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Member since: Sun Dec 31, 2006, 02:25 PM
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Expectations can never be satisfied.What did u expect

All that is just is and all that is is God whose Being is made manifest by Being. What did you expect?

She will be surprised.But will she back Bernie

I too live in SW MO (Springfield). A huge Bernie supporter who urged him to run for president when he was reluctant to do so. Could only afford one Bernie yard sign but they are appearing all over my neighborhood. Claire shouldn't be running down a fellow democrat. If she supports Hillary then she needs to do that but not act like a republican and condemn a fellow dem who may be our candidate. Clinton did something similar in '08 when she ran against Obama siding with McCain saying the two of them at least have the experience necessary to be president but Obama doesn't and I though never side with a republican opponent against a dem candidate who might very well turn out to be the nominee. Here is McCaskill doing the same shallow thinking. She also said unemployment benefits and food stamps do not stimulate the economy. Ha. Just the opposite is true. Same with her Bernie comment...just the opposite is true. Bernie energizes the base and the majority making up the democratic party. Feel the Bern

Democratic Socialism ensures both our freedom AND our survival

We decide who our representatives are and we decide how we want our government to protect our freedoms and prevent the destruction of our environment by a greedy few to rich or to large to take on by ourselves individually but we can collectively. we can makes sure our American dream is there for all who want it. We can protect and help those of us who are down and we can encourage others to strive for greater progress.
Freedom AND Survival...to choose our path and to make sure the path remains.

U are not Christian. U are a Jesian.

Jesus is not what these hypocrites follow. They cherry pick the most edited-by-power grabbing idiots of the bronze age Book called the book of rage, condemnation, violence and murder or the Bible till Jesus came along and cursed a fig tree when figs were out of season cause he was hungry and there were no damn figs on it. Sorry didn't mean to cherry pic...or did I. Fuck the Bible...we are a moral nation tolerant of all beliefs so keep you're fucking indoctrinated religions out of my politics. native Americans called you crazy for such divisive beliefs. The bible says nothing about search and seizure. or discrimination etc. We should all rec this cause it says "Christian" or Bible...screw religious references. We are a moral nation, free to care for each other so we can live in harmony but also to make laws "we" decide will ensure our freedom, our survival, and the pursuit of happiness and maintain the general welfare of our democracy.

Candidate against free trade is gonna win?

Trump may be against it but so is Sanders. Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has no idea of the reality of the poor and working class and looks down on the 'needy', while sneering at anyone who disagrees or questions his authority...just like Romney. The GOP is the party of a-holes and sociopaths in its uncompromising extremism so of course they are gonna support one just like them like a Cruz Trump ticket but the majority of of non republicans see right through their fanaticism and complete lack of class. You just can't call people the names Trump has and expect to be President. So Take a Dump on Trump and Make America Great Again. It won't just be words on his hat

Nonsense. Who ever wins the democratic nomination will be president

Obstruction will continue no matter which dem sits in the WH. I believe dems will retake the senate as so many repub seats are up for re-election. My 1st choice is Sanders or Hillary if she is nominated as she is 10 Xs better than any of these GOP clowns. The repubs will have a hard time electing anyone without cheating because they lack substance or solutions and are without character. They actually want a repeat of GWBush while denying his actions.
Scandinavian countries are socialist but the impressive FDR was a Democratic Socialist and that is the only form of government which both ensures our Freedom and our Survival by voting to come together to prevent profiteers from destroying our environment our economy and our planet. The employer of last resort which is composed of "We the people" who vote to fix our infrastructure rather than give subsidies to Exxon-Mobile etc etc etc. A democratic government bent on protecting it's people and their social welfare as in "For, By, and Of the people" is the very definition of Democratic Socialism. Bernie is the Man of the people just like FDR.

Dem candidates don't fear each other. They want the same things.

They may have a different focus but I guarantee you whoever wins the dem nomination will be the next president. It's not about personalities it's about substance...what WE stand for and most of America stands for it too. The approach may be different but voters won't turn away if it's Bernie rather than Hillary. There is no logic to that statement. jk Remember who the first Democratic Socialist was...FDR who got elected to four terms. Democratic Socialism is the only form of government which both ensures our freedom and our survival. Free to vote how we want our government to work and free to decide how it can prevent a greedy few from destroying the planet, our environment and our economy. Deciding to make sure we all have what we need to survive (food, clean air and water) and decide to share the cost of being free with education, health care, voting rights, keeping jobs here at home and each paying their fair share in taxes.
Freedom from religious domination with separation of church and state. Bernie is the change and stands for what all the polls claim Americans want. He wins easily over all republican match ups...as does Clinton. The debates show...give a repub enough rope...

In disbelief the world says"Look what has happpened to America.Carnival barkers"

The repub party is completely un-American and unfit to lead.. Most like Huckabee are just trying to enrich themselves by running (look at all the speaker engagements he is getting now and all the huge fees he is charging). Rubio and Paul want their own shows and are following the Palin path. Not a single one of them is qualified to be president though Walker (Nixon incarnate) will be the nominee he won't win cause he lies about everything and is so deceitful and dishonest and Trump just threatened the moderator on national TV. "I don't care about being 'politically correct'...I just want to do what ever I feel like doing so shut up and do what I tell you or you'll get it".
That debate was a black eye to our democracy given by ignorant, self serving bullies. When will the people wake up and vote these people out of office...they are destroying our nation.

He's despicable. He will end up causing more abortions by cutting

access to birth control and family planning. Planned Parenthood doesn;t do abortions...they make referrals for abortions. Jindal's stupidity can be demonstrated by the following statistics: )from the NYT article by Nicholas Kristof)..."This in a country where half of all pregnancies are unintended, where 30 percent of American teenage girls become pregnant by age 19.

The Guttmacher Institute, which studies reproductive health, calculates that Title X family planning centers prevent about one million unintended pregnancies a year, of which 345,000 would have ended in abortion. It says that every year Title X clinics avert some 53,000 cases of chlamydia and 8,800 cases of gonorrhea, and save the lives of 1,100 women who would otherwise die of cervical cancer.

In other words, Title X prevents an abortion about once every 90 seconds...."
This should be shoved in Jindal's face and read aloud in the state legislature.

Every word out of Inhoffe's mouth was a lie.Lies which have been debunked

The man is a con pure and simple...ignoring statistics he doesn't like. We do not have nationalized health care system, Obama got us the Consumer Protection Agency, and did not make it so we would have to bail out the banks from now on...lie lie lie. He thinks if he talks fast enough and throws study results at us which he makes up that we will be overwhelmed and unable to see through his crap when just the opposite is true. You can hear the lies cause truth has it's own sound to it. We can see right through this puke. It's just too costly and too much trouble my ass...what he really is saying is they pay me to say this stuff cause they stand to lose a lot of money if we regulate the fossil fuel industry or switch to renewables. When you can see such selfish deceit drip from the likes of Inhoffe it's hard not to hate him...at a survivor level anyway. He definitely does not stand for the people.
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