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I think the Ferguson "verdict" has been reached, BUT

the powers that be are waiting for sufficiently awful weather to release it to the public.

On a cold, sleety, rainy, windy day, they will officially notify everyone, knowing that bad weather will thin the crowd.

Weather Channel expecting Guinness Record for

what USED to be NORMAL broadcasting..

The Weather Channel was a welcome addition when we first got cable.. Any time, day or night , 24/7/365 you could tune in and see WEATHER....

not 2 Fat Guys in the Woods or Famous Hurricanes from 20 years ago (while an ACTUAL, REAL hurricane was hitting Mexico)

Olive Kitteridge..

I liked the acting, but man o man what a downer this show was.. Everyone was unhappy, and suicide was something everyone seemed to think about a lot..

Did anyone else watch it ?

The Chicken Little Ebola Club Med

Here's an entrepreneurial opportunity..

Say some super rich guy has tropical island he's not using..

He sets it up as a reward-for-service..free 21 day R & R resort after treating ebola patients.

the staffers do not ever interact with the guests (on a person-to-person basis)..

Free food..free sun & fun & relaxation..

Gourmet food ..served on disposable plates

Since all guests are medical people, they monitor their own care

Club Med & Sandals could consult

(Possible spoiler)Anyone else underwhelmed by Boardwalk Empire's finale?

Although I had guessed early on that they would end it this way, I was still disappointed by the way they did it.

They should have just ended it at the end of last season, and called it a day.. They wasted a lot of time "tying up loose ends" that most of us avid watchers had already figured out.

Margaret ended up the "winner", since she was still married to Nucky and probably was smart enough to cash in her winnings... Eli came in 2nd, since he has a new stake to start over.. everyone else lost..

Dr. Braverman's "bold" plan for returnees (from West Africa)

Today on Morning Schmo, they had Dr Braverman on...spouting more panicky nonsense about ebola, and once again ramping up suspicion about how contagious the disease is..

In case others saw it, and wondered who this kook is...here's the google scoop on him.. Apparently Hannity likes him..

Shame on MSNBC (actually Joe) for giving this nut even a second of airtime..

Frequent Fox guest Doctor

What if?

Mr Duncan had called the CDC, and said:

"I just traveled from Liberia to visit family and I have probably been exposed to ebola. I am feeling ill with a fever & abdominal pain. I have no health insurance."

Do you think the CDC would have told him to go to the nearest ER and vaguely present his symptoms?

or do you think they would have told him to stay where he was, so they could dispatch someone to get him into treatment ASAP?

I am firmly convinced that the ER attendant who checked him in , saw a foreign black man with no insurance who had an upset stomach & a fever .. The bottom line thinking at more and more hospitals is to do as little as possible and to do it as quickly as possible.. move 'em out with a prescription , and on to the next one.

Anything done to and for an uninsured patient costs the hospital money.. In most cases it just means that an uninsured patient has to tough it out, and most do recover from their flu or cold at home..and the hospital saves a few bucks.

I think Mr Duncan underestimated the almighty USA health "system". He probably thought that someone one would think zebra when they heard hoof beats.. unfortunately for him, they thought plow horse, and sent him on his way. It's too bad that someone with him did not say.."HE PROBABLY HAS EBOLA...CALL THE CDC...WE ARE NOT LEAVING UNTIL YOU DO"..

That hospital could have immediately transported him out of their hospital, and neither of those nurses would have gotten it, and Mr Duncan could have been saved.. and the hospital would have been seen as heroic..instead of bumbling.

Have you recently touched another person's shit/vomit/mucus/semen?

or saliva, blood, sweat, tears, breast milk, urine? (particularly those items from a stranger)

If the answer is NO , you do NOT have ebola. Usually mothers/wives/caretakers/nurses ever come into contact with those items, and they are usually "courtesy of" people they know, or are paid to tend to..

If you recently butchered a West African bat/monkey/other "bush meat", you might run a risk of getting ebola..

If you shook hands with/sat next to/had lunch with someone with a low-grade fever, who may have sneezed or coughed, you MIGHT get the flu or a cold they have, but you will not "catch" ebola...because they probably do not have it, and it's not an airborne disease.

It's too bad that our illustrious media cannot find their way through the weeds to just lay it out in blunt terms so that even the most ignorant in our midst could understand..

Ebola, outside the box.. (my friend's near-death experience in 1968)

My friend had just gotten notice that her fiance's plane had been shot down in Viet Nam, and she did not yet know that he and his crew were rescued).

She was beside herself with worry, and decided to have a hot bath after hours of crying.

She ran a hot bath and put in bath oil beads.

Hours later, she awoke short of breath and covered with red welts.

Her mom rushed her to the ER, and they admitted her.

The diagnosis was a systemic poisoning...

The hot water opened her pores, and had let in the ingredients of the bath oil beads... She recovered, but was told that she could have just as easily died from the overload .

Which brings me to ebola:

Could it be that the intense body heat that builds up inside those sealed protective suits, also opens all the pores, so that IF a spec of fluids lands on the worker in the un-gowning, it has a more direct path into their own bodies, though those pores?

What if there were a refrigeration/freezer unit that they went into before disrobing, to cool them down and shrink down the pores before they took off the gear?

Or if they were washed down (fully suited) with super cold water?

The family who lived with Duncan have all tested ok, but then their apartment was probably air conditioned.. The ones who have gotten the disease from him were supposedly protected by the hot-suits..

Large eathquake near El Salvador


A 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck off the southern coast of El Salvador late Monday, according to the USGS. The quake was centered about 40 miles to the south of the small coastal town of Intipuca at a depth of about 14 miles. The National Weather Service Pacific Tsunami Warning Center initially said that dangerous tsunami waves were possible within about 185 miles of the epicenter along the coasts of Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador, but said the threat had mostly passed about an hour after the quake was first detected.

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