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Gender: Male
Hometown: North Carolina
Member since: Wed Aug 11, 2004, 06:57 PM
Number of posts: 3,010

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Actually a member of the Clinton Global Initiative

This shitstain is on corporate Dems, much as I wish that only Repubs were this horrible:


Heather Bresch
Head of North American Operations
Mylan Laboratories Incorporate

Single-Payer, Public, Universal Healthcare Now!


Unconstitutional laws must go!

The only factor that the DEA needs to consider is that there is no provision in the US Constitution giving the Federal Government the power to ban the possession, cultivation, or use of plants. Anything else is obfuscation and injustice.


Yes, including the Rev. Barber's

He was on a roll of unifying and uplifting themes, but then had to attack "the proliferation of military-style weapons on our streets" and "the anti-democratic stronghold of the NRA."

Even as a non-member of the NRA, I bristle at the thought of an interest group being branded as "anti-democratic" simply because it is effective at advocating for its interest in protecting a Constitutional right. Leaders of the NRA may be cynical, racist, manipulative, hypocritical, contemptuous of many other essential Constitutional liberties, and worse; that still does not erase the fact that a group advocating for a strong Second Amendment policy is a part of the democratic process.

And attacking "the proliferation of military-style weapons on our streets" is just code cords for "we want to ban lots of guns."

It's a good thing that Republicans suck entirely this year. Democrats can probably get away with sucking on the Second Amendment without alienating too many voters. Still, my votes for Democrats will have to be accompanied by donations to pro-2A organizations: almost certainly not the NRA, but maybe some of the others. Suggestions of who is good on the RKBA without also being racist haters are welcome.


I very much hope and even genuinely think that you are right.

But at this stage of the game, it's far from a sure thing, so building and reinforcing constituencies and core principles is very important work.

Alienating constituencies and violating core principles could lead to the dismal scenario I posit above. But let's hope it remains a dystopian nightmare, and nothing more.


He arrested his opposition, quashed anything resembling a free press...

...massacred Kurds, apparently had a list of 2700 judges to purge all at the ready, etc.

How is any of that democratic? Oh, it's not at all.

Fuck Erdogan with a giant pine cone. And any US so-called leader supporting him deserves the same. I don't care if these 'leaders' have a 'D' after their names: supporting dictators is bullshit.


Like the said when I was a kid, "OH SNAP!!!!"

Der Drumpfenfuhrer just got Berned bad.


Nor would a progressive, independent Senator.

Bernie Sanders has not been shy about calling the Democratic Party power structure and elites to account, but I'll just wait here for a single piece of evidence to be presented that his campaign was in any way, shape or form "based on hatred for the Democratic party." Got any? No, I didn't think so.

Was passing NAFTA "for the common good?"

Sure has not turned out that way. Many of us were in the streets and meeting with globalization activists back in the early nineties (and plenty of times since), saying that NAFTA was corporatist garbage. We were ignored by the Democratic Party. Why are they marginalizing and ignoring our (and Bernie's) message about this still? We have 23 years of data since NAFTA passed.


Those House Democrats are free to run for President and build any movement they wish to...

I am glad that Bernie is his own man.

His principled stand on the TPP is a part of why he is holding back his endorsement at this point. Democrats should be learning from these principles, but instead too many seem ready to repeat the Clintonian deception and mistakes of NAFTA in 1993.

The fact that no House Democrat has built a movement akin to Sanders' is a problem, but it's not Bernie's problem. Any Democrat is free to hew closely to the principles that excite the Democratic base. Why did it take an independent Senator to do so?


My thread regarding such did not claim that the vote was logical.

When voters are only offered two choices, they will often gravitate to "B" after years of "A" failing to deliver on its promises. It often does not matter that "B" is a total shit sandwich, 10x worse than "A."

In the Brexit vote, the neoliberal EU with its distant, unaccountable, meddling Eurocrats was "A." I agree with you that "B"ritain (see what I did there?) will not suddenly become a grass roots workers' paradise just due to the vote. But I still ardently maintain that the failures of neoliberal Europe contributed heavily to the results of the Brexit vote.


It's worth asking why people embraced such hatefulness and believed such lies.

I recall a conversation I had with one of the Hanford nuclear waste site activists back in the early 1990's. He told me that as the cancers climbed and the local economy fell apart through the 1970's, and the full scope of pollution on the Hanford Reservation in Washington became known many hate groups and fringe activists attempted to leverage the issue to their own ends. The KKK recruited there on the basis that the nuclear waste was due to Jewish bankers, Stormfront types said in local meetings that the USA cared more about giving welfare to black urbanites than helping rural white people, LaRouch-ites said whatever nonsense they always do, the Revolutionary Communist Party said that capitalism depended upon poisoning the working class, etc. All of them saw the crisis of nuclear waste ruining a whole community not as something that needed to be solved, but as an opportunity to spread their preferred narrative. My activist friend was smart enough to ignore these campaigns, and stuck to pressuring the US Department of Defense to clean up its mess (an issue not yet resolved today, from my understanding). But some of his neighbors embraced the Klan or other hatemongers. Desperate people will take desperate measures.

I see the failure of modern western neoliberal entities as a similar moment, but on a global scale. If we don't fix the underlying issues, the racists and xenophobes will definitely make hay of it. But their hateful opportunism does not excuse modern western neoliberal institutions for their oligarchic and anti-democratic practices that cause the underlying problems.

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