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Member since: Sat Mar 5, 2011, 11:32 AM
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The Bern is in play.

The ground game fight is to be applauded.

Thank you, Bernie supporters, for all your efforts!

You guys were awesome! And you all deserve this great speech!

Onward to the Democratic Convention!

Geezer Humor: Hitler Reacts to Bernie Sanders (Feel the Bern)

Got this idea from the Old Farts for Bernie Thread. Can't help it, it's funny as hell.

THE NEW YORKER's "The Duel -- The Trump and Cruz campaigns embody opposite views of politics

and the future of the G.O.P."

There is Trump, the media-created populist. There is Cruz, the political insider going for hostile takeover. Two GOP visions.

When I read this, I realize how democracy is so much a struggle that people do want simply to be led by strong men. I'm not of that population, but they are legion.

Ideas brought forward here include how much Trump as a TV entertainer has entered into the political imaginations of his followers, so much so that he can do a call and response with his audiences, like "Who's gonna pay for the wall?" and the crowd yells back, "Mexico!" or "Schlonged!" That 'Trumpetts,' oblivious of political norms, are the politically alienated folks who are struggling to get by in an economy they no longer understand.

Then there is a section on the history of a party that used to be but is no longer in control of its nominating process. As I read I wondered, too, if that's happening within our Democratic Party.

The New Yorker has had, over the last two months, one full feature article on each candidate.

Perhaps this article gets a wide readership that's not part of the Trump imaginary. Living in this Big Country, it's my belief that we need a clearer map of our people these days than we do of our leaders.


Killer Mike: Bernie Sanders Is Our Guy

"...His record with African Americans is flawless, and the reason you don't know about it is cuz he don't have to go around preachin' and teachin' about it. Now's the time for us to research, to Google, to watch his speeches, check it out on YouTube, see what you think about him at home. You're going to be compelled to vote for this man.

And if your minister's not telling you to, that's not the church you need to be going to. If your lodge members' not telling you to, you need to leave that lodge.

That's it. That simple. This is our guy and he should be."

Why African Americans Are On FIRE For Bernie Sanders

America is about everybody in, nobody out. America is about be together, not the same.

Journey of The Sorcerer

I read in the Seventies one of the Eagles saying that they named themselves after the eagles in Lord of the Rings. I loved their western rock best in their "Desperado" album.

This is an instrumental along those lines from a later album I enjoyed during days of reading Carlos Castañeda's The Teachings of Don Juan. Weird, I know. But the West was in my imaginary back then.

I am unable to scroll or otherwise click past page one of "My Posts." Please explain or help.

Is this a structural change on the site? Because I've used access to back page lists of my posts frequently in years past.

I'd appreciate knowing if it's DU or me.

Happy Holidays To My Wonderful Democratic Underground, With Love

Nerdwriter presents some of the most thoughtful, relevant commentary on film art that I've ever watched. I hope you enjoy this small token of my holiday best wishes.


To work toward a decent legacy to our children and grandchildren, I offer this as a way to think through a potential shakeup about how we approach traditional, narrative-driven politics.

This video is long, historical in giving context and making comparisons -- but it explains why Bernie Sanders is NOT a socialist. It explains why our problems cannot be solved through corporate party unity and activity.

This video reinforces what we can't admit: that we work within a permanent box of war infrastructure that came to control the civilian command after Kennedy and Vietnam.

Our country's and planet's future is too big, too long in building, too complex to be "fixed" by a presidential election.

The more we realize what pressures we HAVE to put on our permanent fascist war government and economy, the sooner we can get OUR winner to fight toward eliminating all the taxing and spending sickness of believers and perpetrators of American empire' myths. And we have all internalized those myths, to some extent.

Hedges defines the rebel at the 50 minute mark. The rebels defined here are among us. Rebels know that they will not live to see the fruits of their efforts, but they don't rebel for themselves. As Crazy Horse said, " ...out there the spirits may help me. I am making plans for the good of my people." And as state-hanged Ken Saro-Wiwa, who fought against Shell Oil, said, " The environment is man's first right. Without a clean environment man cannot exist to claim other rights be they political, social or economic."

I also highly recommend all DU'ers read Chris Hedges' Wages of Rebellion -- The Moral Imperative of Revolt For the record, I have been a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter since before he declared.

On to the video. Excerpts below the video.

Intro by Andrew Tonkovich: We are treated in public, ladies and gentlemen, like naughty, slightly stupid and obedient children by the elites of our nation and their sycophants, pimps, talking heads and administrators – those salesmen of easy plastic wrapped desires and, yes, a shiny weapon and ammo for every fool or coward or kook who can buy or steal one…the intellect and spirit are shared and worth sharing...

Excerpted speech by Chris Hedges:

Before I begin on the issue of Bernie Sanders – I will not betray the Palestinian people, ever.
Which means that I will not support Bernie Sanders or anyone who does not stand up for the oppressed – all of the oppressed.

I’m tired of selling the Palestinians out. That’s over. If we’re not willing to fight that battle, we’re not gonna fight any battle. He’s an AIPAC windup doll like the rest of them. Look at that Senate vote…

We live in a revolutionary moment…A tiny global oligarchy has amassed obscene wealth while …no mechanisms to institute genuine reform or halt the corporate assault are left within the structures of power, which have surrendered to corporate control.

The citizen has become irrelevant. He or she can participate in heavily choreographed elections…a bankrupt liberal class holding the values it does nothing to defend discredits itself as well as the purported liberal values of a civil democracy as it is swept aside
In this moment of political, economic or natural disaster a sort of crisis will ignite unrest, lead to instability, and see the state carry out draconian forms of repression to maintain order. This is what lies ahead...

