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Member since: Thu Aug 23, 2012, 01:15 AM
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How can we get State by State threads here for the RESISTANCE? A thread for each State's protests, marches, boycotts..etc?

I live in Northern VA. Where are the rallys on a state level?l. List them!



My 18 month old granddaughter depends on me....and on you.

The Tea Party will look like weak tea compared to us!!

I have finally come out of my shock and depression. I am ready to fight!! Are you?


Is this bad or what?

I am a pastry chef. I'm up early in the morning to bake all kinds of goodies. Is it wrong for me to be pissed that my afternoon soap opera is disrupted by this ridiculous speech by #notmypresident's bullshit?

I mean...Kayla and Steve are supposed to remarry today!!

G'Dammit'. I want to see that wedding, but cuz Trump's ego-maniacal pep-rally sucks the life out of me, I don't get to see it!!! Much more important!!!!


Calling on NOVA residents!!

I want to support the protesters at Dulles. I can go to Costco tomorrow morning and purchase water bottles and snack bars. I have $500 to spend.

However, I recently had surgery on my left hand and can't lift or haul heavy items. I can probably get Costco employees to load my car, but can't get them to the protesters.

Is there anyone in the area that can meet me at the airport to help me move the goods from the parking lot to the terminal? I can bring a hand truck.

Say, 1pm?

My real name is Mandy. Please PM me if you can help.

Just heard on MSNBC

By a guest...

Washington - I cannot tell a lie.
Nixon - I cannot tell the truth.
Trump - I cannot tell the difference.


Can I say this about Gwen Ifill?

I would see Gwen on many a morning at the bakery between the two buildings we separately occupied. She would come in around 7am for coffee and a pastry. As did I. I never spoke to her. Never told her how much I admired her. I never said to her how I thought of her as a mentor, even though she never met me personally. I didn't want to appear to be a "groupie." I regret that. I really wish that I had gushed over her....or at least bought her coffee occassionally.

She taught me, through TV and true journalism, to be a better person. She taught me to persevere and to never give up. She taught me to have an open mind. And she showed me what a strong woman of any color could achieve. She had more challenges than I have had throughout my life. Why? Because I am white. Yet, she was an incredible success. I am and will always be....in awe of her.

I grieve for Gwen. Her legacy is one that makes me want to believe that I should never quit and that if I do, I fail not only her, but I fail myself. So, I am a 54 year old white woman who has had advantages that women of color never get. And I grieve for that. Because the color of my skin should not dictate my worth or any other woman's worth.

Please take a moment to recognize that we have lost a truly wonderful woman, journalist and a beacon at the top of a hill amongst a sea of darkness.

Rest In Peace, my dear Gwen. I will miss you.

Tim Kaine ends up second in line behind 99-year-old voter

Washington (CNN). Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine displayed a time-honored trait for a vice president -- preparedness -- showing up at his Richmond, Virginia, polling place 15 minutes early on Tuesday.

Despite his planning, Kaine ended up second in line -- perhaps also appropriate for the potential vice president.

Kaine told CNN's "New Day" that he "got to my polling place about a quarter until 6," and that "there was already a line" when he arrived.

The Virginia senator was beaten to the polls by 99-year old Minerva Turpin.




We got to the polls at 5:55am. Probably around 100 people already in line. Took us 25 minutes. When we left, the line behind us was zig-zagging throughout the middle school corridors. Hundreds more had shown up before 6:30am.

Heavy Dem stronghold here.
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