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Member since: Mon Sep 14, 2009, 04:47 PM
Number of posts: 5,198

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Should we get your permission next time before posting a story?

Its news. You can read into it all you want but the point of this forum is to post news stories.

i just think the article is misleading

The cops likely had no clue he was a felon. The author of the article likely did know, and the article is misleading.

rich people spent money

I dont see the problem.

Its not my taste, but nobody expects them to have a 25,000 wedding.

His job is not to follow his voters

If thats what you want eliminate the super deligates (which I would support).

But he is free to vote how he wants.

Pipes were made out of lead.

Both for water mains and residential pipes. They are not any more, buy lost of pipes that are 70 and 80 years old are still in use.


As a white, and non criminal, the odds of gun violence are very small.

By that standard. . . .

An unemployed white person has no power and can not be racist, yet a black CEO has tremendous power and the ability to be racist.

They have one for every vice president

Not sure why everybody is freeking out. They have been soing this for over 100 years.

It just doesnt matter in some states

Do you think a write in will change anything in California. No, the democrat will win. I also never vote a straight ticlet. I have voted for independents and even a republican or two in local races.

As a scientific experiement I will watch it at half speed

Will it make me more pissed off or less, Im not sure.

But I will do it in the name of science.
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