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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 11,659

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Hope Hilary's voice holds up.......keeps clearing her throat......

has had some problems with coughing. Hope she doesn't lose her voice......

So proud of the cheeseheads being shown on TV at the Democratic Convention.......

So all MSM are going to cover tRumps NEW afternoon news conference????


Some RW people I know were having a fit there were no flags on the stage or on peoples lapels

during the DNC convention.....

"Anyone notice there were no flags on the stage when the former president spoke....and he had no flag pin on. Wow...just amazing.

That was one of the first thing I noticed.....no flags and the was looking for one on "it's" lapel.... like you said Carol...... WOW....where is their American Pride!!!!!??!!!
9 hrs

I've been watching, going back and forth between CSPAN, CNN, FNC and commentators kept asking about the lack of flags on that stage.. Am also waiting to hear them discuss ISIS and other terrible things that can and will harm us if not gotten rid of... Instead they have the mothers of boys who were shot..........nuff said.
4 hrs

Probably afraid they would offend someone with a show of patriotism"
1 1 hr

I erased the names of these three people who were so upset.

South Dakota puts her over the top......

Is he done yet???

Watching an old Modern Family........and I just can't turn the channel to see his ugly orange face......

OMGAWD IT's Minnie Mouse Jeff sessions and the turtle man in a battle with the NATO allies.....

Turtle man DOES NOT agree with tRump on his NATO stance, and Minnie Mouse, Jeff sessions DOES agree with tRump!!!!!!! Fighting between these two senators now??? Wow, this is going to be a huge contention.

Whew....C-SPAN callers are all voting for tRump......Dems, repubs, & indie's.

D*mn ....... the Hill might lose this thing.

and why is tRump showing up again tonight??? eom

Milo is on CNBC right now.......1:00CST

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