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Member since: Sun Mar 7, 2010, 04:34 PM
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The Daily Show: The Broads Must Be Crazy

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart hammered the media for the double standard applied to Hillary Clinton and other female politicians compared to their male counterparts and whether their emotions are kept in check.


Stewart nails it .......

The media has a double standard for women. The media loves to pin a label on women leaders as too emotional to lead.

With Obamacare attacks losing juice, Senate Republicans officially flailing

GOP’S NEW STRATEGY: MAKE 2014 ABOUT HARRY REID: The Associated Press reports that GOP Senate candidates are “adjusting their plans” to tie Democratic Senate incumbents to Harry Reid, arguing that he has abused his power and is no longer fit to remain Senate Majority Leader:


Poll: Democrats lead Republicans by 6 points on a generic ballot test going into mid term

Democrats lead Republicans by 6 percentage points on a generic ballot test going into the midterm elections in November, according to a new poll.

A Marist-McClatchy poll released Tuesday found 48 percent of registered voters would choose a Democrat if the congressional elections were held today. Another 42 percent said they would support a Republican candidate. Six percent said they're undecided.


The Democratic Party still needs to follow up with an overwhelming GOTV campaign.

Total Freedom for public owned property "Bundyfest"

Come celebrate TOTAL FREEDOM at BUNDYFEST, just across the road from the Cliven Bundy Ranch, in Bunkerville, Nevada! 240 bands, 24 hours a day, for a SOLID ROCKIN' MONTH!!!!
*PENIS ERECTION CONTEST: Erect the largest penis in the open desert, win valuable prize! (tbd)

BACKGROUND: For years, we paid permitting fees to hold Burning Man on the beautiful Playa in Northern Nevada. But now, Cliven Bundy has shown us a NEW WAY! ABSOLUTE FREEDOM! Bundy has declared the entire area surrounding Bundy Ranch as a TOTALLY RULES-FREE ZONE! ANYTHING GOES! WOO-HOO!!!

Why should Burning Man end on September 1st? Swing down to Vegas for a few days for some R&R, a few good buffets, and then HEAD ON UP TO BUNDYFEST! All 50,000+ Burning Man participants are invited to attend -- and as many more as can make the trip from anywhere in the world! 100,000? 250,000? THE SKY IS THE LIMIT AT BUNDYFEST! The desert surrounding Bundy's ranch is LIMITLESS!

Check out Sean Shealy's video on the Facebook page explaining what he's doing in honor of Cliven Bundy.


Elizabeth Warren Book Is A Liberal Call To Arms That Rips Tea Party 'Magical Thinking'

"We can't bury our heads in the sand and pretend that if 'big government' disappears, so will society's toughest problems. That's just magical thinking -- and it's also dangerous thinking," Warren writes. "Our problems are getting bigger by the day and we need to develop some hardheaded, realistic responses. Instead of trying to starve the government or drown it in the bathtub, we need to tackle our problems head-on, and that will require better government."


Proof The US Is An Oligarchy, Not A Democracy

Great information explaining the downward spiral the US finds itself in. Why our Politicians are so controlled by the institutional selection system installed by the uber rich.


Sanders: Kochs Trying To Destroy America’s Democratic Institutions

The Reid Report, April 17, 2014. Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to expose the Koch brothers' extreme right wing agenda for America.


Matt Groening (Simpsons) manages to sum up Washington today in just 15 seconds.


New Poll: GOP In Danger Of Losing House In November

A newly released poll from Public Policy Polling shows that the GOP is by no means assured of retaining control of the House after the mid-term elections next fall. Apparently, a major factor in turning the electorate against many Republican incumbents was their vote to shut the government down last October.

Although they tried to place the blame on the President and Senate Democrats, it has long been apparent that the voting public is not gullible, knowing that it was the House Republicans and their determination to find a way to repeal Obamacare who were actually responsible for the shutdown.


The Democratic Party still needs an outstanding GOTV effort.

If Republicans Win the Senate, What Crisis Will Mitch McConnell Cook Up Next?

The most recent forecast by Fivethirtyeight gives Republicans a sixty percent chance of winning a majority of the Senate in November’s elections. Given that any bill already has to pass the Republican-controlled House, the effect of a Republican Senate upon President Obama’s legislative agenda can be calculated at zero, with a margin of error of zero. You can’t kill something that is already dead.

On the other hand, what is currently alive, albeit barely, is a fragile peace that has enabled the functioning of the traditional separation-of-powers relationship between the branches of government. The survival of that peace depends entirely on a Democratic Senate. Almost nobody seems to be thinking about the potential chaos that could lie ahead.

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