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Member since: 2001
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So, how should the ACA be fixed?

Allow people to buy into Medicare who don't qualify for it, e.g. younger folk.

What the fuck will Trump/RyanCare even fucking cover?

I'm just supposed to pay a premium and get NOTHING??!?!?!?! Just give some company my cash and get nothing in return?!!!!

Oh yeah right, this is the business model of Trump U.

How can you be "pro-life" but not have affordable insurance for pregnant women?

It just don't make any sense.

A great visual/photo opp. for the Democrats would be...

For every elected Dem to volunteer one weekend with the Meals on Wheels folks. Be shown delivering meals to the elderly while Trump is away at Mar A Lago. A powerful juxtaposition of images.

Big man. Little kitty.

How do we know if the Trump/Putin collusion stopped after the election? Is it still going?

How can we trust Trump's appointees? Are they feeding sensitive intelligence information to the Russians?

Can someone provide a quick mid-day summary of what happened?

For all of us at work?

Obama's REAL farewell address with his anger interpretor (Key & Peele)

The final scenes from "All the President's Men"

Anyone got two $10s for a $5?

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