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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 12,889

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Wow, I think Rachel looks extremely tired.......huge bags under her eyes.....

love her to death and she's been I'm sure working her ass off. She needs a break, but how can she take it.....more shit going on everyday, and i'm sure she WANTS to be a part of it. But, she looks tired. Or is it just me??

It's going to pass......JMHO.

and oh gawd......Rick Santorum is a talking head on CNN??? eom

Rebecca Otto??? Starting to get mail from her......

any info that I should read to brush up on her political career??

I got it......Franken/Gillibrand 2020??

Gorsuch knows he's attractive and USES IT TO HIS advantage........

anyone remember the Seinfeld episode about Jerry's girl friend being so attractive she could get away with everything. Or is it just me......he not answering Amy Klobuchar's questions but he smiles, and has that coy look like you believe me because you think I'm so good looking.

This was a joke.....how long did the committe have Mrs. Clinton??? 16 gawd damn hours!!!

oh and the chairman says it's been a long day...GIVE ME A BREAK.

Anyone hear about all the postcards that were sent yesterday?? Haven't heard a thing about it. eom

I want to know who started calling Obamacare the ACA now???

Really, I've never heard it called the ACA AT ALL until just within the last week or so......who has decided to call it the ACA now instead of the Obamacare that they've been calling it for the last 8 years??? Funny how folk think the ACA is wonderful now.

can not believe I installed a gawd damn virus......."safe finder"

can't get rid of it......HELP.....
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