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Member since: Thu Feb 9, 2006, 06:35 PM
Number of posts: 11,961

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Hillary still top dog in the democratic party according to latest polling


The Sanders swift boating and bashing has began anyone see this crap


PPP Michigan: Sanders at 25% in the primary but Clinton still dominates the field except men


Iran nuclear deal builds momentum in the final days


John Fugelsang: Christ Christie is going to tear up that debate stage against other republicans

WTF!!! John what are you talking about Christie is not a great debater

Tammy Duckworth crushing Mark Kirk in latest polling


As I've repeatedly said it's the Supreme Court Stupid for 2016

So those who have been saying they won't support Hillary if she's the nominee will have something to think about

OH GOD!!! now some jackass is on MSNBC saying Hillary is like Nixon

Where do they get these people from

Just saw the new NBC/Wallstreet Journey poll and

Hillary is getting 92% of the democrats who support her.So much for Bernie Sanders is gaining on Hillary

Here we go with the mental illness bullshit

I'm watch Al Sharpton show and some woman is on there talking about his mental state.Al should have cut her off with that bullshit.This guy is a racist murderer.
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