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Many people are doing the ice bucket challenge , but one person .....rofl

Why Diapers Matter When It Comes to Personal Responsibility and Poverty-Article title

A California bill that would subsidize diapers could help low-income families remain in the workforce. So why are conservative politicians rejecting it?


As the bill’s text explains:

(a) Existing federal law classifies diapers with cigarettes, alcohol, and pet food as disallowed purchases under CalFresh and the California Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children.

(b) However, low-income parents cannot take advantage of free or subsidized child care if they cannot afford to leave disposable diapers at child care centers, a requirement for most child-care centers.

(c) Without access to child care, these parents are less able to attend work or school on a consistent basis, leading to increased economic instability and a continuation of the cycle of poverty.

The bill has been introduced to correct a quirk in how federal law is interpreted. Under government-subsidized programs for the poor, such as California’s Special Supplemental Food Program, diapers are not covered for purchase. Instead they are categorized as optional luxury items, like cigarettes.

*Diapers are a luxury item now?*

read full article at link

Anthony Weiner Is Opening A Restaurant

Former Mayoral Candidate and voracious sexter Anthony Weiner hasn't had much to do these days besides the occasional TV appearance and pee duty at the playground. But instead of slide into the soul crushing depression that comes with complete and total obscurity, he's throwing his energy into New York City's most stable enterprise: a restaurant.

According to Idealist.com, Rockaway Restoration Kitchen will be a "social entrepreneurship that operates a healthy, sustainable restaurant in a hard luck community to provide training, on-the-job apprenticeship and placement in the culinary and food service sector for unemployed New Yorkers." Weiner's name has not be directly linked with the eatery—and he's yet to make any public statements about the endeavor—but the Rockaway Times says he's met with several key figures involved.

The restaurant is currently seeking an Executive Director, who will oversee what seems to be both a place to eat, as well as a training facility for locals interested into moving into the food and service industries. Their "target population" includes formerly incarcerated individuals and others who've struggled to find employment; they're hoping to "graduate" between 100 and 150 people per year. While the restaurant will operate as a non-profit, the hope is to break even or better, further servicing the area.

There's no indication what types of cuisines the restaurant will offer but the website talks about "visiting chefs" and "relative proximity to fresh local Long Island food sources." Weiner's brother Jason also co-owners Almond restaurant in the Flatiron, which does the whole "market-fresh" bit. Regardless, hopefully this experience will teach Anthony how to tip!


Westboro Baptist Church's Plan To Protest Robin Williams' Funeral Thwarted By Love


The Westboro Baptist Church is trying to spread its vile message of intolerance with a disgraceful protest of Robin Williams' funeral, but Planting Peace is not letting the hate take root.

Williams was found dead in his Tiburon, California, home on Monday. His funeral is set to be a "very private" ceremony in San Francisco near his home. In spite of the actor's family's request for privacy and respect, WBC announced plans to picket Williams' funeral on Aug. 11 after labeling him a "Fag Pimp."

Planting Peace, a nonprofit organization founded in 2004 with a mission to spread love and equality around the globe, is set on challenging WBC's planned protest with a fundraiser. (The group also owns the Equality House, which is situated directly adjacent to the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas.)"When the WBC announced they were protesting Robin’s funeral, we felt like launching a fundraiser for a charity Robin loved would be the perfect way to honor him and counteract the message of hate and intolerance that the WBC continues to convey,"

** religious terrorism**assholes

St. Louis has a serious racial problem among their police force

St. Louis police chief orders probes after officer gets racist letter September 03, 2013 article


EDITOR'S NOTE: The St. Louis police officer named in this story, Darren Wilson, is not the officer involved in the fatal Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown on Aug. 9, 2014:

ST. LOUIS • Police Chief Sam Dotson ordered internal and criminal investigations after a black officer in the department’s south patrol division received a racist letter through interdepartmental mail.

“I’m frustrated and disappointed,” Dotson said of the letter, which came to his attention early last week.

The typed letter arrived in a sealed white envelope with the receiving officer’s name on it inside a public mailbox for his district about a month ago. Laced with profanity and a racial epithet, it read: “You black (expletive). We want you out of our station. We want your black (expletive) dead. (Expletive) your medals. If an aide call comes out for you WE WON’T RESPOND. KILL YOURSELF (expletive) OR WE WILL. Respectfully, South Patrol.”

Dotson said the act could be considered a hate crime. He said he has taken steps to ensure the officer’s safety, but declined to be specific.

