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Rank The Following Potential Or Actual Candidates For President Of The United States.

Only the single favorite choice will win the poll.

The poll ends in November 2016. The poll supervisor is Andrew Myers (andru@cs.cornell.edu).
Contact the poll supervisor if you need help.

Give each of the following choices a rank, where a smaller-numbered rank means that you prefer that choice more. For example, give your top choice the rank 1. Give choices the same rank if you have no preference between them. You do not have to use all the possible ranks. All choices initially have the lowest possible rank. Note: “No opinion” is not the same as the lowest possible rank; it means that you choose not to rank this choice with respect to the other choices.


BERNIE SANDERS On The Rachel Maddow Show

Senator Bernie Sanders, newly declared candidate for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States, talks with Rachel Maddow about his campaign defying expectations and the issues that distinguish him from Hillary Clinton.



WHY Bernie Sanders NEEDS To Be President 2016

WHY Bernie Sanders NEEDS To Be President 2016

How many of Bernie's views do you think WILL truly resonate with voters?.........


"Bernie Sanders Could Be OUR GENERATION's FDR"

A political revolution is coming. This is not hyperbole. This is not for the billionaires. This is for the American People. Bernie Sanders could be our generation's FDR. We need a socialist to fix what is broken. We must leave a planet for our children. We need a wise and experienced advocate for a truly progressive platform. He is my fantasy candidate. I have hope - something that has been in very short supply for most of my adult life. Yes, I have heard the conventional wisdom that Bernie can't win. That is simply not true. He can win. I did the math. He needs 270 electoral votes to win.

There have already been numerous well written diaries that describe his platform. Those who say he can't win, never point to his platform. His platform is near perfect. He is going to be popular with voters. His message will resonate with many independent voters. He is cute and that matters to voters, I am sorry to say. He is charismatic and wise. He raised more than a million dollars on his first day. He can win.

I have given, and I plan to give more. It made me feel good - giddy actually. Am I in love with a man old enough to be my father? Be a ray of optimism in a disturbing world. Please go to BernieSanders.com and give.


SATANIST Challenges MO’s 72-HR. ABORTION WAIT: It’s "A Burden On My Sincerely Held Religious Belief"

Using similar language Hobby Lobby used to deny contraceptive coverage,
the Satanic Temple is seeking an exemption
Payback...LOL!...........You just can't make this stuff up!.............

Satanists have gotten good at figuring out how to use potentially discriminatory religious exemption laws in their favor, to do exactly the sorts of things religious exemption laws are meant to prevent people from doing — like having abortions. A Missouri Satanist, identified only as Mary, is using essentially the same argument Hobby Lobby invoked to refuse contraceptive coverage and abortion care, in order to challenge the state’s 72-hour waiting period for abortion. According to the woman, the restriction — which requires women seeking abortions to attend counseling, then wait three days for an abortion procedure — is a violation of her sincerely held religious beliefs. And, according to the Supreme Court, those beliefs should be able to take precedent over Missouri’s antiabortion laws.

“I regard a waiting period as a state sanctioned attempt to discourage abortion by instilling an unnecessary burden as part of the process to obtain this legal medical procedure,” Mary said in a statement. “The waiting period interferes with the inviolability of my body and thereby imposes an unwanted and substantial burden on my sincerely held religious beliefs.


It’s not the first time the Satanic Temple has mimicked arguments all but officially meant to protect conservative religious interests — and, as a corollary, discrimination. Last year, the religious group challenged the Supreme Court’s sweeping Hobby Lobby decision, which effectively granted the majority of American corporations “religious personhood” under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Now, it plans to do the same with Missouri’s waiting period law, assuming Mary does not receive an exemption to the 72-hour waiting period when she seeks abortion care.


