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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,198

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

TRUMP is a COWARD..HE is afraid to release his INCOME TAXES..

pass it around...If enough ask..at some point he will have to answer.

Those twelve words could bring him down.
What is he afraid of?

Starving Child Because of War.... not new.....very sad....


In the early 70s, (I think it was 1970 or 71) I put up a picture of a starving baby with a starving mom in my high school classroom . (I taught history in the public schools) It was a picture from Life Magazine that had been seen by millions.. It was a full page picture, and it was sad. I clearly recall thinking that because of some war, these people were going through hell. People were starving, children were starving, and here was proof..

Also, there was a deep feeling inside me, that this would be the end of this insanity...That this should not happen again...Ever..... By the 1970s, I also thought, (and the memory of that thought is real) that we had advanced so far, that we could end pictures like that, and perhaps we would move forward from that...That this... starving of children due to war, ... did not need to happen again...Ever...!!

I was wrong.

64 Days Till the Election...

Many of us are worried about this election for good reason. Our chances of winning are outstanding, superior, overwhelming or whatever words you want to use. No matter how the media plays it, most people know how they are going to vote already. We are very strong.. Let us enjoy this weekend with family and friends. We know we will do the work we need to do. We know we will.

Our opponent will continue to make mistakes. And we will continue to fight the fight and stand for what is right and honorable about this country. Let us relax and enjoy today..Let us celebrate our caring about others and progress that we have made by enjoying this weekend. On Tuesday, we will still have 62 days of hard work, and we will win! . We have already put in time and money, and we will continue to do so. Let us laugh and enjoy for a couple of days. After some good rest and relaxation, we will renew ourselves to continue the fight..

.......and we will win!!!!!!

Trump 2nd Ammendment Comment proves..beyond doubt..he cannot contain himself..

Even when warned to,...(and I suspect he has been warned often)

he gets worse...Out of control....

.If he stays in, this comment will convince a few more percent that he is not fit to be President .
And more Republicans will come out against him..even more.........this is not a joke..or whatever his followers are going to tell us it is..

The Micheal Morell Op Ed (former CIA chief) is just now taking off..

Within the last few minutes..I saw it being reported all over the world. The Independent, BBC, and some other outlets are picking this up at about 10am Eastern time. USA Today got it in the last hour or so. This story will have a very strong affect on those who are open to clear thinking about Donald Trump. I read part Morell's Op Ed, and he states that he has never done this in his 33 years in CIA, the implication is that this Op Ed is necessary for the security of the United States and his last sentence is that Donald the Dope is a threat to our security

The Dope has commented on it already, and calls Morell a stooge of Hillary's. If one has followed all this, a clear thinker might think that Donald is a stooge of Putin, but that is another story. This one is very important, ...Friday morning..and it will play all this weekend. Have fun this weekend Donald, guess who has more credibility?....You or Morell...?..Oh, If you have trouble getting an answer, I will clue you in..

It ain't you...........

Trump may get 38 percent..but no more

He will stay under 40 percent the rest of the time...That is what I believe..but...I have been wrong before, and will wrong again..I sure hope I am correct on this..anyway.. I don't think Trump can win under any circumstances.......

If he stays in,.??? Trump will get no more than 37 percent of the vote. come November..

no matter what happens.....People have already made their decision in this election for obvious reasons..


That 37 percent, is the most that Trump will get on election day

If that much..maybe 33 percent...??

Hesitation?????... Remember.....SUPREME COURT, SUPREME COURT..SUPREME COURT..#1


every few days till the election date..if I can I will put this up, again and again and again..I want Hillary to appoint new members to the ..........SUPREME COURT............................NO ONE ELSE..




Federal Government Regulations that saved tens of thousands of lives began..6/30/77

Thirty Nine Years ago yesterday, Brock Adams, Secretary of Transportation with Jimmy Carter's approval and support, announced that by 1984 all cars must be equipped with either seat belts or air bags...While there was some discussion and argument about this, since it was so far into the future, it was assumed it would not be of consequence..More than enough time for car manufacturers to make the arrangements..Other safety requirements followed: crumple zones, additional lights on cars, (side lights and a funny light in back window) seat belts in front and back, shoulder harnesses, and eventually air bags on both sides of the car..and more...

Republicans were against additional regulations but it was accepted. (far into the future)

In 1979..a few years before the mandate took effect...51093 were killed on United States highways.

In 2014, approximately 32,500 were killed on United States highways..40 percent reduction in deaths with 50 percent greater population in the country and millions more cars and trucks. And many injuries which could have horrific and life threatening, were much less severe..

The Republicans always talk about how great "less government regulations would be"...This one set of facts proves what a lie that is. In this case, government regulations, ordered by Jimmy Carter, and his transportation secretary Brock Adams, have saved tens of thousands of lives over the course of more than 35 years..Remember, Republicans did not want the original rule to go into effect., Now putting on the seat belts is the law.. Airbags are in cars, front and side, along with seat belts and harnesses all around..That is the law too, all new cars must have these safety devices.

If you hit the link below, proof of the above will be provided....Note, the gradual reduction in the 80s and more reduction as years went on. The reduction from the 80s to now, over all, is quite significant when considering the increase of the number of miles traveled. 2011 and 2014 were very similar with about 32,500 deaths..The last time the number was lower than that was in 1949. Hit the link and take a look at the 3 charts provided. At the link there are the number of deaths from about 1900 to the present.

So, if you know someone who was saved by a seat belt or airbag ,it was President Jimmy Carter and Transportation Secretary Brock Adams who started this in 1977. with the seat belt mandate 39 years ago yesterday. Government regulations saved their life. That is solid proof that regulations are often life saving and helpful, and the Republican lie machine cannot deny this truth.

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