“In an abundance of caution, I wanted to do everything I could to reassure him that we were taking this seriously,” he said.

Tear gas is a chemical weapon banned in war. But Ferguson police shoot it at protesters.


Despite its ubiquity across the globe and in United States, tear gas is a chemical agent banned in warfare per the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993, which set forth agreements signed by nearly every nation in the world — including the United States. The catch, however, is that while it’s illegal in war, it’s legal in domestic riot control. That means Turkey got to use it on its protesters last year. That meant Bahrain got to the do the same. And now, in Ferguson, cops are likewise blasting residents protesting the police for the killing of an unarmed teen named Michael Brown.

“I was just trying to get to my sister’s house,” one 23-year-old sobbed on his lawn, according to this harrowing report by The Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery, who was arrested by police Wednesday. The man said police had pelted him with rubber bullets and sprayed his face with tear gas.

While that appears to have held true as of Thursday morning, some scientists and international observers contend the tactic of spraying people with tear gas, which commonly uses the chemical agent 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS), can pose serious dangers. “Tear gas under the Geneva Convention is characterized as a chemical warfare agent, and so it is precluded for use in warfare, but it is used very frequently against civilians,” Sven-Eric Jordt, a nerve gas expert at Yale University School of Medicine, explained to National Geographic. “That’s very illogical.”

Unarmed Black Man, Ezell Ford, Shot by Police in Los Angeles on Aug. 11, 2014.

While the country is still reeling from the news and aftermath of the fatal shooting by police of unarmed Ferguson, Mo., teen Michael Brown, KTLA is reporting that a 25-year-old mentally challenged man was shot and killed in Los Angeles while lying on the ground. His family says he was complying with officers. He was also unarmed.

According to the news station, Ezell Ford, 25, was only blocks from his South Los Angeles home Monday when officers stopped him. Police claim that it was an "investigative stop" but have not stated why Ford was being investigated. According to police, a struggle ensued and police "opened fire," indicates a Los Angeles Police Department news release issued Tuesday and viewed by the news station.

Ford was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery, but he died from his injuries, according to the news station.
A police spokesman told the news station that officers received minor cuts during the incident and didn't need medical attention, but a statement released by the LAPD indicated that no officers were injured.Ford's family tells a very different story. They claim that Ford was shot while he lay on the ground complying with the officers.



None of those officers were wearing badges as reported on MSNBC interview with reporter.

didn't want to be identified.

I am noticing a pattern, several of the reporters who were arrested with no reason were told ," stop resisting" . The reporters said they weren't resisting. Then after being assaulted by the police and arrested and detained, they were released with no explanation. WTF is this? Keep the reporters off the street keeps them from recording the madness.

Swedish man arrested after cops say his muscles are too big

A buffed man in Sweden was stopped on the street for being ‘unusually large.’ Police find steroids in his home, he gets 21 months in jail.


Police stopped a man walking down the street in Malmo, Sweden, because they thought he was "unusually large," The Local reported.
They questioned the musclebound dude about whether he used steroids and if he had any.When he gave answers they considered evasive, the cops searched his apartment.

Inside, they found 20,000 pills and several bottles of performance-enhancing drugs, police said. The burly suspect said the items were for his own personal use. But nearly $21,000 in cash and packaging materials convinced cops that he was selling the substances.
A court has sentenced the man to 21 months in prison.

Apparently, such arrests are not unusual. Earlier this year, a buffed man was hauled in by police for involuntary steroid testing. The results were negative. A judge ruled that being muscular is not grounds for arrest.


Police: Indy man stole brains from museum, sold them for cash


Authorities say David Charles, a 21-year-old Indianapolis resident, is accused of breaking into the Indiana Medical History Museum multiple times this year and stealing jars of human brain tissue and other preserved material. A tipster who paid hundreds of dollars on the online auction site helped bring the organ entrepreneurism to an end.

The museum, 3045 W. Vermont St., is the site of the former Central State Hospital, which served patients with psychiatric and mental disorders from 1848 to 1994. Indianapolis police had investigated several break-ins at the museum’s storage facility before a California phone call led police to Charles.

A San Diego man who had bought six jars of human brain tissue off eBay for $600, plus $70 shipping, called the museum after noticing labels on the containers and suspecting some kind of skulduggery, according to court documents.

Detectives with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department used that tip to trace the transactions, eventually speaking to the eBay seller who provided the brain tissue to the San Diego man. That seller had obtained the brain matter from Charles, police said.

Wonder who purchased them? lol
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