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Gender: Male
Member since: Wed Jan 18, 2012, 10:29 PM
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Nothing will change unless we ALL go into "enemy territory" or otherwise help "red" state/area Dems

This goes for me as much as it goes for anyone else.

We need to engage, we need to organize, we need to mobilize, and we need to do it yesterday. We need to make up for lost time, lost opportunities, and lost social and political power, and we need to do it now. Right now.

A not-at-all-exhaustive list of helpful or potentially helpful resources:

- https://swingleft.org/

- https://www.sisterdistrict.com/

- http://grassrootscampaigns.com/

- http://www.buildingmovement.org/

- https://www.democrats.org/

- https://www.democracyforamerica.com/

- http://berniecrats.net/

- http://pdamerica.org/

- https://corrupt.af/

- http://dccc.org/

- http://www.dscc.org/

- https://www.tomperez.org/

- https://keithfordnc.org/

Additionally, there are PLENTY of "issue-specific" organizations and organizations built around political advocacy for marginalized groups and economic, social, racial, and/or gender justice. And of course, there are already many people who have announced, at the very least, their INTENT to run for seats in Congressional, state, or local office in "red" states and districts. I'm sure some of them have websites already and are looking for volunteers and donations.

Also, if you are in a "red" state or district - doesn't matter how red - and are considering running for office yourself, do it. Even if you (we) have scant chance of actually winning, what matters is making our voices heard. No more half-hearted sacrificial lambs and certainly no more Republicans running unopposed, anywhere.

We have to do these things, and everything and anything else that can possibly allow us to not just be a part of the Resistance, not just get us through President Trump and Republican and right-wing control at almost every level of American governance, but for us to allow all of us to take all the chaos and horrifying things that have already happened (along with the much more horrifying shit that is sure to come) and turn it into something new, positive, progressive, constructive, equality-focused, and justice-focused, for the benefit of all people. All of us have to contribute here, in any way we possibly can. Again, that goes for me as much as it does anyone else.

The Prosperity Gospel is not just religious, although it might as well be

Considering the way that so many in the US - including (and perhaps especially) many within American evangelical Protestant circles, yes - equate wealth with wisdom, or even holiness, and poverty with laziness, irresponsibility, and even criminality (particularly in the cases of black people, poor, non-white immigrants, single mothers, and women who have abortions - regardless of how desperate or in life-threatening danger they might be).

It doesn't matter how much more the rich participate in despicable, criminal, and socially damaging activities than the poor, as I and many others maintain is the case (and that Donald Trump is among the very worst offenders even by the "standards" of sociopathic, insanely self-entitled rich white men). It certainly doesn't matter that white, right-wing evangelicals are very often among the worst offenders here as well (think of how all of the scandals regarding sex, abuse, fraud, embezzlement, or other forms of corruption that have been discovered among so many of these right-wing megachurch pastors - not to mention all of the shit that's still being kept under wraps! ) What matters is the cruel, bigoted, and incredibly self-serving narrative. "Alternative facts", doncha know?

Re: the "lyin', dishonest media": Notice how Trump/the Right's ire is directed at journalists

As opposed to, say, the corporate executives who actually control the dominant media conglomerates and what they cover ("Trump is good for CBS" ).

Also, I can't help but think about how the increased shittiness of major news media in the US directly tracks with the growth of the 24-hour news cycle, talk radio, and social media newsfeeds - all of which serve to reinforce vulgar narratives about how black people are criminals and welfare cheats, Muslims are terrorists or terrorist-sympathizers until proven otherwise, organized labor is a major nuisance at best, and access to the daily talking points fed to the news media by the President of the United States and his sycophants, Congress, and the military and intelligence community are prized infinitely more over critical investigative journalism that doesn't insult the intelligence of the public and challenges the powerful and their interests (who will control the media narrative unless they are directly and consistently challenged). Someone please explain to me how any of this is remotely of "the Left."

IMO the best line of attack against Trump is three-pronged

1. That his pathological impulsivity and complete ineptness at governance will get Anericans' sons and daughters killed in pointless military misadventures abroad.

