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Hometown: North Carolina
Member since: Wed Aug 11, 2004, 06:57 PM
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Protest never changes anything? Look at how TTIP has been derailed

Protest never changes anything? Look at how TTIP has been derailed

For those of us who want societies run in the interests of the majority rather than unaccountable corporate interests, this era can be best defined as an uphill struggle. So when victories occur, they should be loudly trumpeted to encourage us in a wider fight against a powerful elite of big businesses, media organisations, politicians, bureaucrats and corporate-funded thinktanks.

Today is one such moment. The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) – that notorious proposed trade agreement that hands even more sweeping powers to corporate titans – lies wounded, perhaps fatally. It isn’t dead yet, but TTIP is a tangled wreckage that will be difficult to reassemble.

Those of us who campaigned against TTIP – not least fellow Guardian columnist George Monbiot – were dismissed as scaremongering. We said that TTIP would lead to a race to the bottom on everything from environmental to consumer protections, forcing us down to the lower level that exists in the United States. We warned that it would undermine our democracy and sovereignty, enabling corporate interests to use secret courts to block policies that they did not like.

Scaremongering, we were told. But hundreds of leaked documents from the negotiations reveal, in some ways, that the reality is worse – and now the French government has been forced to suggest it may block the agreement.

The documents imply that even craven European leaders believe the US demands go too far. As War on Want puts it, they show that TTIP would “open the door” to products currently banned in the EU “for public health and environmental reasons”.

As the documents reveal, there are now “irreconcilable” differences between the European Union’s and America’s positions. According to Greenpeace, “the EU position is very bad, and the US position is terrible”.

More at link:


So, WHY has the US been pushing these awful trade deals under a Democratic administration? TTIP and TPP are both modeled on the Korea Trade Deal, also brokered by the Obama administration. Since its passage, deficits with Korea have risen every year. The awful ISDS provisions that hand lawmaking and veto powers to unaccountable corporations are all there in TTIP and TPP too.

Anyone pushing these trade deals, and especially the secret negotiations where they are drafted, is not supporting democracy or peoples' rights.


To be expected & a long time comin'.

For my entire life, spineless Democrats have clung to the "middle of the road," refusing to believe the plain truth that nothing belongs there except yellow stripes and dead 'possums.



Thanks for this exhaustive research, paulthompson. While the primaries continue, there is still the chance to choose a candidate not under investigation and very likely imminent indictment. Let's hope Democrats pay attention while there is still time.



It is fucked-up beyond words.

I weep for my state.


She did not say "...relative to the population;" she said "many"

55 out of more than 7000 is not "many."

Less than 1% is not "many."

Your math is bad & you should feel bad.


Hillary didn't understand her own position:

Clinton and Sanders Hashing Out Whether Next Debate Will Be a New York One

Source: New York Times

The Clinton and Sanders campaigns are in discussions about when to hold a debate in April, but whether it is held before the critical April 19 New York presidential primary remains an open question.

The campaign for Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont sent out a news release on Tuesday proclaiming that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had made “an agreement to debate him in New York before the state’s April 19 primary election.”

That, however, is not exactly what the Clinton campaign has said, at least publicly.

“We have expressed our willingness to debate in April, and the campaigns are discussing different options, including the option of a debate in N.Y. before April 19,” said Brian Fallon, the press secretary for the Clinton campaign, in an email on Wednesday.

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/politics/first-draft/2016/03/30/clinton-and-sanders-hashing-out-whether-next-debate-will-be-a-new-york-one/

Seems like the interwebz' "#Tonedownforwhat" campaign is having an impact. Keep the pressure on: there is no reason why a NY debate should not take place in advance of 4/19.


Clintons (like Repubs) like to attack opponents' strengths.

It's almost like the Clintons and Repubs are operating from the same election-fraud, military coups across Central America, disenfranchisement of voters here, Iran Contra, War-Hawkin', 1%-er type playbook. Hmm...



The NC cartoons are particularly (& sadly) on-point.


All of you out there in bluer states, please remember that many of us in NC find our state government's actions abhorrent. Gerrymandering and holding the state legislative bodies during a redistricting year has tilted the balance of power so far from where we should be.

Let's organize for 2020 and beyond! k&r,


Democrats need to get it, now.

It seems like at least one of these scenarios have to play out:

1) Hillary is indicted before the Democratic Convention. Sanders would then hopefully be able to step up. And if the DNC types try to pick someone else, the Party would fracture irreparably. Sorry, Biden, but not this time either.

2) Hillary is indicted after the Convention, during the GE. If this happens, Republicans almost certainly win. Welcome to Trumplandia.

3) Hillary is not indicted at all before November (or for that matter, January). If this happens, maybe she has a chance in the GE, but even so, Clinton corruption, the e-mail server, Clinton Foundation issues, etc. are all still issues in the GE: red meat for the Republican base. Maybe the Repub nominee wins due to that, maybe not. But if Hillary does make it through the GE without an indictment and with the majority of votes, what happens on 1/20/17? I'd say that the House opens an investigative committee on the above issues, and government is paralyzed from day 1 via an investigation into whether the "corrupt Obama DOJ" enabled "corrupt Clinton cronyism" and a nepotistic avoidance of justifiable prosecution.

None of these options sounds good to me.

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