Bernie Sanders Grabs HIS SLINGSHOT

Taking aim at the Clinton Goliath will be no easy task

Bernie Sanders officially announced his candidacy for President of the United States yesterday. The independent senator from Vermont outlined his agenda In a press conference and will be running on the Democratic ticket so, unlike Ralph Nader, votes will not be taken away from the actual contender during the general election. The election is still ways away, so this is just the beginning of seeing a lot more of Bernie Sanders and his policy ideas. That is, if the media decides to cover him. He’s a champion of the middle class; will take on Wall Street, the Trans Pacific Partnership, Monsanto, Citizens United and tax cuts for the wealthy. He also wants to put an end to the wars in the middle east permanently. Bernie Sanders voting record in the Senate can be found here. The difference in popularity and war chest campaign donations between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders can only be compared to the story of David and Goliath. Hillary’s campaign donor’s are corporations and big Wall Street. Bernie Sanders on the other hand refuses to cowtow to corporate interests and the banks.


Bernie will hold Hillary’s feet to the fire and “pull her left.” Hillary’s position of late suggests she’s starting to turn a little left on her own on these issues, but her stance changes as much as Mitt Romney’s etch-a-sketch. Bernie Sanders’ positions have been well known for a long time. Hillary Clinton is projected to raise $2.5 billion for her campaign and the donors will remain unknown. In Bernie Sanders campaign, he just might account for every dollar he receives and spends. It is unclear how much Bernie Sanders is projected to raise but the Hillary jabs have already started.

In an interview with Politico, Sanders said, “People should not underestimate me,” Sanders, 73, said in an Associated Press interview announcing his decision Wednesday.

“I’ve run outside of the two-party system, defeating Democrats and Republicans, taking on big-money candidates and, you know, I think the message that has resonated in Vermont is a message that can resonate all over this country.” He went on to say, “But can we raise the hundreds of millions of dollars that we need, primarily through small campaign contributions to run a strong campaign? And I have concluded that I think there is a real chance that we can do that.”

Bernie Sanders doesn’t have the look of a president. He does not show up looking tan and slick. He’s just Bernie. Like an uncle who everyone loves, Bernie loves America, the American people, and is passionate about the decline that has occurred over the past 30-35 years. Here’s to Bernie and his slingshot.



Noted Dumbass Rand Paul Wants to KILL NET NEUTRALITY All By Himself

There are plenty of hair-brained plans to destroy net neutrality rules, but the latest is, like, hair-brained minus the brain part. You won’t be surprised to hear that the man behind it is attention addict and presidential hopeful Rand Paul. We need to have a chat about facts, Rand. Long story short: Rand Paul wants to ruin the internet by repealing the new—and widely loved—net neutrality rules from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). “Ruin the internet” is a strong phrase, but it’s exactly what many very smart internet experts say will happen if strong net neutrality rules aren’t implemented. Senator Paul has now introduced a bill to the Senate that he intends to push through Congress with the help of a nebulous law that removes procedural hurdles when trying to repeal new regulations. Senator Paul has no cosponsors on the bill. So avoiding the political idiocy of going alone with an unpopular opinion on net neutrality, let’s just focus on the facts that Rand Paul is spitting in America’s direction. Because they’re not facts at all! They’re just plain incorrect. Here are three lines from Senator Paul’s statement about the bill:

This regulation by the FCC is a textbook example of Washington’s desire to regulate anything and everything, and will do nothing more than wrap the Internet in red tape.

Well that’s wrong. There’s actually very little red tape involved in the FCC’s net neutrality rules. The rules are basically written to preserve the internet as it currently exists which, it should be made clear, is pretty unregulated. (More on this in a second.) You might call the provisions to prohibit internet fast lanes, traffic throttling, and website blocking “red tape.” But you might also call laws that prohibit injustice, theft, and censorship “red tape” as well.

The Internet has successfully flourished without the heavy hand of government interference.

Nope! The internet has long been regulated by existing communications laws, however minimally. The FCC classified broadband as an information service back in 2002, after the dot com bubble burst, and imposed a specific set of regulations that’s governed the internet for the past decade and a half. However, those regulations allowed internet service providers to do things that were good for their profits but bad for American consumers. That’s why the FCC crafted new rules that treat the internet more like a public utilityfor the good of American consumers. Presidential hopefuls should probably be on board with that.

Stated simply, I do not want to see the government regulating the Internet.



Officer Driving Van HAS YET TO GIVE STATEMENT To Authorities


The sources spoke to ABC7 News after being briefed on the findings of a police report turned over to prosecutors on Thursday.