2. That his complete disinterest in learning even the BASICS of governance will lead him to not just delegate all presidential/executive power to his nihilistic white supremacist advisers (Bannon et. al) but also, to him signing off on Congressional Republicans dismantling Social Security, Medicare, and everything else that all Americans not part of the billionaire ruling class hold dear.

and most importantly:

3. Hammer home the clear and direct connection of ALL these things to the fact that most everyone's lives - including most Trump voters, and their families, friends, and local communities - will suffer immensely under the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled federal government (and state governments, for that matter) in general. And if they don't believe you or me, they will soon see for themselves just how much Trump and his administration will do for the "forgotten men and women of this country" that isn't wholly horrific in its impact on said men and women.

Note that none of this will be part of our conversations with the people who are ALREADY on board with us. This is for everyone and anyone who we can bring over to our side, whether they're pro-Trump or fence-sitters or simply aren't really aware of the gravity of the stakes here and how much they will directly impact their own lives. We need to do this, somehow, and we all need to do it NOW. No joke.

- My $0.02.

I noticed that the two Republicans who voted against DeVos are women.

While the most stereotypically horrific far-right white male Christian fundamentalist cast the tie-breaking vote.

Any significance here, however symbolic? Will we be seeing more along these lines?

In Ian Kershaw's Hitler biography, he said that Hitler "completely privatized" political power

As in, political power was completely embodied in a despotic yet charismatic personality and his supporting cast of absolute fiends.

Moreover, the Nazi economy was essentially a cartel of corporate interests whose profitability synchronized comfortably with the political objectives of the Third Reich.

What naturally follows from this is that there's no room for popular politics here - other than the mass mobilization of violent, thuggish supporters of the regime, of course.

Food for thought in these uh, "interesting" times in which we live.

In 1994, 63% of Americans had a negative view of immigrants. In 2016, it was 27%.

(Note that the negative percantge for 2016 is very close to the approximately 25% of the adult population (as opposed to people who voted in the general election) in the US who voted for Trump. Hmmmm.... )

From someone who knew all too well what fascism is , and its threats to democracy...

"The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism -- ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power.... Among us today a concentration of private power without equal in history is growing.

- The 32nd President of the United States and the man who protected Americans from their fascist enemies, whether they were foreign or domestic.

Seems pretty fucking poignant to me!

The definition of shamelessness

James Jackson Kilpatrick (1920–2010) was a well-known newspaper editor in Richmond, Virginia, who was a leader in supporting segregation and the control of the South by whites only. MacLean states: "The National Review made Kilpatrick its voice on the civil rights movement and the Constitution, as Buckley and Kilpatrick united North and South in a shared vision for the nation that included upholding white supremacy." In the August 24, 1957, issue, Buckley's editorial "Why the South Must Prevail" spoke out explicitly in favor of temporary segregation in the South until "long term equality could be achieved." It argued that "the central question that emerges... is whether the White community in the South is entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail, politically and culturally, in areas where it does not predominate numerically? The sobering answer is Yes— the White community is so entitled because, for the time being, it is the advanced race."

For DU'ers older than me: Do you think deregulation has increased the prevalence of scamming/fraud?

Seems to me that that would make sense, given the fact that not only has real, substantive regulation of Wall Street and Corporate America in general decreased (as opposed to the kind of "regulations" that really are there to make it all but impossible for the "Little Guy (and Gal) " to compete, or even go into business in the first place in many cases - those have surely increased in number and complexity ); but also, enforcement of regulations (and rules and laws in general, whether they cover petty crime, illicit drugs, or paying your taxes) has decreased to the point where it is precisely the "Little People" (read: the vast majority of people in the United States) whom are punished for any crime or transgression in general (particularly if they're black, or a member of any racial/ethnic minority group, for that matter, and especially if they're poor and/or otherwise lack significant resources) while the "Important People" don't just go unpunished for fraud and ruthless abuse, but are in many cases, rewarded for it.
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