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Member since: Tue Aug 27, 2013, 10:03 PM
Number of posts: 1,499

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Skinner, EarlG, and Elad. It's pretty clear my account isn't really being reviewed. I've been banned because the Hillary diehards alert on the phrase "Third Way" for being divisive as if it doesn't exist and they have purged anyone who questions the Third Way belief that elections are won in the middle so the juries are stacked. In your white "pseudo-liberal" world, you may think having a handful of politically active black females at DU means you and/or the DLC/Third Way aren't racist . . . Willie Horton, Ricky Rector's tortured body, the convicted felons in Florida who the DLC stabbed in the back and who could have turned the tide in 2000, the black kids who are being murdered by cops in the streets (or beaten, or hassled, or hauled in for violating bullshit laws passed for the sole purpose of keeping us enslaved) as matter of policy, AND this old black man who wants merely for our party to turn to our base instead of the white suburbanites (that Bill got to vote Democrat by throwing us under the bus and being a white Southern governor) all say differently. Trust me friends, the streets are turning against you. If we keep losing it won't be because of liberals, it will be because of you. Account review that.

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