...Gulf war 1991, Somalia 1992, Haiti 1994, Bosnia 1995, Serbia and Kosovo in 1999, Afghanistan in 2001, where we have now been fighting for fourteen years, and Iraq in 2003. And we can toss in Yemen, Libya, Pakistan and Syria, along with Israel’s proxy war against the Palestinian people.

...Foreign battle fields are laboratories for the architects of industrial slaughter. They perfect the tools of control and annihilation on the demonized and the destitute. But these tools eventually make their way back to the heart of empire. As the corportists and militarists disembowel our nation, rendering our manufacturing centers boarded up wastelands, and tossing our citizens out into despair, the methods of subjugation, familiar to those on the outer reachers of empire, migrate back to us. Whole sale surveillance, indiscriminate use of lethal force in the streets of our cities against unarmed citizens, a stripping away of civil liberties, a dysfunctional court system, drones, arbitrary arrests, detention and mass encarceration.

“The tyranny empire imposes on others,” as Thucydides reminded us, “ it finally imposes on itself.” Those who kill in our name abroad soon kill in our name at home. Democracy is snuffed out…You cannot be a socialist and an imperialist. As Bernie Sanders has done, support the Obama administration’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen and be a socialist. You cannot, as Sanders has done, vote for every military appropriations bill, including every bill in resolution that empowers and sanctions Israel to carry out its slow motion genocide of the Palestinian people and be a socialist.

You cannot laud military contractors, as Sanders has done, because they bring jobs to your state. Sanders may have the rhetoric of inequality down, but he’s a full fledged member of the Democratic caucus which kneels before the war industry and their lobbyists. No grass roots movement will ever be born within the bowels of the Democratic Party establishment. Because none of these elected officials dare challenge any of these weapons systems, no matter how costly or redundant.

And Sanders, like all elected officials, profits from this Faustian pact. The Vermont Democratic Party leadership, in return for his deference, has not supported any candidate to run against Sanders since 1990. Sanders endorses Democratic candidates no matter how much they push neoliberalism down our throats, including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. And Sanders’ carrying water for the Democrats is the primary obstacle to building a third party in Vermont itself.

Now there’s a reason no establishment politician will say a word about the war industry. Because if you do, you end up like Ralph Nader, tossed into the political wilderness…and it is in the wilderness, I’m afraid, that real socialists must, for the moment, reside. Socialists understand that if we do not dismantle the war industry, nothing – absolutely nothing – will change. Indeed, things will only get worse.

War is a business. Imperial wars seize natural resources on behalf of corporations and ensure the profits of the arms industry…as true in Iraq as our campaigns of genocide against Native Americans…no one is sitting in the board room of General Dynamics hoping for peace in the Middle East. No one in the Pentagon, especially the generals who build their careers by managing wars, prays for a cessation of conflict...

It is not our job to build power. It is our job to build movements to keep power in check.“You get freedom by letting your enemy know that you’ll do anything to get your freedom, then you’ll get it,” Malcolm X said…Integrity and courage are powerful weapons and we have to learn how to use them. We have to stand up for what we believe in. We have to accept the risks and even the ridicule that comes with this stance. We will not prevail any other way.

As a socialist I am not concerned with what is expedient or what is popular. I am concerned with what is right…these ideals are the only ones that will make possible a better world.

If you will not call for an arms embargo, along with a boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, you are not a socialist. If you will not demand that we dismantle our military establishment which is managing the government’s wholesale surveillance of every citizen, and storing all our personal information in perpetuity in government computer banks, and if you will not abolish the for profit arms industry, you are not a socialist. If you will not call for the prosecution of those leaders including George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who have made in aggressive acts of pre-emptive war…you are not a socialist…

…Socialists do not pick and choose among the oppressed who it is convenient to support…socialists understand that you stand with all of the oppressed or none of the oppressed…

…Our strength lies in our steadfastness and our integrity…we must refuse to cooperate…we must rebel…we must grasp finally that we do not rebel for what it achieves, but for who it allows us to become…rebellion sustains us in an age of darkness. It provides hope and the capacity for love.

And rebellion must become our vocation…"

Whether we take on the charge that we have betrayed future generations or not, I believe that even if we cannot be the rebels of a revolution -- not Bernie's revolution -- we must look for those rebels among us, and support them with our lives, fortunes and our sacred honor. I have to say this publicly so that I will be called to live up to it when the rebels call me.

Nobel Peace Prize Is Awarded to National Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia

Source: New York Times, October 9, 2015

A coalition of labor union leaders, businesspeople, lawyers and human rights activists won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday “for its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011.”

The quartet comprises four organizations: the Tunisian General Labor Union; the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts; the Tunisian Human Rights League; and the Tunisian Order of Lawyers. But the Norwegian Nobel Committee emphasized that the prize “is awarded to this quartet, not to the four individual organizations as such.

“The Arab Spring originated in Tunisia in 2010 and 2011, but it quickly spread to other countries in North African and the Middle East,” said Kaci Kullmann Five, the chairwoman of the committee, who announced the prize in Oslo. “In many of these countries, the struggle for democracy and human rights has come to a standstill or suffered setbacks. Tunisia, however, has seen a democratic transition based on a vibrant civil society, with demands for respect for basic human rights.

The president of the Human Rights League, Abdessattar Ben Moussa, told the radio station, “It proves that dialogue is the only way to solve a crisis and not weapons.

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/10/world/europe/national-dialogue-quartet-tunisia-nobel-peace-prize.html

We may be seeing a model for our own pursuit of "revolution."

Congratulations to the The National Dialogue Quartet.
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