support.

First of all, those rallys are TOO WHITE to draw black folks to them in large numbers. If we are over thirty percent of the party, the rally should have a GOOD mix of races, not just have us playing 'Where's Waldo' looking for black faces. Second, he has so few blacks on his staff, he has no idea what we think. Third, his supporters call blacks animals and tell them to 'go back to Baltimore' at Netroots and you all wonder why we feel uncomfortable with supporting him? This is why. His message speaks to white progressives and they think his message is supoosed to speak to us. Marches from 50 years ago ain't saving our children! We want to know how he will address racism, but how can we trust a man with such racist supporters? We cannot.

I know. Most of you are probably just as upset as I am. I still love you guys. Just not the few

who are acting out of pocket. I think by next week they'll mostly see that I was right. And truthfully, I think quite a few of the nastiest don't really support Sanders so much as hate Hillary and Obama. Those are the ones who are being nasty to me these days. Not the genuine supporters who actually like people.

I'll tell you.

Stop lecturing black people on Dr. King and civil rights. Stop the paternalistic stuff. Stop telling us whats best for us. He needs to meet face to face. Hire some black staff to do social media. Go visit black churches and eat with the people. Go to a quincianera. Go on Jimmy Kimmel and read berniesoblack tweets (we love shit like that). His supporters have to stop acting like know it alls and constantly telling us that 'he marched with king before you were born!' Stop tweeting out bitter recrimintation to black twitter and Elon. Stop pretending everything is all goid with Bernie and Blacks. Hold a damn rally in a black area. Plenty more but I think you get it. Oh, listen to what the few black people still left here say. DU is a bubble and just cause you see Bernie stuff on the rec list it does not mean he has a bunch of support. Stop talking at black people about economic justice because we want social justice first so that we can live long enough to get the money. Realize racism is a probem and so is liberal racism. Stop telling us to go to republican then, like white liberals own the party and we are just here on sufferance. Realize that without us you lose.

His supporters spent all day attacking black folks on Twitter. They should have checked themselves.

I tried to warn em! But nooo! They were too busy trying to LECTURE black folks on MLK, economic justice and how to protests properly. So this is what happens when you talk AT black folks and try to LECTURE them on their OWN history and CIVIL RIGHTS and make you candidate out to be blacker than them by invoking his Marching With MLK creds over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over in a paternalistic fashion, then go all MISS MILLIE when they do not rush to support your guy and gasp! Heckle him. Oh no!!

Then go all dramatic with the tears of bitter injustice and lash out at black folks about HOW OPPRESSED YOU ARE since they didn't let poor poor Bernie (they would be LUCKY to have him as president) speak. How could they!?!? AFTER ALL HE'S DONE FOR YOU PEOPLE!!

Thug is the new Nigg**!!

Seems to me that some people here have not been informed that thug is the replacement word for nigge*. I know that some of you may find that hard to believe, but it is true.
If you find yourself desparate to use that label thug when speaking of black youth and fighting tooth and nail for the right to call them names, then I hafta tell you, there is something wrong inside of you. You gotta work on that.
When white kids riot and burn stuff and act like they done lost their minds over a sporting event, rarely are they castigated in the media and even here on DU as a pack of Thugs; we save that for the poor, desparate, tired, black, underfunded, neglected, redlined, beat down, children who are dealing with multi generational poverty and white supremacy. You know, the black ones. The brown ones too.
When you sit up in your well adjusted tower of American wonderfulness, all pale faced and bitterly angry screaming invectives at poor black youth, it reminds me of those people holding signs to prevent integration, spittle and hate flying in the breeze. That's what you look like. I figured you must not know, otherwise you'd cut it out.
Thug is the New Nigge*. Period.

Pissed off.

No need to find a label to put on them. They already have enough labels. They are sad, miserable, poor, black, overlooked, underfunded, labeled, despised, forgotten, beat down, abused, lied to, crapped on, jacked up against a wall, fatherless victims of the drug war, judged, fined, kicked...
Why do you feel the need to call those desperate souls names? Are their lives not harsh enough for you yet? Call them what you will, but at least you noticed them. Finally they got noticed.

Six months and fourhundred years of peacful protest.

When was the last time you had to protest acts of institutional racism against yourself and those who look like you? It's been fourhundred years and six months, how much longer?
I suppose we should just march and get beat and fire hosed and policed dogged until you think it's been long enough? How many years of racism and poverty and police viokence are you willing to take while singing 'We shall overcome' watching your sons become targets of the system? I think it's been long enough. Ain't no amount of marching and praying going to work if it hasn't worked yet!
Just let me know how much abuse and fear for the lives of your family and how many indignitites you ard willing to put up with all day everyday while singing and marching. How many cheecks you have left to turn when the cops break your sons neck. Let me know how much suffering we deserve while marching quietly and peacefully...

The child poverty rate among single parent housholds is extremly high NOW.

I believe that welfare reform has alot to do with that as it was the only thing keeping many children from starving.


22. At some point in the conversation, white privilege deems that white folks who are unhappy with how a person of color dares to talk about racism will somehow be magically transformed into the real “victims”.

Did you just call me a nigger?

Such dirty ugly people, and they all smell of wet dog and mayonnaise, am I right? Nigger.

When you call white people crackers, they have a right to call you nigger.

Funny, I never called anybody any names. Not even you. I will post your response to me for posterity.

Dear Jury... Once again I am copying this post to prove I am not lying about the things people say to me on DU. Please do not hide my post.
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