Sources said the medical examiner found Gray's catastrophic injury was caused when he slammed into the back of the police transport van, apparently breaking his neck; a head injury he sustained matches a bolt in the back of the van.

Details surrounding exactly what caused Gray to slam into the back of the van were unclear. The officer driving the van has yet to give a statement to authorities. It’s also unclear whether Gray’s head injury was voluntary or was a result of some other action.


The WJLA report claims that the person driving the police van has yet to give an official statement to authorities, which certainly makes it seems like he or she is lawyering up or, at the very least, hiding something.


Experts: You CAN'T BREAK YOUR OWN SPINE Like Freddie Gray

"....Another trauma surgeon, speaking on condition of anonymity due to the political nature of the case and because he is “surprised time and again by what I previously believed to be impossible,” thinks that it’s “highly unusual (if not impossible) to deliberately make yourself a quadriplegic while shackled in the back of a police van.....”

On Wednesday night, The Washington Post leaked an alleged report from the Baltimore Police Department, which claims that Freddie Gray, the 21-year-old who died a week after his spine was fractured while in police custody, “was intentionally trying to injure himself” in the back of a Baltimore Police van. The report, whose author is unknown, cites a single source: an unnamed second man who was in the van with Gray for a short time, but could not see him. But if Freddie Gray was trying to break his own spinal cord in the back of a van, according to experts in spinal trauma injuries, it might be the first self-inflicted injury of its kind. “I have never seen it before. I’ve never seen somebody self-inflict a spinal cord injury in that way,” says Anand Veeravagu, a Stanford University Medical Center neurosurgeon who specializes in traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. “It’s hard for me to understand that, unless those terms (like ‘intentional’ and ‘injure himself’) are being used incorrectly. It’s hard for me to envision how a person could try to do that,” he says. “It would require them to basically hang themselves in a car where there isn’t anything to hang yourself with.”

Veeravagu says that there are only a few ways you can injure your spine in a similar way to the injuries that ultimately led to Gray’s death. One, he says, is by a sharp injury, which is a direct penetrating injury—either somebody with a knife “who knows what they’re doing, or something else that cuts through, like a gunshot wound.” The other way, more pertinent to Gray’s case, is by trauma, where the bones are fractured and the ligaments are torn as a result of force or impact. “It is very difficult to sever your spinal cord without a known fracture,” says Veeravagu. “Often, when patients come in with this kind of injury, you’ll find they’ve been either in a car accident or something similar to that kind of impact.” There are times where Veeravagu, who is a former White House Fellow, has seen suicide or self-harm by means of a spinal cord injury, but it’s always by hanging, or by using an apparatus Gray couldn’t have on-hand.

“Unfortunately, sometimes people attempt suicide by hanging themselves. It’s one of the only ways I’ve seen where you can (commit suicide or intentional self-harm) by spinal fracture. They kick their chair out, they fall, they snap their neck. It results in immediate spinal cord injury,” he says. “But it’s very hard to see how somebody could attempt suicide by a spinal cord injury without the use of something else.” But it’s even in those instances, he says, patients often don’t die of a spinal cord injury. And most who are taken to the hospital in time after suffering spinal cord injuries—self-inflicted or not—survive the trauma. “Most spinal cord injuries are not fatal if patients are taken to the hospital,” Veeravagu says. “Most survive.”

Outlets covering The Washington Post’s leak have called the claims from the unnamed source “a twist” and a “new narrative (that) questions police brutality claim.” On Wednesday night, CNN’s broadcast ran a breaking news banner that read: “BREAKING NEWS: WASH. POST: GRAY TRIED TO HURT HIMSELF,” and the video remains on CNN’s Youtube page. The Washington Post’s initial report does not reach out to any medical professionals to determine the feasibility of the leaked document’s claims. The official police report of Gray’s arrest was scheduled to be released publically on Friday, but police delayed the release on Wednesday. “I’m surprised they released that piece of information without a more detailed account,” says Veeravagu. Another trauma surgeon, speaking on condition of anonymity due to the political nature of the case and because he is “surprised time and again by what I previously believed to be impossible,” thinks that it’s “highly unusual (if not impossible) to deliberately make yourself a quadriplegic while shackled in the back of a police van.”


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