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Question about Captain America - Civil War (SPOILER)

What was the Captain's rationale for not signing the agreement? I didn't understand his argument fully. As a member of the military, he should understand serving under civilian leadership.

A Bernie vs. Trump debate is akin to men telling women to leave the room while the men

discuss the major issues of the day. Such a debate would be raw, naked, White male privilege on display to the world.

--On edit--
There have been more than enough debates between Hillary and Bernie. The voters know each of them by now and have largely rendered their decision. There's no need for Hillary to debate Bernie at this point.

Bernie is NOT going to get the nomination. By even entertaining this idea, he's showing disrespect to Hillary, to the Democratic voters, and to women in general because he refuses to acknowledge her position. That is sexism pure and simple.

Did Hillary offer to debate John McCain in 2008?

Two weeks from today

And this will all be over once and for all.

A clear, undeniable majority of Democratic voters in the primaries chose Hillary Clinton as their

nominee for president. She represents the will of the people.

If you cannot accept that, then that's your problem.

So. Hillary and her diabolical associate Debbie Wasserman Schultz personally rigged 50 state

Dem party chairs to fix the primary for Hillary, and everyone of them, along with their staffs, associates, etc., all went along with the fix without anyone saying a word to the national media.

If this is true, then Hillary should be president tomorrow. That kind of planning, coordination, and execution is truly impressive.

Why sports are better than politics

In sports when you lose, you leave the field of play. You don't hang around harassing the refs and the league. You don't demand victory because Vegas bookmakers show that you have a better chance in the next round. You get fined/suspended by the league if you imply that the game is rigged.

Finally, true fans don't abandon the sport just because your team loses.

If Hillary is rigging the 2016 primaries, why didn't she rig the 2008 primaries?

If she has that type of power, why didn't she use it in 2008?

--On Edit--
So, if it's all because of DWS. Then why let Bernie win any state at all? Or, why let Bernie win MI? If he'd lost there, no one would have said anything because the polls showed him losing.

Why aren't there any threads about the vote being rigged in Oregon tonight?

So, when Bernie wins, it's always a clean win, right?

Notice no one is complaining about the vote being rigged in Oregon tonight.

Wonder why.

21 days

This will be officially over.

And we get our board back.
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